exploit – My old Skype sends spam Baidu

My old skype account that I haven't used for more than 4 years sends spam links to my Baidu friends. I tried to log in but I did not remember the password. I checked my old email on haveibeenpwned and found out that this was a 2017 data breach for Yu-Gi-Oh Dueling Network. Is this Yu-Gi-Oh data breach still available online? Because I also can't remember my old email password. I don't know if this is how the hacker accessed my Skype but I can't think of any other way.
PS; this email was my main email between 12 and 19 years old, so I'm worried about this leak. I really don't know what to do … Thanks

How to get Baidu in English language !?

Who can tell me how to get the English version of Baidu?

Naming of images for Baidu SEO

Would it be useful to put Chinese filenames instead? Like 运动 健身 .png

Or will it be better to use alphabets that indicate Chinese characters instead? Like yundongjianshen.png

Or will the English filename be better? Like motion-fitness.png

javascript – Baidu Map-how to set the value of custom attributes on the marker and apply the dynamic eventListener?

How to apply the properties / custom attributes to the marker and apply the event listener to it.
We got this result in Google Map, but we had trouble reaching Baidu Map.
$ (document) .ready (function () {
my default ();
function myDefault () {
var locations = [
“id”: 34304,
“center”: {
“north”: 28.351149653852,
“south”: 28.349149653852,
“east”: 77.291699928999,
“west”: 77.289699928999
“color”: “black”,
“username”: “Mikado Tools”,
“mobile”: “”,
“email”: “mikadotools@gmail.com”,
“created_adm”: “Arun-Kaw”,
“sml_category”: “L2”,
“sales_sml_category”: “”,
“userid”: “307”,
“lat”: “28.350149653851986”,
“lng”: “77.29069992899895”
“id”: 68,
“center”: {
“north”: 19.953741017497,
“south”: 19.951741017497,
“east”: 73.73060985594,
“west”: 73.72860985594
“color”: “black”,
“username”: “Lucy Electric India Pvt. Ltd.”,
“mobile”: “”,
“email”: “Devidas.Darkonde@lucygroup.com”,
“created_adm”: “MOHAMMED-SAMI”,
“sml_category”: “L2”,
“sales_sml_category”: “”,
“userid”: “168”,
“lat”: “19.952741017496933”,
“lng”: “73.72960985593978”
var map = new BMap.Map ("container");
map.centerAndZoom (new BMap.Point (73.9312884, 18.5190349), 8);
map.enableScrollWheelZoom (true);
var icon = new BMap.Icon (& # 39; map / customer.png & # 39; new BMap.Size (30, 32),
anchor: new BMap.Size (10, 30)
for (var i = 0; i <locations.length; i ++) {
user name var = locations[i].username + locations[i].created_adm;
var mkr = new BMap.Marker (new BMap.Point (locations[i].lng locations[i].lat), {
icon: icon
title: rentals[i].Username,
id: locations[i].id
map.addOverlay (mkr);
console.log (mkr);
var infoWindow = new BMap.InfoWindow (info);
mkr.addEventListener (& # 39; mouseover & # 39; function (event) {
I want to show the respective user name and email on the respective flyover

Baidu – Stack Exchange Registry of Web Applications

How to sign up for Baidu from France? I have checked at this address, but it seems that the number of France (+33) (as many European countries, including the United Kingdom, Spain, etc.) n ' is not registered and this prevents me from adding my cell phone number and, therefore, to register at all.


I am distraught because I would like to find a way to register without having to ask anyone in China to do it on my behalf.

So, if some of you have a tip, do not hesitate to share it with me.

seo – Should I provide Baidu with a custom sitemap containing only URLs containing Chinese content?

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  • Please make sure to respond to the question. Provide details and share your research!

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Should I send a personalized site map to Baidu?

I am working on a multilingual website whose Chinese is one of the supported languages. I have a sitemap that includes links to all pages of the site.

My question is: should I use the Baidu bot a different version of sitemap containing only Chinese content links? I specifically ask because I read somewhere that Baidu only targets Chinese content.

Your help is very appreciated.

unable to connect to baidu

Hi I signed baidu with no. then added an e-mail, deleted no, but it was disconnected, locked, now he asks verification not to login, but does not accept no stranger so now what ????