Can I sell data that is displayed on a betting website in my own api?

If I was able to scrape the odds, events, date and other things from a betting sites public website, where anyone can access the information. Would I be able to sell this data in an API?

The betting sites would be the 10 most popular betting sites in the UK, and I would be getting information on all the matches in the biggest football leagues.

Could I be sued if I start selling this data, or am I allowed to as it’s publicly accessible and the only thing they can really claim to own are the odds, if they can even do that. The data would be sold as an API service where members pay monthly for a certain number of requests to the API.

[XFSoccer] Soccer Betting Game

is there already something for the xen 2.2x?
would have liked to have it built into me.


I created Telegram channel about cricket betting and need advice

I created Telegram channel about cricket betting. The main focus – cricket betting, and little be side posts about casino games and slot machines (betting and casino is cross-products).

I know that in DigitalPoint must be are lot of people, who understand cricket. And may be you give me some advice about cricket betting and igaming content on channel.

Here is the channel

Thank you

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google sheets – Reverse calculate the VIG (margin) in Sports Betting

Not sure if I should be posting this here but here it goes.

This is a question about Google Sheets and perhaps basic Math I guess.

I have this Google Sheets doc where I made the first table where I calculate the True Probability of an event, win or lose, according to the Odds given by the Bookie. It also calculates the VIG or Margin the Bookie takes from a line.

So on the first table we can edit the values in red. The values are in decimal odds not American odds. On the Google Sheet file I show below these red cells are connected to the table bellow because I am trying the first table in order to understand if the calculations on the second are done right.

On the second table we can edit the values in red: VIG and True Probability. I have a equal layout but with this table I wanted to do the opposite:
I want to introduce a VIG % of my choice and Real Probability of my choice and I want the rest of the table to calculate what would be the odds a Bookie would make given a certain VIG%/margin and True Probability of an event.

I almost got it right except that the VIG on the first table is always slightly higher than the VIG I introduce on the second table.

The doc I will show you uses 5% VIG as an example. On the 1st table I get a 5.26% and I want both values to be the same = 5% or whatever value. The difference seems to get higher exponentially if I increase the VIG. Have no idea why.

So I am using the first table as a comparison to see if my calculations on the second table to reverse calculate the VIG are done right.

I hope I was clear.

Here is the link to the file:

Football betting

Who plays football bet here? Can we form a community where games can be analysised and staked…minimal of 0.5 odds to 2 odds everyday – cryptocurrency casino & sports betting website

Looks great ive been looking for a decent sports betting site to use some of my bitcoin on. i think i might have found it here.. Thanks for the info. Id also like to know if anyone here uses this site and how is it working for you.. thanks for the great post here..

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