Non-ECR category for an Indian Passport, without birth certificate, class 10 cert. and tax returns

I am applying for a new Indian Passport for my dad. Since he is above 50, the website is taking Non-ECR category by default.

The problem is my dad does not have the following documents:

  1. No birth certificate
  2. Although he has passed class 10, we do not have a class 10
    certificate. The school was in our village and is probably closed
  3. He has a PAN card and it has the correct birthdate, but he has been
    retired (business) from quite sometime now. We do not have any
    Income tax return file or anything.

What else can be used to prove Non-ECR category?

air travel – For UK/USA bound flights, are details entered during online check-in, such as date of birth or passport number ever checked by airlines/immigration?

Is passenger information (as entered during online check-in) other than name and visa ever validated by airlines?

For US/UK flights the information you entered during online check-in seem to be always thrown away. What seem to happen in practice nowadays is that your passport is always scanned/swiped during the “document check” (which happens either during check-in, or at the gate) and the information you have entered during online checkin is overwritten. The gate agent explained it was faster for them to do it this way than cross-check the data and correct mistakes. You can watch it yourself when they do it.

Is that information ever validated by immigration?

It depends on how you define “validated” (I assume we’re mostly concerned about the practical aspect, i.e. “what happens if the airline transmitted the incorrect information I entered, and it doesn’t match my documents?)”. However some of us routinely travel with two passports, and usually the information from only one of them is transmitted. For example, I routinely fly to Istanbul showing only the US passport to the airline, but enter Turkey using a different passport (which the airline knows nothing about) – never had any issues.

Even if they did, you can’t be blamed for this because you did not transmit this information to immigration yourself. More, the law puts this responsibility (and liability) on airlines, not on you. If they let the inaccurate information through, it is their fault – and their fine.

Update: last month I have requested (FOIA) the CBP arrival records for my Mom, and they had inaccuracies. In one case she missed the flight and took a later flight 7 days late, but CBP had record of her arrival in USA on the date of the missed flight – and this arrival was NOT recorded in CBP database. Thus it is pretty evident that this information is not checked at least by US immigration.

Will you be denied on-board because you’ve made a mistake during

Every time I get a new passport, when I do online checkin, I typically make mistakes in passport number and the expiration day. It has never been a problem, and I was never denied boarding. This included multiple flights to USA/UK.

Final: since the data you entered during online checkin is always overwritten during the document check, it is impossible to be denied boarding for the mistakes/typos made during online checkin*. Even if for some reason the airline decides to verify it, they would simply enter the correct the data and let you through. As mentioned in previous version of this answer, I have done this in 2016, and I have done it a lot in 2017 (being pissed off that airline requires you to enter a shitload of data which they throw away anyway).

(*) of course you can still be denied boarding for other reasons, like bringing a wrong passport. But this was not the scope of the questions.

paperwork – Can we round-trip travel to Brazil from the USA with our 5-month-old daughter using just her birth certificate?

My wife (Brazilian citizen, US permanent resident) and I (US citizen) will be traveling to Brazil by plane with our 5-month old daughter (US citizen).

Our daughter may not have a passport by the time we depart for our trip. Would we be able to make it through the borders of each country using just official copies of her birth certificate?

python – Greedy Birth First algorithm error

I faced these problems in this algorithm while implementing this.
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “D:/BSSE/5th Semester/AI/Labs/”, line 192, in
File “D:/BSSE/5th Semester/AI/Labs/”, line 177, in GBFS
AttributeError: ‘list’ object has no attribute ‘enqueue’

class Priority_Queue:

    def __init__(self):
    self.back = list()
    self.count = 0

    def enqueue(self, value):
    self.count += 1

    def dequeue(self):
    if self.count > 0:
        self.count -= 1
        min_index = 0
        min_value = 0
        for i in range(len(self.back)):
            if min_value>self.back(i).f:
                min_value = self.back(i).f
                min_index = i
        return self.back.pop(min_index)
        return None

   def contains(self, value):
    for val in self.back:
        if val == value:
            return True
    return False

