wallet – How to integrate the Bitcoin address generator into a website

I want to integrate into my website a Bitcoin account and a generator of addresses, similar to those found on cryptographic exchanges. Users can generate addresses and have their own accounts. Is there an open source framework for this, something similar to Peatio, or should I build from scratch using bitcoind? Thank you.

bitcoin core – How to recover "after a failure with non-binding-verify-flag script (the script is evaluated without error but ends with a false / empty upper stack element)"?

I get: 2019-06-14T01: 16: 35Z ERROR: ConnectBlock (): CheckInputs entries on c2de0a7014853898bde9319cb347225d4ee6cef9025dc56773b0b57010060d48 failed (script evaluated without error but with blank header) (code 64)

  • before that, the node progressed. Chain was synicing with normal UpdateTip
  • after, constant failures 2019-06-14T01: 16: 54Z ERROR: AcceptBlockHeader: block 000000000000000000104e5800f4ea259c5ab92a18e153ddc79e6c9e09e5b is marked as invalid. No UpdateTip events for days.

bitcoind --version Bitcoin Core Daemon v0.18.99.0-257f750cd version

script – separating the signature and the public key in a TX message entry transaction in Bitcoin protocol

I am interested in the Bitcoin protocol and check the validation of a transaction.

in a TX message, we can see one or more input transactions and each input transaction has a previous transaction and a script.
As you probably know, the script contains two components, a signature and a public key. The public key must match the hash specified in the exchanged output script. The public key is used to verify the issuer signature, which is the second component. How can I separate the signature of the public key and in what follows, how can I validate a transaction from this public key?

bitcoin core – General information on the warning, when closing a wallet in pruned mode

A pruned knot will always catch up, what's the problem?

The problem comes from the opening of Bitcoin Core, but the wallet in question is not loaded in Bitcoin Core (because you have closed it). Bitcoin Core will continue to be synchronized and will receive new blocks and transactions. However, it will eliminate old blocks once it has stored the configured amount of block data.

For example, suppose your pruned node is synchronized with block 570000 and configured to hold 1,000 blocks of data. When you do Close the portfolio At block 570000, your wallet is synchronized with block 570000. But Bitcoin Core is still running and is receiving new blocks and transactions. 1000 blocks later, at block 571000, block 570000 is deleted. One block later, block 570001 is discarded.

Now, if you try to load your wallet again, he will try to catch up on the last block, so he's looking for block 570001 to start reanalysis. However, your node has already deleted the block and the new scan can not continue. In order for the 570001 block to scan it, you must download the complete blockchain again. This is what the warning serves.

During the entire period of closing your wallet, Bitcoin Core was still running. However, your wallet has not been loaded. As a result, he does not know how to analyze the transactions belonging to this portfolio. Even if he knew it, he would not know where to place the transactions he finds. So he's still catching up, but without the wallet in question, he can not find the deals that interest you.

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Mining Award – Free Bitco Betting / Bitcoin

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bitcoin core – What does it mean if TXID and WTXID are the same?

I have trouble understanding what exactly is WTXID and what it means when WTXID and TXID are the same (and vice versa).

What I understand is that WTXID includes the witness data. Since the cookie is not separated into non-distinct transactions, their WTXID must be identical to the TXID. Is it correct?

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