bitcoind – Changes for bitcoin.conf file and details on the testnet network bitcoin-core

I have installed bitcoin core testnet and it is now synchronized with the network after 24 hours.

My question is about bitcoin.conf file.

I will tell you the procedure I used to install:

I created the start testnet.bat file with this command :
start “” bitcoin-qt.exe -regnet -datadir=./data_regnet/ -prune=550

Now There is this bitcoin.conf file in “data_testnet” folder. But the thing is it is empty.

And as I am new to this so want to know should I make any changes to bitcoin.conf file or leave it as it is.

And another question is right now I haven’t closed the wallet in fear of losing the synchronization that it took so long, So the next time when I want to access the wallet I can directly start my start testnet.bat file??

Operating System: Windows 10 (x64-bit)

Bitcoin-core version: 0.16.3

Thank you:)

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bitcoind – thanks to mr ernest the best bitcoin investor

words cannot express how i am feeling now, for your kindness and generosity. Thank you so much Mr Ernest for being there for me and for your support during hard times. I just withdraw again 1hour ago, thank you so very much Mr Ernest, you can reach him on email:

bitcoind – Scan ports for my onion bitcoin node and RPC calls

1: How can it be scanned? how can I see if its exposing any port, or port 8333?

Use getnetworkinfo RPC and results should have one onion address and port number mentioned if onion service is created for Bitcoin Core:

localaddresses": [
    "address": "omy7kj7zwvfg5luayideh73uqb2latkoyyy5h65y4atv3fymnlxlzwqd.onion",
    "port": 8333,
    "score": 4

2: How can I make RPC calls through Tor?…. maybe this is not the best way because of security for the RPC API and calls in plain data.

Check instructions mentioned for proxy,onlynet=onion and it’s trade-offs here:

bitcoind – Bitcoin first versions

please excuse my ignorance,

I think i purchased some bitcoin quite some time ago within the early adoption phase, back then I think passphrases were non existent, Is there a way to access the old bitcoin or bitcoin d software/platform, or what should i do? would that login if i can find it still work or will it automatically say enter passphrase? i am downloading the most recent full node to support although I am a at a bit of a loss at the sheer amount of information and need some expert advice please :]

bitcoind – Multisig synchronization – Bitcoin Stack Exchange

In order to set up a multisig transaction, your bitcoind needs to know the public keys that make up that multisig address, and the order that those public keys are listed in. The address itself doesn’t contain this information. If you already have 1 bitcoind set up with this information, you can use this script to copy that information to a second bitcoind.

Then, once you do that, you can craft a multisig transaction, then distribute that transaction to each of the signers.

bitcoind – Has Tesla just sold all their Bitcoin?

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bitcoind – How do I get the signature and how do I apply it onto my transaction using bitcoin-cli?

Guide link:

For context I’m following a guide I found online about how to create a HTLC (Hash-time lock contract) and have it work between the Bitcoin-Ethereum network. I’ve followed the guide up until the point of:

More specifically, Bob sends a transaction with the following witness:

The first two lines are his signature and public key. The third line is the secret followed by 01 to execute the correct if branch in the HTLC.

The trade is now complete: Alice received the ETH funds and Bob received the BTC funds.

I understand what a witness script is, however I don’t understand how to append the metadata along with the witness script. Isn’t the witness script just the redeem script alone, which means any additional information like the signature, pubkey, and secret would cause the “witness script” hash to no longer match up with the scriptPubkey?
Also what exactly is a signature and where do I get it? I understand signing messages, but I’ve never heard of a full on signature that you can extract from a wallet/private key to put as meta data for a P2WSH.

These are additional things you may need in order to help answer my question:
This is from the Bitcoin testnet anyways so I don’t care about leaking any information.

Redeem Script Raw:

  OP_SHA256 517652066604fdee5acebc8a6be53254256bf87a8c77684f248ccdcce2b475a4
  OP_EQUALVERIFY OP_DUP OP_HASH160 16e38bbd921c2d0be7a8eb2f06e042146fdd0102
  OP_DUP OP_HASH160 0e3a1efcd44db4d49e20293a15b06bda27922172

Bob and Alice information:

Alice Wallet: tb1qpcapalx5fk6df83q9yaptvrtmgneygtjeham9x
Alice Public key: 032bb47c8aad2dde087a9574a8abd61b7bd1a43a10c8327bd20e78667c6e496dcf
Alice Hashed Public Key: 0e3a1efcd44db4d49e20293a15b06bda27922172
Alice Private Key: cTMsxWkkm2mKhzJzB6FgzvCKobzZMdtwEW6P21hzGXRjRsmb9dq1

Bob Wallet: tb1qzm3ch0vjrsksheagavhsdczzz3ha6qgzntf5wl
Bob Public key : 0309cb59b943eb81fbfd1f8fe1372f8096403a1e9b7b94432321d23bb9710ade1e
Bob Hashed Public Key: 16e38bbd921c2d0be7a8eb2f06e042146fdd0102
Bob Priv Key: cRkYpyAyCqEDVpDjxPajT4bnAkpYTLhNajZdzHENoPyHcGq3zojT

secret = c44ec7fb5a84ebbb3e2d253f7852f39b5e7ea48917f46c9eb3ba1fcce19d529f

Redeem Script in hex format:


