Remove the URL/menu bar for a mobile website

A while back I noticed a cool feature in mobile Firefox that removed the URL/top menu. This made the website feel like it was a native mobile app and I was able to use this feature by making the website a shortcut on my phone’s home screen. This feature was apparently removed and I’m wondering if there’s a way to re-activate it. Or if there is another mobile browser with a similar feature.

how to create floating button bar in flutter?

I want to create a floating button bar in flutter similar to the floating bottom bar as shown in the image sharedenter image description here

the above image is from dependency , this is for the page navigation , but I don’t want navigation just want the action to be performed upon pressing the button, and the view should be the same.

plotting – Display `Table` output as a 3D bar chart

You could try using some Cuboid‘s:

f[i_, j_] := i*j;
data = Table[f[i, j], {i, 1, 25}, {j, 1, 25}];

bar[{i_, j_}, h_] := 
 Cuboid[{i - 0.5, j - 0.5, 0}, {i + 0.5, j + 0.5, h}]
  MapIndexed[bar[#2, #1] &, data, {2}]
  }, BoxRatios -> 1

cuboid chart

… and here I’ve spiced it up with colour, axes, and cylinders:

huescale = MinMax[data];
bar[{i_, j_}, h_] := {Hue[Rescale[h, huescale]], 
  Cylinder[{{i, j, 0}, {i, j, h}}, 0.5]}
  MapIndexed[bar[#2, #1] &, data, {2}]
  }, BoxRatios -> 1, Axes -> True, AxesLabel -> {i, j, f}, 
 Lighting -> "Neutral"

cylinders chart

python 3.x – How to style and customize tkinter/guizero menu bar?

I am working with tkinter and guizero and am trying to style the menu bar.

Things I am trying to change

1.Remover the border on menu bar and options.

2.Remove the menu bar top padding(the little space above and on the left side).

3.Active select color for both toplevel/menu bar and options.

from guizero import App, MenuBar
def file_function():
    print("File option")

def about_function():
    print("about option")

app = App(title="My app", height=300, width=500,bg='white')
menubar = MenuBar(app,
                  toplevel=("File", "About"),
                      ( ("New", file_function), ("Save", file_function)),
                      ( ("Report Bug", about_function), ("About", about_function) )
                  )), 77, 124)

# none of the styling below works and this is what I've tried

sharepoint online – remove Top link bar from subsite

We are using an LMS app on Sharepoint that creates a subsite for every course that is created. These subsites all have a Top links bar by default. I have tried using a template that has the Top link bar removed, however whatever they are doing in the subsite creation seems to ignore the template. Is there some way to remove the top link bar by using a site design? I see there is a removeNavLink verb that can be added to a JSON script, however this verb doesn’t seem to have an option for the top link bar (only quicklaunch, hub, and footer).

8 – How do I enable a file upload progress bar?

How do I enable a file upload progress bar in drupal8 when uploading a file? I have a filed that expects videos that can be big in size. It might take minutes to upload. I would like to show an upload progress feedback for the user. Ubuntu 18.04, Apache2, PHP7.2

8 – How do I create a file upload progress bar in a webform?

I have a webform where users can submit videos up to 500MBs. It is weird not to have a feedback on an upload that might take over 10 mins…

This seems like it should be a built in function. I have been researching on it for a couple of hours now and I cant seem to find a solution other than “PECL Upload Progress” but that doesn’t support php7.2. What is the way to go here? What are my options? I appreciate any advice. Thank you.

SharePoint Online Modern List – Total Bar location

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Missing notification bar and navigation bar on an Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet

I turned on my Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet the other day, and some (but not all) of the bottom navigation bar buttons had disappeared. I rebooted, hoping that would clear up whatever caused it, but now all of my navigation bar buttons are gone. My notification bar is gone too, and I am unable to swipe down to activate the notification shade. There is empty black space where the notification and navigation bars are supposed to be.

If it matters, I have the Google Play Services and the Google Play Store side-loaded, through which I installed typical Google apps.

(I’m asking and answering this myself mostly so that if/when this problem recurs, I’ll be able to remember/find how I fixed it.)

Progress bar with Bar Chart in Google Sheets

I have a 2 tasks that I would like to keep track of my progress in google sheets with a percentage bar chart.

Google charts is not allowing me to separate the data into two series. They have the same color. I’d like to color them differently. How can I accomplish that? Further, I’d like for 100% to show up for the last tick mark. I added 1 for the max value, but that only increased the scale and did not place a tick mark.

How do I color the series differently (both data points are called ‘Bar 1’)?

How do I add ‘100%’ as a tick mark?

The data range is S1:U2. There is nothing in the S column.

Here’s a snapshot of my chart and the data in google sheets.
enter image description here