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Dungeons and Dragons – What third party D & D book introduced new rituals giving player characters monstrous parts of the body and their associated powers?

A long time ago, I remember reading a book that introduced new spells that allowed a player to appropriate the abilities of monsters by performing a ritual magic giving him the body parts associated with these powers.

I do not remember the name of the book, but I remember that there was an excerpt from text where someone was trying to gain the lungs of a gorgon to be able to use his petrifying breath weapon . The person died of asphyxiation during the ritual after losing his lungs during the ritual before getting the monster's organ or woke up after a death with a bull's head. made of metal.

In another excerpt, I remembered that an apprentice of a devilish wizard was discovering that his master had been killed by the creation of a human-headed soldier, led by a rat, who was killed. he created experimentally using the magic of the book.

I have vaguely the idea that this book was part of a series detailing variants of the "school third" but I do not remember the topics that would have been covered in the series, so it's possible that I mix it up with a different book.

Does anyone know the name of this book or who published it?

Why should I book flight tickets on Flightsbird?

I've searched on Google "Air tickets"and I saw which provides the very cheap price on airline tickets and they mentioned up to $ 150 OFF, so my question is if should I book flight tickets with Flightsbird?

Book and DS Bridging Design / Algorithms

I read many books like The Pragmatic Programmer, Clean Code and Code Complete (excellent books) while I study DS / algorithms for interviews. In DS preparation / algorithms, I read things such as "we all forgot a lot of these things at the university". This troubles me and leads me to this question: is there a very good book for the engineer who works on best practices to always use the best / most efficient algorithms / DS and write the best clean code, well structured? I would like a very practical book, written by a man in the trenches, that deals with the wisdom of keeping the important things on the side of the major, while writing "clean code" that would make Uncle Bob happy. If such a book does not exist, I will write it perhaps;) … but if it existed, could you let me know?

Font book still hangs

Font Book crashes immediately every time I try to open it: ideas
fix that? (I have MacOS Mojave 10.14.3, although this has happened with earlier versions of MacOS as well.)

big book – Why can not I see my transactions on

I have a Bitcoin address on which I have done some transactions. From what I understand from the blockchain, the general ledger is public and anyone can list the transactions related to a particular address.

If yes, why do not I see any transaction when entering my address -39QUZnHVbtXGreq3zndkPtrg1TSho2Mbht – on

Same thing for

I have to book a flight in 15 days. Should I wait?

I just finished my itinerary and I have to book an Atlanta-Houston flight on March 16th. I found that the price had suddenly risen to about $ 170 the day before and dropped $ 30 4 hours ago. Should I wait until Monday or Tuesday?

Reference Request – Typed First Order Book

Computer scientists interested in untyped first-order logic are numerous, such as Melvin Fitting's "First-order Logic and Automated Demonstration of Theorems" or John Harrison's "Manual of Practical Logic and Automatic Reasoning."

However, I struggled to find a solid reference that deals specifically with first-order typewritten (or "sorted out") logic.

Although many knowledge of untyped first-order logic is correctly transferred to a typed parameter, there are some interesting questions specific to the first order typed logic for which rigorous processing, possibly with implementation examples, is required. # 39; interests. Type checking is an obvious example, but it also makes it possible to determine whether, in a typed parameter, it is useful to distinguish formulas and terms syntactically, or whether the formulas should only be treated as type terms. booland the consequences of such decisions on the calculation of normal forms. I am sure there are also other interesting issues.

Are there any books that you can recommend that have a purpose, or even just a long enough chapter, dealing specifically with the typical first order logic?

Should I book an organized trip to Leh Ladakh in advance or buy the trip separately upon arriving in Leh?

I will go to Leh Ladakh in July / 2019. I consider these options:

  1. There are many package tours to visit places like Pangong Lake, the Nubra Valley, … for 7 days including accommodation that I can book online now.

  2. Book hotels in advance but buy the short circuit (one or two days) when you arrive in Leh to all tourist attractions via a local agency. Ex: 2-day excursion to Pangong Lake, another 2-day trip to the Nubra Valley. This is possible?

  3. Just book the hotels in advance where I want to go and take a cab to get there. This option is the most expensive I suppose.

Please advise me of the advantages and disadvantages of these options. Thank you

reference request – Any good book for mathematician to better understand the "physical way of dealing with things"?

Good books for mathematicians to better understand the "physical way of dealing with things"?

To better understand physics calculations from a mathematical but nonphysical context.

I assumed that part of the physics was not just calculations or evidence, but rather the formation of intuitions about the problems ("what happens physically", " what are the important parameters "," how do they interact ").