mining pools – Bitcoin / solo network

Let's say i was in the idiot mined in 2009 2010 i'm sure i moved 70 million bitcoins about a year ago, i have everything i want to be a hacker trying or i already have all my info but to top it all i hate to say conspiracy but between apple google microsoft coinbase btc i think they fuck me all

withdrawal – Change Bitcoin (BTC) / Tether (USDT) to Swiss francs (CHF)

I created an account at Binance and bought cryptocurrency for testing there. Now I want to change it to Swiss francs and withdraw it to my regular bank account. I mainly have bitcoins (BTC) and fasteners (USDT) at Binance. My account is not verified and it seems that I can sell coins in cash only with a verified account. However, I should be able to transfer the crypto to other wallets / websites / exchanges and maybe change it to CHF.

Could you help me find the cheapest way to withdraw my money? I don't want to pay too much exchange fees and I want to reduce the number of currencies needed.

Thank you so much!

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bitcoin core – How to create a transaction using the BlockCypher API

I am completely new to this. I created 2 accounts on test3 and used a tap to get some balance. I want to send bitcoins from the "alex" account to the "bob" account. There are all the cURL commands that I used to create the accounts:

$ curl -X POST
  "private": "b917690a81ef3eb62107c291e8075fb80864d05aa29c8b8d5aeda10788fa989c",
  "public": "024467c0902a94cfa1521d23d76cf69cf87fb667d72c88698e1e2d156f31c48aa8",
  "address": "mx9igZmS9eT7v8Dd85GGWx15iTbrHTSsHr",
  "wif": "cTnVgC9xvW6k5ymC2SwankPnD4uWw2yhnw9PbcRhabPELduDnt7K"

$ curl -d '{"name": "alex","addresses"["mx9igZmS9eT7v8Dd85GGWx15iTbrHTSsHr"]}'
  "token": "c9634215180846f6bac20cc352c7af07",
  "name": "alex",
  "addresses": [

It was the first portfolio created. I used the first endpoint to generate a wallet address, then I used it below.

$ curl -X POST
  "private": "9982db61106404edcbcccf0eec65206d03360e793c180bdee159e75d38334263",
  "public": "03eda7178f4fc85c634714f8c8b93b13fd4d8f1fc8a2a2488acde477cc747bd7dc",
  "address": "mtqiEViiuzEhykZsCKFaRM4tm8SZTEZKkX",
  "wif": "cSj7B8NrD5Ds6t4NnpTqBsDytd8Dsi9TyJaBr4GXHJH4yQgAdhtZ"

$ curl -d '{"name": "bob","addresses": ["mtqiEViiuzEhykZsCKFaRM4tm8SZTEZKkX"]}'
  "token": "c9634215180846f6bac20cc352c7af07",
  "name": "bob",
  "addresses": [

Likewise, I created another wallet for bob. I used the tap, so Alex currently has a balance on the test3 network.

$ curl
  "address": "mx9igZmS9eT7v8Dd85GGWx15iTbrHTSsHr",
  "total_received": 0,
  "total_sent": 0,
  "balance": 0,
  "unconfirmed_balance": 2022000,
  "final_balance": 2022000,
  "n_tx": 0,
  "unconfirmed_n_tx": 3,
  "final_n_tx": 3

Now, I don't really know how to send the transaction between the two wallets. My blockcypher token is: c9634215180846f6bac20cc352c7af07 if someone could help me create a cURL or javascript command. That would be great.

Is it possible that Bitcoin will reach $ 30,000 by the end of 2020?

I don't think so, but the idea that Bitcoin will drop back to $ 10,000 by the end of the year is unlikely. However, according to PlanB, reaching that price next month should not surprise anyone. A Twitter analyst and creator of one of the most accurate Bitcoin price models has suggested that the BTC / USD pair could easily jump to five digits by 2020.

enter description of image here

Learn more Imminent rebound of $ 10,000 BTC

The Twitter analyst therefore wrote in a tweet:

"Call me crazy, but it wouldn't surprise me if BTC closes 2019 at $ 10,000 +. Opportunities like this (#bitcoin below the value of the S2F model, 6 months before halving) are rare "

Well, the prediction indicates a Bitcoin price gain of over 40% from its current price position. However, this is an adjustment that the coin has already achieved given that last month it increased by 42%. In fact, it was the second biggest daily jump in the coin for the 2019 bull run. The analyst cited Bitcoin's current position on price charts relative to stock-flow price movements under -performants.

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backup – Access the Bitcoin wallet with a private key

You just need to find software capable of importing your private key.

Nowadays, the standard for saving wallets is defined by BIP32 / 39/44/49/84, and it comes in the form of a mnemonic starting phrase of 12 or 24 words. This start phrase is used to derive all the key and address pairs in the wallet, so you just need to store them securely in order to retrieve your wallet later.

Most wallets therefore accept a starting sentence and entering raw private keys has become less common (although this is certainly still possible). You just need software that can accept a private key.

Note that in some cases you may need to create a new wallet, then import the private key into it: it may not be possible to create a new wallet by importing only the private key.

separate cookie – How to generate a legacy receive address in Bitcoin core 0.19.x.x

I must have missed the memo. I see Bitcoin Core by default to generate Bech32 receiving addresses (prefixed with "bc1"), and offer a check mark to generate P2SH addresses instead (prefixed with "3").

But if I want to generate the legacy P2PKH addresses that I know and love (prefixed with "1"), it seems like I have to fall into the console and run something like:


Is there a way to do this in the GUI?