def to_string(self):
    return str(self.back)
# Priority Queue ends here

class Problem(object):
def __init__(self, init_state, goal_state):
    self.initial_state = init_state
    self.goal_state = goal_state
    self.state_space = {}
    self.state_space('Arad') = {'R1': 'Zerind', 'R2': 'Sibiu', 'R3': 'Timisoara'}
    self.state_space('Zerind') = {'R1': 'Oradea', 'R2': 'Arad'}
    self.state_space('Oradea') = {'R1': 'Sibiu', 'R2': 'Zerind'}
    self.state_space('Timisoara') = {'R1': 'Lugoj', 'R2': 'Arad'}
    self.state_space('Lugoj') = {'R1': 'Timisoara', 'R2': 'Mehandia'}
    self.state_space('Drobeta') = {'R1': 'Mehandia', 'R2': 'Craiova'}
    self.state_space('Craiova') = {'R1': 'Drobeta', 'R2': 'Rimnicu Vilcea', 'R3': 'Pitesti'}
    self.state_space('Rimnicu Vilcea') = {'R1': 'Sibiu', 'R2': 'Pitesti', 'R3': 'Craiova'}
    self.state_space('Sibiu') = {'R1': 'Arad', 'R2': 'Fagaras', 'R3': 'Oradea', 'R4': 'Rimnicu Vilcea'}
    self.state_space('Fagaras') = {'R1': 'Sibiu', 'R2': 'Bucharest'}
    self.state_space('Pitesti') = {'R1': 'Rimnicu Vilcea', 'R2': 'Craiova', 'R3': 'Bucharest'}
    self.state_space('Bucharest') = {'R1': 'Fagaras', 'R2': 'Pitesti', 'R3': 'Giurgiu', 'R4': 'Urziceni'}
    self.state_space('Giurgiu') = {'R1': 'Bucharest'}
    self.state_space('Urziceni') = {'R1': 'Bucharest', 'R2': 'Valsui', 'R3': 'Hirsova'}
    self.state_space('Hirsova') = {'R1': 'Eforie', 'R2': 'Urziceni'}
    self.state_space('Eforie') = {'R1': 'Hirsova'}
    self.state_space('Valsui') = {'R1': 'Urziceni', 'R2': 'Iasi'}
    self.state_space('Iasi') = {'R1': 'Valsui', 'R2': 'Neamt'}
    self.state_space('Neamt') = {'R1': 'Iasi'}
    self.state_space('Mehandia') = {'R1': 'Lugoj', 'R2': 'Drobeta'}

    self.step_cost = {}
    self.step_cost('Arad') = {'R1': 75, 'R2': 140, 'R3': 118}
    self.step_cost('Zerind') = {'R1': 71, 'R2': 75}
    self.step_cost('Oradea') = {'R1': 152, 'R2': 71}
    self.step_cost('Timisoara') = {'R1': 111, 'R2': 118}
    self.step_cost('Lugoj') = {'R1': 111, 'R2': 70}
    self.step_cost('Drobeta') = {'R1': 75, 'R2': 120}
    self.step_cost('Craiova') = {'R1': 120, 'R2': 146, 'R3': 138}
    self.step_cost('Rimnicu Vilcea') = {'R1': 80, 'R3': 97, 'R4': 146}
    self.step_cost('Sibiu') = {'R1': 140, 'R2': 99, 'R3': 151, 'R4': 80}
    self.step_cost('Fagaras') = {'R1': 99, 'R2': 211}
    self.step_cost('Pitesti') = {'R1': 97, 'R2': 138, 'R3': 101}
    self.step_cost('Bucharest') = {'R1': 211, 'R2': 101, 'R3': 90, 'R4': 85}
    self.step_cost('Giurgiu') = {'R1': 90}
    self.step_cost('Urziceni') = {'R1': 85, 'R2': 142, 'R3': 98}
    self.step_cost('Hirsova') = {'R1': 86, 'R2': 98}
    self.step_cost('Eforie') = {'R1': 86}
    self.step_cost('Valsui') = {'R1': 142, 'R2': 92}
    self.step_cost('Iasi') = {'R1': 92, 'R2': 87}
    self.step_cost('Neamt') = {'R1': 87}
    self.step_cost('Mehandia') = {'R1': 70, 'R2': 75}

    self.heuristic = {}
    self.heuristic('Arad') = 366
    self.heuristic('Zerind') = 374
    self.heuristic('Oradea') = 380
    self.heuristic('Timisoara') = 329
    self.heuristic('Lugoj') = 244
    self.heuristic('Drobeta') = 242
    self.heuristic('Craiova') = 160
    self.heuristic('Rimnicu Vilcea') = 193
    self.heuristic('Sibiu') = 253
    self.heuristic('Fagaras') = 176
    self.heuristic('Pitesti') = 100
    self.heuristic('Bucharest') = 0
    self.heuristic('Giurgiu') = 77
    self.heuristic('Urziceni') = 80
    self.heuristic('Hirsova') = 151
    self.heuristic('Eforie') = 161
    self.heuristic('Valsui') = 199
    self.heuristic('Iasi') = 226
    self.heuristic('Neamt') = 234
    self.heuristic('Mehandia') = 241

def Actions(self, state):
    lst = self.state_space(state).keys()
    return lst

def Result(self, state, action):
    return self.state_space(state)(action)

def Goal_test(self, state):
    return state == self.goal_state

def Path_cost(self, state, action):
    return self.step_cost(state)(action)

def h(self, state):
    return self.heuristic(state)

