Why is there a difference in white balance between Canon and Nikon even in RAW files?

There are several possible things happening here.

Most image display programs that can display RAW files but not intended to process them display the built-in JPEG preview. The camera creates this with the help of its internal JPEG engine and stores it with other data in the RAW file.

This shows a lot less effort and generally more useful than to display a default rendering of the raw file. (Do not forget that a RAW file does not have a valid interpretation.) See What does an untreated RAW file look like?).

But, if it is not that, consider also:

the Processing This is not the only thing that is different. The sensor itself is, as is the filter stack on the sensor (including the color filter matrix). And you Probably did not use the same goal. Even similar lenses transmit light slightly differently.

And if you take exactly the same image at the same time, the cameras are not in the same place; or, if they were in the same place, the pictures are not taken at the same time. This could be particularly serious if you are shooting under fluorescent lamps (including LEDs) and use a fast shutter speed.

One could use the algorithm of your RAW converter, which could produce different results just because of the differences above. But it is also possible that the RAW converter uses the "as shot" white balance, read from metadata in the image (and identical to the JPEG rendering of the camera).

The Listaccount CLI command shows a balance, but getbalance shows a different balance

When I run

./someBTCfork-cli getbalance ""

My balance is 4999

When I run

./ someBTCfork-cli getbalance

My balance is 0.9

When I list my accounts using ./someBTCfork-cli listaccounts it returns:

"": 4999

What's going on here?

5th dnd – Balance problems to level up in the middle of a fight?

I'm planning a match for 4 level 2 players and I plan to move them to the next level in the middle of the fight. I wanted to describe this a bit like a power within awakening, like many popular animated people. To do this, I want to balance the meeting between 8 players of level 2 and, when they will increase, they will have sufficient resources, as after a long rest. I want them to upgrade in the middle of a fight after spending a few resources and realize that the situation is disastrous.

What kind of balancing problems will result? Are there any facts that I miss and that will ruin the game?

I'm sorry if this question has already been answered, but I can not find it. I found this one similar, but it comes from the dungeons world and I do not know if there are any similarities.
Can I make the Top Level move do not require so much time without interrupting the game?

In addition, I do not find rules to know when to level up or if players have to rest to do it. If there are such rules, I would also like to know them.

white balance – Is it ok to associate light sources with the same color temperature?

It is almost true that light sources with the same color temperature look the same. However, there are three major caveats.

The human perception of color is complicated. The white balance as measured in Kelvin is the simplification of one aspect of this perception, which basically concerns the orange / blue scale. This is reasonably useful for light sources that are getting closer black body radiation, but is not suitable for many artificial light sources, which may switch to green or magenta, which are outside the Kelvin WB scale.

The filtered sunlight in the atmosphere, or the candle you are talking about, or an incandescent bulb – all have a net weight on this Kelvin scale, but they also emit light in the visible spectrum (and in the invisible and ultraviolet infrared). This is not the case with gas-discharge or fluorescent light sources. This includes sodium vapor lights, fluorescent light bulbs and LED lights.

No candle flame goes off exactly at 1800K, and the color of sunrise and sunset is so complex that it's probably safe to say that every person is literally different.

You ask:

Can you say that pixel values ​​are the same with these three light sources?

And in practice, no, it's totally improbable.

However, they can be quite similar to form a single photo without causing the upheaval that we get when one area of ​​the photo is a cold blue and another quite orange because of a mixed light .

In your example of bulb rated at 2800K and sunrise or sunset coming from a window (nominally 2400K), the window light may seem a little hot (that is, at say more hot in the artistic than physical sense: more orange) on your balanced picture for the 2800K bulb – but then, this can be exactly what you want.

5th dnd – Balance problems for a custom wizard variant

I've recently started reading Terry Brooks' Shanarra books, and this has led me to think about how the concept of wishsong could translate into a system like D & D. My idea (very) approximate is at this moment a subclass of wizard who can learn spells of any school or class provided that this spell uses only verbal components.

I found a very good tool on a site that allows me to filter for a list of all only verbal spells. In terms of levels, the list looks pretty well distributed and shows a decent mix of combat and non-combat spells. That said, I do not have an encyclopedic knowledge of D & D spells and my experiences with the wizarding class are limited.

Would these spells be seriously unbalanced when they would be combined with the class characteristics of a wizard? To be clear, as a whole, this list will probably still be too limited and will require the addition of additional spells to complete it later. My main concern is to identify any outliers before I start making any other changes.

Cantrips: Lure of Lightning, Sword Explosion, Thaumaturgy, Vicious Mockery
Level 1: Cause of fear, command, forced duel, dissonant whisperings, thirsty strike, fairy fire, hail of thorns, word healer, hunter's mark, burning punishment, thunder chastisement, angry retribution, Zephyr's strike
Level 2: Blindness / Blindness, Blur, Brite Mark, Terrestrial Link, Terror, Hitting, Misty Step,
Prayer of healing, protective wind
Level 3 Aura of vitality, blind glare, crusader coat, collective healing word, Thunder Step
Level 4: Aura of Life, Aura of Purity, Dimension Door, Guardian of the Faith, Guardian of Nature, Stunning Strikes
Level 5: Ban punishment, the circle of power, another plane of contact, a destructive wave, a step away, Geas, Immolation
Level 6: Irresistible Dance of Otto, Scatter, Word of Recall
Level 7: Divine Word, Power Word Pain, Teleportation,
Level 8: Glibness, Power Word Stun
Level 9Kill the word power, stop the time, wish

5th dnd – Balance problems for a custom sorcerer variant in D & D 5th

I have recently started reading Terry Brooks' Shanarra books and this has led me to think about how the concept of wishsong could translate into a system like d & d. My (very) approximate idea at the moment is a subclass of wizards that can learn spells from any school or class provided that this spell uses ONLY verbal components.

