What kind of bread or bread do you like?

What kind of bread do you like? Before going directly to the subject, this is the answer to another type of favorite butter question. It does not make any difference that the butter you buy in store may have too much salt. bread is going to love the type of bread 7-11 It looks like club sandwich type bread
https://www.msn.com/en-us/foodanddrink/foodnews/popeyes-says-you-can-byob-thats-b-for-bun-and-make-yourself-a-chicken-sandwich/ar- AAHc2WQ? Ocid = automatic signature

The reason is as follows: 1] hemophiliacs take over 2] the social service refuses to pay for a prepared sandwich and 3] what is the best bread on the market

websites – Technologies essential to the creation of a blog BREAD / CRUD

I'm trying to create a blog with the bread management system and I just know that there are useful technologies that can make my life a lot easier when programming this blog, but I'm not sure what's going on. I can not find anything reasonable.

I know HTML CSS JS Jquery PHP + Laravel (not a master of it).
I wish to find something that could help me with CMS because I can easily and happily handle the design, front and back.
My question is what are the essential technologies or what would you use in my situation and "Is it possible to learn this power?" in a month to at least know the basics.

2.3 Spice Bread – Can Developers Build Applications for Unsupported Android Versions?

Qualified yes, but it becomes more difficult (and impossible depending on the functionalities required)

Devices with Google Play have a set of integrated services – Google Play services – provided for free (or almost) apps. These services include Location & Maps, push messaging (formerly Google Cloud Messaging, now Firebase Cloud Messaging), Google Sign-in, and more. These services offer developer lockout because they are available on any device that comes with Google Play Store.

All of these services are subject to change over the course of their lives and Google has already announced that APIs 14 and 15 of the Google Play services for Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) will no longer be updated.

This means that for any app developer interested in the current market for Android devices with Google Play services, they will need to do extra work to support older devices where Google's APIs are frozen.

Another problem for developers is that the version of WebView prior to Android 5.0 was related to operating system updates. The problems / peculiarities of WebView varied depending on the manufacturer and the version of the operating system.

You should also look for old web browsers because Firefox and Chrome are running Android 4.0 or higher. For example, advances in mobile website development may occur on older browsers.

What can I do

Run a custom ROM with a replacement for Google Services if needed, see: Fakestore, blankstore, gms, microg, unifiednlp – what's better for Android without Gapps?

What if I do not want root / custom ROM

Any developer should find corresponding APIs for Google services, which would work with the lower API of the device. They will probably have to pay for free services with Google services, such as map mosaics embedded in the app and push notifications.

Note that even the F-Droid open source application store now has a minimum level of 14 APIs, Ice Cream Sandwich

Developers are always free to create applications that users can download and load laterally on older devices, if they do not use outdated Google services for this device.

magento2 – Magento 2 Adds a custom CSS class to bread crumbs

Start by creating a new module for breadcrumbs.
you must rewrite the css file with your custom module using di.xml from your front-end scope:


Then, in your custom phtml file like namespace / module / view / frontend / templates / html / breadcrumbs.phtml, you can add your class:

and your personalization css file: _breadcrumb.less will go to
namespace / module / view / frontend / web / css / source / where you have your changes css:
_breadcrumb.less content:

.breadcrumbs {color: somecolor;}

Please see the complete example on this resource.

Poll: Do you like leavened bread?

Not especially – it's just a fad. I've had leavened bread a few times and it's not as good as regular bread. My partner prepares ordinary bread in a bread machine every week and is much better than any leaven I've ever tasted.

Maybe people who like it compare to mass-produced sliced ​​bread bought in stores?


Best way to implement bread crumbs on mobile

I would like to know about the use of bread crumbs on the mobile, is this a feasible practice today?

Should the steps of an assistant be displayed in the bread crumbs?

The application I'm working on displays the history of the bread crumbs. A section of the application uses a wizard. Should the steps of the wizard also be displayed in the bread crumbs or only the page in which the wizard resides?

Here is a screenshot not including the steps of the wizard in the Ariane thread.

enter the description of the image here

Bread Rack Hosting | Talk Web Hosting

Quote Originally posted by Purevoltage
See the article

Do you need bread bins for this? Or do the systems fit laterally into shelves in racks? If that is the case, this can open up many more options for you.

As a general rule, the "normal" intermediate tower is mounted laterally (and it must be straight, otherwise you are pretty bad). take 5u (4u for the midtower, 1u for the shelf, unless they use shelf rails, even in this case it's usually a little over 4u). For most people who install cabinets, they do not want to spend so much on shelves / cabinets / etc. they do not use it properly.

Bread bins are considerably more economical, usually 1/10 of the cost of cabinet installation for perspective. Of course, it is only the cost of the initial mounting hardware (shelf / rack / cabinet / etc.), but the users do it in volume and configure it to handle it (and usually everything is density / lower configuration for this).