representation theory – Examples of basic coalgebras

For an algebraically closed field k $, let $ C $ be a k $-coalg├Ębre. Given a minimal injectable cogenerator $ E $, there is a so-called Basic Coalgebra $ B_C = coend ^ C (E) $, s.t. the comodule categories $ Mod ^ C $ and $ Mod ^ {B_C} $ are equivalent. I would like to understand this object $ B_C $ better, but I have not found any elaborate examples.

I am particularly interested in the case where $ C $ is a coquasitriangular Hopf algebra. In this case, is $ B_C $ always a Hopf algebra (triangular shell), so we have a monoidal (braided) equivalence of categories?

The polynomial ring is a good starting point for me. $ k (x_ {ij}) $ with coproduct $$ Delta (x_ {ij}) = sum_k , x_ {ik} x_ {kj}, $$
but i am happy with all kinds of examples / references.

Using two currencies in WHMCS with basic conversion problem

I'm using WHMCS in a local host environment with two different currencies: 1] A 2] B
And A = 10B for the moment.
I want to set all product prices to A, so that B's conversion base is considered here to multiply each price by 10.

For example:
Product1: Monthly 1A / Annual 10A
Product1 should then be monthly 10B and annual 100B.
For the first time, when I click to recalculate and update prices, it works well.
But the problem is if I change the conversion base of B from 10 to 12, then in this situation:
Product1: monthly: 120 billion and every year, 1200 billion!

That's the problem I'm having right now and I'm unfortunately unable to solve it.
I want to change the conversion base from B to 12, for example, so that the correct monthly price is 12B and 120B per year.

Can you help me what should I do to overcome this problem?

Are there any disadvantages to using basic authentication over HTTPS in addition to native authentication?

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SCAM – Basic Network Notice. Network: SCAM or LEGIT? | NewProxyLists

By reading the comments above, it's easy to see that very few people read the details.
They provide 100 chips a day and when they reach 5 million members, they will launch a crypto the value of which they believe will be worth US $ 1. For the moment, it is simply a web page currency, as they say a "token". I tried to enter the details of my ID but the system did not work.
They do not require any payment and, for now, this is not a scam, unless you take into account the "id" element, which does not work anyway. I'm just continuing to log in everyday and "wait for the unexpected", ie.

Statistical inference – A basic question about a randomized test involving Type I error.

I have a fundamental question in the context of the verification of statistical assumptions, specifically randomized tests. Suposse that I have two actions (alternatives) on a certain unknown parameter $ theta in Theta $: the null ($ H_0 $) and alternative hypotheses ($ H_1 $).

In this case, the sample space is $ (0,15) subset mathbb {R} $. We know that the critical function is given by
$$ phi (x) = P (reject , , H_0 , , | , , x , , observed) $$

I do not know exactly if this definition really implies a conditional probability. Suposse I have the following critical function

phi (x) =
begin {cases}
0, quad x in (0,2) \
p, quad x in (2,10) \
1, quad x in (10,15) \
end {cases}

I can understand why

$$ P (reject , , H_0 , , , , H_0 , , is , , true) , = 0 times P (x in (0,2)) + p times P (x in (2,10)) + 1 times P (x in (10,15)) $$

The right side looks a lot like a wait. But I can not understand.

NetworkManager Basic Authentication on centos7

I'm using mistletoe vpn (cisco) on the Centos7 package of NetworkManager. After an update of the operating system, I have encountered a problem when I try to connect a vpn. Here is the diary:

Server '' requested Basic authentication which is disabled by default

Basic Knowledge of Mainboard – Motherboard

If you say that the role of the processor level is a brain, then assume that the motherboard is the "brain". The motherboard is a "skeleton" unit that manages highly adapted material and binds. The level of Membrane Membrane Mainboard also does not have the same complexity. A break is simply a printed circuit board, and then a better-fitting membrane is attached to another hardware board. In addition to the main task of playing the skeleton, the motherboard is a new character advanced and happy, it is also the need for aesthetics, it is the biggest part of the 'backbone'. computer. sewing machine 1

By selecting the motherboard, rich people often only pay attention to selecting the number of socket types connected to the processor. Few people know that the MainBoard is the "backbone" of the first part of the machine, which is a good source of electricity, as well as the connection of other components, helping them to function smoothly and optimally. It is therefore also important to choose a motherboard, which requires special attention. Let's join Gia Long and break a basic fate at Mainbord to choose to give me a memory card game.