I found a very good tool here: http://donjon.bin.sh/5e/spells/ which allows me to filter for a list of all only verbal spells. In terms of levels, the list looks pretty well distributed and shows a decent mix of combat and non-combat spells. That said, I do not have an encyclopedic knowledge of D & D spells and my experiences with the wizarding class are limited. Does anyone know if any of these spells would be seriously unbalanced if it were combined with the class features of a wizard?

dnd 5th – Do failures of automatic death saving throw caused by damage to 0 HP out of balance with large groups of small enemies?

This is not a problem unless the monsters intentionally take chances to carry knockouts for whatever reason.

In short, most creatures simply do not benefit from the intentional killing of ground PJs during a fight.

Many enemies are not smart and fight instinctively, without any tactics. If this is the case, then a monster that mortally wounds a player character will want to quickly move the focus to other characters that pose a more immediate threat.

Many enemies are fighting tactically or for any purpose. Once again, the smart option is usually to ignore the injured PC and focus on its allies, which pose an immediate threat. Completing unconscious PCs while there are still enemies alive is to plunder the battlefield before the end of the fight.

Among the sufficiently intelligent, brave and dedicated enemies to kill a PC when the fight is still going on, few of them have the necessary intention. You must be willing to risk your life and that of your allies, just to make sure that a guy dies immediately when he is already unconscious and that he bleeds to the ground and about twelve seconds from the death. Even in this case, it may be useful to capture live PCs, if possible, such as ransom, bond sale or interrogation for information.

SQL Server 2014 – I have a start balance that I need to calculate the cumulative end-of-payment balance per monthly lines

You must use a recursive CTE to generate the accumulated total. Basically, you define the end position for line 1 of each account group using the begbal + credit + debit formula, then on all subsequent lines in this account, you substitute the final value for the final value of the account. previous line.


Acct INT,
Year INT,
Prd INT,
INT flow,
INT credit
VALUES (1 2017, 1, -134, 0, 0),
(1 2017, 10, 0, 0, 20),
(2017, 11, 0, 0, 186),
(1, 2018, 1, -40, 17, 14),
(1, 2018, 4, 0, 0, 7),
(1, 2018, 6, 0, 0, 33),
(1, 2018, 12, 0, 0, 152),
(1, 2019, 1, -529, 0, 0),
(2, 2014, 1, 1000, 0, 0),
(2, 2015, 1, 1000, 0, 0),
(2, 2015, 5, 0, 0, 950),
(2, 2016, 1, 50, 0, 0),
(2, 2017, 1, 50, 0, 0),
(2, 2018, 1, 50, 0, 0),
(2, 2019, 1, 50, 0, 0)


WITH AccountBalances AS (
FROM accounts a1
), RunningBalances AS (
SELECT a1.Acct,
a1.begbal + SUM (a1.debit + a1.credit) OVER (PARTITION OF a1.Acct ORDER BY a1.Year, a1.Prd) AS endbal,
DE AccountBalances a1
O Rn = 1
SELECT a1.Acct,
a2.endbal + SUM (a1.debit + a1.credit) OVER (PARTITION OF a1.Acct ORDER BY a1.Year, a1.Prd) AS endbal,
DE AccountBalances a1
INNER JOIN RunningBalances a2 on a2.Acct = a1.Acct AND a2.Rn = a1.Rn - 1

FROM RunningBalances


Acct Year Prd Bebbal End Flow Flow
-------------------------------------------------- ----
1 2017 1 -134 0 0 -134
1 2017 10 0 0 20 -114
1 2017 11 0 0 186 72
1 2018 1 -340 17 14 103
1 2018 4 0 0 7 110
1 2018 6 0 0 33 143
1 2018 12 0 0 152 295
1 2019 1 -529 0 0 295
2 2014 1 1000 0 0 1000
2 2015 1 1000 0 0 1000
2 2015 5 0 0 950 1950
2 2016 1 50 0 0 1950
2 2017 1 50 0 0 1950
2 2018 1 50 0 0 1950
2 2019 1 50 0 0 1950

dnd 5th – Using a lower level spell for the mystic arcan of a warlock would it harm the balance?

I confess that I find myself clueless with the 8th level spells available for the Mystic Arcan Warlock function, especially if you for example. to have one or more bards in the party (as I do).

(Maddening Darkness seems to have such a huge radius that it would disable your party, Glibness and Dominate Monster seem covered with bards, Power Word Stun and Demiplane look disappointing, and I'm not sure what I think about Feeblemind – I saw an assertion that pouring was probably less ethical than making your deal in the first place.)

Honestly, the 7th level spells all look much more interesting, flexible and useful. (Etherealness, Forcecage, Star Crown, Airplane Change and Death Finger all look like much more flexible choices or better to fill niches that bards can not cover, especially the role of blaster.)

I see in this question that it is not consistent with RAW to choose a level 7 spell (instead of a level 8) for their mystic arcane at warlock level 15, but imbalance?

Application Windows – Coin Balance Tracker Pro | NulledTeam UnderGround

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