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Hello guys!

I am currently working on a marketplace store project based on: eBay and BestBuy, in both stores there is the partner and brand system where you are on the home page, I am using this plugin for the marketplace: https: // addons. and I’m doing it for prestashop, unfortunately the plug-in does not have the option to create the automatic banner (in fact there is more with this problem) and I spent 200 dollars in this plugin and I would not like to spend more, I need some help how to configure the banners and brand parts with this plug-in.

:) Any help already agrees


How to differentiate Web Hosting Brands

I have two main brands that I offer Web hosting with. which I have been running for over 10 years primarily for education cl… | Read the rest of

I will create perfect names or slogans for companies, brands and services for $ 5

I will create perfect names or slogans for companies, brands and services

About this concert

I will create perfect names or slogans for businesses, brands and services for $ 5.

Do you think about identity, difference, uniqueness and class? You are in the right place.

"A COMPANY NAME" is what you need. A perfect name is essential to stand out and make your services unique and memorable. I will think it over thoroughly and create suitable names that will provide details about your business, brands and services to your reputable customers without any hassle. The right company name should grab attention, give potential customers a feeling of confidence and transmit the strongest virtues of your brand.

I am going to create:

Trade names

Product names


Domain names

Names of departments

Book titles

Podcast names

And everything that needs to be named

Every name I create is 100% original, unique and guaranteed to serve your purpose.

For any request and order, please feel free to give me a message as I am always happy and available to help.


Report: Brands lose 50% of funds invested in programmatic advertising

According to a new study, 50% of the money invested does not reach online publishers …

photography basics – Do I need more than one filter holder for different brands?

I am currently looking for ND and Grad ND filters for my camera for long exposures. Im a newbie and new to it all and am a little confused. The question is

Let's say I bought a Cokin P-series filter pack with a holder, can I use this holder to use other branded filters that are not Cokin?

Or must the support and the filter be of the same brand?

Thank you!

Instagram provides tips on how brands can use stories to connect with the public in the middle of COVID-19 – Social Media Marketing (SMM)

To help you, Instagram has this week shared some key tips on how brands can keep the public connected via Instagram Stories.

And there are some good notes to consider – here are the six Instagram tips for getting the most out of stories during COVID-19.

1. "Make it easy for people to support your brand"

The first tip of Instagram is to promote ways for people to support your business using Instagram new gift card and food order stickers in your Stories frames. You can then save your stories as highlights to maximize their reach and response.

Instagram Stories Tips

2. "Raise and inform"

Instagram advises brands to also seek to “ share positive stories of kindness and sacrifice, and to support health and safety messages from trusted sources ''.

Instagram Stories Tips

This is in line with recent advice from Twitter research, which indicates that consumers are looking for brands to provide accurate information and help their local communities.

Instagram also advises brands to use tools like their Stay at Home Sticker to reinforce key health messages.

3. "Share your story"

Instagram says brands should be looking to share behind the scenes information about what is really going on in their business as a result of COVID-19, and how they are looking to address key issues and help their suppliers and communities.

Instagram Stories Tips

4. "Start a conversation"

Instagram suggests brands use the question sticker to interact with customers and ask how they are feeling.

Instagram also recommends using tools such as the Countdown sticker to build engagement around digital events.

Instagram Stories Tips

5. "Respond to FAQs"

Instagram also suggests that brands are considering using Stories to answer common questions they are receiving at the moment, helping to clarify what's going on.

Instagram Stories Tips

6. "Engage your community"

And finally, Instagram notes that stories are “ where people like to express themselves, '' and brands can tap into them by providing challenges and models for people to share their stories again. stories and tag their friends.

Instagram Stories Tips

This is great advice and will no doubt make you think about how you can use stories in your own approach.

3 creative ways brands can keep themselves entertained

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced brands to postpone or cancel in-person events for the foreseeable future, so marketers are adapting their experiential strategy to connect with people in isolation.


excluding flash – What are the brands / models (non-OEM) of flashes compatible with the 2.4 GHz * radio signal (non-optical) of the Canon 600EX-RT?

Many "generic" flash manufacturers have units Assumed to be compatible with the Canon RT radio system. Most of them include "RT" in the model number of the units they offer as compatible. Most of them are, for the most part, compatible with Canon RT OEM devices. Where it gets a little messy is when we try to operate two different generic "RT" flashes from different manufacturers. It is at this point that the problems seem to start to appear more frequently.

Yongnuo is probably the best known brand that makes generic RT flashes. Not all of their flashes use the RT protocol. In fact, most of their flashes don't. But those who have an "RT" in the model number, like the YN600EX-RT II. In the Yongnuo naming convention, the EX means that the flash is TTL compatible. RT means it uses the Canon RT radio protocol. Most Yongnuo TTL flashes are also capable of HSS, synchronization with a second curtain, multi flash, etc.

If you only use flashes, then RT is not a bad way to do it. But if you ever want to mix flashes with more powerful monolights, be it battery-powered portable notebooks or AC-powered studio lights, you will be limited to being able to tell these flashes to "fire" by plugging in a RT receiver in the monolight wired trigger port. To change the power or other settings, you will need to do this directly on the flash control panel. You will also most certainly be limited to manual power control without HSS, E-TTL, synchronization of the second curtain, etc.

There is another wireless system that offers compatibility with the lights in their range from low-power manual compact flashes with guide numbers less than 40 meters to very powerful studio lights that produce more than 1000 watts -seconds. This is Godox, which is also sold under different trade names. In the United States, Adorama, for example, sells Godox products under its own brand "Flashpoint". There are also suppliers in Europe who sell Godox products using a private label.

Using a TTL compatible receiver with the Godox system allows for remote power control, using HSS, etc. as long as the flash is capable of doing the same thing directly attached to the hot shoe of the camera.

This is something to think about before getting too deep into a radio protocol only with flash.

The 5 Olock Club: shades and brands of the Washington Redskins

The 5 hour club is written a number of instances for each 7 days during the period, and aims to provide a discussion forum for dialogue powered by the reader at a working day period once ; there is no substantial information on the NFL currently being created Seem free to introduce topics you consider in the comments here, the concept of Sammy Baugh.I we might like a …

The 5 Olock Club: shades and brands of the Washington Redskins

error message – Empty status design for serious brands

You've already pointed out an important point to minimize user frustration.

In addition to that, you also want Help me him as soon as he ends up on one of the "empty state" pages.

This is where you will stay professional but at the same time comforting. Some websites use original humor with funny pictures to achieve this, your tool will be words (+ pictures if necessary).

I would advise to use apologetic tone for the information part and useful tone for the text of the board.


enter description of image here

enter description of image here

When it comes to product search: make sure the user has correctly submitted their search term and offer them alternatives or a way to get back to where they came from.

enter description of image here

Steps to follow while being professional:

  • Comfort the user
  • Tell him what happened
  • Provide an acceptable solution