dnd 5th – Does the protective aura of a paladin grant a save bonus against the summoner's control?

The demon does not usually have the aura of the paladin …

We can reference this question on the definition of "hostile", which quotes the DMG p.244:

  • A friendly creature wants to help the adventurers and wants them to succeed.
  • An indifferent creature could help or hinder the group, depending on what the creature considers most beneficial.
  • A hostile creature opposes adventurers and their goals but does not necessarily attack them on sight.

Making no assumptions based on the D&D tradition, which is not inherent in fate, the formulation of Summon Greater Demons in fact makes no provision as to whether the demon invoked is friendly or hostile – compare to Summon Little Demons (XGE p.167), which declares

Demons are hostile to all creatures

or other conjuring spells, such as Summon animals, Conjure Elemental, Celestial conjure, Conjure Fey, Summon Minor Elementals, Conjure woodland beings (PHB p.225-226), which all explicitly state that the creature (s) summoned are / are

friendly to you and your companions for the duration.

Because a spell does what it says, and nothing more, it cannot be assumed that the demon summoned by Summon Greater Demon is friend and therefore does not automatically benefit from the aura of the paladin.

… unless the demon is somehow already friends with the Paladin …

Nor does fate provide that the demon is necessarily hostile. It may be possible to summon a friendly demon, but that demon will not automatically be friendly as a result of the spell.

For example, if Paladin McLawfulGood had inexplicably befriended Shadowy the Shadow Demon, and Shadowy was by chance (or by DM fiat) the specific demon summoned by the spell, then according to DMG guidelines above, Shadowy would benefit from the aura of the Paladin.

Note that the spell does not give the caster any opportunity to choose the individual demon that is summoned, but allows the possibility that the summoned demon is known, as it includes a small advantage.

if you say his real name.

… but maybe only until the demon breaks free

By a strictly raw reading of the spell, when the demon is released, it

spends his turns chasing and attacking the closest non-demons to the best of his ability.

It is not an optional clause; therefore, a friendly demon who manages to break control would then be forced to attack the nearest non-demons. If this includes the Paladin or his allies, this may move the demon directly into the hostile category, and therefore not benefit from the aura.

That said, there are East a lot of ambiguity in this spell (as if the demon is forced to attack, or it just describes the behavior of more demons), so a reasonable interpretation will ultimately depend on the DM in this slightly absurd scenario.

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dnd 5th – When using a Punishment spell cast in a previous turn, can you use your bonus action to apply another Punishment spell to the same attack?

This is essentially a matter of order of operations in terms of concentration, Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition.

Let's say that you cast a strike spell in the previous turn and are focused on it. If you cast another spell that requires concentration at this time, the smite spell will end. You have both an action and a bonus action ready this turn.

You attack and take the hit; you are now ready to deal damage to your weapon and strike spell.

Are you still focused on your strike spell at this point in the attack sequence?

If you no longer focus on your strike spell, then can you use your bonus action to cast another strike spell and apply it to the attack before resolving the attack sequence , creating a series of events that look like the following, assuming enough spell locations?

Example: a paladin

  • previous round:
    throw thunderclap, gain concentration
  • this round:
    Declare the attack, starting your attack sequence.
  • Successfully reach your target
  • Apply thunderclap at your weapon attack, lose focus
  • Apply Divine Smite
  • Use the bonus action to launch thunderclap, gain concentration
  • Apply thunderclap on your weapon attack, lose focus.
  • Throw damage for your weapon attack, your thunderclap, your Divine Smite, and another thunderclap.

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creature size – Do small animals receive an AC bonus?

I guess the real question is: "Have they removed the concept of size-based modifiers?"

D&D 3.0 and 3.5 had them. I could actually look for it in the book right now. He may even have presented them.

Pathfinder 1E is derived from 3.X and also has them: https://dungeons.fandom.com/wiki/SRD:Table_of_Creature_Size_and_Scale

Interestingly, D&D 4.0 and 5.0 no longer seem to have them. Apparently, they "did not work" as expected.

