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It's going to be a slow version for Mut 20 pieces a simulation game to get 2k football, but a game without simulation gives them at least the flexibility to play with the mechanical construction and to lay the foundations of it; people are going to be a lot less cranky about floating physics or animations triggered in a non-simulation match, and you can take the data and have something you can base your challenger Madden on, but they could make a game like NFL Blitz but use a deep Franchise mode like MyLeague correct? How does the "no simulation" arrangement prevent this? They make it suitable to be able to place themselves in any match. Since the concept of MyLeague belongs to 2K?

It is much easier and faster to develop an arcade football game than to create a simulator game. They say they have several games in development. Really, would they even be able to announce a new rival Madden when EA has their exclusive license? I was expecting an arcade soccer game, then maybe in 2022 or 23 they will make a good NFL game if the license allows it. I think people sometimes underestimate what is needed to build a game from the bottom up. EA can launch a new Madden every year because they take the same game and maybe change a couple of things. If they make a good NFL game, it will take 2k the opportunity to build it.

If you're a fan of NFL Street or Blitz, you should be excited, but if you think it's the dawn of an improved franchise mode, you've been duped by misleading titles and imitations of news. the EXCLUSIVE supplier of NFL simulation matches. In the press release, they said that this agreement with the NFL had always allowed someone else to create games without simulation, so it was nothing new for the leading company no more. Disappointing to see so many people celebrating like this means that we will have a fantastic franchise mode or anything related to simulation. The top remark says "that they have to use billions of MTX to increase the franchise and the gameplay". So naive. It’s as usual.

I think this is a vision of the situation. I see this as a step in the ideal direction. At this point, the NFL should win by even giving its own 2k game. They are extending EA's license for another decade and could easily enter 2021 and take their money. This 2K game is probably not as profitable as Madden and the NFL understands. Will be a drop in the bucket for them. I see this take for the NFL.

If anything, this deal should at least put a little fire under the chairmanship of EA on how they improve their own game. I'm not naive, but I know that won't guarantee that EA won't Probably won't get any expansion, but it's much better than the NFL doing nothing. In terms of EA announcements, they buy correct Madden nfl 20 parts. Until 2021. Why would they publish an ad saying "We are currently the exclusive supplier of NFL games, but that may change later". It is simply PR to settle shareholders and fanboys. This should not be disheartening. We know we are not currently getting a simulation game, but it is at least a change in the normal streak of mediocrity.

2d – Comments on the game Python Turtle Blitz

For some strange reason, I decided to want to be fluent in simple games using Python Turtle Graphics. I'm not a coding newbie, but I still have a long way to go to reach the level I want to get to and I would love some help along the way. I have published the program below in Code Review Stack Exchange but I have not yet received the comments that I would like. I thought maybe people here could give me some advice from the game developer's perspective.

For example, was it crazy to have separate timers for the plane and the bomb? How well did I handle the game reset after the plane crashed or all the towers were destroyed? Is there a better way to do this? In general, how can I improve my implementation in terms of game development concepts and real coding?

There is a repo containing the sounds as well as the program here:


Thank you in advance for any comments.

# alien_blitz.py

import turtle
import random

    import playsound  # Not part of standard Library.

    SOUND = True
except ImportError:
    SOUND = False

WIDTH = 800
HEIGHT = 600
cell_colors = ("black", "dark green", "brown")

def move_plane():
    global playing
    new_pos = (plane.xcor(), plane.ycor())
    if new_pos(0) > width // 2:
        plane.goto(- width // 2, plane.ycor() - size)
        plane.goto(plane.xcor() + 12, plane.ycor())

    if check_plane_tower_collision():
        playing = False
    elif check_player_wins_level():
        turtle.ontimer(move_plane, PLANE_DELAY)

def check_player_wins_level():
    if score >= winning_score:
        return True
    return False

def player_wins_level():
    if SOUND:

def check_plane_tower_collision():
    for tower in towers:
        for cell in tower:
            if plane.distance(cell) <= size / 2 + 10:  # Half cell size + half plane height
                return True
    return False

def plane_tower_collision():
    bomb.hideturtle()  # If present when plane crashes
    if SOUND:

def check_bomb_tower_collision():
    if playing:
        for tower in towers:
            for cell in tower:
                if bomb.distance(cell) <= size / 2 + 5:  # Half cell size + half bomb size
                    return True
        return False

def bomb_tower_collision(cell):
    global score, high_score
    if SOUND:
        playsound.playsound("bombed.wav", False)
    score += 10
    if score > high_score:
        high_score = score

def start_bomb_drop():
    # Prevent further key presses until drop is finished tp prevent event stacking.
    screen.onkey(None, "space")
    bomb.goto(plane.xcor(), plane.ycor())

