bitcoin gold generate multisig address

I want to have address list for 2of3 multisig. Any python library for that?
If any one can suggest how electrumg generate addresses it’ll be great.

windows – How the hell is it possible that Bitcoin Core keeps saying “X days left” every single day?

I turn my PC on every day. I don’t sleep more than 8 hours. Yet Bitcoin Core, after I verify that it has fully synced every day, keeps saying “7 days remaining” for example, as if it deletes the last week’s data every time I shut down the computer and starts over from that point every time I turn it back on again.

What gives? This has started happening only recently. 0.20.1.

bitcoin wallet app – withdrawal is “in transit” or “under review” three weeks time

Could You kindly explain me please what does it mean when bitcoin withdrawal status is “intransit“ status as app shows and second bitcoin withdrawal is “under review” status on the website and this status last 22 days of time now please
thank You

Thank You very much for all comments do appreciated I am using the coin base and coin jar wallets and the website called www dot rcslv dot com the trading platform and three weeks ago I set up the bitcoin amount of 0.2 withdrawal transfer to the coin base bitcoin address and now the trading platform website is showing bitcoins withdrawal transfer is “under review” and the trading platform app is showing transfer bitcoin status “intransit” for three week time and I don’t know how long does it take what i can do with it how can i fix it and the customer service service at rcslv dot com does not replay to my emails at all which is very suspicious and concerned and am stuck a little bit and the website does not shows the hash tx address prefix to check
thank You very much for taking a time and help
Even if the website is having a maintenance service work check and when they finished the bitcoin will be transfer as status completed or rejected and only I can do is wait until they end up the maintenance work

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bitcoin core – How can I know that a full node has finished the initial syncronization process?

You can check three factors in the getblockchaininfo RPC call:

The result contains a count of the blocks in your chain, and the headers your node has received from peers. For a fully synchronized node, the number of blocks equals the number of headers.

Additionally, there is an initialblockdownload boolean in the response, which will be set to false once the node has caught up with the main chain.

Best platform to invest Bitcoin?

Hey guys! I’m interested to invest in Bitcoins but I don’t know what online platform to invest into. Do you have any suggestions? What online site or platform for investing bitcoins is the best out there? I’m planning to invest my online earnings.

Can I Replace An Old Wallet.dat File In Bitcoin Core Before It Fully Syncs?

I assume you are cleanly shutting down bitcoin-core before you overwrite wallet.dat. This is absolutely a requirement. You can’t replace an open wallet file while bitcoin core is running.

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blockchain – how does bitcoin know which one is utxo?

To answer the title, utxos are entirely consumed and refered in transactions inputs.

Now, How can John not spend 5 BTC anymore ?

As long as the transaction spending it is in the most PoW block chain, no.

The output John used to give me 5BTC is still on Blockchain. So, does node go to that output transaction and mark it as spent ?

If a valid transaction consumes it in a next block, it is marked as spent and not available anymore.

how does it mark it as spent?

By updating a database commonly refered to as “the utxo set” in which are recorded not-yet-spent UTXOs. See How is a Transaction Output Marked as Spent? .

You likely want to give a look to questions regarding coin referencing and consumption by transactions, for example: