backup – Does mongo *really* need a dedicated volume, if I need to back it up?

TLDR; What’s the easiest way to automate a mongodb backup of a 20-gig DB?

We run mongo on the same KVM (VPS) as the web app; the server runs Debian.

We/I don’t need/want to backup the entire fs on a daily basis, but definitely the Mongodb database.

I don’t really want to put Mongo in a separate volume, it complicates things and increases likelihood of downtime, especially when I need to expand the volume in question. However, using the LVM to create snapshots seems like the easiest (actually, the only) way forward.

I’ve been told that when oplog is in use hot snapshots won’t be corrupt.

I found this guide demonstrating how to set up this backup method, but it’s almost 10-years out of date. Is there an easier way?

I have read everything I could find, several times, on the man-pages.

Thanks for reading ­čÖé

Restoring WhatsApp chat history either fom local backup or from Google Drive

  1. I have my WhatsApp chat history backed up on Google drive till June 2017. After that I stopped the Google Drive backup.
  2. I have local Database backup file having data from August 2018 till today.

Question 1 – Now when I uninstall and reinstall the WhatsApp, will it restore data from Google Drive + local Backup both?

Question 2 – How do I restore data only from Google Drive?

Question 3 – How to do restore data only from local backup?

Question 4 – What will happen if I backup current local backup to Google drive? Will it corrupt my old back up on Google drive? Will it overwrite my existing backup on Google drive

How Restore backup as overwrite on a database in use in SQL Server?

I Want to restore a backup with overwriting on a database in use
for this problem I want to create a query base on these steps :

1- Remove All Connections [MyDB]

2- Create a backup from [MyDB]

3- Restore a Backup as an Overwrite on [MyDB] from specifying a path

Thank you very much for your help

Can I backup my phone or install TWRP recovery while stuck in Lineage OS recovery?

Highly unfortunately for me, I had thought it was a great idea not to make any backups when going to test if I was properly able to upgrade/downgrade Lineage OS versions. I had replaced my TWRP recovery with Lineage OS’s recovery, and then I “upgraded” to the same Lineage OS version I had currently been running, and my phone ran into a boot loop (The never-ending Lineage OS bootup screen). I believe I ran into this boot loop because I might have previously accidentally installed TWRP’s “system” app, and this would have been a problem due to LineageOS’s enforcement of priv-app whitelisting rules.

My device is a: LG H830

What I do have: Root, an unlocked bootloader, ADB/Fastboot, the TWRP recovery file

I believe I am screwed and that there’s no way out of this except just factory resetting/formatting everything. If I was correct in my research, my phone model blocks all fastboot commands, excluding bootloader + “unlock” related commands, and as a result, I don’t believe I am able to do a backup using ADB (I tried adb backup -all and it didn’t work). Lineage OS recovery has no way of backing up files, and I don’t believe it is possible to use it to flash TWRP recovery. All I need to be able to do is to save/backup my photos (Which are located in my internal storage). I think it is highly probable that I have finally entered into a hole that I can’t get out of. However, if anyone has any ideas about what I could do to either back up what’s on my phone (Mainly photos/internal storage if possible) or to flash TWRP without resetting/formatting everything, it would be substantially appreciated. Thank you!

Sources I checked out:

Team Win Recovery Project for the LG G5 – Post indicates that LG G5 H830 has flashing locked

Backup & Restore Android with ADB – Backing up via ADB would have worked if I was able to successfully boot into Lineage OS and approve the backup operation, but I can’t because I am limited to being able to boot in everything except system

Does Lineage Recovery have backup? – This is a post with answer(s) that designate the fact that Lineage OS’s recovery isn’t able to backup

Can I restore my SQL Server database to a point before the last full backup with my current backup strategy?

If I have this backup strategy(weekly full backup and 1 hour log backup), can I restore the database to the green highlighted period of time? Btw, does log backup 2 includes all log records that have their lsn great than the last_lsn of log backup 1?

enter image description here

After restoration of backup, I am redirected to /wp-admin/install.php

Yesterday I tried restoring an older backup of my website through the panel of my hosting provider, following their instructions. Ever since, when I go to my site, it redirects me to /wp-admin/install.php.

My hosting provider has contacted me saying that something went wrong and they are fixing the problem. However, it’s been almost a day and I have no news from them. Does anyone have any idea why this happened and if there is something I could do to fix it?

Thank you!

Hi, Can anyone pls guide me how to download my wordpress website backup in gcp to local system

Can anyone please guide me how to download my word press website backup in google cloud platform to local system

finder – How to restore files from time machine backup (on Apple Time Capsule) of a different computer?

I need to find some files located in a time machine backup of an old computer. It’s a backup located on an Apple Time Capsule.

As it’s used as my router, I’ve tried going to Finder, then clicking on the Time Capsule under locations, entering the password and connecting. Then there’s a folder called ‘Data’. Within it there is the backup for the old computer in .dmg file format. From other things I’ve read, when it’s a backup on an external drive there should just be a folder you can click in to, to look at files. That’s not the case here when it’s on a time capsule. If you ‘show package contents’ of the .dmg there’s nothing usable or viewable, just lots of exec files.

I’ve also tried go to time machine in the menu bar and press alt, ‘browse other backup disks’ but that doesn’t seem to work and just shows me a today finder window for my finder.

It would be great if someone knows what to do here. Thanks

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