Billing software with Gandi support

I’m looking for a billing solution with a module for the Gandi domain registrar.

There is a WHMCS module in the marketplace, but I can’t see a module/extension for ClientExec, Blesta or any of the others anywhere.

Anybody else using Gandi and integrating with a billing solution other than WHMCS?

Why, when I search on billing software, do i get a ton of threads on hosting offers

and none on billing software?

Please don’t tell me about your offers. I want to find threads about billing software.

It’s all in the title. Honestly. That’s all I want to know. Not about search engines, I understand what they can and can’t do. That’s DB sql. I want to know why I reach a bulletin board with a title and its search engine can’t find it.

javascript – Discord.js error – Bot for billing orders

I make a bot to give the person a job when they type a specific command, I think they are almost ready, but they give the error "ReferenceError: msgs is not defined"

if(message.content.startsWith(config.prefix + 'addrole')){
let rMember = message.mentions.members.first();
if(!rMember) return message.reply("usuario nao encontrado");

let role = msgs(2);
if(!role) return message.reply("digite role correta");

let recebeRole = message.guild.roles.find("name", role);
if(!recebeRole) return message.reply("role nao encontrada");
if(rMember.roles.has( return message.reply("usuario ja possui esta role");

rMember.addRole(; + "recebeu role" + recebeRole);

Facebook Ads Business Billing – 50% of the amount spent

I reimburse Facebook accounts for 50% of the billing cost.
The procedure is as follows:
1. You give administrator rights to the account on which the debt for advertising.
2. I reimburse the invoicing
3. After, you see the result of my work
4. Pay me for the specified service
Everything is simple. Payment on the result.


Renting Facebook Ads accounts that cost more than $ 2,000.
I pay for the rental of such an account from $ 100 per day.

More information please write to Telegram – @fbookads

How to set the quote shipping address to indicate the billing address when changing shipping address in the payment page? magento 2

I have an obligation to set the billing address according to the delivery address when changing the delivery address, any idea how to get there?

The shipping rates are based on the delivery address? and the payment methods are based on the billing address in the payment page of magento 2?

Is it correct?
The shipping rates are based on the delivery address? and the payment methods are based on the billing address in the payment page of magento 2?

How to check the billing and shipping address the same checkbox when loading the page in magento2

I want to check the billing and shipping address with the same checkbox when loading the page. Sometimes the check box is not checked when the page loads.

If someone faced this problem.

How to solve / achieve it?

Thank you.

Review required for Adwords billing accounts

Hello Digital Forum!
Dear administrator, we are not trying to sell or ask for a price. We are proposing a review of our service.
Subject: We have Google adwords billing accounts.
We are looking for advertisers who spend $ XXXX a day in Google adwords. We can add their account to our My Client Center and allow a limit according to their request. So that you can run ads with our limit and pay us 65% of what you spent.
For example, if you spend $ 1k a day, you only have to pay us $ 650.
Terms: 1. We only …

Review required for Adwords billing accounts

Payment problem – The billing address is the same as the shipping does not work

After adding a new billing address, if I click on the same billing address box as the shipping box, nothing happens, it does not define the same address

Set the default value in billing_ field checkout woocommerce

I hope someone can help me because it will drive me crazy.
Here is the problem. I have a select entry just below order_comments, inside the checkout. I have to take this value in this selection, search my database and with the results, fill in the billing fields. understand each other?

enter description of image here

the variable $ select, I get it from an ajax code which previously collects the value of the select field, after here. this code does nothing and i don't know how to pass the input value to the checkbox.

Anyone who can help me with this, I will appreciate it.