   # ______________________________________________________________________________
  class Node:

     def __init__(self, state, parent=None, action=None, path_cost=0, heuristic=0):
    """Create a search tree Node, derived from a parent by an action."""
    self.state = state
    self.parent = parent
    self.action = action
    self.path_cost = path_cost
    self.h = heuristic
    self.f = self.h

def __repr__(self):
    return "<Node {} {} {}>".format(self.state, self.path_cost, self.f)

def __lt__(self, node):
    return isinstance(node, Node) and self.state < node.state

def __eq__(self, other):
    return isinstance(other, Node) and self.state == other.state

   # -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

 def child_node(problem, parent, action):
next_state = problem.Result(parent.state, action)
step_cost = problem.Path_cost(parent.state, action)
heuristic_cost = problem.h(next_state)
next_node = Node(next_state, parent, action, parent.path_cost + int(step_cost), heuristic_cost)
return next_node

     # Problem ends here
     def solution(node):
     path_back = ()
      while node:
    node = node.parent
for n in reversed(path_back):

   # ______________________________________________________________________________

   def GBFS(problem):
    heuristic_cost = problem.h(problem.initial_state)
    node=Node(problem.initial_state, heuristic_cost)
    if problem.Goal_test(node.state): return solution(node)
frontier = Priority_Queue()
while True:
  if not frontier: return print('Failure')
  for action in problem.Actions(node.state):
      if child.state not in  explored and child not in frontier:
          if problem.Goal_test(child.state):
              return solution(child)
      #End of if
  #End of for
#End of while

    # ____________________________________________________________________________


I accidentally entered my date of birth wrong [closed]

I accidentally entered my date of birth wrong and have no idea how to fix it

visas – Do I need to bring an original birth certificate with me when moving overseas?

I have recently accepted a job offer in Japan and am looking at getting my documents in order for moving there to live.

Do I need to bring my original birth certificate or will a certified copy be sufficient? I would prefer to keep the original safely with my family.

Are there rules for becoming blind or deaf from character birth or injury?

There are special effects (psionics, magic, etc) which can cause blindness or deafness, but are there rules for being blind or deaf from character birth or becoming so from injury?

Date of Birth is not displaying in magento2 sales order create form in admin magento2

Date of Birth is not displaying in magento2 sales order create form in admin magento2.

Even settings are enable for admin checkout.

enter image description here

air travel – can I fly out of Reynosa Mexico with my Texas ID and a copy of my birth certificate?. June 2020 shows that flights between Reynosa, Mexico and San Jose del Cabo, Mexico, all connect via Mexico City.

This MEX Airport FAQ webpage contains the following text:

Documents for traveling on a domestic flight:

  • Mexicans
    Boarding pass and an official identification (voter ID, passport, driver’s license)

  • Foreigners
    Boarding pass and valid passport

Thus, if you are a Mexican citizen and have a valid Mexican voter ID, Mexican passport, or Mexican driver’s license, you can take these flights.

The documents you list in the question (birth certificate and Texas drivers license) do not meet the requirements set forth on the FAQ page.

customs and immigration – My pregnant wife with Green card status is stuck in India due to COVID-19, What are my options as she cannot come until she gives birth?

My wife is stuck in India since Feb 24, she’s supposed to come on April 30th. But, all flights were cancelled including ours. There are repatriation flights, but, she is 32.5 weeks pregnant when the repatriation flights start running from India to U.S during next phase.

I am thinking my wife will come back to U.S before August 18th (she’ll be outside for 177 days) after she gives birth at the end of July.

Can she go back to India after 2 months of staying in U.S to take care of our baby? (Meantime, my parents will be taking care of the baby). Will she face any more questions?

(I am a U.S. citizen and not worried about my kid as I can apply for CRBA)

Please be nice as we are going through a tough time staying apart like so many others.