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How do you substitute Magento Catalog Block Category View?

I want to replace the protected function _prepareLayout()

So I used preference

class View extends MagentoCatalogBlockProductView
    protected $_urlInterface;

    public function __construct(
        MagentoFrameworkViewElementTemplateContext $context,
        MagentoCatalogModelLayerResolver $layerResolver,
        MagentoFrameworkRegistry $registry,
        MagentoCatalogHelperCategory $categoryHelper,
        MagentoFrameworkUrlInterface $urlInterface,
        array $data = ()
    ) {
        $this->_urlInterface = $urlInterface;
        parent::__construct($context, $layerResolver, $registry, $categoryHelper, $data);

     * @return $this
    protected function _prepareLayout()


        $category = $this->getCurrentCategory();
        if ($category) {
            $title = $category->getMetaTitle();
            if ($title) {
            $description = $category->getMetaDescription();
            if ($description) {
            $keywords = $category->getMetaKeywords();
            if ($keywords) {
            if ($this->_categoryHelper->canUseCanonicalTag()) {
                    // $category->getUrl(),
                    ('attributes' => ('rel' => 'canonical'))

            $pageMainTitle = $this->getLayout()->getBlock('page.main.title');
            if ($pageMainTitle) {

        return $this;

but I get the error 500

Unrecoverable PHP Error: Uncaught TypeError: The argument 1 passed to Magento Catalog Block Product View :: __ construct () must be an instance of Magento Catalog Block Product Context, Magento Framework instance View Element . Template Background

8 – Seach Page Divided in block and view

I've already created a search view such as / search giving the form and results accurately, but the Views user interface is disabled on my server.
So, I want to divide this page into

1] A block containing a search form

2] Get the results of the view and must display on the same page.

Can you share ideas on how to proceed?

8 – Strange Behavior: extra CSS classes are NOT merged with form tag classes & # 39; Block Search & # 39; but with those of BLOCK wrapping the form tag

I live such a "strange" behavior with Drupal (v8.7.10) trying to add CSS classes to the default Search Form form tag using MYTHEME_form_FROM_ID_alter crochet, classes are DO NOT merged with the form tag classes as expected but with those of the BLOCK wrap the form tag itself.

it's my code:

function MYTHEME_form_search_block_form_alter(&$form,DrupalCoreFormFormStateInterface $form_state, $form_id) {
  $form('#attributes')('class') = 'form-inline';

and this is the output made in question

Thoughts ?

magento2 – Magento 2 programmatically add a ViewModel to a block when it is created

I've encountered a problem trying to create a block in a controller because I needed the block created in the controller to also create an object of type ViewModel.

What I'm trying to achieve but I want to do it via a code in the controller rather than using the layout file: –


My code in the controller is as follows: –


        /** @var BubAdvancedReviewBlockExpertReviewExpertReviews $block */
        $block = $layout->createBlock(BubAdvancedReviewBlockExpertReviewExpertReviews::class,null,('advanced-review-helper' => 'BubAdvancedReviewHelperBlockHelper'));

        return $this->getResponse()->setBody($block->toHtml());

Does anyone know if this can be done?

Thanks in advance

matrices – Properties of the blocks in the matrix of block A if the pair of matrices (E, A) is regular

I'm working on a problem in the book "Differential-Algebraic Equations: Analysis and Digital Solutions" by Kunkel, Mehrmann. This is Exercise 3 on page 53 concerning matrix pairs $ (E, A) $ and the properties of a specific block of matrix matrix A:

Given the pair of dice
(E, A) = left (
begin {bmatrix} I_r & 0 \ 0 & 0 end {bmatrix}, begin {bmatrix} A_ {11} & A_ {21} \ A_ {12} & A {22} end {bmatrix }

or $ E, A in C ^ {m times n} $ and $ I_r $ is the dimension identity matrix $ r < min (m, n) $ you have to prove that the given pair of matrices is regular and index on if and only if $ A_ {22} $ is a square block and not singular.

I have some ideas, but I do not know how to proceed from there. For the $ Rightarrow $ direction I know, that regularity of $ (E, A) $ it follows:

  • $ E, A $ must be square matrices
  • $ (E, A) $ is equivalent to the canonical form $ left ( begin {bmatrix} I & 0 \ 0 & N end {bmatrix}, begin {bmatrix} J & 0 \ 0 & I end {bmatrix} right) $ , that is, there are non-singular matrices $ P, Q $ such as $ PEQ = begin {bmatrix} I & 0 \ 0 & N end {bmatrix} $ and $ PAQ = begin {bmatrix} J & 0 \ 0 & I end {bmatrix} $ or $ J is a normal shaped matrix jordan and $ N $ is nilpotent in Jordan normal form
  • $ p (s) = det (sE-A) $ is not $ 0 for each $ s $

Also, because the index of $ (E, A) $ is $ nu = $ 1 that's it $ N ^ {0} neq 0, ; N ^ {1} = $ 0 the nilpotent block should be large $ 1 times1 $ :
$$ N = (0) $$
since $ N ^ 0 = (0) ^ 0 = $ 1 and $ N ^ 1 = (0) $. But from there, I do not know how to continue. Thank you in advance.

How to know by JSONAPI if the block is activated / deactivated in the block layout (Drupal 8)?

I am able to get the contents of the block by the following jsonapi API: –


"break_strip" is my custom block. But that always gives me status = "true" even when blocking is disabled from the block layout. Is there a way to know which one is enabled or disabled?

8 – Disable the caching of a custom block for an anonymous user

I have a custom block, it displays in each page with dynamic data computes in each refresh, how can I disable the cache for this block for anonymous users?

I'm trying with:

public function build() {
  return (
    '#markup' => time(),
    '#cache' => (
      'max-age' => 0,

It will not work.

Collision Detection – Do not block the camera with a blocking volume in Unreal Engine

I use Blocking Volumes to prevent players from falling off platforms in a third-person perspective game from UE4.

However, these blocking volumes block the camera, as it was a physical wall.

How can I easily add block the player without blocking the camera?

Ideally without coding / plans. If this is impossible, a simple plan would be preferable.

EU Scene 1
Camera at a normal distance from the player, when it is not restricted by a blocking volume

EU Stage 2
The camera is restricted by a blocking volume

How to block China bot or unusual connection?


I am well connected China can connect the sites and make the use of bandwidth a lot,

I want to ask if there is a way to block China bot or a-no … | Read the rest of