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Given is an array of N elements and Q queries.

Each query gives us two integers L and R.

We want to find the number of unique permutations of elements in the range of L to R (both included).

Example: {1,3,2,2,4,4,5}, indexing based on 1

Query: L = 2, R = 6

Answer: 5! / (2! * 2!) = 30.

Explanation: 2 is repeated 2 times and 4 is repeated 2 times.

What is the approach for this?

Will the Bitcoin mining stop? – Bitcoin battery exchange

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Macbook pro 2016 0% battery 350 cycles

today, my mac did not turn on, I plugged it in and turned it on, and then I saw 0% battery. Why? Only 350 cycles and 2 years.enter the description of the image here

canon – Remote video shooting to save battery

I had just recently learned how to make videos remotely with my Canon 6D with EOS Utility 3.0. It turned out to be very convenient to shoot videos this way because it allowed me to:

1) Use the screen of my laptop (15 inches versus the 3 inch LCD screen of my camera) as a secondary display.

2) Keep the battery pack during live shooting, because every time I used the Utility software, my camera's LCD was turned off, saving a ton of juice that could be used to record more sequences.

The software is free, so it was an added bonus! But my story did not end well 🙁

Everything was fine when suddenly yesterday, the screen of my camera was always turned on during a remote shooting with the utility. Obviously, there were settings that I accidentally changed, so I watched them. I've been trying for an hour, but the LCD screen would stay, no matter what I would do.

Does anyone know how to fix this? Because I'm sure that before the screen remained off when I used my laptop screen as my screen.

battery – Does * ANY * WHAT NiMH battery actually works?

If you want them to last for months, your only problem is not to buy the right choice of NiMH battery.

AA NiMH has MUCH more power capacity than alkaline. This may not be noticeable significantly for energy-efficient devices such as MP3 players, but it is just as important for the high consumption of cameras and flashes.

This speaks of any NiMH, even though the NiMH "flows" normally towards self discharge. Not in a few days, and no corrosive leak, but in a few months, the normal NiMH loses a considerable power capacity simply sitting on the board.

However, again, technological advances have been made to prevent this loss, in new NiMH batteries, now called "weak discharge", or perhaps "ready to use". The "ready-to-use" units were not fully loaded at the factory, but nevertheless, "ready for use" means that they would survive months spent on the job. sales plateau, waiting to be purchased. The old NiMH technology does not say that. But be sure to properly charge one of them.

By brand name, Eneloop NiMH (now Panasonic) have been the first to use these low-discharge batteries, but they are now selling them under license to several other brands. They claim that it remains 70% of their capacity after 5 years of storage on the set. These are NOT ordinary NiMH batteries, but these new low self discharge choices like Eneloop.

battery – MacBook Pro 2015 does not turn on

I've got a MacBook Pro 13 13 "2015 and today, it's turned off because I did not have the charger.Now when I plug in the charger and I'm m & # 39; It lights up, it displays an almost empty battery and a lightning below and I've won In addition, the charger light is off.

  • I've checked the pins and everything is fine.

  • When I disconnect the charger, a plug icon is next to lightning to indicate that the charger is recognized.

  • I do not have any other MacBook to check if it's my MacBook or the charger

What could it be?

enter the description of the image here

Mdnsd Draining My Battery – Ethiopia Android Stack Exchange

This process (mdnsd) drained my battery for a few weeks. I have not been able to find a solution after a lot of research.

I have no drone application, Facebook or Firefox, although the problem has more or less started when I installed the Firefox application. But I uninstalled it, restarted my phone and the problem is still there, which makes me think that Firefox may have nothing to do with it.

Ideas? I have a LG G2, Android 4.4.2


I'm trying to install an application (updated version), but when I install it, it says that this application can not be installed because the same type of application is already installed , but when I check apps on an Android phone, I can not find this app with the same name as I want to install as an updated version.
I believe that it is blocked by the phone user, (the phone is not mine now)

what should I do if the app is in the phone but invisible or blocked,
how can i see it and uninstall it so that i install an updated version there.

please guide me what to do in this situation.

thank you and remain blessed

phone – Samsung Galaxy S7- If I empty the battery and remove it from the SIM card, can I locate its location?

I have 2 questions regarding my Samsung Galaxy S7-

Q1) If I empty the battery in an exhausted manner and remove the SIM card, can I locate its location? I'm talking about a dead battery and not a battery, because you can not remove a Samsung Galaxy S7 battery without special tools.

Q2) Does the Samsung Galaxy S7 have any kind of battery backup that allows the phone to shut down before emptying completely? Or a second battery or a way to track your phone even with a dead battery.

Ex: If your mobile phone is on and you are driving somewhere and you have lost your phone, it should be traceable. But if your battery is dead and you remove the SIM card, if I understand correctly, it can NOT be traced and will only show the last point on which the phone was lit or before the battery is dead … but again, I do not know for sure.


According to some articles, I googled, it is said that this is not possible.

Can you follow a cell phone with a dead battery?
Unfortunately, a phone with a dead battery will not respond to attempts to locate via GPS. Mobile Lookout automatically saves the last known location of your Android phone just before the battery runs out.

How to remove the battery from the phone

I want to remove the battery from my LG phone, but how can I do it? Having a problem with this is stuck on a firmware update. He is only 1 year old. Or should I take it to the AT & T store to have it checked.