seo – Why doesn't Google Search Console get the back bio-link in my blog?

I wrote a few blogs, in order to create back-links for my website.

One of the websites that I have used is

I have my profile page: my profile page on c-sharpcorner

And I wrote the following three blogs (on c-sharpcorner):

  1. work with files and folders in s3 using aws-sdk-for-net
  2. submitting a form to different action methods in asp-net-mvc
  3. how-to-define-custom-password-validation-rules-in-asp-net-mvc

All these 3 blogs contain a link to my website at the bottom of the page:

enter description of image here

But when I open Google Search Console, only one link from c-sharpcorner the domain points to my website:

enter description of image here

Why doesn't Google Search Console take back links from my blogs? One of these blogs has been viewed 20,000 times and appears very high in Google search results … and has been there for 6 months.