user behavior – Search button or input field for search in the top navigation bar of the website?

In this article by Nick Babich, Design a perfect search box, he suggests that if the search field is important, it should be clearly visible, displaying the text field instead of the single button. The main reasons are:

  • It can be the quickest discovery route for users;
  • The search hidden behind an icon makes the search function less visible;
  • Hidden search increases the cost of interaction.

Duplicate entry in the macOS VPN menu in the menu bar

I have VPNs configured on my mac. When I add a new VPN, things seem normal, that is, there is a new item in the VPN menu in the menu bar.

However, once I have connected to at least one of these VPNs, a duplicate entry still appears. In the image below, note that there are two "Disconnect [my VPN]" items in the menu, but they refer to the same VPN, and if I click on one or the other, the two turn into "Connect [my VPN]".

I am using macOS Catalina, but it has been around for at least Mojave.

Anyone know an explanation for this unexpected behavior? Is there a way to solve it?

Menu bar screenshot

labeling – How do I dynamically label bar charts

I found the following labeling code (by @Brett) and I like to use it as an example:

    labels = {"ABC Learning focused", "DEF Positively oriented",
    "GHI Continuous", "KLM Timely", "NOP Clear criteria", 
    "RST Flexible", "UWZ Suited to student level"}, 
data = {8, 6, 4, 5, 5, 9, 9}
    ChartLabels -> Placed(
        Block({text = Rotate(#, (2/7) Pi)}, 
            Row({text, Invisible(text)}, 
    PlotRange -> {Automatic, {0, 10}}, Ticks -> {None, Range(0, 10, 2)}, 
    ImagePadding -> {{20, 0}, {95, 0}}

enter description of image here

This code would use the labels given in the desired form. My question is how to label the same graphic by selecting only the "first 3 letters" (uppercase or small doesn't matter) from existing labels, such as ABC as a label for the first bar of the histogram; DEF as the second label and so on. In fact, such labeling can be generalized using only a rule such as "select the letters CAPITAL LETTERS" that appear in a label like those in this example.

For now, I only want to select the first 3 uppercase letters.

dns – How to redirect from subdomain to another port without showing IP on browsers address bar?

I tried to add another service on the same server with a different port, I found that in Cloudflare, we should use a record with page rules to redirect this subdomain to an IP address with a specific port.

The problem is that when Cloudflare redirects users to another port service, it displays my server's IP address in the browser's address bar instead of displaying the subdomain.
Is there anything I can do to hide this IP address by URL on the client's browser?

progress bar – What should be the text to display while loading data and what should be the style?

I decided to skip spinner and use "Loading …" or "Loading Data …" or something like that. What should the choice of text and style be? Referring to style, I am confused in the areas below.

Position: left alignment and center alignment? or center in the screen both vertically and horizontally?

Text style: bold? Mono space? Italics? Muted?

Text size:

Animation of three dashes?

What color should it be?

I currently have this style applied through my mobile app which is a financial product.
PS: the same style will also apply when there is no data and the current text is "No data to display"

enter description of image here

macos – Skype menu bar icons

I want to remove the Skype status icons from the menu bar of my MacBook. I see that Microsoft has been ignoring the same question by many users for years.
So I searched for the relevant .tiff, .png, .icn, .icns files in various places, including inside, hoping that they would be deleted (or replaced with blanks) ) would do the trick. But nothing came. Where does Skype get the icon images from?

web design – overflowing content in the text box – default scroll bar or dynamic height increase?

It depends on the type of data you expect.

Expandable fields are great for compact forms where the user is not likely to need multiple lines all the time, but you still want to provide the option for longer entries . Generally, these are used for message entry in chat interfaces where comments tend to be short statements of a line but can be whole paragraphs if necessary.

On the other hand, text boxes are best used when the required entry is generally longer. The extra space tells the user that they can provide more information and encourages longer responses. Scrollable text boxes are more familiar to web users, so they should be preferred unless you are trying to save space in your design or discourage longer entries with no character limit.

css – Navigation interruptions in the top bar in Safari

My navigation should be in the lower black bar when the user is at the top of the page, and when the user scrolls down, the navigation switches to the upper bar. My problem only appears in Safari, when the user scrolls down then goes up, my navigation in the top bar hangs. Any ideas how to fix this problem? enter description of image here

macbook pro – Applescript, Autopress space bar

so i am trying to execute a script which will hit the space bar twice in quick sequence after this command

    tell application "System Events" to keystroke "g" using command down
    delay 2
    tell application "System Events" to keystroke "g" using command down
    delay 2
end repeat

but whenever I try to do another script that includes space bar I get an error saying that spacebar wasn't defined 

Disable the shortcut of the focus github search bar

With modification of this comment

Install Grease Monkey (FF) or TamperMonkey (Chrome) and use this script

// Your code here...

// ==UserScript==
// @name           Disable keyboard shortcuts
// @description    Stop websites from highjacking keyboard shortcuts
// @run-at         document-start
// @include        **
// @grant          none
// ==/UserScript==

keycodes = (83) // Keycode for 'S', add more keycodes to disable other key captures

document.addEventListener('keydown', function(e) {
//    alert(e.keyCode); //uncomment to find out the keycode for any given key
    if (keycodes.indexOf(e.keyCode) != -1)
        e.cancelBubble = true;
    return false;