How can I change the use of Bluetooth headset to phone controled engines?

I want to use Bluetooth speaker board and connect a mini motor (like the ones in the toy’s )
insisted than the speakers and control it by my phone is it possible ?

And how can I reprogram the board to take other orders than the sound ?

Can an app find out if the Android phone it’s running on supports Bluetooth 4.3 privacy extensions?

I need to find out if the phone my app is running on supports the BT 4.2 bluetooth privacy extensions. If so, it will tell a BT connected device to do the same, if not it will not enable it.

Is there a way to programmatically check if the underlying Android supports the privacy extensions?

My assumption here is, based on two low cost phones, that for some mobile phones BT4.2 compatibility is claimed, yet enabling it on the slave device voids the communication with the device.

Bluetooth module and an Android app

Good morning everyone,

I have few sensors,a microcontroller with a bluetooth module and an android app to visualize the data.

  • how can I make sure my system only connect to phones that activated bluetooth throught the app?
  • Is there a specific methode to achieve this?
  • My data is just bunch of numbers , should I use encryption?Is there any risk if I don’t?

DSLR Camera with no wireless connectivity (WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS)?

I would like to buy a new DSLR camera but I’m concerned about security. I was wondering if there’s a camera on the market that doesn’t have built-in wireless connectivity to it or has an option to physically disable it.

Bluetooth periodically switches off – Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange

The Bluetooth on my Android phone periodically switches off.

This is a problem because I use a “Tile” on my keys. To find my keys using my phone, and my phone using my keys. And after the Bluetooth switches off, this doesn’t work.

phone: Xiaomi Max 2

Android version: 7.1.1

MIUI version:

The best advice I’ve gleaned from the internet so far has been to give the “Bluetooth Share” app all the permissions it needs. This seems to have lengthened the time it takes before the Bluetooth switches off.

enter image description here

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Is there a way to view log of previously connected bluetooth devices that have already been removed?

Weird one guys. Bear with me.

So I’m working from a home office. I have an Apple Magic Keyboard 2 and it has been connected to my MacBook Pro for a couple of months now. Today I went to use it and found that it was no longer connected.

I opened bluetooth preferences and saw my keyboard (named “Squiffer’s Keyboard”) listed there as disconnected. Underneath “Squiffer’s Keyboard” was a new bluetooth device named “John’s Keyboard”, ready to connect. I thought this was very strange but had bought the keyboard secondhand so thought maybe it had reverted to the old owner’s name somehow. So I connected to it and removed “Squiffer’s Keyboard” from the list.

After connecting I found that the middle line of keys do not work. I contacted the previous owner to check if the name matched his, it did not. Now I suspect that somebody stole my keyboard and replaced it with their broken one (!) so I want to compare the MAC addresses of “John’s Keyboard” and “Squiffer’s Keyboard”.

The problem is I have already removed “Squiffer’s Keyboard” from the bluetooth preferences. Does anyone know if there might a log somewhere of previously connected devices? Or a log of the device being removed maybe?

Any help is appreciated. In an office environment I wouldn’t care as much but since I’m working from home, if my suspicion is true then my roommate stole my keyboard. So I need to set my mind at ease! Thanks!

EDIT: I am using macOS 11.2.1 on an M1 MacBook Pro

tethering – Route bluetooth hotspot through VPN?

With an adb prompt or, failing that, a root prompt, how can I alter default behavior to root traffic through the VPN connection in Android 10 so that this behavior remains when unrooted?

In the case of an Android phone connecting to another Android phone running a hotspot, neither can apply any security precautions to the hotspot traffic and this is a bit of a security risk. I need to fix this hole.

Dante AVIO Bluetooth Adapter

The new Dante AVIO Bluetooth adapter provides wireless connectivity to Dante networks for mobile devices and computers. It is now in stock and can be purchased via our online shop. Free delivery included.


audio – How to stop iPhone calls from interrupting bluetooth connection on mac

I have a Jabra Evolve2 65 headset. This headset is bluetooth-paired with both my Mac and my iPhone.

If I am in a call on my Mac (say, Microsoft Teams or Zoom), and someone calls on my iPhone, the iPhone overtakes the bluetooth connection and start ringing, effectively kicking me out from the call which is running on my Mac. In other words, the iPhone hijacks the bluetooth connection from the Mac while I have a call running on the Mac.

I was wondering if there is a way to configure the bluetooth connection so that it does not interrupt an ongoing call if a call comes in to the other device.

bluetooth – Nintendo Switch Controller delayed response on Android TV 9

I’m owning a Xiaomi Mi TV 4A that runs Android TV 9. I would like to play games on it with the SNES -aka Super Famicom- Nintendo Switch Bluetooth controller.

Connecting the controller works but there is a big delay after pressing a button and there are random other issues like multiple steps instead of one after pressing the D-Pad in a direction.

Is this an issue with the controller or are there settings I’m missing?

I updated the OS, tried reconnecting the Gamepad and rebooting the TV without success.