❓ How To Set Up Auto-Rules in Voluum DSP to Get Rid Of Bad Placements Automatically ❓ | NewProxyLists

❓ How To Set Up Auto-Rules in Voluum DSP to Get Rid Of Bad Placements Automatically ❓

If you have already used Voluum DSP you probably know how easy it actually is to run campaigns on multiple traffic sources at once.
However on the other hand it can be really hard to optimize those multiple traffic sources where you run campaigns.
Luckily there’s a feature called DSP auto rules, which allows you to automate the optimization process and save you a bunch of work and time.
You can use it to pause underperforming elements based on the defined criteria in the condition.

➡ STEP #1 …..

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W3C validator: Bad value for attribute href on element a: Missing scheme

I have the piece of code from below, but I get the error which says "Bad value for attribute href on element a: Missing scheme." when I validate the code.
How can I fix this?

<a class="contact_mobile_link" href="tel:0511-87989280" >0511-87989280",

usability – Is it always bad to force users to click to show them your products?

Option 3 is the best, without discussion

Option 1 is a nightmare. Just thinking of a long unorganized page with extreme cognitive load is reason enough to ditch it.

Option 2 is even worse: you’re offering the user the same thing as in option 1, only that with an added step!

Also, besides messing your product’s list (reason enough but not the only one), keep in mind that in fact these first two options require more effort. Not nly cognitive, but physical: remember that in order to scroll… You have to click as well! So you’re not savng effort at all in your first two scenarios. Quite the contrary, you’re adding a lot of effort and friction with 0 benefit

Nested reference of URL’S in sitemap.xml good or bad for SEO?

I am having thousands of URL’s in the website, If I put all URL’s in sitemap.xml it’s getting too large in size. There is some suggestion to split those URLs into different files and referring in main sitemap.xml


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<sitemapindex xmlns="http://www.sitemaps.org/schemas/sitemap/0.9">

And in the reference file detailpages-sitemap.xml defining URLs

<urlset xmlns="http://www.sitemaps.org/schemas/sitemap/0.9"> 
<loc> https://www.example.com/detail/Universal-Studios-Hollywood/</loc>

Does this is a better way to implement ? or suggest some different methods

networking – When an IP is GOOD or BAD boy – a research aproach

good old times those in which every computer/organization had its own, almost proprietary IP, and by its own IP you could know if it was one of the good allies, or one of the malignius IPs used by the army of Ambrosia.
Those times may come with IPv6, but in the meanwhile, for most of internet traffic in our servers and home, knowing if a petition is good or bad base on its temporal, CGNATed, PROXYed, VPNed, TORified, ETCed IP, is act of luck, mostly…

Sure there is plenty of web/api services you give an IP and they return with a score (and a geolocation) that often is not consistent across services

But I am not talking about that,
I am trying (for university-summer-proyect) to start making a literature/patents review on terms, technologies, methodologies, approaches, frameworks, etc.. towards this aim, decide when an IP is good or BAD. And it is getting difficult as IP means thousands of things, and IP is related to “IP-traffic” in a thousand of manners.

Serverfault masters!! , please, I summon you, raise some light over me, 😉

performance – Is it a bad idea to store all textures in linear color-space?

I am wondering about the performance behind color-space conversions for textures during reading.

If a project decides to go with a linear workflow, as in, when doing any sort of color manipulation, like lighting, they operate on within the linear color-space, is there any good reason to not store all texture assets in the linear color-space?

My understanding is that when loading textures which are stored in sRGB, the GPU can do the conversion to linear for you very quickly. Is that cost completely negligible? Why not just store all the textures in that form?

The only reason I can think against this is that you may want to store the textures in a color-space that looks like the one you intend to display to (if you’re going to display to sRGB then you should store the textures in sRGB). In that case, why not master the texture as sRGB but then store them on disk already converted to linear colorspace?

http – Why am I getting a 400 BAD REQUEST error for simple GET request?

I’m using an old programming language (Adobe’s Extendscript). It has a simple Socket object to send TCP/IP requests.
The following lines always used to work for me:

reply = "";
conn = new Socket;
if (conn.open ("www.freelancebookdesign.com:80")) {
    conn.write ("GET /license.txt HTTP/1.1nhost: freelancebookdesign.comnn");
    reply = conn.read(9999);

But a couple of days ago, my hosting company (Bluehost) migrated my website to a new box (without being asked to do so, or giving advanced warning).
Now the same lines above return the following 400 error:

HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request
Date: Thu, 02 Jul 2020 10:14:48 GMT
Server: Apache
Upgrade: h2,h2c
Connection: Upgrade, close
Accept-Ranges: bytes
host-header: c2hhcmVkLmJsdWVob3N0LmNvbQ==
Content-Length: 130
Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8

I’ve contacted their customer support, but received a clueless response.
I don’t know if this is the right place to ask for help, but I would really appreciate it if anyone has any ideas what the issue might be, even if I can just give their customer support some pointers in the right direction.
What might be the difference between the old server setup and the new that would be causing this?

[ Politics ] Open Question : Is the BLM movement making themselves look really bad with all the protests?

[ Politics ] Open Question : Is the BLM movement making themselves look really bad with all the protests?

Is "user-select: none" bad UX?

I was having a discussion today with a colleague. I showed her “user-select: none” – a CSS property that stops a user from selecting text.

To me, this property allowed a more app-like experience to be created on a page – ensuring that events like double -clicking didn’t cause text selection on areas that wouldn’t be selectable in an app (like options on a nav bar, custom select elements, labels, etc).

My colleague disagreed that it added any polish, and suggested that users should be able to select and copy any text in a web-app.

What’s the consensus on this from a UX perspective. Should we be trying to make sites feel more like apps? Or should the web feel like the web – meaning that we don’t change default behaviors like this one?

What do you think about Cons claiming that before Trump posted the video Twitter altered the link to a White Power video making him look bad?

What do you think about conservatives claiming ‘Left-wing Democrats have been ******* on low-income Black folks for generations’?

What do you think about conservatives claiming Black Lives Matter act like Hitler Youth in the 1930’s ?

What do you think about conservatives saying that putting an end to corruption in police, judicial, wealth and politics well stopping bigotry, hatred, prejudice and Ignorance is waging war on White folks in America?