filters – How to block an image in size with Adblock Plus?

I want to know how to block an ad / image according to its dimensions (for example, 1920 x 1080) with Adblock Plus. Is it possible to block an image of a specific file name extension on a specific website with a specific height and width? I think that it is possible to block an image of a specific height and width on a website with the filter lists. I do not know how. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Adjust the block according to step in multi-step form

I have created a multi-step form using the following tutorial. Which is nice!

Can I also modify a block according to the stage where you are?

I am my case, I have an activity registration form, built according to the example above. Step 1: Choose a location, Step 2: Choose a time, Step 3: Confirm.

I also have a custom block next to the form that contains information about the activity for which a user will sign up. (based on the URL variables). Can I change the contents of the block according to the step in which the user is located?

I would think that this step information should be passed to the block, based on the step at which you participate, but how?


I just tried something, but it's not going to be fair
I have this hook_block_view:

function MODULE_block_view ($ delta = & # 39;) {
$ block = array ();

switch ($ delta) {
case & # 39; MODULE_info_block & # 39 ;:
block $['content'] = MODULE_info_block_view ();

return $ block;

And the construction of the block:

function MODULE_info_block_view ($ test = & # 39; testdata & # 39;) {
dpm ($ test);

In the form, I can call:

MODULE_info_block_view (& # 39; This is form data & # 39;)

But of course, I get two dpm messages then … Is it ok to call the block build somewhere in a form?

Seeking / 22 block ARIN Ips lease


Looking to rent / 22 ARIN block, need IPs to be clean and require a letter of agreement

Announce on my dedicated phoenixnap server, … | Read the rest of

wallet recovery – How does Trezor get all public keys from different block strings?

Trezor follows (and helped to design) BIP44.

BIP44 details how a single mnemonic can be used to create individual keychains for different blockchains and how multiple accounts can work in these keychains.

This is not a foolproof system – if you break BIP 44's expectations (such as using addresses beyond the limit of 20 addresses), the automatic recovery software will not be able to not locate all addresses used – This makes it somewhat unsuitable for commercial purposes. uses, since most businesses and exchanges must give addresses without assuming that they will be used sequentially.

For individual portfolios, this is a safe assumption, and that Trezor does.

Why does my TRY CATCH block in SQL Server that quits immediately after an error completely ignore the code remaining in the block, including my error handling?

Below an excerpt from my TRY / ATTACH logic within a stored procedure with error handling (I did not include all the TO DECLARE statements). This is executed in a stored procedure, however I simply test it in a session via SSMS (would this affect the behavior?). I stumbled on this thread, but must I do everything in my power to capture errors?

DECLARE @sql varchar (1000);
SET @sql = select 1/0 & # 39 ;;
EXEC (@sql);
- In case of error, the remaining TRY / CATCH number below is completely ignored, which I discovered.
DECLARE @error int;
SET @error = @@ error;
SI @ error> 0
SET @raisemessage = SQL backup error: & # 39; + cast (@rc as varchar (10));
RAISERROR (@raisemessage, 16,1);

SET @errormessage = ERROR_MESSAGE ();
IF @errormessage is null
SET @errormessage = & # 39;
SET @errorstring = @errorstring + & # 39; Database: & # 39; + @name + & # 39; Error: & # 39; + @errormessage + char (10) + char (10);

Can any one explain the shortcomings of this TRY / CATCH block? Does not it work in T-SQL?

8 – Customize the title field display using the view block

I want to display the updated content field with a view block on the home page.

2019/06/20 newly posted content1-title
2019/06/19 content2

The words update and newly posted before the title wants to customize depending on whether the content has been posted or updated for the first time.
My code is as follows.
enter the description of the image here
However, even at the time of initial release of the content, durpal has created and modified different timestamps, which is not the expected result.
Are there good ways? Thank you.

I p8

BlackHatKings: Proxies and VPN Section
Posted by: Jamesreimb
Post time: June 20, 2019 at 4:29.

Defining a variable from the Do-Try block [Swift]

I need to define a variable such that I can access it from the do-try block. I use the do-try to leave early if there are any errors.
That's what I'm using right now, but I'm not sure it's the best practice or if there's another better way to do it.

leave rulesXml: XMLElement
make {
rulesXml = try XMLElement (xmlString: rules.string)
} catch let error {
self.showWarning (message: "Unable to create XML from LRML instructions, please validate the instructions and try again.  nError:  (error)", title: "Error: LRML file merging")
returns zero

Of course, I could use keep trying? but then I can not access the error message.

Block links to the search results page

For odd reasons, there are hundreds of thousands of links from SPAMMY sites that link to the search results page of our site.

They refer to search terms that do not even exist on our site. see screen capture

linear algebra – Multiple vectors to block the diagonal matrix

I was reading somewhere and I found this.

Given a set of 1 X M vectors of rows of dimensions aI, where 1 <= i <= N. Let B be a diagonal matrix per block given by,

B = diag {a1, a2….., aNOT }

which is of dimension N X NM.

Can any one tell me how this matrix B is built?