Direct contact area between the processor and the motherboard. Here, like the lock band and the pledge key, the main board is the group of locks that is locked by the processor. So there are two at the contact surface, called Socket. Dragon Temple in real time when you buy the player and keys with a little time, but lined up with the second spare PC, the dragon will buy the lock (CPU) first, then locks the stove (motherboard) . It is easy to select what is Socket in vegetables, just take note of the Socket section of the piece and then match the component. As Intel is very easy to understand the symbol for example, the LGA Socket 1151 means very well that there are 1151 batteries (motherboard and processor). AMD alone is harder to understand because not only is it obvious, but just name it Socket FM2 +, for example.

Basic Knowledge of Mainboard – Motherboard

I must say that the role of the CPU is a brain that you think is the main thing that accepts the "brain". The motherboard is a "skeleton" that puts the material card in alcoholic form and binds to vegetables. Unfortunately, the motherboard is not rich. Rest is just a printed version, then add a melancholy business card to earn another solid party with vegetables. In addition to the main season on the skeleton shoulder at the moment the motherboard is more advanced and new features, it is connected to the end of the dark application, it is the largest part of the head from the computer. sewing machine 1

choose the motherboard, there are dragon temple people who only pay attention to the choice of the number of appropriate sockets with the processor. Without anyone knowing, the MainBoard is the "backbone" of the machine head, which is the division of electricity or, as well as connecting other odd business cards, helping them to manage alcohol in a beneficial way for customers. Trying to choose a motherboard is also important, and requires special attention. Gia Long and her colleagues have discovered a basic knowledge of Mainbord, which is a very good choice for me to configure the motherboard.

Direct contact area between the processor and the motherboard. Here, just like the lock of the lock and the cut of the handle, the motherboard is the lock and the CPU is the key, so that the two heads must be different on the surface of the contact zone, the part is called Socket. Usually, in the generation of time, you buy the drive and hold the lock with the layer, but lining up the spare part of the PC when the dragon temple will buy you the lock (CPU) first and then transmitting the key (motherboard). Selecting Socket as if the same time was easy, you rely on the notice of the Socket section of the device, and then match the selected parts. Like Intel, it was easy to understand that the LGA 1151 socket could mean 1151 batteries (motherboard and processor). AMD alone is harder to understand because it clearly indicates the winner, such as Socket FM2 +.

Proof of basic theorem in Mathematica?

Let's say we have the following:

p is prime
n > 1   (n is an integer)
p = nq (I.e. p is a multiple of n)

We can prove that p = n.

I've seen that Mathematica has some basic functionality to prove a theorem (see the demo label), via functions such as Reduce.

Can Mathematica prove this statement? Pointers to external resources are welcome.

SQL Server – How to Edit a Visual Basic rdlc File

My doubt is this:

Currently, I am working in visual basic 2012, I have downloaded a sales system in which I had already programmed rdlc files (Reports). What I want to do is modify the design of these reports to be able to implement mine. change it's a letter from the Visual Basic Designer, when running the program, it just does not run and in the window of error, he shows me nothing.

I have tried:

  1. create a new report; but the same thing happens
  2. edit the file from your code and change the texts, but the same thing always happens, it does not run

    How could I fix it?. it should be noted then

  3. Work with SQL Server 2008 and Visual Basic 2012

  4. Windows 7 operating system
  5. The program has been programmed with Visual Basic 2010

Thank you very much in advance