javascript – How to change the link / url of the text "SharePoint" in the top bar

I work with SPOnline and I try to see if it is possible to change link / url when users click on SharePoint in the top bar. See below screen capture.

enter the description of the image here

I think that needs to be done at the master page level. Can any one help with CSS / JS code to achieve this, thanks in advance.

css – Alignfull without scroll bar or hidden overflow when using the block editor (Gutenberg)

With WP 5.0, you can now enable width blocks in the editor by adding this to your theme:
add_theme_support (& # 39; align-wide & # 39;)

However, if you use a custom theme, you must add yours CSS to do this job. There are many examples that work, but on Mac only.

The problem is that if you use width: 100vwFor me, this is the best way to proceed. On Windows devices, a horizontal scroll bar appears as soon as you have a vertical scroll bar on the page. I understand that this is actually in line with the window width specifications, so I really hope to find another way to make this work work. all devices.

What I have now avoids the scroll bar, but it means using hidden overflow which is less than ideal and you get the edges cut off.

.entry-content .alignfull {
position: relative;
width: 100vw;
on the left: 50%;
right: 50%;
left margin: -50 vw;
right margin: -50vw;
body .entry-content .alignfull> * {
width: 100vw;
maximum width: none;

I then add a hidden overflow; on my outside container / wrapper

to hide the scrollbar.

There must be a better way! I hope it is a very practical technique, both for WP and for general web development.

Note: A ton of ideas are published in this article on CSS tricks, but without being really noted, they will all produce scrollbars on Windows machines.

Flashing / blinking horizontal scroll bar in Google Chrome

The horizontal scroll bar flashes / blinks with some larger zoom settings when certain extensions are used (for example, Deluminate). How to fix it?

Does it mean a "vertical bar chart" or a "column chart"?

Creation of a graph application where a user can choose his type of visualization. Should I name the graph type "vertical bar chart" or "column chart"?

Bar chart The Wikipedia entry says "Bars can be drawn vertically or horizontally".

A column chart is sometimes used to designate a vertical bar chart.

You are looking for something that users will understand easily. Each chart type will be accompanied by an icon.

enter the description of the image here
enter the description of the image here

mobile – Bottom navigation bar with floating action button

Yes, it is a good practice.

Although you can display a floating action button to facilitate a main action, it does not mean that it should be displayed in all sections. I mean, if you are on a lower bar section, you can display a floating action button for an action. Then, if you navigate to another section of the bottom bar, you can edit the FAB main action, or even not display it, if no action needs to be highlighted.

So, in short, FAB should not be shown in all sections. It should be used to facilitate contextual interactions, but the context of each screen might be different.

Bootstrap 4 navigation bar

Can I put Bootstrap .navbar class in .row and .col?
For example:
For example:

macbook – The touch bar does not show up but I need F8

I run a Windows virtual machine via an external hard drive. However, when I primer it, I receive the error message. Winload.efi is corrupt or missing but it says I have to press F8 to change some settings so that it works. There is a problem here, I use a Mac Book Pro with a touch bar, so the touch bar does not show up because it is not needed when starting Windows. I have to press F8 otherwise I can not repair the PC. Ideas?

ios – UITableView appears below the status bar and I want the status bar to be opaque so that the data in the table does not overlap with the status bar

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html – the navigation bar does not display correctly

I currently teach myself web languages ​​and am a little stuck on my bootstrap / html code. Currently, I'm having problems with the bootstrap. I'm trying to create a navigation bar and have copied the code found online, pasted on Atom, and then managed the local site.

Here is the code


it works when i play it on codeply, but when i try to run the local site, i keep having this: navbar

It's probably an easy solution, but I'm not an expert, I've already tried using different links for bootstrap and I've copied the template to their website, but nothing has not changed.

settings – How to move the navigation bar to the right in landscape mode?

I just received a Pixel 2, running Android 9. I noticed that when I transform the landscape of my phone, the softkeys always go to the "bottom" of the phone, which is sometimes left of the # 39; screen. I am used to the behavior of softkeys that are oriented to the right side of the landscape, regardless of the direction chosen, as on Android 7 (I used a Nexus 5 before). It's hard for me to use my left hand on the keys as I'm not used to it and I usually slide from the right to display them as well.

Is it possible to set this parameter?