Google Lighthouse gives a warning that the Module.css files in my DotNetNuke (DNN) modules are render blocking resources

How can I fix my DotNetNuke modules from causing render blocking?

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PageSpeed Insights and Search Console return 502 when blocking countries

On two of our client’s websites we are restricting unwanted access from several countries. This causes PageSpeed Insights and Search Console to return a 502, making it impossible to run a web test and to verify the ownership in Search Console (no matter the method). The websites only allow traffic from European, Australian/NZ and North American countries and when we removed the restrictions for testing purposes, PageSpeed Insights worked just fine. However, the access logs for Lighthouse returned an American IP address – and we allow traffic from the US. Would anyone know which countries we’d have to remove from the excluded ones to fix this?

Thanks in advance.

web crawlers – Consequences of blocking Semrush and other bots?

For typical websites, are there any disadvantages to my clients to blocking spiders like Semrush, Maxmind and the plethora of other “non search-engine” bots?

Wouldn’t blocking these significantly reduce competitive analysis and provide a cheap net-benefit for my clients? Any ideas why this kind of thing is not a fairly standard service offered by web hosting providers?

Or, put another way, what benefits do Semrush, AHRef and the like give to my clients (assuming they are not clients of Semrush or AHRef)? Do “generic links” created by these sites really help SEO?

(FWIW, this is not a bandwidth thing, and Will blocking bots other than those from the major search engines affect SEO? does not really seem to be quite on point enough)

DIY Visible light blocking filter (IR passing filter)

Which one is a better option (to block more visible light and to block less IR light), floppy disk or developed unexposed photographic film?

unity – Strategy for temporarily blocking user input

As DMGregory noted, a Canvas Group is an easy way to control interactivity for a group of UI controls. Just assign the Canvas Group to the parent containing your UI controls, and update the interactable property:

canvasGroup.interactable = false;

As for user interaction with non-UI GameObjects, there are several approaches depending on how you process input:

  • Update() does not run if the MonoBehaviour is disabled. For example:
public class ClickableGameObject : MonoBehaviour {
    void Update() {
        if (Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0)) {
            //handle click here

clickableGO.enabled = false; //disables the Update() function
  • For other functions like OnMouseDown() or OnPointerClick(), you’ll need a flag you can check to see if the input should be disabled. There are several ways to do this. Here are a few examples:
//This solution is clean but may require you to call `Interactable = true;` or `Interactable = false;` 
//on many objects depending on your game structure.
public class ClickableGameObject : MonoBehaviour {
    (SerializeField) private bool interactable = true;
    public bool Interactable { get => interactable; set => interactable = value; }

    void OnMouseDown() {
        if (!interactable) return;
        //handle click here
//this solution uses a global static variable, which is generally bad practice,
//but can save a lot of effort in this case:
public static class UserInput {
    public static bool InputEnabled {get; set;} = true;

public class ClickableGameObject : MonoBehaviour {
    void OnMouseDown() {
        if (!UserInput.InputEnabled) return;
        //handle click here
//this solution is a compromise between the above two solutions
public class UserInputSettings {
    public bool InputEnabled {get; set;} = true;

public class ClickableGameObject : MonoBehaviour {
    public UserInputSettings InputSettings { get; set; }
    void OnMouseDown() {
        if (!InputSettings.InputEnabled) return;
        //handle click here

//create the settings instance before instantiating your GameObjects
UserInputSettings settings = new UserInputSettings();

//assign the settings to your GameObjects immediately after instantiating them
ClickableGameObject clickableGO1 = Instantiate(clickableGOPrefab);
clickableGO1.InputSettings = settings;
ClickableGameObject clickableGO2 = Instantiate(clickableGOPrefab);
clickableGO2.InputSettings = settings;

//affects all GameObjects we've assigned the settings to
settings.InputEnabled = false;

Blocking the Twitter Carousel on Google Search Results

I am prone to procrastinate from needed computer work when I have the option to surf. Currently, I have installed a robust-enough set of blockers to ensure that I am productive most of the time, but one blind spot is the Twitter Carousel section that appears when I search prominent names in media. I cannot just block google, and as a result, I end up replicating some of my unfortunate surfing habits via checking the recent tweets of people I would follow if I had direct access to Twitter.

I am on a Macbook and use Chrome as my default browser. Is there any extension, application, or relatively easy coding method to eliminate the Twitter carousel from my search results? The only thing I could find online was the possibility of using uBlock Origin to create a custom blocker, but I cannot quite figure that out. While I am not close to a web developer, I am not completely code illiterate, so I would likely be able to figure out a set of coding instructions even if they were not extremely granular.

I am unsure if this is the right venue to ask this question, but it seemed the most applicable stackexchange out of the options. If this is incorrect, I apologize. Thank you for your help!

How to get rid of Render blocking resources

As i have been facing issue since long time regarding Resources are blocking the first page. having problem in delivering critical JS/CSS inline and deferring all non-critical JS/styles to my website, Just click here to go to my Website page.

windows 10 – Blocking a website using “hosts” file doesn’t work when using a VPN

I’m trying to use Windows’ hosts file to block a specific website, but my problem is that while using a VPN it doesn’t get blocked at all, and without a VPN it gets blocked on Chrome but not on Firefox. I did the same setup using the same Hosts file and VPN on another PC and it worked perfectly there; consistently blocking the website, but it has the problem I stated on my own PC.

I already tried :

1- ipconfig /flushdns

2- Double-checked hosts file for syntax errors or whitespaces

3- Checked for permission problems

Robots.txt is blocking my labels

In my adsense account in “revenue optimization” i have crawl errors then when i click “fix crawl errors” then this..

Blocked Urls Error Robot Denied

My robots.txt:

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google

User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /