bitcoincore development – Massive future use of Bitcoin for payments – how far is it possible without confidentiality

Many people believe that bitcoin is used in the future as a means of payment, just like fiduciary money. Outside the other large case of use of a stable stock of value.

But the case of payment use is very imperfect for the moment. because from the day when someone starts making a payment and shows his public key, everyone (even people with malicious ideas) could start following that person on the basis of his public key for the rest of his life, mostly on the blockchain. Anyone using credit card payments would be sitting "naked in a glass cup".

It's a horror scenario for all, business, individuals, an inherently dangerous feature.

this is currently not possible with cash or bank transfers. Everyone can have your IBAN account number, but no other person with your IBAN (and who is not a bank employee) will ever be able to follow you or know your financial situation, etc.

How can BTC under such severe circumstances achieve mass use status as a method of payment? Is not confidentiality necessary as a prerequisite for the case of using a payment?

How are Bitcoin developers trying to tackle this unresolved problem? Or do you think it's not an important issue?

Thank you

security – Bitcoin wallets – question about control and centralization


Just a quick simple question very important for me to understand about the security of portfolio types.

  • Are there any Bitcoin portfolios that can close and block / freeze / control your Bitcoin transactions in any way? I know that it's not possible to steal coins directly (at least not with a "decent" wallet). But what I like to know is that there are portfolios or an entire "class" of portfolio types, which could "interfere" or "block" transfers / transactions. Do not steal but simply block. For example, could you name one or two so that I can do more research on such portfolios?

  • Can you name portfolios that, from a technical point of view, had no guarantee (in all circumstances) of "blocking" your BTC transactions?

Basically, I want to know which portfolio (types) to use so that the portfolio provider can never block my transactions. I know that Bitcoin's main wallet / wallet software will solve my question. But please do not heed this, I like to ignore the possibility of running your own btc node / btc software.

Thank you

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bitcoin core – does getblockcount return the correct number of blocks when running in prune mode?

I currently run a bitcoin node with plum = 550.

The getBlockCount of $ bitcoin-cli getblockcount does not match As I understand it, bitcoind is still synchronizing the node since the number of blockcoin-cli getblock is increasing at a steady pace.

Will the getblock number of a node working with prune = 550 possibly match the official getblockcount number?

bitcoind – Creating a beck32 address on the bitcoin core automatically generates another address on the Lightning network

my backend lightning network is bitcoind. Interesting when I run getnewaddress label bech32 another bech32 address is generated automatically. I found it because the Lightning network console brings up a new line [INF] RPCS: [newaddress] addr=xxxxx and it's not the same thing as the address to bitcoind.

This does not happen if I've created with another type of portfolio, such as the legacy wallet.

So my questions are
1. Why another address? what is the purpose of this automative generation?
2. What is the link between these two addresses? does depositing at one affect others discreetly?

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I want to send Bitcoin to a wallet. This portfolio must receive bitcoin at a later date

As the title indicates
I want to send Bitcoin to a wallet. This portfolio must receive bitcoin at a later date. Basically, I would like some of my bitcoins to be paid to my kids in the future. Is it possible?

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