def __continue_bomb_drop():
    global playing
    bomb.goto(bomb.xcor(), bomb.ycor() - 12)
    if check_bomb_tower_collision() or bomb.ycor() < - height // 2 or not playing:
        turtle.ontimer(__continue_bomb_drop, BOMB_DELAY)

def stop_bomb_drop():
    # It's now safe to allow another bomb drop, so rebind keyboard event.
    screen.onkey(start_bomb_drop, "space")

def update_score_display():
    pen.write("Score:{:2} High Score:{:2}".format(score, high_score), align="center", font=("Courier", 24, "normal"))

def get_towers():
    result = ()
    for col in range(-NUM_TOWERS // 2, NUM_TOWERS // 2):
        tower = ()
        for level in range(random.randrange(1, MAX_TOWER_HEIGHT + 1)):
            block = turtle.Turtle(shape="square")
            block.shapesize(size / CURSOR_SIZE)
            block.goto(col * size + offset, - height // 2 + level * size + offset)
    return result

def setup():
    global screen, plane, bomb, pen, high_score, size, offset, height, width, score
    # Screen
    screen = turtle.Screen()
    screen.title("Alien Blitz")
    screen.setup(WIDTH, HEIGHT)
    screen.bgcolor("dark blue")
    screen.onkey(start_bomb_drop, "space")

    # MISC.
    width = screen.window_width() - 50
    height = screen.window_height() - 50
    size = width / NUM_TOWERS  # Size of tower cells in pixels
    offset = (NUM_TOWERS % 2) * size / 2 + size / 2  # Center even and odd cells

    # Plane
    plane = turtle.Turtle(shape="triangle", visible=False)
    plane.shapesize(20 / CURSOR_SIZE, 40 / CURSOR_SIZE)
    plane.goto(- width // 2, height // 2)

    # Bomb
    bomb = turtle.Turtle(shape="circle")

    # Score Display
    pen = turtle.Turtle()
    pen.goto(0, 260)

    # Initialise high score
    high_score = 0

def restart(new_level=False):
    global score, high_score, winning_score, towers, playing
    #  Towers list does not exist on first call.
        for tower in towers:
            for cell in tower:
    except NameError:
    towers = get_towers()
    # Here we handle the score for different scenarios for restarting the game - crashed plane or completed level.
    if not new_level:
        score = 0
        winning_score = sum(len(row) for row in towers) * 10
        winning_score += sum(len(row) for row in towers) * 10
    plane.goto(- width // 2, height // 2)
    bomb.goto(- width // 2, height // 2)
    playing = True

def main():

if __name__ == "__main__":


sp blitz – Can I get useful results from sp_BlitzIndex without running the production server?

I have the usual dev, test, prod environments for my different database servers. I can run the Sql Server First Responder kit in dev and test. However, the production server handles a different workload: both in terms of diversity and the amount of requests.

I expect sp_BlitzIndex to return the most valuable results when it is run on the production server / databases. Is it true?

As a general rule: "is it being produced … with due diligence", the intended use for the first responder kit?

I am not sure to get approval to run sp_BlitzIndex (and other tools) on the production server. Can I do anything to restore a backup of the production so as to preserve the data on which the First Responder kit is based?

If it counts: We use SQL Server 2016 Enterprise.

Would a D & D blitz be a good way to introduce new players to D & D?

Some time ago, I was shown a new way to play D & D, where the DM gives you a random character and lets you play a quick game of D & D. I've used blitz tricks to help more experienced players cope with more challenging challenges and to help me become a better DM. I was wondering if using a blitz to teach new players how to play D & D would really help them or it would complicate things. Personally, I think it would be nice because it's easy to install.

sp blitz – "Slow Storage Writes on Drive T" warning from sp_Blitz

We migrated our platform to new SQL Server 2016 instances a few days ago. Immediately after the migration, we ran sp_Blitz again, but we noticed the next entry, which concerns the dedicated volume containing tempdb (the eight data files and the single log file reside on the same dedicated volume). All database volumes use SSDs, which is rather surprising:

Slow storage written on the T drive Writes last on average over 100ms
for at least one database on this drive. For a specific database file
speeds, run the query from the information link.

No links were provided, but in the code we found that sp_Blitz uses dm_io_virtual_file_stats to evaluate the following logic:

o_stall_write_ms / (1.0 + num_of_writes))> 100 AND num_of_writes> 100000

Using this logic, the function points to each of our eight tempdb data files, with write speeds between 164 and 198 ms, suggesting that the problem is serious.

To prove the problem to the management, we have since run traces of the Performance Monitor to examine the "Avg. Disk Dry / Write" counter for all volumes attached to the server, but the T volume did not appear to be slower than other volumes the hours of work we sampled.


  • Are we using the wrong PerfMon counter to prove it? If so, which meter should we use?
  • Does the above function indicate the speed or worst speed she has ever encountered (ie should we ignore this warning unless it is still there after next server restart)?
  • Could someone provide additional information / advice?