Bing Adds New Intelligent Answer Summary

Bing has added a new intelligent answer summary, best illustrated with this image in the thread.

Is there a keyword tool to rank websites on page 1 of Bing?

Is there a KW tool for Bing that one can use to find long tail KWs that can be used in articles and rank websites on Bing's page 1 by writing only content?

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Bing Adds New Options To Better Control Site Snippets

Bing has announced new controls for webmasters to better control the snippets used in Bing search.

keyword targeted web traffic from google, yahoo, bing for $ 1

Over 300 keyword targeted daily visitors to the U.S. for 30 days, AVG visit time from 20 to 30 seconds, 5 keywords Over 500 keyword targeted daily visitors to the U.S. for 30 days, 1 min + AVG visit time, 5 keywords Over 1000 keyword targeted daily visitors to the U.S. for 30 days, 1 min + AVG visit time, 5 keywords


content – Blocking URL in bing always appears in search results

I am trying to prevent a URL from appearing in the search results. I am the site's webmaster, and the content has been removed, I used the blocking URL link 2 days ago and it still appears. I used the content removal tool last night and the status says "finished" and again the link still appears.

How can I remove them as soon as possible!

Website submission / link to Bing and Google deleted / removed

In 2018, the submission of websites and links / URLs to Google and Bing was removed by Microsoft and Google Inc.

So now how do you submit your website and URLs / links to Bing and Google?

seo – Can I see a history of the Bing site index?

I work in a small internet company that has several applications. Our customers (all companies) each have their own application name / customer name URL. Currently, if you request a preview of the page from Bing's link preview service for a particular customer, the response includes an inappropriate image where our logo should be.

I guess that means our server was hacked, but we don't know when it happened. Is there a way to see the index history for this page? The page is no longer indexed because it is now a redirect to an SSO connection. But we need to know when Bing found this image on our site.

And if you ask "who uses the bing page preview service?" the answer is the Outlook browser client. Our client found out because they all work from home and use the web client.

Where's Bing?

I can't seem to find Bing among the search engines to use for scratching inside SER. A reason why?

Are you adding a new address to Bing Maps?

I have moved to a new neighborhood which has all new roads. After almost a year, Bing still doesn't show the address when I search. How do I add my new address to the map so other businesses and GPS can find us? Thank you for your help!!