memory – My PC gets frequent random blue screens

As the title says, my PC gets random, frequent blue screens.
My PC is overclocked to the minimal overclock preset, which is handled by a knob on my motherboard.
I stress tested my PC using a program called Aida64 extreme. It only/always occurs when stress testing the “FPU”
Stress testing any of the other components (GPU, SSD, CPU, Memory) does not cause a blue screen to occur. Any advice on what the problem might be?

PC specs: Cooler Master 750w PSU MSI MEG Z390 GODLIKE NZXT kraken x63 I9 9900K MSI RTX 2080s gaming X trio Corsair Vengeance pro 3200MHz Fractal Design R6 Samsung 970 EVO

windows 10 – Why does my PC blue screen on first boot, then after restarting itself boot up normally?

I added an M.2 NVME drive to my computer yesterday, and cloned my original SSD with my Windows installation over to it.

The original SSD has since been formatted, and no other drives contain an operating system.

On initial boot from cold, Windows will bluescreen before it gets to the login screen with KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED, and then reboots itself. On subsequent “hot” reboots, there is no bluescreen.

I have tried running sfc /scannow with no faults found.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this please?

windows 10 – Keyboard stops functioning and after a while blue screen of death occurs – How can I diagnose why?

My computer recently (today) started to do this behaviour. I experienced it twice within the previous 3 hours. The symptoms are the following:

  1. normally using the computer
  2. keyboard all of a sudden stops functioning (the backlight, num lock, caps lock state states are still as they were, switching them is impossible)
  3. Windows with mouse control still functioning properly
  4. after 3-4 minutes blue screen of death occurs, it restarts the computer
  5. BIOS-like dialog shows up to choose from: Normal startup, BIOS setup, Boot menu, System Recovery. Up and down arrows and everything else still not functioning (!).
  6. I have to turn off the computer by long pressing the power button.

My configuration:

  • Lenovo Y700
  • Intel Core i7-6700HQ CPU
  • 16 GB Ram
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Current Windows installation is approximately 3-4 years old, but otherwise functioning properly

How can I diagnose what causes the problem? Please help me, this is so frustrating.

(note: I don’t have any restore points, I’ve just checked)

Blue Highlight on Google Chrome?

Whenever I click on the search bar, home button, even the box to write this in. Anything I click on, a Blue/White Highlight surrounds the box, like you are highlighting it but just the outside. It is really annoying for me, as when I scroll down it still stays there and then goes after a 3 seconds. Does anyone know how to get rid of this, it would help. Thankyou.

germany – Blue card validity after deregistration

I have a blue card while working for a firm in Germany. I came back to India after deregistration (Abmeldung) in Germany. But the blue card validity is till Dec 2024. Now, I got a job in Germany. Is it possible to go to Germany once again with this blue card? Or do I have to apply for visa once again?.

I thank you for the replies.


color – What’s it called when white objects or white backgrounds become blue in photographs?

Your camera, for whatever reason, is setting the color temperature and white balance at different points for the two images.

That gives it what we often call a color cast, *tint*, or hue which simply means the white balance used to interpret the raw data from the sensor was not correct for the light that illuminated the scene and gives it a predominance of one color that causes the rest of the colors to look inaccurate. Incorrect white balance means the exact same thing. Incorrect color temperature is near synonymous.

Different light sources emit light at different color temperatures. Even “white light” sources that emit light that includes most or all of the visible spectrum have most of their light centered on various color temperatures. This affects the color of the things they illuminate. Light sources that emit a more limited spectrum of the range of wavelengths we call visible light are even more problematic when we try to balance them to get accurate color.

Our eye/brain systems are incredibly good at adapting to various sources of lighting, particularly those that have been found in nature since the dawn of time and those artificial sources we have invented that closely mimic such natural light sources. Our brains can compensate for the differences in light and we perceive most objects to be the same color under different types of light sources.

Cameras, however, must adjust the bias they give to the red, green, and blue channels in the images they capture. Unless we have told the camera, via a setting such as ‘daylight’ or ‘shade’ or ‘fluorescent’ or ‘tungsten’, what the color of the light source is it has to make an ‘educated guess’ based on clues in the scene. When scenes don’t give the expected clues, such as the brightest parts of the scene is not a neutral/white color, the camera can often get it wrong. Another scenario that can often fool cameras is when most of the frame is a uniform brightness which the camera will attempt to expose as a medium brightness halfway between pure white and pure black. Your example image in the question demonstrates both.

design – Why did Microsoft choose a blue accent for the Visual Studio dark theme?

As I was designing my own dark ui, I randomly thought of a simple question. Why did Microsoft choose blue for the dark theme of visual studio? Was this on some level a personal choice that someone in the team randomly made? Or was there some sort of research that had been done in selecting that very specific hue of blue? Is it the easiest color on the eyes? Or is there some other arbitrary reasoning behind it? Has anyone on the team ever spoken about this?


filters – Photo of blue LCD display

I have a device with a blue LCD display where the backlight is blue and the letters are white. When I take photos of it with a cheap webcam, you cannot see any letter, because the blue light is too dominant.
Does anybody have a cheap solution to this problem?

What car is better? RC Car blue 4X4 2.4Ghz or Strong Crawler 4×4?

Hey guys,
I need to contact with you regarding the choice of the car for my son. Found e-shop in Europe.
What car is better:
Strong Crawler 4×4
RC Car blue 4X4 2.4Ghz
Any recommendations please?


hard drive – WD Blue SSD stuck in a boot loop

Stuck in a bootloop with ssd

So I recently pruchased a WD Blue 500GB SSD to replace my HDD in my 13″ MBP mid-2012.
At first I wanted to clone my HDD to the SSD, looked up a tutorial on ifixit and then followed the procedure. I used superduper to clone it, but whenever I began cloning it kept asking me to convert the deive to APFS, and superduper failed to do so by itself. My SSD was in an Orico disk drive enclosure.
I formatted the drive manually through disk utility to APFS.
Started the cloning process took approx 16 hours. Then I tried to boot through the ssd while it was in the enclosure however it kept bootlooping, so I figured I should try installing it first, did so and the same thing kept happening. Finally I reinstalled the OS(catalina) through recovery and, the bootloop is still persisting.
Right now I am just back to using my HDD, and it has begun to exhibit the same problem. It goes to the progress bar on startup and abruptly reboots.

Things I have tried,

  • PRAM and SMC
  • Erasing and doing a fresh install of macOS on SSD
  • Put the SSD in the Disk ecnlosure and try to boot from there
  • Putting the HDD in the enclosure and boot it from there(which works but is extremely slow and I still don’t know what to do afterwards)

Any suggestions?