Why don’t blacks demand that the BLM hypocrites protest the murder of black children by black gangsters?

You paid no attention when groups such as Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, the NAACP and the Urban League spoke out and even marched against violence in the African American community.  Stop your vicious hypocrisy!  

You don’t get to dictate what Black Lives Matter’s focus should be.  You most certainly don’t get to dictate what African Americans should do regarding Black Lives Matter.  

Python: turn image to black and white (both from saved or desktop)

  • I need a way to (quickly) turn all pixels in images either black or white.

The pictures are coloured, so all black colours should stay black, while all other colours should become white. “Darkish” colours should NOT become black (e.g. even dark brown should become white). Only black remains black.

The resulting picture needs to have only (255 255 255) or (0 0 0) pixels.

  • The method should work for both saved images and for screenshots.

For example, right now I am using PIL, and opening images with Image.open and screenshotting with PIL.ImageGrab.grab(). So the method should work in these two cases.

My current method is to double for-loop over the elements of the images seen as an array, and manually make non-black colours go white. This is painfully slow:

If “black lives matter” then why not outlaw blacks from aborting their kids?

Now, I think abortion is always a horrible crime regardless of the mother’s race .. however since only black lives matter then why not outlaw blacks from aborting their kids? Currently , blacks’ abortion rate is very high . If I remember correctly, each day, 1,000 black kids are aborted in the United States.

Colorizing Albert Einstein Black & White Photo | Photoshop 2020 Tutorial

Colorizing Albert Einstein Black & White Photo | Photoshop 2020 Tutorial

Why is it considered racist towards blacks to care about all the lives (including black lives)  lost to police brutality?

Because it’s not “black lives matter” but “only black lives matter”. 

Imagine breast cancer awareness supporters getting mad at any mention ever of any other type of cancer. 

Imagine mother’s getting upset on Father’s Day because celebrating Father’s Day is actually just anti-mother’s day.

That’s BLM. 

Why do people assume you are racist if you don’t support black lives matter ?

It’s not about black lives matter. It’s not a movement for equality. I don’t see any equality signs up. All I see is defund police signs up 

Also, it’s a democratic political thing to me. They donate all the donations to white democrats. They don’t donate money into black communities. 

It says black lives matter but it means something completely different. 

I could basically label a policy “the all children care act” and then it sounds nice and all but underneath, there could be a lot of shady stuff. 

should all white men be forced to knee before the black men to show their guilt over slavery?

🥴 Sounds like you want to. 

But you’d be laughed at. 

Because no one expects you to make up for something you’re not responsible for.

Not everything is about you.

What blacks want is to survive under a fair justice system that doesn’t racial profile.

That’s it. 

And they want to insure that by holding all bad cops accountable for killing unarmed civilians.

We know you condone deadly force/brutality. 

But none of us do for stupid things like a pack of cigarettes, a Wendys happy meal or a traffic violation.

What about the ones who were accidentally killed in their homes for no reason at all?

That’s some dangerous shxt.

[ Politics ] Open Question : Where in the Hell is BLM over the Five Kids who got killed this weekend? Black Lives Matter? Really? MyASS!?

It is Totally Obvious what REALLY matters to ytou BrainDead Bastards!

Android-x86 on ThinkPad 2 stuck on black screen

Have been trying to boot Android-x86 on an old ThinkPad 2 from a USB stick. I get to GRUB loader but every option ends with an inactive black window. I tried adding ‘noacpi’, ‘acpi=off’ and many others to the kernel params with no use. Has anybody succeeded booting Android on this device?

Thank you!

Conservatives: why can’t you say black lives matter?

Who are you or anyone else to demand what other people are required to say, think or do? In any regard. 

Most of the people chanting that phrase, especially the young White, college kids in the streets, have zero clue of the issues concerning Blacks, their lives, or what BLM portends to stand for, and what they actually stand for. Nor do they care to find out. It’s just a vehicle to feel relevant and edgy.