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British visitor visa for South African BF / husband refused Twice, what are the chances of approval for the next application?

Hello and I would appreciate any help I could get in advance. Thank you for supporting it because this article can be long, but I will try to make it easier to read as much as possible.
Please, no rude or nasty comments, we would really like things to work, but we need help. I understand that we made some reckless decisions during the first application, but I would really appreciate anyone who could look at this in a logical and professional way (we really can not afford to have a lawyer specializing in immigration or other to help us).

L & # 39; s history:

I met my boyfriend online about 2 years ago and we decided to meet each other. I flew for him to South Africa, things went well between us. So we got married and planned to start our life well in the country where I live, United Kingdom.

At this point, we have already made two visa applications for him, both of which have been refused (please check the notes of the refusal letter below).

Letter of refusal of the first request

At the time of his first visa application, we were not yet married and we had no professional help or additional knowledge regarding the visa application for visits to the United Kingdom. The errors were obvious 🙁

  • You stated that you intended to travel to the UK for 1 month and 11 days to visit your girlfriend / girlfriend. I am aware of the importance of family ties, but I must also take into account the rules of immigration and the importance of maintaining immigration controls.

  • I must consider your situation when evaluating your application. I noticed that you are unemployed and that your girlfriend's relationship, (My mother was ready to sponsor him)will cover the cost of your visit but you have not provided any evidence to support this. You have provided a bank statement from your girlfriend covering the period of xx / xx / 2017 and indicating a closing balance of XXXX; the highest amount shown on the statement was XXXXX as of XX / XX / 2017. This does not prove that it has sufficient funds to cover the costs of your visit.

There was in fact a "misunderstanding" in the first application where the CEO confused my bank statement with my boyfriend's sponsor when we provided a letter and a bank statement from my mother who sponsored him. In addition, my budget was quite low, which may have also been a highlight for the application.

We took the time to review and review our documents and reapply a few months after the first, which was also denied.

Letter of refusal of the second request

  • You declare that you intend to visit the United Kingdom for 3 months to see your future in-laws and for tourism.
  • I note that your visa was refused on XX / XX / 2017. I note in your previous application that you declared that you were unemployed. In your current application, you indicate that you are an independent farmer earning a ZAR XXXXXXX per year. However, you have not demonstrated this income in your application, which leads me to doubt that your situation is as described.

  • In addition, you do not seem to have savings, income or equity. On a balance of probabilities, I am not satisfied that you have demonstrated that you had strong family and financial ties in your home country, which would encourage you to return if you were allowed to enter the UK.

  • Also, your request does not specify how long you've known Miss (my name) Senyora Blahblahand there is no evidence that you have ever met. I have noticed that you have never traveled to the UK and there is no confirmation that your sponsor has ever traveled to South Africa. The exact nature of your relationship and the reasons why you chose to travel to the UK are unclear. Since, I am not convinced that your sponsor has a real professional or personal relationship with you.

At this point, I have done extensive research on the Support Document Guide, Appendix V: Immigration Rules for Visitors and Visa Application for Others, as well as reading and reading this document. situation it's very similar to ours in this forum and on other sites.

We decided to get married here in South Africa where he lives. I have been living with him in South Africa for about 1 year (s) with just a visitor visa (and have extended it) – (Free 3 months + 3 extra months for the extension, then I come back to the UK and come back to South Africa, repeat the cycle)

We stated that it is self employed on the second application since he receives a monthly allowance from his mother (please, I know, it was a mistake to do so), no documentation of this fact and this is not a problem. is not an independent job. Yes I know.

We also used his mother's bank statement primarily to cover his financial means, as well as that of my mother as sponsor with all the supporting documentation, bank statements and other required. It was a mistake not to give his bank statement which contained no income or transaction.

I also understand that we need to provide evidence of our relationship, how we met, etc., etc.

Current situation

We are now married, for almost a year now he is still unemployed (Because it's very rare to find a job here in South Africa, South Africa has the highest unemployment rate in the world because of bad government, racism, etc.).

However, he is soon starting to start his own business, which equates to a salary of £ 2,000 to £ 3,000 a month, which will be a good proof that he has a business that links him to his country of origin. 39; origin.
For the past three months, his mother has been paying him about £ 300 a month to his bank to show that incoming funds are going through his bank account. We also use his bank account so he's parking funds there.

I understand that it must meet the 3 main requirements:

  1. Provide proof that your relationship is genuine
  2. Provide proof that you have a good reason to want to return to your home country once your visit is over (work, family, property).
  3. Provide evidence of financial "stability"

I also understand the importance of carefully organizing the documents in a nice folder with a large table of contents and to ensure that the documents are translated into English if they are in another language. And maybe by performing a full-featured album of how he and I met and photographs / online calls / messages / emails / events / airline tickets / everything about our true relationship.

