cross-compile Bitcoin-qt for MacOSX on Ubuntu

System: ubuntu 18.04
Bitcoin version: 0.21

I successfully compiled the Ubuntu-qt, and Windows-qt using the Depends system. However, I am having a hard time doing the same for MacOSX using Ubuntu System.

I have downloaded the SDK from here :

Extracted it using the script in contrib folder, then created a directory /depends/SDKs and place the extracted SDK in there.

After that, I run:

make HOST=x86_64-apple-darwin18 SDK_PATH=<some-path>/depends/SDKs/MacOSX10.11.sdk/

But everytime I end up with same error:

./boost/config/posix_features.hpp:18:15: fatal error: 'unistd.h' file not found recipe for target 'path/depends/work/build/x86_64-apple-darwin18/boost/1_64_0-57fba19f366/./.stamp_built' failed

Can you someone help ?

How to compile headless bitcoin-qt for Ubuntu

OS : Ubuntu 18.04
Bitcoin Version : Latest Master Branch

I have installed all required dependencies and compiled bitcoind, and bitcoin-qt successfully. The GUI app runs fine on the system I compiled it. But if I send it to my other Ubuntu 18.04 system and run it, it gives me error dependencies error, example libzmq missing. If I install libzmq5-dev, it give me other dependency error until I install all the dependencies.

As a normal user, I want to use the wallet out of the box without needing to install anything. How do I achieve that ?

blockchain – Balance in bitcoin-qt suddenly significantly diminished after a small transaction?

I had my wallet stored on a storage provider for a while, and recently got a new computer and installed bitcoin-qt and imported my wallet.

It said I had about 2 BTC and showed INGOING transactions from 2013, which I had not touched since.

I recently then transferred 0.33 BTC to another recipient, and then immediately the bitcoin balance dropped to 0.07 BTC.

I have no recollection if I have used my wallet on other computers in the time between 2013 and now, but I thought the blockchain had a perfect copy of all transactions from my wallet.

Any idea what could have happend? Can I have spend bitcoin on my wallet on another computer in say, 2015, that never got relayed to my wallet stored on cloud storage? Are the transactions stored in the wallet.dat and not on the blockchain only?

Sorry, I am confused.

Bitcoin-qt getnewaddress returns address starting with 2

I am expecting it starts with ‘3’ the the results below:

getnewaddress "" "p2sh-segwit"

Is this because I am running on a private block chain?

Where to find old versions of bitcoin-qt from 2011-2012

Where to find old versions of bitcoin-qt from 2011-2012 for download? I cannot find anything on the source code repository and all links I’ve found on forums are dead.

Is anyone able to assist finding the very old windows bitcoin-qt downloads?

Running both bitcoind and bitcoin-qt for use with lightning

I’ve been toying around with bitcoin & lightning nodes.

I like having the Bitcoin Core Qt GUI around for things, but also like being able to change specific configuration / startup flags (maybe eventually contributing) with the source + bitcoind.

My proposed solution is to download Qt GUI (current version 0.20.1) and then get the same version from github and share the same bitcoin chain database.

To do this, I want to have the same version. Is this as easy as:

# I downloaded 0.20.1 .dmg file from Bitcoin Core and installed it, thus I need that tag from Github
git clone
git checkout tags/0.20.1
# ... do build here

Then, depending on what I’m doing I run either 1) Qt, or 2) bitcoind, but never at same time.

Any additional steps I need to do to check the versions are the same? Is there an easier way to achieve this? Maybe it’s just safer to build Qt stuff myself…

bitcoind – Can I see transactions in bitcoin-qt without downloading blocks? if I have a server with blocks on the local network?

I have server with bitcoind (synchronized), port 18443 opened. And I tried to connect to rpc server with bitcoin-qt in my mac. With this configuration:

rpc_connect=<ip to server>

But bitcoin-qt writes that it is synchronizing, and to use the application you have to wait.

Can I use bitcoin-qt without synchronization?

P.S. Sorry for my english

bitcoin-qt ignored user input for fee calculation

My blockchain isn’t synced yet. Thus, fee calculation didn’t work. Therefore, I chose user defined fee and entered what suggested.

But my bitcoin-qt (v0.20.1) went for 255 satoshis instead of some 10 thousands or so. (A rough guess, since I can’t recall the actual amount any more.)

The question is: Did I encounter a bug or is there some hidden magic involved?

Shutdown bitcoin-qt during reindexing?

I started bitcoin-qt with --reindex and pruning on.

Can I safely shutdown and restart?

If yes how? Do I have to pass --reindex again or will bitcoin-qt remember and continue from where it stopped?

why is bitcoin-qt connecting to port 9051?

Running bitcoin-qt with default policy in the OUTPUT chain to DROP I see lots of packets from localhost to localhost with destination port 9051 being dropped. If I open that port the node syncs. I do not see any service listening on that port. Why is it connecting? This is a tor port and I am not currently running tor here.