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Create 25 high quality web 2.0 blog backlinks

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I call Rajendra Pal and I am an independent writer. for $ 10

I call Rajendra Pal and I am an independent writer.

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Train your body type

Do you know your body type and the continuation of your training?

Otherwise, the bodies are divided into three categories –




Each person has a specific body type and knowing yours will help you develop the physique of your dreams. Adapt your workout and diet to your body type for the best results. Come, follow the article and briefly know your body type.


People of this type are thin, usually tall and have longer limbs. Watch Kate Moss, Alessandra Ambrosia and Usain Bolt are good examples of ectomorphs. They can eat what they want and will never have a greasy stomach, but on the other side, they struggle to gain muscle mass, while they work hard. Here are some tips to help them get together faster.

First, they should have started to prepare for protein consumption. Proteins are building blocks of the muscles and, combined with carbohydrates, help them gain muscle. They should probably be eaten more than they ate before because their metabolism is usually faster than that of others. They should have to avoid a lot of fat things because of this slowing down the muscle building process.

Second, focus on heavy lifting and strength training. Compound exercises are their best friends. Basic exercises such as squats, deadlift, pushups and bench press require large muscle groups, which helps improve the figure faster.

Third, do not overdo the cardio. Running, swimming or biking is nice and anything but cardio makes you lose weight without winning it. Nevertheless, "do not exaggerate" does not mean that they do not have to do it at all. Low intensity cardio helps pump blood and provide nutrients to muscle tissue.

Overall, the ectomorphs should focus on their diet, do a lot of bodybuilding and go easy on the cardio.


The endomorphs are exactly the opposite of the ectomorphs.

Usually, endomorphs are short and fat and tend to gain weight much faster. Look at Jennifer Lopez, PSY and Beyonce are examples of this type of body. These people are struggling too much to lose weight. There is also a good side, the endomorphs are naturally more powerful than the ectomorphs. They can become wonderful bodybuilders and powerlifters.

Endomorphs have the most difficulty losing weight. So stay focused to move the weight of the waist to the upper body and harmonize the shape.

A long-lasting cardio would not help them burn fat faster. Interval training is much more effective and takes much less time. For example, sprinting is an excellent technique for losing weight faster.

In order to enlarge the upper body, concentrate first to get rid of your belly and strengthen your shoulders. Heavyweights and cardio do wonders for them in the long run.

If they want to stay in shape, they must reduce their daily caloric intake to about 1,700 kcal. The lower their caloric intake, the faster they should lose weight, but exaggerating is not a good thing. There should be very little carbohydrate in their diet and more protein.

Now, summarize everything that concerns you: opt for intensive interval training, wear your shoulders with your back on belly fat and cut your most important caloric intake they use every day.


The mesomorphs are perhaps the lucky and the lucky ones. Why fortune or luck? Because they have this perfect balance of muscle and fat with a natural ability to change the body of their heir to their liking. Madonna and Christian Bale are the perfect mesomorphs.

Mesomorphs are the easiest to train and build muscle mass or lose fat. This means that they should focus on moderation, while setting certain goals.

Moderately intense cardio is good for them and they can also maintain long sessions.

They can do both heavy and light exercises, depending on the repetition. For example, if someone is responsible for lifting heavy objects, then 4 to 8 representatives suit him, but he chooses to lift lighter people, then feels free to go up to 15. to 18 representatives. Some goals help the mesomorphs reach their gold physique.

In accordance with the diet plan, they can eat what they want, but be careful not to exceed 2500 kcal.

So set goals to achieve with moderate training and eat what they want without worrying about fats, carbohydrates and proteins.

These three body types are not categorical and you can find yourself somewhere between them. So, find yourself where you are and then go work your physique.


Life is too sporty! New personal blog. | Promotion Forum

Name of the site: Life is too sporty
URL: https://lifeistoo.sport.blog/
Type: Personal blog
Informations on the site: My first attempt to dive into the world of blogging. It's a personal blog where I share my point of view on topics that are close to my heart – such as sports, mental health, academia and music. The content will be diverse, including other topics. I also have an introductory article and a page about me, so you can learn more about me. But I've linked my twitter too, so feel free to get to know me. In addition, I encourage you to share your points of view through comments and to share articles with your friends. I am happy to take into account the ideas and really give the impression that the community is evolving. :]

How to get traffic to a food blog?

Hello friends,

How to get traffic to a food blog?

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How to get traffic to a food blog?

Hello friends,

How to get traffic to a food blog?

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images – Is it problematic to use movie posters on a hosted blog in Europe?

I would like to use movie images such as "do not do this, do not do it", "heart plan" etc. (especially French films), but the author 's right concerns me.

And I've already found this answer, but I'm not looking for API, the link displayed is broken and I have the impression that my situation is different because the website is hosted in Europe.

Thinking that this should not be a problem for movie creators, since it is promotional material and actually helps them to generate more revenue, I always wonder what is the best way to get the most out of it? to legally use such images?

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