Can not use Google Home as Bluetooth speakers on Ubuntu

For some reason, I can not get it to work … Ubuntu shows me that it's connected but that it goes under "input" and not on "output", is there any something I'm not doing well here?

Any help is very appreciated :]

The Microsoft Bluetooth 3600 mouse is lagging behind in Ubuntu 18.04.03 LTS

I have a Microsoft 3600 Bluetooth mouse that works great under Windows,
I connected successfully with Ubuntu, it works,
But drags in a boring way ….

Could this be corrected?

I worked well on my desk with Ubuntu 16 LTS

thank you,
Rami Sabbagh

Can an Android app intercept and filter / block notifications sent to Bluetooth devices? "

I've recently noticed that since the abandonment of Pebble, most smart watches (fitness-oriented) have no way to put whitelists or blacklists on apps that transmit their messages (for example, any Garmin AFAICT product, Polar product).

Is there anything in the Android SDK that would allow a third-party application to implement this behavior? That is, the interception broadcast (assuming that notifications are transmitted even that way) notifications to connected Bluetooth devices, so that a single application can prevent notifications from occurring. to be propagated to smartwatches and others?

One of the main reasons for wanting this is that some notification element cards for actions such as downloading constant buzzing on a smartwatch that makes the mirror notification completely unusable, which requires me to switch to DnD mode on the smartphone or smartwatch.

Windows 10 – Bluetooth is enabled, but I do not have a Bluetooth device

First of all, I must say that it is more of a nuisance / bug than something that is broken or that does not work.

In my action center, the Bluetooth square is blue (on), which means Not connected.

However, here is the problem: my PC does not have Bluetooth capability. This is not a laptop, the motherboard does not have this function and no connected device has bluetooth.

I've been watching online and most suggestions revolve around you disable bluetooth (What I can not do because there is no on / off switch in the settings) or remove the Bluetooth device from the device manager (which I also can not do because there is no did not) disable it there (which I can not do because there is only my network card there)

Any advice greatly appreciated

If Bluetooth then hot

I have a 2 pixel and I just installed an Android main unit in my car. I am looking for an application or script that, when I get in my car and my pixel connects by Bluetooth to my central unit, turn on my access point so that my main unit can get an internet connection. I have tried IFTTT but this has no option for that. I'm a little new on Android, but I'm pretty computer savvy. Has anyone seen an IFTTT like this or knows how that can be done?

Can not connect to a Bluetooth wireless speaker, Ubuntu LTS 18.04

The Bluetooth speaker is visible as a device from my laptop. However, if I try to connect to the device via the Bluetooth interface, nothing happens. All that does is say "No installation" next to the device before and after (after a short delay of loading) my connection attempt.

I've also tried to connect using bluetoothctl from the terminal. It does not work either, but it seems to suggest that my laptop is, in fact, able to connect to the speaker, but this connection is simply dropped after a second or two. Below you'll find a screenshot of the output when I try to connect to the speaker via a terminal (ignore the first unsuccessful matching attempt because l & # 39; pregnant was extinct after a period of inactivity):

terminal exit

I can connect to the speakers with my phone, as well as with my Windows 10 operating system (dual-boot). So it seems to be a problem with Ubuntu.

I've also tried using blueman to connect to the speakers, but this also gives an error, which a screen capture is linked again below:

blueman exit

The speaker model is a Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 2, though this may be useful.

Switch pro controller disconnects and reconnects bluetooth. 19.04

Use the controller with steam and it is constantly disconnecting and reconnecting. Sometimes it takes a few minutes and sometimes it's almost instantaneous. Tried of un-matching and re-pairing. I do not have other Bluetooth devices to see if it's just the controller.

Tasker does not detect bluetooth – Ethiopia Android Stack Exchange

Has anyone found a solution to this bug?

Millions of discussions open and never resolved on Google about it … The authors have probably been abandoned.

Just migrated to an Oreo phone. It worked perfectly on ANY phone before

  • Tasker has access to notifications;
  • Tasker is enabled in accessibility;
  • Tasker is a device administrator.
  • Tasker is not included in the battery saver;
  • Tasker is authorized to withdraw;

Uninstalled, reinstalled, and created a simple report -> Task

State>BT Connected --> Picked the MAC with the magnifier
Flash> Text:"BT Detected"

Bluetooth Security – Information Security Stack Exchange

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Connect a headset to an Android via Bluetooth

Please excuse a novice if the following questions are too simple and even stupid.

Question 1 As far as I know, * .aac usually produces better sound quality than * .mp3 at the same rate. Even if I have a * .mp3 converted to * .aac, the sound quality will not be better. Is it correct? If this is not the case, why do some people make the extra effort to make such a conversion?

Question # 2 When I rip a CD track, I can choose the resulting format in .mp3 or .aac format. Is it correct?

Question # 3 Suppose my phone and headset support {SBC, AAC, aptX}. How do they correspond? Do I have the choice to request a specific connection? (A simple answer (which does not include too much technical information) will do the trick.)