While Pathfinder 2E no longer has much in common with the D&D range, it is very possible that they independently came to the same conclusions. Maybe these modifiers were just a design error in 3.X to be with? Maybe other changes have made keeping them really impossible?

If you are interested in a possible reason for the deletion, I can guess: having spells like Shrinking can effectively add +2 AC and +8 Stealth to someone who was already good to these two values ​​was really causing problems. Compensating with reduced damage was a pain to be calculated and circumvented via many flat modifiers. And damage reduction was actually not a deterrent to stealth use.
It was fairly easy to replace these bonuses on any existing creature that relied on them (more DEX simulates the AC bonus and higher stealth skill values ​​simulate the Hide bonus). There was therefore nothing lost, apart from a multitude of potential abuses.

In fact, the existence of the Shrink spell itself could have made this necessary. The only 3.X equivalents I could find are Reduce Person and Reduce Curse (Pathfinder 1E was pretty much the same here). And exactly because of the modifiers attached to the size, they couldn't make a change greater than 1 size category.

In Pathfinder 2e, do small animals receive an AC bonus?

In Pathfinder 2e, do small animals get an AC bonus? Would a little pet get the same bonus?

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dnd 5th – How many times can a level 17 astral auto-monk attack, including a bonus action

I thought it was simple, but I had a chat with one of my players who didn't see it the same way as I did.

According to the characteristics of the subclass, at the 3rd level:

(…) immediately after you use the Attack action with your astral arms in turn you can do an additional attack with your astral arms as a bonus action. The number of additional attacks increases when you reach certain levels in this class, increasing to two at the 11th level and three at the 17th level.

Quite simple: at level 3, you can make a total of two attacks (1A and 1BA), at level 11 three attacks (1A and 2BA) and at level 17 four attacks (1A and 3BA)

Then, at level 5, like each martial class, you get an additional attack:

From level 5, you can attack twice, instead of once, each time you perform the attack action on your turn.

In addition, at level 17, you benefit from the "Full Astral Self" function, which offers the following advantages, among others:

Astral barrage. Whenever you use the Extra Attack function to attack twice, you can instead attack three times using your astral arms.

The difference of opinion is whether the Extra Attack function means that you are performing the Attack action. As such, my player suggests that the astral monk evolves as follows:

  • at the 3rd level can make 2 attacks (1A and 1BA)
  • at 5th level can make 4 attacks (1A + 1BA + 1 additional attack + 1 astral self-attacks (1 per attack action taken) in BA)
  • at level 11 can make 8 attacks (1A + 1 additional attack + 4 astral self-attacks (2 per attack action taken) in BA)
  • at level 17 can make 12 attacks (1A + 2 additional attack + 9 astral self-attacks (3 per attack action taken) in BA)

First of all, it sounds absurd, even if it satisfies my Jojo fantasy.
The way I interpret is:

  • at level 17, he could make 6 attacks (1A + 2 additional attack + 3 bonus astral self-attacks).

All the above instances take into account the BA that the monk would have needed to invoke the astral self.

What are your thoughts? I think typing this has strengthened the response to 6 attacks, but I would like to hear the opinion of others on the issue.

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BONUS TIP for cooking in a classic wow

If you want to create treats for your own use, or sell them on the market – don't sell or sell your food that you cooked the cheapest classic wow gold during the leveling process. Especially with regard to Kul Tiramisu and Mon’Dazi. Many of the parties you will use in raids with your team members use these dishes as ingredients. The foods created with these two dishes will give you 100 points to your main stat, for example, and it's not something you should ignore.

The best foods for your use

There are a lot of foods you can cook in World of Warcraft. But in truth, at the end of the game, you will only run through a few foods that will complete your class and build. This is why you will stick to some recipes.

