The goals of Bing Ads do not come exactly from the execution of Bing Ads? Could this be due to the performance of Google Ads?

I've been running Google ads for a few months now, where I'm monitoring conversion goals using tags.

Now I'm experimenting with Bing Ads and I've enabled tagging + conversion goals.

I have a conversion goal on Bing Ads that has also been saved in Google Analytics. How do I know if I've achieved this goal only via Bing Ads and not via Google Ads?

Authentication Issues When Using Bing Maps REST API on Power BI

I continue to have this error while using the Bing Maps API because has anyone encountered this problem?

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Website not subject to exploration or indexing in the search engine Bing or Yahoo

Hello everyone,
I have a customer site <>. The website is well ranked in the Google search engine. But do not show in yahho or bi … | Read the rest of

seo – Under Bing Webmaster Tools, how to move a site from http to https without loss of webmaster data

I'm being asked to move the site to https instead of http under Bing Webmaster Tools. The site has been https for a long time, with 301 redirects already in place. In Google, we have both URLs, in Bing Webmaster tools, this indicates the http version. I have read information about "the moving tool" and I do not know if it will work for this purpose. Bing Support did not respond after almost a week. I've read articles that said I had to delete the site and add it, but will not that make me lose the Bing Webmaster Tools data on the site? What other side effects could this have? Is it worth it?

Using Bing Tools and Google Disavow | Promotion Forum

Spammed inbound links can be a problem, often due to spammers handling your site. Whatever it is, it's not the end of the world – you can just disavow toxic links to your site – and for free (Bing and Google Webmaster Tools)! However, finding out what links are bad can be difficult and can cost you a lot. For example, Ahrefs, maybe Majestic, can spot them, but they require a subscription or a paid trial version.

plugins – Bing / msn bots asks a lot of my site, randomly

I am facing a big problem with my server. I have a website that continues to receive massive requests for pages coming from "Bing / Msn" bot every second or so and the IP address changes from time to time. Which puts a heavy load on my server.

My processor is constantly over 90%

I've tried to block the htaccess bot and robots.txt, but they do not seem to have any effect.

If anyone has an idea to overcome that, it would be very appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Wordfence Live Traffic

New Evergreen Bingbot Now Adopts Microsoft Edge as Bing Engine

Microsoft's new Evergreen Bingbot is now adopting Microsoft Edge as a Bing engine to render Web pages and run JavaScript.

Google vs. Yahoo vs. Bing | NewProxyLists

Did this thread really start ?!

I mean … how can we have a doubt about which is the best?!?

Seriously … Google will soon be a major company on all platforms and everything else

They already own youtube, they own shelves, cell phones and crappy craploads, the next step will be to buy windows or apple lol

I've heard that they've bought a mobile phone business for MILLIONS just for a few patents …

Why is the Bing delay for the site index?

Hello friends,

Why is the Bing delay for the site index?

machine learning – How can I express the similarity between a Bing search result and a Google search result?

I am working on a "semantic" browser engine where all search engines should look alike. One way to do this is to hard code analysis rules for each site; another is to use machine learning. Of course, the last alternative is the one that is cool and cool. 😉

I need a method to group links from the search results of Bing, Google and other popular search engines. Menu links, pagination, etc., must belong to a different cluster than the listed search results. I tried KMeans, it did not work. DBSCAN worked well with Google, but I could not easily transfer the result to Bing.

There are a lot of different features that we can consider for HTML elements, in my case , anchors. I've tried to combine the number of children (recursively), the length of the text, the number of attributes and a few others. Is it possible to advise in which direction to go? I have no experience in machine learning, too, setting an algorithm by hand like this is not trivial.

Thank you for your feedback.