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compilation – OCP-QT portfolio (based on Bitcoin QT) can not find locale "qrc_bitcoin.cpp"

I'm trying to compile an Altcoin portfolio that was created from Bitcoin, but I get this error when I try to compile:

/usr/lib/qt5/bin/rcc -name bitcoin src/qt/bitcoin.qrc -o qrc_bitcoin.cpp
RCC: Error in 'src/qt/bitcoin.qrc': Cannot find file 'locale/bitcoin_ar.qm'
Makefile:1007: recipe for target 'qrc_bitcoin.cpp' failed
make: *** [qrc_bitcoin.cpp] Error 1

I tried to search for answers to this question but I found none. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

Enable or disable the Windows service based on the user who is logging in

So I want to disable or enable a service based on the name of the user who is logging in, because this is a service that should only be active for a specific user, otherwise it gobbles up unnecessary system resources.

The easiest way would be to create a batch file per user (it's a local system, so not too many users) and run this batch file when a user opens a session using net stop / start or sc config. The problem with this approach is that these commands require elevated privileges and that one of the users does not have elevated privileges.

Is there another way to proceed, or is there a way to temporarily grant high rights to a batch file?

Thank you.

javascript – Application of integrity test, it returns a score based on the answers provided

Here is my parent component: App.View. I wondered what improvements I could make to the code here.

I'm sorry if this is not the right forum to post. Or if I hurt.

Description of the application

This application was built from the Vue.js framework and uses a
Laravel REST API that I created to retrieve custom data. It stores and tracks
your "health score", which is determined by the answers you provided
the test. Every answer has a value. So, the most unhealthy answer has a
the value 0, the second least healthy 1, the second healthiest 2,
and the healthiest answer 3. The values โ€‹โ€‹of the answers you submit are
aggregated throughout the test via local storage. After the final
the question has been answered, your total health score is returned. Your
The final score will determine the message you will receive.

sharepoint online – How to get the user ID of the user based on the email ID

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Python – Division of a Data Structure Column from a Discarded Web Page Based on a Delimiter

I am looking to get the data from a public API and convert them into a Pandas data frame, basically from the American website on earthquakes. I have JSON form data that is actually a list of nested dictionaries. I used an approach and converted it to a data structure that is of the form class & # 39; pandas.core.frame.DataFrame & # 39;. Now, when I try to split the coordinate column, I get NaN or other problems. The series is of the form class & # 39; pandas.core.series.Series & # 39;.

Here is my code-

import urllib.request, json
import pandas as pd
url = ""
response = urllib.request.urlopen(url)
data = json.loads(
for d in y:
    d.update(d.pop('geometry', {}))
for i in y:
    i.update(i.pop('properties', {}))

I've tried using str.split, Pandas.Series.str.split, slitt

unit – How to correctly write a shader with a gradient based on the vertex color?

I took 4 squares with the outside corners painted black and the others in white. For some reason, they have a different gradient.

fixed4 frag (v2f i) : SV_Target
    fixed4 mainTex = tex2D(_MainTex, i.uv);
    fixed4 overTex = tex2D(_OverTex, i.uv3);
    fixed4 final = fixed4(lerp(mainTex.rgb, overTex.rgb, overTex.a) * i.color, 1.0);
    final = lerp(float4(0, 0, 0, 1.0), final, i.color.a); // shadows

    return final;

How can I create the same gradients as those located at the bottom left and at the top right?

In the game, these are block faces (like Minecraft) and gradients – is a shadow / smooth light. So I can not change sorting


Write a macro to create a new tab and name this tab based on a cell value in Google Sheets

I would like to have a macro that generates a new tab and names this tab based on a cell value.

There is a tab called 'Dashboard'! on which the user enters information in assigned cells. Then, I would like there to be a button on which the user clicks, on which the information of the 'Dashboard'! is copied into a new leaf. This new sheet must receive the name that the user has entered in the cell B2 (the name of the day) and cell C2 (today's date), followed by the word "Training".

I've successfully registered a macro that does almost all of this, but naming the new tab based on a cell value seems impossible. I've manually changed the name of the tab, which appears perfectly in the macro. I do not know how to make this name & # 39; dynamic & # 39;.

Thank you in advance for any help, apologize in advance if this question is redundant and / or poorly worded.

php – Woocommerce – Tax shipping class based on cart items not using the highest tax available

We have the option "Shipping Tax Class" on "Shipping Tax Class Based on Cart Items".
When I add a product with free tax to the cart and a product with a 21% tax in the cart, the total tax for shipping is 0.
This is incorrect as it should be 21%.
When I add a single product to the cart, it uses the correct tax, but not with 2 different tax rate products.

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