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Where is the biggest wotrthy entertainment in Thailand?


Thailand has a number of industrial zones and promising areas for investment: each has distinctive characteristics in terms of location and additional benefits. Today, the Industrial Zones Authority of Thailand (I-EA-T) wants to introduce you to three areas of high potential that every investor should know.

– Industrial zone of Sa Kaeo
Located in the Special Economic Zone (SEZ), Sa Kaeo …

Where is the biggest wotrthy entertainment in Thailand?

Enzolast Australia Male Enhancement: Biggest in Durable Erections

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Enzolast Australia Male Enhancement: Biggest in Durable Erections

sql – Filter to get the biggest data by date

I have the following table:

    id n1 n2 date
1181 1 26 2019-02-03
1183 1 20.9 2019-02-03
1185 1 20 2019-02-04
1187 1 21.7 2019-02-04
1189 1 22 2019-02-04
1191 1 22.5 2019-02-04
1193 1 20 2019-02-04
1195 1 22.9 2019-02-04
1197 1 22.8 2019-02-04
1199 1 22.8 2019-02-04
1201 1 22.6 2019-02-04
1203 1 22.5 2019-02-05
1205 1 22.4 2019-02-05
1207 1 22.6 2019-02-05
1209 1 21 2019-02-05
1211 1 19.8 2019-02-05
1213 1 21.8 2019-02-05
1215 1 22.3 2019-02-05
1217 1 21 2019-02-05
1219 1 22.8 2019-02-05
1221 1 23.1 2019-02-05
1223 1 21.3 2019-02-05
1225 1 21.9 2019-02-05
1227 1 21.7 2019-02-05
1229 1 22.9 2019-02-05
1231 1 22.8 2019-02-05
1233 1 22.7 2019-02-05

I have to filter the array so that at each date only the upper value of n2 is delivered, that is, in this example, it would be:

                1181 1 26 2019-02-03
1195 1 22.9 2019-02-04
1221 1 23.1 2019-02-05

I have tried with:

SELECT n2, date
DE dbo.table
O id = 1 & # 39;
GROUP BY n2, date

But with that, I've only managed to order it, without success in the filter I want, could you help me please?

Thank you

The biggest winners in the history of online casinos

The biggest winners in the history of online casinos

Peter (Norwegian player)

The honor of winning the biggest online gambling payment is a Norwegian player named Peter. It may not be his real name, but it is not the question. What's important is that he was an online casino winner who was playing on a progressive jackpot slot called Arabian Knights – and it was the slot machine that made his surprise possible. The winning line allowed him to release 11.7 million euros and became the 38 million Norwegian kroner. Peter played at Betsson online casino with the motto "Anything can happen". Peter was already happy and it was a good thing.

Elmer Sherwin

In 1989, a man earned $ 4.6 million on his Megabucks Slot Machine at Cannery Casino & Hotel in Vegas. Her name was Elmer Sherwin, and she has beaten her luck twice at the same place. Some people think that some machines are lucky. After Sherwin earned $ 4.6 million, he continued to play on the same machine. Finally, in 2005, at the age of 92, he stood at $ 59 million, even though it was estimated that he had earned one in fifty million.

Sherwin said you've been a Megabucks fan for a long time. He believed that he would eventually get it, and this belief lasted for many years, until his second victory was confirmed by his instinct. It took 16 years to play the slot machine to replicate its original capabilities.

The first winner of Sherwin came during the opening night of the casino and raised speculation about the magnitude of the first night's earnings. But when everyone tries to explain what can not be explained, a mythology emerges. People may wonder how Sherwin would multiply his chances of superhuman success, but he is still twice as big a winner.

Among the other big winners of Megabucks Slots, including a retired flight attendant who had risked $ 300 in 1998 and earned $ 27.5 million. These gains may be rare, but they happen from time to time.

Chronology of the biggest gains

· March 2009, River Bell Online Casino – Georgios M won a $ 8.6 million victory over the progressive Mega Moolah.

· September 2011, Betsson Casino – a Norwegian beat the previous Guinness World Record record of $ 13.47 million while he was playing in the Mega Fortune.

· January 2013 – A Finnish player has won the highest online casino win ever recorded by playing the Mega Fortune Slot Machine.

· April 2015, Betsson Casino: a massive $ 8.73 million victory over the Hall of Gods slot machine.

· October 2015, Betway Casino – Jonathan Heywood won a $ 17.2 million win while he was playing at Mega Moolah.

· November 2015, Folkenautomaten Casino – a $ 9.57 million win over NetEnt's Mega Fortune Slot Machine.

· August 2016, Zodiac Casino – a player with the initials D.P. By playing the Mega Moolah Mobile game, you won $ 8.82 million, the largest progressive jackpot ever recorded on a mobile device.

· 2017, Folkenautomaten Casino – a Norwegian player won a $ 8.63 million win on the Hall of Gods slot machine.

· April 2017, Tipico Mobile Casino – a player used his mobile device to play Mega Moolah Mobile and won a solid $ 9.22 million.

· November 2017, Unibet Online Casino – a lucky Swedish lady won $ 8.75 million as she played on the NetEnt Hall of Gods slot.

Online casino games are generally intended for entertainment and entertainment. Winning is never guaranteed and remains a chance. The winners above were playing in different online casinos and different bets. The common points are the kind of games they play.

If you ask me what is the biggest

If you ask me what is the biggest market of capitalism and I will certainly answer the Forex. Forex is the largest currency trading market for the amount of the transaction and the zone. It is a global market in which currencies are traded at their current price, indirectly controlled by a broker. Because the market has no central place to control it and that the responsibility lies with a broker.
As a mediator, I found an AAFX broker. The broker has high liquidity and moderately transports other structures. As a scalper, I am very excited about their high bargaining power and low bargaining gap. They guarantee a high level of financing security for their clients.

Through Forex, it's the biggest

Thanks to Forex, it is the largest financial market in the world in which a trader must perform many things to work properly with the Forex market. It must maintain a risk management policy and go through better planning. It should be based on a business strategy. As a trader, I use to avoid price action strategy and follow a short term trading strategy. Forex is a difficult task, but the brilliant structures of AAFX have facilitated my trading. Their support is always active.

dnd 5th – Which creature of CR 5 or less has the biggest Constitution save throw bonus?

Which CR 5 creature or less has the highest Constitution save throw bonus?

I am currently creating a campaign and gradually introducing larger and larger creatures to save zombies, while a local necromancer tries to find the best.

The trait of the Undead Fortune of the Zombies says:

If the damage reduces the zombie to 0 points of damage, he must make a Constitution save roll with a CD of 5 + the damage taken, unless the damage is radiant or a critical hit. If successful, the zombie drops to 1 life instead.

Players are having a lot of fun with zombie zombie bear jokes, which has risen six times.
I have tried to search for myself, but I do not currently have much time to research before this weekend's session due to the change in my work schedule.


  • CR 5 or less
  • Can not be an elemental or something that is already undead
  • Would prefer to avoid a fey because of having already made 2 zombies
    red hats and a zombie hound
  • All 5th published books are a fair game. (If you want to do an honorable job
    mention of a previous edition, just indicate the edition so that I can look
    and transfer it.)

malware – What is the biggest data breach reported in 2018?

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Forex is the biggest market

Forex is the biggest market, but it has no central place to control it. We usually give our money to a broker. Looking for a broker of this type is very difficult for traders, but I did the job by successfully selecting an AAFX broker, it's a free scam as well as authorized brokers. They are better able to give their traders a high level of financial security. For this reason, the broker uses all regulated bank accounts and also uses third parties to effectively control all accounts.