catalina – How do I change an app icon image on the menu bar?

(macOS 10.15.7)

I want to change the icon image of an app on the menu bar, for example, the “syncing” image of Dropbox:

enter image description here

However, I cannot find the corresponding image in /Applications/ . Another post says changing the menu-bar icon may require the knowledge of Xcode.

Is it possible to change a menu-bar icon without using Xcode? Or is it possible to at least “shrink” the original icon (make it smaller but not disappear) without using Xcode?

Is that navigation bar negative for SEO

I’m doing some SEO for a website I haven’t built for my client and it has this navigation bar:


<div align="right" id="menu">
        <table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
             <td><div align="center" class="menuitem1" onmouseover="this.className='menuitem1a'" onmouseout="this.className='menuitem1'" onclick="window.location='index.php'"  >
                     <div style="margin-top:80px">Profile</div>
             <td><div align="center" class="menuitem2" onmouseover="this.className='menuitem2a'" onmouseout="this.className='menuitem2'" onclick="window.location='customers.php'">
                    <div style="margin-top:80px">Customers</div>
             <td><div align="center" class="menuitem3c">
                    <div style="margin-top:80px">Services</div>
             <td><div align="center" class="menuitem4" onmouseover="this.className='menuitem4a'" onmouseout="this.className='menuitem4'" onclick="window.location='products.php'">
                    <div style="margin-top:80px">Products</div>
             <td><div align="center" class="menuitem5" onmouseover="this.className='menuitem5a'" onmouseout="this.className='menuitem5'" onclick="window.location='contact.php'">
                     <div style="margin-top:80px">Contact</div>

First thing I noticed, it has no anchors! Second when I made a sitemap of the website only index page was there. EDIT:It also spits errors on evaluation! Does this nave a negative impact from SEO perspective? Thanks in advance!


Photos Not Appearing in Photos Search Bar Results

Desktop OS High Sierra 10.13.6

Many of my pictures are not retrieved by the name/keyword search in top-right of the Photos program. The same portion of my pictures also appear to have vanished from the albums to which I originally assigned them.

So to find a photo, I basically have to scroll through the years of my life, with a quick eye for my target. It’s like an indexing function is broken or file attributes have been lost.

I’ve tried the ‘Repair Library’ tool from the CMD-OPT program launch, no change. Any ideas?

Where is admin bar supposed to appear?

Where in the page’s HTML is the admin bar supposed to appear? On my blog it is added to the footer section, with the result being that there is a gap above it when viewing the blog on mobile phones. (The admin bar has position:absolute; at small resolutions, and so does the footer it’s contained within.)

plugins – Progress indicator on multi step form and search bar with dynamic results

I’m currently developing a wordpress site and I’m stuck on a few points I would like to know if some people have solutions to help me. I have to make a multi step form with the progress indicator displayed with the name of the steps that are clickable to be able to move from the first step to the last, I wanted to know if you have solutions (extensions or code) I tried with Wpform but I can not make the steps clickable, I managed to do it with Form Maker but I wanted to know if there was not another solution. The second problem I have is that I have to make a search bar with several fields that should give me a dynamic text with holes such as “+ X partners have the necessary storage capacity to support your needs, within a radius of 20km around xxx”, the “Toolset” extension seems to be a good way to make the search bar but it only gives results in the type of ad knowing that I would like a dynamic text according to the search made and the database

mac – fdesetup authrestart and touch bar

When you connect to the mac as administrator and you want to reboot after changing some settings. It was possible to use the command: fdesetup authrestart

This command asks for username and file fault password and reboots the machine. After the reboot, the machine logs you in automatically (using the credentials entered before).

But this did not work anymore when one user on the system enabled the use of touch bar authentication.
On my system I can reproduce such behavior. When I totally disable the touch bar. The command works again.
So, is there an additional way to automatically relogin after reboot without disabling touch id?

keyboard – Touch Bar typing suggestions not working globally

I have MacBook Pro 2020 running on Big Sur.
The typing autocompletion is not working for me globally (that is, in evey app is should be availiable, e.g. apple notes).

I have the keyboard icon availiable when I focus on a text field, but when I click it it looks like that:
enter image description here

Tried to go to go to System Preferences>Keyboard>Text and uncheck and recheck the Touch Bar typing suggestion, but the same behaviour happens.

Any idea what should solve this?

How to remove the blue bar that appears in the address bar results in chrome?

Blue Bar

How do I remove the blue bar appearing in my chrome address bar next to the results it gives me as I type a url? You can see the blue bar in the image above where it appears next to chrome’s result for its flags, just below where I typed in the exact same thing.

ux designer – Hide header / nav bar when scroling – Adobe XD

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magento2 – Two store views ALOThemes footer and top bar

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