Transaction information:

**createrawtransaction results in this hexsig**

**what I tried using to sign the raw transaction**
signrawtransactionwithkey'0200000001a27f384d32192d50420acaffaeb912a8dee553c07cd1027534e4376220ab52270000000000ffffffff01401f00000000000016001416e38bbd921c2d0be7a8eb2f06e042146fdd010200000000' '("cRkYpyAyCqEDVpDjxPajT4bnAkpYTLhNajZdzHENoPyHcGq3zojT")' '({"txid": "2752ab206237e4347502d17cc053e5dea812b9aeffca0a42502d19324d387fa2","vout": 0,"amount":0.00009000,"scriptPubKey":"0020d70b1e70eb32ab1f22da3273150469d48b97fd9f50e1c462792fb4c1383cb37d","witnessScript":"0309cb59b943eb81fbfd1f8fe1372f8096403a1e9b7b94432321d23bb9710ade1ec44ec7fb5a84ebbb3e2d253f7852f39b5e7ea48917f46c9eb3ba1fcce19d529f0163a820517652066604fdee5acebc8a6be53254256bf87a8c77684f248ccdcce2b475a48876a91416e38bbd921c2d0be7a8eb2f06e042146fdd010267022823b27576a9140e3a1efcd44db4d49e20293a15b06bda279221726888ac"})'

Now the problem occurs when I try signrawtransactionwithkey and try to include the pubkey and secret along with the redeemScript. I get the error saying

redeemScript/witnessScript does not match scriptPubKey (code -8)

If I try to signrawtransactionwithkey with the witnessScript parameter being ONLY the redeemScript it does go through but I get a different error. Also I want to point out that the guide told me that I NEED to include the signature, public key, and secret as part of the witnessScript so it makes no sense that I can’t include them.

signrawtransactionwithkey '0200000001a27f384d32192d50420acaffaeb912a8dee553c07cd1027534e4376220ab52270000000000ffffffff01401f00000000000016001416e38bbd921c2d0be7a8eb2f06e042146fdd010200000000' '("cRkYpyAyCqEDVpDjxPajT4bnAkpYTLhNajZdzHENoPyHcGq3zojT")' '({"txid": "2752ab206237e4347502d17cc053e5dea812b9aeffca0a42502d19324d387fa2","vout": 0,"amount":0.00009000,"scriptPubKey":"0020d70b1e70eb32ab1f22da3273150469d48b97fd9f50e1c462792fb4c1383cb37d","witnessScript":"63a820517652066604fdee5acebc8a6be53254256bf87a8c77684f248ccdcce2b475a48876a91416e38bbd921c2d0be7a8eb2f06e042146fdd010267022823b27576a9140e3a1efcd44db4d49e20293a15b06bda279221726888ac"})'

  "hex": "02000000000101a27f384d32192d50420acaffaeb912a8dee553c07cd1027534e4376220ab52270000000000ffffffff01401f00000000000016001416e38bbd921c2d0be7a8eb2f06e042146fdd0102015b63a820517652066604fdee5acebc8a6be53254256bf87a8c77684f248ccdcce2b475a48876a91416e38bbd921c2d0be7a8eb2f06e042146fdd010267022823b27576a9140e3a1efcd44db4d49e20293a15b06bda279221726888ac00000000",
  "complete": false,
  "errors": (
      "txid": "2752ab206237e4347502d17cc053e5dea812b9aeffca0a42502d19324d387fa2",
      "vout": 0,
      "witness": (
      "scriptSig": "",
      "sequence": 4294967295,
      "error": "Invalid OP_IF construction"

bitcoind – Bitcoin transaction failed to broadcast (code 66)

I am using bitcoind. I got this error while trying to send a transaction:

CommitTransaction(): Transaction cannot be broadcast immediately, mempool min fee not met, 6835 < 7865 (code 66)

The balance was removed from my wallet and yet the node does not seem to retry sending this txid again. How do i fix it?

Bitcoin block database lost after stopping bitcoind

Im very new with bitcoin and trying to start full node server with bitcoin core on ubuntu server.

The problem I have that to download all the blocks it takes several days and when I try to interrupt with kill -19 or kill -9 the database is gone and I have to run it from beginning.

Can someone please help me ? I use cli only

thanks in advance

bitcoin core – Is it possible to keep bitcoind running with the blockchain synced up to only a certain height?

I am currently using bitcoind to do some transaction analysis on a small part of the blockchain. However, after the local copy of the blockchain reaches the -stopatheight value, it quits. Is there a way to keep it running at that height? Or do I need to sync the full blockchain to keep it running? I want to keep it running so that I can run the bitcoin-cli and perform a few RPC calls