I also understand that there must be a consistency throughout the previous visa applications (From where the CEO's frowning on self-employment on the 2nd request when we stated that he was unemployed on the 1st request) and this one must not lie in their applications.

We need advice, perhaps from someone who has a deep knowledge of this area. I do not know if we should try again for another visa application for my husband (We can not yet make a spouse visa since I am also unemployed, and I am still studying at the university and I am in a sabbatical year)

Our goal right now is to get to the UK to meet my family who is known to him but never really met, and to experience the culture and the like. We have plans for the spouse visa, which is another story that will be filled with tears, goodbyes and distant / distance relationships.

It's easy to say that all he needs is a job to tie him to the country, but he's been applying for jobs for a year and I know you do not care, but there's almost no job opportunities here in South Africa for whites (forgive my tongue, I do not want to offend anyone)
He has his family here in South Africa and cares for his sick grandmother who currently owns land and earns income for this land.

We have almost lost hope because of the very strict government laws of the United Kingdom. This endangers our relationship and may become so in the future, so I ask you the question as a woman who loves and cares for her husband.

Will there be a chance to approve his next visitor visa application even though

  1. We are married (and the ECO might think that it will want to stay longer in the UK since I am a British citizen living there)
  2. He is unemployed, but has a bank savings and is starting to start his business soon.
  3. He had made mistakes in his previous visa applications (the self-employment on the second application was in fact a lie, and I fear he's being caught and banned if we say he's unemployed for true in the next application)
    1. His wife (me) is also unemployed, but his mother / father is quite willing to sponsor his trip and all the rest (they will also want to check my bank statement which does not contain a lot of money and could still me like his godfather because I am the woman)

I would greatly appreciate any type of advice as long as it is not rude. Please, forgive me if I used nauseating words that could hurt someone. Thank you very much for taking the time and effort to read this long question / post.

functional analysis – If $ W ({ bf S}) subset mathbb {R} ^ d $, why is each $ S_k $ self-adjoint?

Let $ mathcal {B} (F) $ the algebra of all linear operators bounded on a complex Hilbert space $ F $. Let $ { bf S} = (S_1, cdots, S_d) in mathcal {B} (F) ^ d $. We define
$$ W ({ bf S}) = {( langle S_1 y ; | y rangle, cdots, langle S_d y | y; y rangle): y in F, ; ; | y | = 1 }. $$

I want to prove that $ W ({ bf S}) subseteq mathbb {R} ^ d $ if and only if $ S_k $ is self-adjoint for all $ k in {1, cdots, d } $.

My attempt: Suppose that each $ S_k $ is self-adjoint. Let $ lambda = ( lambda_1, cdots, lambda_d) in W ({ bf S}) $, then there is $ x in F $ such as $ | x | = $ 1 and $ lambda_k = langle S_kx mid x rangle $ for each $ k = 1, cdots, d $. Since each $ S_j $ is self-attached, it follows that
$$ lambda_k = langle S_kx mid x rangle = langle S_k ^ * x mid x rangle = overline { langle S_kx mid x rangle}. $$
Therefore $ lambda_k in mathbb {R} $ for each $ k = 1, cdots, d $ and so $ W ({ bf S}) subset mathbb {R} ^ d. $

Conversely, suppose that $ W ({ bf S}) subset mathbb {R} ^ d $. Then for all $ lambda = ( lambda_1, cdots, lambda_d) in W ({ bf S}) $, $ lambda_k = langle S_kx mid x rangle in mathbb {R} $ for some people $ x in F $ with $ | x | = $ 1. We want to prove that $ S_k ^ * = S_k $ for everyone k $.

Since $ F $ is a Hilbert complex space, so just show that
$$ langle (S_k-S_k ^ *) y mid y row = 0, $$
for everyone $ y in F $.

I face difficulties, how can I use the hypothesis $ W ({ bf S}) subset mathbb {R} ^ d $.

How many pairs of brackets in BF are enough for Turing to be complete?

BrainF is a Turing-Complete programming language using only 8 symbols (6 if you ignore I / O).

The two most notable ones that grow to the completeness of Turing are & # 39;[‘and ‘]& # 39 ;, essentially the gotos and BF tags.

Normally, programs in BF use several sets of & # 39;[]& # 39; but I wondered how many pairs of hooks should be used to make BF Turing-Complete?

More simply, what is the minimum amount of brackets you would need to simulate a n-state Turing machine (give the number of hooks for Turing machines at 1, 2 and 3 states)?


We assume an infinite band and no computation limit.

It is a Turing machine with 2 symbols