New Evergreen Bingbot Now Adopts Microsoft Edge as Bing Engine

Microsoft's new Evergreen Bingbot is now adopting Microsoft Edge as a Bing engine to render Web pages and run JavaScript.

Google vs. Yahoo vs. Bing | NewProxyLists

Did this thread really start ?!

I mean … how can we have a doubt about which is the best?!?

Seriously … Google will soon be a major company on all platforms and everything else

They already own youtube, they own shelves, cell phones and crappy craploads, the next step will be to buy windows or apple lol

I've heard that they've bought a mobile phone business for MILLIONS just for a few patents …

Why is the Bing delay for the site index?

Hello friends,

Why is the Bing delay for the site index?

machine learning – How can I express the similarity between a Bing search result and a Google search result?

I am working on a "semantic" browser engine where all search engines should look alike. One way to do this is to hard code analysis rules for each site; another is to use machine learning. Of course, the last alternative is the one that is cool and cool. 😉

I need a method to group links from the search results of Bing, Google and other popular search engines. Menu links, pagination, etc., must belong to a different cluster than the listed search results. I tried KMeans, it did not work. DBSCAN worked well with Google, but I could not easily transfer the result to Bing.

There are a lot of different features that we can consider for HTML elements, in my case , anchors. I've tried to combine the number of children (recursively), the length of the text, the number of attributes and a few others. Is it possible to advise in which direction to go? I have no experience in machine learning, too, setting an algorithm by hand like this is not trivial.

Thank you for your feedback.

How to get an instant index in a search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.?

Hello expert !! How to get an instant index in a search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.? Please suggest some effective steps to get my website index in the search engine.

Bing Traffic Drop – Algo Update October 2018


In October 2018, my site experienced a sudden drop in traffic at (about 90%). Previously, the traffic was stable for several years.

Since then, I have contacted Bing Webmaster technical support several times, but I have always received the following reply: they can not give directions to specific websites and have told me follow the directions of the Bing Webmaster – that's all.

However, a few days ago, I received a response from "the team of high level engineers" with information that "we published an algorithmic update there are some time … nothing was meant for you in particular. "

Is there anyone who has had a similar situation at that time? I'm trying to find factors whose impact has changed when updating the algorithm. I've already introduced a number of changes to the website, added tons of new content, but for now, to no avail.

Is there anyone who can have similar experiences?

Sitemap in Bing waiting for two weeks

I've built a new website a month ago. Two weeks ago, I sent the site map to the Bing search console.

At this point, he is still waiting. What should I do for Bing to move?

magento 1.9 – Google and Bing Spider explore unnecessary URLs

After upgrading my site from magento 1.938 to 1.942, Google and the bing spiders began to explore useless URLs such as https: // www.* .com / cms / index / noCookies / and https: // www. *.com / wishlist / index / add / product / 101 / form_key / QRh31BjtGTfy2Ur9 /
enter the description of the image here

Google and bing scan these URLs in large numbers and they have never stopped, which consumes a lot of server resources.

I've added the following command to robots.txt a long time ago.
Forbidden: / cms /
Prohibit: / wish list /

But that seems to be useless.

Before moving to magento 1.942, I had never discovered that Google and Internet browsers would crawl these URLs in the "Online Clients" tab.

Why does this happen, how to prevent the analysis of these two URLs?

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Was the singularity of Stephen Hawking's Bing bang theory the size of a golf ball or was it bigger?

A viable theory to this is the entire mass of the universe in the form of a super dense cold-dead mass, comparable to a black hole. This would be the super massive super massive entities that could be described as singularity.
These rogue black holes without a child galaxy are thought to be a collapsed galaxy for a long time, all that mass into a tiny entity. When all galaxies do this, the billions of black holes collapse to form a huge singularity, probably another big bang.
This was not just a Hawking notion, Tyson and Hubble are in agreement with Einstein.
No form of matter can be smaller than the density of a black hole, zero in molecules and between molecules with zero energy, as small as it is. The actual size of the compressed universe up to here would be unknown.