photoshop – How do I get that creamy black and white look?

The JW Anderson SS19 campaign video has this very unique black and white look (which also applies to photography), and I don't know how to reproduce it. I don't know if it's lighting, a filter, or how they edited it, but it's a creamy, almost vintage look. How can I replicate this? It seems to be a little sepia, but it doesn't give me the full effect I'm looking for.
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Can you "withdraw your application to enter the United States without leaving a permanent black mark on your file, even in air travel?

To my knowledge, thanks to the uncomfortably lax US privacy laws, immigration officials are allowed to ask you to let them search your phone. If you have unlocked fingerprints, they can just force you, but if it's a password, you can refuse. Naturally, if you refuse, you will probably not be admitted. Is it possible to go back without having a permanent black mark on your file? For example. pay for your own plane tickets and go home without a technical refusal there? Or will you have to accept your phone search if you want to have a chance to return to the United States (or even in the other five eyes)?

White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO

There are White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO

What I know is:

"White hats" – an IT security term used to refer to hackers who use their skills for good.

What is Black Hat SEO ??

black and white – Linear gradient histogram

Could someone explain to me why the histogram of a black and white linear gradient looks like this?

What I do not understand:

I have been told that humans are more sensitive to darker and lighter tones and less to midtones. But shouldn't the histogram then be inverted, as less light and less dark pixels are needed to achieve the same effect in humans?

enter description of image here

Who would win if a black dragon of equal age fights against a silver medal [closed]

Who would win a battle between a silver dragon and a black dragon

rdp – Black "administrator" screen during connection

It is a Windows Core server.

When you are done installing Server Core on a system and logging in for the first time, you are a little surprised. The main difference between installing Server with Desktop Experience and Server Core is that Server Core does not include the following GUI shell packages:

  • Microsoft-Windows-Server-Shell-Package
  • Microsoft-Windows-Server-Gui-Mgmt Package
  • Microsoft-Windows-Server-Gui-RSAT package
  • Microsoft-Windows-Cortana-PAL-Desktop-Package

In other words, there are no office in Server Core, by design.

There is no office, only a command prompt. Usually, you manage it remotely with Remote Server Administration (RSAT) tools.

python 3.x – Implement Red Black Tree using a parent class

I am trying to implement a black red tree. I want to create an object of class RedBlackTree with an attribute value inherited from the class Node, can someone help me in this area.
Thanks in advance.
Black red tree link:

class Node :
   def __init__(self,value):
       self.value = value
       self.left = None
       self.right = None
       self.colour = "RED"
       self.parent = None
class RedBlackTree( Node ) :
   def __init__(self):
       self.root = None
   def insert(self,x):
       if self.root == None:
           self.root = Node(x)
       elif self == None:
           self = Node(x)
       elif self.value > x:
           return insert(self.left, x)
           return insert(self.right, x)
   def left_rotate(self):
       temp = self.left.right
       self.left.right = self
       self.left.parent = self.parent
       self.parent = self.left
       self.left = temp
   def right_rotate(self):
       temp = self.right.left
       self.right.left = self
       self.right.parent  = self.parent
       self.parent = self.right
       self.right = temp
   def count_less_than(self, x):
       if self == None :
           return 0
       else :
           if self.value < x:
               return (1 + count_less_than(self.right, x) + count_less_than(self.left, x))
               return  count_less_than(self.left, x)

   def rebalance(x):
       root = x.root
       while ((x is not root) and (x.parent.colour == "RED")):
           if x.parent == x.parent.parent.left :
               y = x.parent.parent.right
               if y.colour == "RED":
               #Case 1
                   x.parent.colour = "BLACK"
                   x.parent.parent.right = "BLACK"
                   x.parent.parent = "RED"
                   x = x.parent.parent

                   if x == x.parent.right:
                   #Case 2

               #Case 3
                   x.parent = "BLACK"
                   x.parent.right = "RED"

               y = x.parent.parent.left
               if y.colour == "RED":
               #Case 1
                   x.parent.colour = "BLACK"
                   x.parent.parent.left = "BLACK"
                   x.parent.parent = "RED"
                   x = x.parent.parent

                   if x == x.parent.left:
                   #Case 2

               #Case 3
                   x.parent = "BLACK"
                   x.parent.left = "RED"
       root.colour = "BLACK"

[ Politics ] Open question: A dozen young black thugs kick and steal a 15 YEAR OLD GIRL and not a word from Sharpton & Jackson. NOT ONE. Are you surprised from a distance?

[Politics] Open question: A dozen young black thugs kick and steal a 15 YEAR OLD GIRL and not a word from Sharpton & Jackson. NOT ONE. Are you surprised from a distance?

what are backlinks in blogs ..?

Hello friends,

what are backlinks in blogs ..?

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Why do some people try to separate black Americans from black Africans?

As an immigrant from Sierra Leone to the United States, I see a huge gap between African Americans and African immigrants in the United States. This chasm has widened over the years. This provoked deep animosity between many African Americans and their African immigrant cousins.

The chasm has prevented African Americans from participating in the current economic boom in Africa and has excluded many African immigrants from opportunities for economic advancement here in the United States.

The problem stems from deep misconceptions, sometimes fueled by the American media. Surprisingly, many African Americans believe that Africans are backward and primitive. Some make rude jokes about Africans or fail to recognize the great contribution that Africa has made to the world.

For their part, many African immigrants adhere to the mistaken notion that African-Americans are lazy and violent.

They do not appreciate the great sacrifice that African Americans have made, in defending their civil rights, to lay the groundwork for Africans to come to the United States and live in a country where blacks and whites have equal rights, at least in theory if not always in practice.

The different experiences of the two groups

To understand the deep division that exists between African Americans and Africans, one must first examine the context of the two groups.