bluetooth – macOS no longer connects wirelessly to the wireless keyboard

I have an Apple Keyboard Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad and normally it works well wirelessly this morning, but suddenly it does not work anymore.

The keyboard always works perfectly with its cable, thanks to which it is now fully charged. However, when it is unplugged, it is completely disconnected from the computer, even if the power is still on and Bluetooth is enabled on that computer (a 2018 Mac-Mini).

I have tested the keyboard with another machine and it still works as expected. So there does not seem to be any problem with the keyboard itself. On the other machine, disconnecting the cable automatically connects it via Bluetooth, as it is supposed to do. But for some reason, this does not happen on my brand new Mac-Mini (which works fine for about two weeks until today).

To try to rule out a hardware failure, I tried to use a USB Bluetooth dongle to see if I could connect the keyboard with this key, but I was only more successful with internal Bluetooth technology.

I've installed Bluetooth Explorer (from the Xcode extra tools) to make sure I switched to the USB dongle, but that I avoided using one of its other functions; However, I noticed two errors in his event log:

updateChainPower error: 82
(null) (Handle: 0xB) connection failed, status: 0x04

The first occurs when you open the Bluetooth Explorer Bluetooth status window, while the second occurs when you try to connect wirelessly to my keyboard.

Since the keyboard is working properly with another machine and a Bluetooth USB stick can not be connected either, it seems like this could be a problem with macOS software.

Other steps I've already tried include:
1. Clear all devices and reassociate the keyboard (connect via cable).
2. Disabling Bluetooth, deleting /Library/Preferences/ then restart.
3. Resetting the Bluetooth module via the debugging menu (Bluetooth Option-Click menu bar widget).
4. I have also tried to associate my Mac to my Android phone, but none can detect the other one (with or without a USB key).

Are there other possible solutions to this problem?

mac address – Is it possible to follow with a Bluetooth headset

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audio – Is there a way to force AAC on a Bluetooth headset?

Macos connects to my headset for the first time and uses AAC.
On other connections, it will switch to SBC and the quality is beyond terrible.
The only solution I've found is to "forget" the headphones in question, then reconnect them, because a brand new connection coupling brings quality back to the AAC.
I've checked a second time with Bluetooth Explorer that my options are correct and also checked with other headphones. This happens on both pairs.
I guess this has to do with the headset's microphone, but I have not had any permanent chance to try the vague advice from Apple to stop offending apps and change sources, and so on. , advice that I found here.

Does anyone know a permanent fix to stop the continuous downshifting of the audio codec?

I'm not sure which version of OS X it started on, but it's been at least a few months now. I am currently running 10.15.1 on a 2017 touch bar macbook pro.

Networking – Built-in Bluetooth to my new laptop will be wireless Realtek Wi-Fi 5 2 X 2 Bluetooth 5 COMBO (MU-MIMO supported)

What is the best Bluetooth and Wi-Fi available in my new laptop? I was thinking of HP's built-in Bluetooth to my new laptop: Wireless Realtek Wi-Fi 5 (2 X 2) Bluetooth 5 Combo (MU-MIMO support)? However, they also released the HP Wi-Fi combo 802.11b / g / n / ac (1 X 1) and Bluetooth 4.2. And is the latest accompanied by a (2 X 2)? What is the best I can get installed? HP has a better one?
What is the best I can get in this 11th month of 2019? (In an HP anyway)?

Bluetooth Key for Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

I'm using a Mac-Mini with an Apple Keyboard Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad, but I do not think that the built-in Bluetooth optimizes the performance of my computer (the keyboard sometimes doubles key presses and the like).

I am therefore planning to expand my range with a Bluetooth adapter / dongle because I have a USB hub that should be free of any interference.

But I have a few questions about the support of such a device under macOS:

  1. Will it be controlled from macOS Bluetooth commands (menu bar, system preferences, etc.)?
  2. Can I disable the internal Bluetooth and use only the external adapter (and this will affect the response to 1)?
  3. Does connecting the keyboard with its cable will interfere (this automatically matches with the built-in Bluetooth, and is the easiest way to load the keyboard)?
  4. Is a Bluetooth USB adapter still working to wake the computer from sleep mode?
  5. Will a USB Bluetooth adapter work at startup (ie enter my Filevault password, select a boot disk, etc.)?

Voice commands via Bluetooth on Google Maps

I can open Google Maps with my Google Assistant and let Roiv lock Bluetooth in the car, but I do not see how to get him to start reading instructions without touching the screen. Is it possible?

Also can you verbally ask for traffic updates, etc.?

I'm using a Samsung S6 Android smartphone.

Camembert 9.0 – Remapping the Bluetooth Headset Support Key [Android 9]


  • OnePlus 5t, Android 9.0, not rooted
  • Bluetooth 5.0 headset with a multimedia button

A single tab of the Media button launches Google Voice Control / Assistant. You can not change a button's tab to play / pause, for example – on the headset side.

The only software solution to turn off Google Voice regularly appears when I press the button is to completely disable the Google application. But this prevents the media button from functioning completely.

After hours of trying, nothing worked for me.

My goal is to archive that a tab leads to the playback / pause of the music.

The volume of the iPhone on the Bluetooth speakers is low

Whenever I connect to a Bluetooth speaker, the volume will not be played at full volume, but the volume will only be set on the speaker of my phone but the volume will only be played back to about half the volume of that of other phones connected to the device. .

How to connect two Bluetooth headphones to an Android phone?

How can two people listen to music on an Android phone via Bluetooth? That is to say. they have two Bluetooth headsets and want to pair them at the same time?

Glitch noise during audio playback MacBook Pro Catalina Bluetooth HiFi Speaker

As for Bluetooth connectivity between my Macbook Pro (2017) and my Sony Hi-Fi system, I'm pretty sure I did not have it a few weeks ago. (And so is probably a Catalina problem).

I get these horrible glitchy noises very short and very discordant when playing the sound. This happens at the end of songs during streaming, but also at the end of Youtube videos. This also happens if I play different alert sounds in the Sound Preferences as a test.

No problem with my other Bluetooth device – some Bose wireless headphones.

Ideas?! It drives me crazy!