standard visitor visas – I want to travel to the UK to meet my boyfriend for the first time. Do I mention him on the application?

I met my boyfriend online last April and we have been in a long distance relationship for over a year with texting and video calling every single day, I adore this man and all we want is to meet each other.

We are both South African citizens but he is in the military in the UK and still has four years to go. I am working in the Netherlands for a year. I have leave in August for three weeks and finally have the opportunity to go meet him, I want to visit him for two weeks and I’ll be staying at his grandparents house in the UK. My host family is sponsoring the whole trip.

I know there is a part that you have to show that you have met each other before and proof of the relationship. We make the best out of what we have, we have a thousand miles between us but our relationship is as real as any other.

Everybody is telling not to mention him and just go as a tourist, but I don’t want to lie. I just want to meet him and hug him in person. I won’t overstay cause I have a year contract with my host family in the Netherlands. Should I mention him or not?

standard visitor visas – I want to travel to the uk to meet my boyfriend for the first time. how do I go about this?

I met my boyfriend online last year April and we have been having a long distance relationship for over a year with texting and video calling every single day, I adore this man and all we want is to meet each other. We are both South African citizens but he is in the military in the UK and still has four years to go. I am working in the Nederlands for a year. I have leave in August for three weeks and finally have the opportunity to go meet him, I want to visit him for two weeks I’ll be staying at his grandparents house in the uk and my host family is sponsoring the whole trip. I know there is a part that u have to show that u have met each other before and proof of the relationship. we make the best out of what we have, we have a thousand miles between us but our relationship is as real as any other. please I need some advise. everybody is telling not to mention him and just go as a tourist but I don’t want to lie. I just want to meet him and hug him in person.I won’t overstay cause I have a year contract with my host family in the Nederlands.

My boyfriend keeps hacking my android with his iPhone. I need help to keep him out. If he wants to see my phone he could just ask

He has used chromium, parental controls, and costume android apps to get all messages, pictures etc. I don’t have any to hide all he has to do is ask. I’m tired of being watched when I know I’m not doing anything wrong.

visas – Can my boyfriend, who lives in the UK and has a Polish passport, visit me in the USA?

As others have said, a Polish citizen needs a Visa for the US. However, if you’re in a pinch for time, you have a US Passport, and he has a Polish, both of you can travel to Canada without Visas. If time doesn’t allow for him to get his Visa, that might be your next best option.

UPDATE: The US is admitting Poland into the Visa Waiver program. Word on the street is that sometime between January and March, Poles should be able to enter the US for 90 days without a formal visa.

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customs and immigration – Leaving work to visit my British boyfriend longer

So, I am in a long distance relationship with a guy from England, we have been together for a little over a year now. He visited me here in the United States for 2 weeks in April 2018, and I visited him for 2 weeks in October-November 2018. My goal is to come back to see him in a few months after saving some money. Money, however, I hope to stay for just over 2 weeks, let's say more like a month.

But I'm honestly not sure if my boss gives me a month off to visit him, so I try to quit my job to go see him and just take the opportunity to look for a better job once I get home me. Obviously, I understand that having no job as a home attache is frowned upon, so I guess I hope you can give me advice on some of my options when it comes to being able to see it without causing a lot of border control.

I have read about some people advising to lie a little bit about my reason for being there and so on and I have absolutely no interest in lying. Do you all think that this would raise too many questions for me to go visit him for a month with sufficient funds but unemployed? He is employed and would also help with some of the financial burdens and we are discussing a weeklong trip to London if I get the chance to stay for a whole month, would have proof of would accommodation there help me all or not?

I'm sorry if I seem stupid for my questions; I just know I miss him terribly and I'm ready to visit him again, but I want to get it right. Thanks guys for any input in advance!

My boyfriend is pressuring me to buy a house?

My boyfriend is pressuring me to buy a house. We only have 2 and a half years together and have lived 1 and a half years together in an apartment. I have a job and there is none. He has bad credit, so the taxi can only be approved for a mortgage in my name. I do not feel ready because I am not permanent in my work and anything can happen. I cried and said that I am not ready and he threatens to leave because he no longer wants to live in an apartment. He insults me, says that I'm always stressed, I always take my time with things, I don't listen, etc.

I don't know what to think anymore as I feel lost

Are Trump supporters proud that their boyfriend turns into a dictator because they think it makes them so powerful?

Their pride is fragile and delicate …….

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Why do you think the Jews are silent when the anti-Semitic shield is removed? 🤨

customs and immigration – Will my boyfriend have problems at the British border?

As of May 2019, US citizens can use the electronic passport gates of British airports to control immigration to the UK. It is very likely that he will not talk to anyone when he passes the gates (unless he has something to report to the customs). It's actually what happens to most people.

He may still need to talk to someone if the doors refuse his passport. For example, if the passport chip is broken or its immigration history is unfavorable (that is, if you have already had difficulty entering the UK). In this case, the usual advice applies: Answer exactly what you are asked for using short answers and do not spontaneously communicate information. (If, in rare cases, it is brought to the back for a secondary upkeep, it's time to give detailed explanations.)