Domain Driven Design – Which DDD Mapping Context Model Represents Data Replication with Possible Consistency Between BCs

The DDD literature describes 8 to 9 context map templates (models for interaction with the BC):

  • Anti-corruption layer
  • Shared kernel
  • Different paths
  • Partnership
  • Customer provider
  • Conformist
  • Open Host Service + Published Language
  • BBOM

Assume that BC A requires data belonging to BC B. We create a replica of this data in BC A. We create a synchronization mechanism (ETL) to send the data changes from the master (BC B) to the replica (BC A) .

In this context of cross-country data replication with eventual consistency, which of the listed models is applied?

Ubuntu does not start well, the bcs of the configuration grub2 change, help you please

i am a new user of ubuntu bcs i want to migrate windows, i like to install my pc by watching tutorials and articles. I am not a professional user, but I understand how to use a terminal, install programs,
and until yesterday, I installed many programs for my daily use, but at that time, I may have accidentally changed the grub configuration. I've therefore tried to look at some tutorials and solved the first problem, but I'm too obsessed haha, then I've changed the grub configuration again, and after trying to reboot …
1. bootorder system not found. default initialization
create the boot entry "Boot000A" with the label "ubuntu" for the file "EFI ubuntu shimx64.efi" then …
2. Error: Unable to find the command 'hmwatch'.
bootorder system not found. default initialization
3. error: none of these devices: F515-593E
error: insufficient memory
Press any key to continue …
failed to start the default and restore entries.
4. and the last, biggest nightmare I've ever had, maybe ….
so many abstract characters came out, oh my God, it was so scary: "

and then it went to grub2, and there were like 3 or 4 choices, like Ubuntu, the advanced setting for Ubuntu, the system setting (BIOS), and so on.
I can not figure out what's really happening to my laptop and, until now, I have not found any useful article or video tutorial that works for me.
idk how to fix it, and rarely the people around me who use linux. and I have not saved my huhu data, but I think they will not be deleted hopefully. I can not reinstall Ubuntu at this time because I have not backed up my data.
I hope you can help me, great love of Indonesia !! <3 <3 thank you very much (sorry for my bad english, not a native hehe)

Does the string contain duplicate characters? Best conceivable runtime (BCR) vs. best case scenario (BCS) algorithm

Write an algorithm for "Does the given string have duplicate characters?" I am confused about BCR and BCS.
At first, I guessed that BCR for this specific problem is O (n). However, during its implementation, I realized that the use Locker principle I could have a shortcut for BCS that gives me the answer to the complexity of running O (1).
Question: Does this mean that my assumption about BCR was wrong? Or BCR has nothing to do with BCS? (If yes, I would be totally confused)
Note: I already know that BCS is for a specific algorithm, while BCR is a fairly general feature of the problem. (right?)