How to send BTC amount from one specific address in Bitcoin Core

I canceled one transaction that was in the memory pool, now I would like to make sure that this transaction will not be sent anymore sending all BTC amount of the original address of this transaction to another address, but when I go to send BTC in Bitcoin Core, I can’t choose one specific address to send the amount. So what Can I do to “empty” the bitcoins of this address using Bitcoin Core?

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What is the Bitcoin network?

A node is a “point” that relays new transactions and blocks.

For example, if a make a transaction from the GreenWallet app, the GreenWallet app will send the transaction to GreenWallet’s API. The node(s) GreenWallet runs will broadcast that transaction. The rest of the nodes will relay those new transactions to each other.

Only some of those nodes are also miners. They listen for

  • new transactions, so that they could include those transactions in their next blocks.
  • new blocks, since every block must reference the hash of the previous block.

An Antminer, which is an ASIC machine, is not a node. It specializes in doing the work given to it. A mining node, today, refers to a pool operator’s node.

Additionally, pool operator nodes utilize low-latency block distribution routes such as the Falcon Network. This is to ensure that all miners have access to the latest block’s hash. If two blocks reference the same previous block, one of them will be orphaned, which means the longest chain will be following the other block.

Software such as the BRD app or Bitcoin Core can act as nodes and they can directly push their transactions. The difference is that Bitcoin Core has the ability to store the whole blockchain, which most of Bitcoin Core instances do. This kind of node is said to be a full node. defines a full node as a “fully validating client”. The opposite is a pruned node, which discards irrelevant data.

“User” is not defined for Bitcoin. There are miners, which make new blocks, nodes, which act as transparent connectors between nodes and miners, and wallet clients, which just keep track of relevant balances and transactions. Note that bitcoins aren’t located in addresses. Transaction outputs are called unspent outputs, which may be spent with the corresponding private key and the public key of the address.

trade – How many bitcoin traders are in the world?

I am wondering sometimes how many bitcoin traders are in the world.

One method would be to count the active trading accounts in the industry. If we know the number of average accounts managing by one person, this might give a reasonable estimate of the number of traders. Or each exchange might keep the number of active traders. But I don’t find any statistics on them.

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wallet – Bitcoin Core internal Electrum Server

I think the preferred technique to use ‘bitcoin core as a wallet backend’ is through block filters, like the new compact block filters (an improvement over bloom filters). The protocol is known as Neutrino and lowers the CPU and storage requirements for your bitcoin core node (an electrumx database takes around 50 GB right now). To create these filters in bitcoin core, you need to launch add the bitcoind option blockfilterindex=1 or blockfilterindex=basic. With these filters, you can filter for blocks that affect the addresses (scriptPubKeys) that belong to your wallet. Several lightning wallets use this technique

This block filtering technique produces some false-positives, so you will fetch blocks that end up not affecting your addresses. Because you are requesting more than just the relevant transactions to your wallet, you end up consuming much more bandwidth than using an electrum server but it has the advantage of being more private.

Neutrino is used by several lightning network wallets:

Unknown Address Format Parsing Bitcoin Addresses from Blockchair Data

I’ve obtained a list of all current Bitcoin addresses with balances from Blockchair, which is downloadable from their data repository located here. I have downloaded the Bitcoin / Addresses TSV database dump.

The list consists of:

  • ~23m P2PKH (1xxx) addresses
  • ~5.8m P2SH (3xxx) addresses
  • ~1.3m Bech32 (bc1xxx) addresses

However, there are also ~400k addresses that have prefixes that I don’t recognise, including:

  • d-xxx (example: d-b697921d996831d1a26ca8d8e92571c1)
  • m-xxx (example: m-942943e227462513f33c4f32ec6f1e56)
  • s-xxx (example: s-2ad548f2459c0ed6123400e5d61a479e)

Are these valid Bitcoin addresses?

If they are, how do I view information about them?

If they are not, any idea why they appear in the dump of current Bitcoin addresses from Blockchair?

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How to use Multisig feature on Bitcoin Core RPC in an online exchange?

I’ve craeted a small online exchange based on Bitcoin Core. The features in this application are:

  1. User send request to get a new address, and the Bitcoin Core generate a new one with defined passphrase.
  2. User can receive BTC on his own address.
  3. User can send BTC from his own address, and for this purpose, I’ve used sendtoaddress after unlocking account with walletPassphrase.

In this scenario, there is one complicated passphrase which is able to unlock all accounts. But after reading about multisig feature, I thought about implementing a scenario in this regard on my application. But there are some questions in my mind:

  1. I have used a fixed passphrase in my codes while sending transactions. Regarding to multisig concepts, I need to use different private keys to sign data instead of using a passphrase to unlock that account. Am I right?
  2. As the operation in an online exchange should be do automatically, I think I have to use all required private keys in the final step of my codes. In this case, I think I did not add any new security mechanism to my application as everything is located beside each other. Can I cound on security impact of multisig accounts in my application at all?

I hope you can help me so solve these issues in my mind.