customs and immigration – Munich to Salzburg Round Trip – Blue Card

The rules in Austria will radically change on the 19th of May.

For the immigration side of the question, as a resident of Germany you may freely enter Austria and return to Germany.

At the moment there are about 32 daily train connections between the 2 cities.

Covid-19 conditions when returning to Germany will be based on whether you are fully vaccinated (or recovered) or not.

A test is presenty not required for those who are fully vaccinated (or recovered).

The entry rules for Austria (starting on the 19th) have not yet been finalized, but it has been announced that vaccinated (or recovered) do not require a test.
Note: the Austrian text does not use the word fully, so this is a bit ambiguous.

Inside Austria:

For visiting restaurants, hotels, culture and sport events, no test will be required for persons 22 days after they have recieved the 1st vaccination or have recovered.

This law has been finalized and comes into effect on the 19th of May.

bugs – Create Blue Screen on Android

I searched a bit on the Internet and I could not find any posts about the BSOD in Android except for (this)(
So now, my “problem”: I want to create a file, that creates a Blue Screen in Android. I know there are a few programms for Widows to do this from CMD, but is there something like this on Android too?

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How to remove the blue bar that appears in the address bar results in chrome?

Blue Bar

How do I remove the blue bar appearing in my chrome address bar next to the results it gives me as I type a url? You can see the blue bar in the image above where it appears next to chrome’s result for its flags, just below where I typed in the exact same thing.

macos – Slight blue shade on my MacBook Pro

This is either a colour profile or possibly a hardware issue.
It may also be a True Tone or Night Shift issue (though I’ve never had a Mac that can use those so I’ve no experience with them).

Your screenshot does not show any colour cast at all and ‘white is white’, as in this image showing the Digital colour meter over your screenshot (whether or not you see it that way, that’s what the numbers say.)

enter image description here

First check the Apple KB links above to make sure it’s not True Tone/Night Shift.
If neither of those is the cause, then either someone/something has changed your screen profile… or you have a hardware issue.
System Prefs > Display > Colour
Check what profile is shown as in use.
Check other profiles to see if they all show a similar colour-cast – some will look OK & some will look awful, but you need to determine if it’s always ‘too blue’.

If most profiles show the colour is ‘balanced’ if not ‘good’ then you could try re-calibrating your display by eye.
To the right of that control panel is Calibrate…
Hold Opt ⌥ as you click it & it will open with the Advanced parameters as an option. Check ‘Expert Mode’ & work your way through the following screens, adjusting each as best you can all the way through.

If all your efforts come out blue no matter what you do, then suspect a hardware fault & take it to Apple.

About Blue Screen of Windows System after starting Mathematica 12.2/12.1 Win10

I found a way to solve the problem. Windows 10 KB5000802 Security Update is the culprit and it needs to be uninstalled. Then mathematica can work normally.

But there is a problem, Win10 will automatically update which is very annoying, because it will install KB5000802 Security Update again and Blue Screen will happen again. So you should disable automatic updates in Win10, then mathematica will work again, but that means your computer will never have a security update, So you have to make a trade-off.

One thing needs to be mentioned more, I found out that my colleague’s computer also has version 12.1 installed, also has Win10 KB5000802 Security Update installed, but his compouter can run mathematica normally. And my computer is not even if the computer system is reinstalled. This is a metaphysical thing and I don’t know why.

Operations for uninstalling security updates and disabling system updates are readily available online, you can find them everywhere. Hope the above description can help those who encounter this problem.

KB5000802 is also a culprit for the failure of some printers to print, that’s the problem I had before, if you hit the print button and the printer didn’t respond, this could be the reason.

accessibility – Dark mode – dark blue instead of dark gray/black?

My company’s app currently doesn’t have a dark mode and we’d like to support that. When I was reviewing my dark mode palette with my fellow designers, they weren’t so keen on using a dark gray background but instead proposed a dark blue (one of our brand colors is blue).

I was a bit taken aback, as I exclusively use dark mode on my phone and can’t recall an app that used anything other than black/dark gray for a background color.

Is there a usability/accessibility reason NOT to use dark blue instead of gray/black? Any good examples of a company using a dark color for their dark mode?

directx – Blue color instead of alpha using Alpha Blending

I am testing rendering with alpha blending state according to this guide.
The aim is to add snow on terrain grass texture.
Finally, I got the wrong result — the blue color fillings up all alpha = 0 pixels.

I checked the instruction step triple time, can’t find any mistakes.

Could someone explain to me what’s is wrong with my code?

PS and VS:

SnowPSIn SnowVSMain(SnowVSIn Input)
    SnowPSIn Output;
    float fY = g_txHeightMap.SampleLevel(g_samLinear, Input.vTexCoord, 0).a * g_fHeightScale;
    float4 vWorldPos = float4(Input.vPos + float3(0.0, fY, 0.0), 1.0);
    Output.vPos = mul(vWorldPos, g_mViewProj);
    Output.vTexCoord.xy = Input.vTexCoord;
    Output.vTexCoord.z = FogValue(length(vWorldPos - g_mInvCamView(3).xyz));
    Output.vTexCoord.w = length(vWorldPos - g_mInvCamView(3).xyz);
    //Output.vShadowPos = mul(vWorldPos, g_mLightViewProj);

    return Output;

float4 SnowPSMain(SnowPSIn Input) : SV_Target
    float4 vSnowColor = g_txTerrSnow.Sample(g_samLinear, Input.vTexCoord.xy * 64);
    return vSnowColor;


BlendState SrcAlphaBlendingAdd
    BlendEnable(0) = TRUE;
    SrcBlend = SRC_ALPHA;
    DestBlend = INV_SRC_ALPHA;
    BlendOp = ADD;
    SrcBlendAlpha = ZERO;
    DestBlendAlpha = ZERO;
    BlendOpAlpha = ADD;
    RenderTargetWriteMask(0) = 0x0F;


pass RenderShowPass
    SetVertexShader(CompileShader(vs_5_0, SnowVSMain()));
    SetPixelShader(CompileShader(ps_4_0, SnowPSMain()));
    SetBlendState(SrcAlphaBlendingAdd, float4(0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f), 0xFFFFFFFF);

all sources

Before: initial scene

After: final scene

android tv – How do I stop streaming interrupted with Blue Tooth pairing request?

New Sharp Aquos TV. Worked fine until today. I now get interrupted every 60 seconds with “Bluetooth paining request. I hit cancel, go back to show and wham, it happens again. It says device is TXS11. I know of no such device. I checked settings, nothing there by that name.

Weird blue shine on URP Lit shader Unity

I recently started to use URP and I am noticing a weird blue like tint on shiny objects that use the URP/lot shader and I can’t understand what it is and how can i remove it.enter image description here