Why do people claim that dinosaurs existed when the Bible proves otherwise?

The Genesis account and the dinosaurs

Although the radioactive dating method is innovative, it is still based on speculation and hypothesis. In contrast, the biblical account of the first chapter of Genesis simply states the general order of creation. It foresees perhaps thousands of millions of years for the formation of the earth and several millennia in six creative eras, or "days", to prepare the earth for human habitation.

Certain dinosaurs (and pterosaurs) may indeed have been created in the fifth era listed in Genesis, when the Bible says that God created "flying creatures" and "great sea monsters". Maybe other types of dinosaurs were created in the sixth epoch. The wide range of dinosaurs with their huge appetite would have been appropriate given the abundant vegetation that obviously existed in their time. – Genesis 1: 20-24.

When the dinosaurs accomplished their mission, God ended their life. But the Bible doesn't say how he did it or when. We can be sure that Jehovah created dinosaurs for a purpose, even if we do not fully understand that goal at this time. They were not a mistake, not a product of evolution. The fact that they suddenly appear in the fossil record without any connection to their fossil ancestors and also disappear without leaving any fossil links connecting, is evidence against the idea that these animals have gradually evolved over millions of years. Thus, the fossil record does not support the theory of evolution. Instead, it harmonizes with the biblical view of God's creative acts.


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Should we teach the Bible to children in schools?

I think we should because:

* Children would be better behaved

* Children would listen more to their parents

* Children would not shoot in schools

* Children would recognize the evils of liberalism and socialism

* Children would not have sex all the time

* They would realize that there are only 2 kinds

* There would be more transsexuals, homosexuals and pedophiles

* Children separate, drink, take drugs or smoke grass all the time

* Children would not be hippies and would support our troops to fight terrorism and protect democracy around the world

* They would realize that America is better than Europe

* People would realize that evolution is not a fact

* They would realize that the Bible is the word of God

* There will be more atheists

* Children would realize that Islam is a false religion and that the Qur'an is NOT the word of God

* They would realize that liberal Christianity is not actually true Christianity

* Children will recognize that they NEED to get married and have children

* Girls will stop moving with their boyfriend

* Everyone will respect President Trump

* Children would realize that CNN and MSNBC are fake news while FOX is the truth

* Black kids would stop trying to resist the police and blame the police for getting tired of their misplaced behavior

* They would realize that Republicans are not racist

* Children would realize that the suburbs are the ideal place to live and that cities are dangerous

* Children would learn to drive

How to search for a verse from the Bible in a source that may contain tracks?

My WordPress system contains publications with a field containing biblical references and ranges, for example. "John 5,1-10, Matthew 3,2, Mark 1,1-5".
The user searching for "John 5.3" or "Matthew 3.2" or "Mark 1.2" should find this message.
Is it even possible from a SQL point of view? If not, what should I change in this approach?

Trump says the Bible is his favorite book but refuses to name ONE DONES FAVORITE. Said it's very personal. Do not you hate this fraud?

Since Trump never confessed, since he is sinless, he does not have to read the Bible.

He speaks with God directly. He is elected.

According to you, who told him to stop non-white immigration, to start a trade war with China and Europe and to appoint Russia to the G7?

The will of God is made.

Is President Trump not like Moses in the Bible? How did he create life for Hebrews Great Again instead of building pyramids?

It's very similar.

In ancient Egypt, the Hebrews were enslaved by a pharaoh who did not let the Hebrews go freely to worship their God, with their cattle belonging to the Hebrews to make offerings. Pharaoh worshiped the gods of Egypt.

Pharaoh is like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and the Chinese !!!
Kill your first unborn babies in the womb, as the angel of death!
Forcing people to buy compulsory health insurance!
Forcing people to incur student debt
Adore lies and delete emails
China steals the trade secrets of America
Evaluate their currency
DEEP STATE is like ancient Egypt

And Donald Trump = Moses!
Trump sends plagues like Moses. Instead of turning water into blood, he issued decrees to turn the unwanted Syrian refugee into a refused entry

Instead of frogs and locus, negotiate the nafta and tariffs on China!

Instead of darkness for days, we have darkened the deep state with a government shutdown!

Instead of separating from the Red Sea …, he dissociated hoaxes from global warming by deregulation to make us FREE

To make us a promised land where coal and oil flow!

But the true story of Moses was that people had lost faith in their God and that today they had faith, as the Hebrews did 3000 years ago, in Trump and Melanea.


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