Air travel – Why can not I book these flights on Air France?

I want to book a multi-city itinerary on Air France, including CDG -> KIX and KIX -> LHR. Air France offers flights for these two pairs and it seems that I would be able to book them separately without problems (although very expensive, of course). However, I can not book them together (for any amount of money). When I search in ITA Matrix, this combination on Air France does not show up (even if the two simple directions appear). When I search the Air France website, I feel a little hope because, on the first page after the search, it indicates indeed many flights in both directions. However, when I select the flights I want, a strange error message tells me "There are no flights available, change your travel dates." (even if she just posted flights available!). Is there any hope of reserving this combination, perhaps through a SkyTeam partner, or does Air France simply refuse this type of flight combination?

By the way, the combination CDG -> KIX and NRT -> CDG ​​seems to be easily reserved.

maui – How can I book to see the sunrise in Haleakala, if the closure of the federal government hampers online bookings?

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[ Politics ] Open question: Are you going to buy Michelle Obama's new book?

So, Michelle Obama has released a new book and I am curious to know if someone will buy it or have already bought it.

If you bought it, why? And if you plan to buy it, why? .

Book vs. eBook-Which is the best?

Book vs. eBook-Which is the best?

sql – generate a query or create an inventory book and a balance

This is the first time I do this type of work and I need a theory on how to start doing this project in sql then run my procedure and pass it to the company. 39; ERP.
I have the task of creating or generalizing an accounting ledger and balance sheets – statement of financial position.
but I do not know how to start creating such a project.
I need advice, theory and even courses to start and continue with other things like this.
I hope you can help me.
thanks in advance, a big hug and good day to all

Turing Machines – Confusion on the evidence of the undecidability of REGULAR TM in Sipser's book

In Michael Sipser's book "Introduction to the Theory of Computation", there is an example of undecidable languages ​​in which there is a REGULR_TM language described as follows:

REGULAR_TM = { | M is a Turing machine and L (M) is a normal language.
Well, Sipser says it's an undecidable language because we can not have a decision maker to decide that language. Because if we could, we could create a TM that would decide an ATM that we previously know is undecidable. so that could cause a contradiction.
Here is the proof of this book:

Evidence. We let R be a TM that decides to REGULARtm and build TM S to decide on Atm. Then S works in the following way.

S = "In input, where M is a TM and w is a string:

  1. Build the next TM M2.

    M2 = "On the input x:

            1. If x has the form 0 ^ n 1 ^ n, accept.
    2. If x does not have this form, run M on input w and accept if M accepts w. "
  2. Execute R as input .

  3. If R accepts, accepts; if R rejects, rejects. "

My question is: is this type of construction of a TM S correct?
the part that really baffles me is the part that says "throw M on input w and accept if M accepts w". That's the question for Atm. If we could answer this question, why do we need an M2 machine to feed it into the R and produce the result of R. We have just "cast M on w".

Also for some languages ​​that [we know] are decidable, we can have the same argument and conclude that it is not decidable.

[GET] Bustle early learning book



nodes – Navigation for book collections

I work in a project where I have to show a collection of books. On this website, I managed to use the book navigation block for a collection of many books. With css, I managed to define a tree view and an indication of your position, but only allow a collection of books.
The problem is that I have to make at least 23 collections, each one belonging to a province.

Is there a way to reproduce the navigation of this book for each collection?
Can I create them with a menu of blocks with tree view and the same CSS style?
I think the concept of book collection is missing from an editorial point of view.

On a theorem of Hardy's book

I wonder what is the theorem of geometry on the green cover page on the following website: imgrc = hBZJcysX7IsL-M : & spf = 1547282635834

It does not seem like Simson's theorem on a circle. Please learn me.

Werewolf Apocalypse – Of the 21 fictitious companies listed as belonging to Pentex in Book of the Wyrm, there are references to real companies?

The werewolf supplement Wyrm's book describes the company Pentex and other objects contaminated by Wyrm. Pages 37 to 39 present 21 fictitious companies owned by Pentex.

Two of these elements were immediately recognizable by me as parodies or references to real-world businesses. For example, "Endron International", a petrochemical company known for its large oil spills, is a travesty of Enron Corporation (which owns a subsidiary called Enron International). Enron was a global energy company with diversified commercial interests, accused of ignoring pipeline leaks.

Which of these 21 companies are parodies or references to real-world companies?