Boralus blood sausage

5x thick paleo steak

3x Foosaka

2x aromatic fish oil

5x Sanguicell

You will receive an increase of 85 points from your main statistic based on your specialization for 1 hour. It’s great food if you want to add that extra "punch" to your character. This cooking will increase your strength, agility or intelligence. It & # 39; sa great buff that should not be overlooked, in virtually all scenarios.

Steak and seasoned potatoes

6x thick paleo steak

5x fresh potato

2x Foosaka

2x aromatic fish oil

Endurance is increased by 150 points for 1 hour. If you need additional health points, this is the dish to choose. 150 Endurance is a matter of migration, and when you survive with these 5 points of PV, you know why you did it.

Honey glazed mints

10x Ham Meat

5x Choral Honey

70 critical hit for 1 hour for the eater. The additional critical strike chance is always a good addition to your character, but it is not your priority. It's a stinking RNG stat that gives you a little extra power, but only when it manages to fire. Useful for everyone, DPS – more damage, Tank – generates more threat Menac cuz, Healers – even more powerful healing. There are certainly better buffs to use, but if you feel like it's your lucky day, go for extra credits.

Sailor’s Pie

10x brackish flesh

5x wild flour

4x Foosaka

4x Frash Potato

Your mastery stat is increased by 70 points for 1 hour. This one is really interesting. The master's degree offers you pretty buffs depending on the specialization you have chosen. Additional mastery points will increase the statistics of these useful addons, making your specialty much stronger. Very good thing to invest.

Spicy snapper

Snapper 10x Lane

5x Foosaka

Versatility stats will be increased by 70 for 1 hour. This is a very good statistic to have as it increases the damage done to your targets, while decreasing the amount of damage received from all sources. Great buff to have, 70 Versatility is something that should not be overlooked.

Swamp Fish & # 39; n Chips

10x slimy mackerel

3x wild flour

2x fresh potato

Haste will be increased by 70 points for 1 hour. Haste will be a must for DPS characters who can deal good damage with their normal attacks, with the addition of skills that have striking abilities. Haste decreases the time that must pass before you can attack again with your right click. It also affects damage over time and healing over time, as it reduces the time between ticks.

These foods will be perfect for you if you just want to eat. However, these will be ineffective when you go on a raid with your people. For master chefs interested in raids, you should all focus on

Holidays – Everyone, enter here

The kitchen in this section is the real deal. This is the time when your guild will respect you even more for cooking and spending time with them. Nothing better than a giant feast before the raid. There are a lot of parties that you can prepare, but there is only one party that will be worth your time. It requires 110 skill levels in cooking, and if you're not there yet, you should let someone else party for your raid.

Generous Captain's Feast

20x Redtail Loach

20x Frenzied Fangtooth

20x stringy nets

20x Meat Ham

12x Kul Tiramisu

12x Mon’Dazi

3x midnight salmon

The list is long and looks scary. However, this is a rank 1 recipe. There are also rank 2 and rank 3 versions. The following ranks do not increase the statistics provided by this dish. Instead, they reduce the amount of ingredients needed to create this dish. That means – opting for rank 3 as soon as possible is the smartest idea, even smarter than taking the next level of cooking as a secondary profession.

Row 3: Feast of the Generous Captain

15x Redtail Loach

15x Frenzied Fangtooth

15x stringy nets

15x Meat shank

10x Kul Tiramisu

10x Mon’Dazi

2x midnight salmon

As you can see, the difference between rank 1 and rank 3 is quite severe. Therefore, reaching rank 3 as soon as possible will be one of the best investments you can make. This will work in the long run, as you will use less money and time (which are the two pillars of na MMORPG) to create the best dishes for your raid group. There are quite a few parties you can have, but if you want to be serious, and provide as much extra statistics as possible – Bountiful Captain & # 39; s Feast will be your appetizer, main course and dessert. a main statistic based on specialization. Such a party will easily feed more than 35 people, so you can easily end your raid.

In addition, if you need WOW classic Gold while you are playing, you can go to WOWclassicgp.com to find and get it, it can be delivered quickly and make your game easier.