keyboard – Error caused by a space bar character

I use Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS on a virtual machine (Virtual Box version 5.2.18 r124319 (Qt5.6.3)). I code in Visual Studio and every time I type in a '#' followed or preceded by a space (any variable declaration for example), the compilation does not work because the space character is apparently recognized as a special character (see attached screenshot).

Has anyone encountered this problem and knows how to solve it?

thank you so much

error caused by a space bar character

css – Edge Browser: Angular Carpet Table: The Scroll Bar Goes Below the Sticky Letterhead Line

I'm using an angular material in my application. I used mat-table in one of the pages. I keep the line of sticky headers. Everything works well with Chrome and FF. But in the Edge browser, the performance is weird. Scroll bar overlapping by sticky header. I enclose a screenshot for the reference. Is it buggy?

enter the description of the image here

interaction design – Why the new Twitter menu bar at the bottom of the iPhone?

"This visibly hinders their multiplatform unification"

Why is it important? I propose that it is not, and can actually be, an injury.

For example, I work on a team that creates web applications. We have been ordered to support iPhones and new androids, as well as BlackBerries equipped with old operating systems and Nokia phones.

In itself, that's fine, but we have a management and even a UX that examines these peripherals side by side and get upset when they do not match the pixel of each device … variety of reasons:

  • the devices have different native user interface conventions that users are probably used to
  • the devices have hardware interfaces
  • very, very few people actually compare different devices side by side

As to why placing the menu on a touch device at the bottom, that's because it's usually where your thumb is. 😉

html – How to make sure that a div bar and a navigation bar cover the entire height without hard coding

I've tried to create a simple web page with this format:

  1. Header (navigation bar with a bunch of tabs, height (say 50px)
  2. Main content (div)
  3. Footer (navigation bar with a height of about 50 pixels)

The code for this is below:


The problem is, of course, the size of the middle division is hard coded, and that does not seem too big …

Try 1

I tried to solve this problem by using the version specific calc () for CSS, and I managed to produce very good results:


The problem with this is that 1) it uses a hard-coded value of 100 pixels, and as my actual tabs have a variable size depending on the size of my font, it's not really very good. It looks really good …

Try 2

The second thing I tried was to use the flex-box, another solution. specific version method. The problem with this is that it just did not work …? I do not even know why it did not work, but I do not control the flex-box at all.


These are the only things I have tried … I know that there is a simple way to proceed with the display: corrected, but it allows the text to stand behind the display. header and footer, which I do not really want either. Thank you in advance for help!

magento2 – How to create a basic progress bar with ajax, when I click add to the car in magento 2?

I'm trying to make a basic progress bar with Ajax, when I click on the Add to Cart button, but I do not know how to grab the XHR on the console, to put on alert() or prepend ()a function

I am an example of video on youtube, with XMLHttpRequest () works but I see does not work

see the code

var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest ();

                                            xhr.upload.addEventListener (progress, ProgressHandler, false);
xhr.addEventListener (& # 39; load & # 39; CompleteHandler, false);
xhr.addEventListener (& # 39; error & # 39 ;, errorHandler, false);
xhr.addEventListener (& quot; Abort & # 39 ;, LoadHandler, false); ("POST", "/ test / checkout / cart / add / uenc / aHR0cDovLzQ1Ljc5LjE0Ni4yMS90ZXN0L3Rlc3RpbmcuaHRtbA% 2C% 2C / product / 1 /");
xhr.send (); `

Strange top bar duplication

When I connect my HDMI with my second monitor and my built-in monitor, I get this from the top bar, a bizarre dual-row duplication.

enter the description of the image here

How can I get rid of it?

Bug – Double element in the navigation bar in the mobile | Promotion Forum

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relationship between composite permutation and the space of the permutation bar

For permutation $ pi in S_n $ we define its permutation of bar $ bar pi $ as:
$$ bar pi in mathbb {N} ^ n, bar pi (i) = # {i colon pi (j) ge pi (i) } $$
In this way, a permutation is mapped uniquely on a vector that satisfies $ 1 the bar pi (i) the i $ (There is obviously $ n! $ vectors equal to the number of permutations). We call the space of all these vectors the permutation bar space.

Moroever, for two permutations $ pi, sigma in S_n $ combined permutation $ sigma circ pi $ is defined as:
$$ sigma circ pi = [sigma(pi(1)),sigma(pi(2)),…,sigma(pi(n))]$$
Is it possible to express $ overline { sigma circ pi} $ as a function of $ bar sigma $ and $ bar pi $?

Outlook on Android – Flashing send bar

Android Outlook. When I go into my inbox, a flashing bar at the bottom of the screen says "Sent" with a check mark. Can I stop this? I've checked my setting and I can not find anything related to it. thank you so much

Unity Android Immersive mode leaving a black bar in the softkey area?

The black bar does not hide anything. Everything is drawn on it. But the black bar replaces the softkeys even when they are hidden.
I do not know how to hide it and make it using everything on the screen.
The bar is only visible if the device has softkeys, but not for the device with physical keys.
I put the Screen.fullScreen = true.

Unit 2018.3.4f1