development process – How to break code revision workload into a small team?

I see tests completing to the maximum the revision of the human code

Hmm of everything you say that seems to me the most. Your meaning may be nuanced, but always remember that the idea is to produce functional software, not well-coded software.

I would suggest that the first thing you do is write the rules for which you are reviewing the code. it is to say

  • Coverage of unit tests 90%
  • no gotos!
  • BLA bla

Once you're done, everyone can do a code review pretty quickly. Maybe you can not capture everything you want to apply in a set of rules, but at least a lot of the work can be "outsourced"

Second, I suggest you completely stop the code reviews. Let the team decide what rules to apply and leave them free to modify, apply, or ignore them as they feel it works best for them.

Preserve the quality of your product by ensuring that non-functional requirements are defined when new features are offered.

This is a much stronger control than a code revision. If a page needs to be loaded in less than 3 seconds, AT charge in less than 3 seconds. If all the SQL code must be in SProcs in order to be verified, it is a requirement of the company.

But make sure to check that these are real requirements of the company.

wordpress – Facebook's outgoing links break the character encoding

When linking my WordPress web page from Facebook, the character encoding is interrupted As you may already know, Facebook adds an fbclid string to the end of my URL.

This is the Facebook URL:

And here is my usual and functional URL:

How can I fix that? Could it be related to the recent verification of my site on Google sites?

c ++ – Can an entry be read as a line break?

Alright, I'm studying C ++ and I'm taking part in a file management exercise. This exercise indicates that I have to make sure that the program receives user characters in the form of character strings forming paragraphs, and then write this paragraph into a file the same program will create.

The problem I have is that I do not know how to make it read "Enter" in line breaks, for example:

"Hello how are you?

Good and you?"

Instead of appearing this way, they appear like this:

"Hello, how are you and you?"

So, is there a way for the entry to be interpreted as a line break from the console? Thus, in this way, when transferring to the file, the text can be seen in other lines instead of being pasted.

Thank you so much.

linux – Why does setting LANG = C break the console connection on CentOS 7

I usually set all my regional settings to "C". That's what I'm used to doing. J & # 39; Love ls to sort things out as I have been used to for decades.

So imagine my surprise and dismay when I put LANG = C in my .bashrc and now, when I log in, there is no window manager.

Is it repairable?


Linux xxxx 3.10.0-957.10.1.el7.x86_64 # 1 SMP Monday March 18th, 15:06:45 UTC 2019 x86 x64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU / Linux

The latest startups around you

The latest startups around you

+ Answer the thread

  1. The latest startups around you

    I hope you are well
    I want to know what new startups and new businesses around you are interesting and useful?
    Especially in the field of mobile applications such as online laundry, online bakery, snap, online recycling and …
    Please help me with my research.
    Thank you

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End 5th – D & D 5th, Invisibility End the allies when the pitcher breaks his, but does not break the concentration, you or not?

A kind of "What-If" arose in our group. Nothing that has caused a drama at the table, mainly something that has been noticed by some and discussed at the table in a roundabout way and casually, but that could actually have a realistic chance to happen during the session. be useful to avoid a potential stop at the table.

The scenario is as follows:

The wizard throws Invisibility in 3rd place to enlist himself and another party member (we'll say the Fighter).

We all know that if Fighter attacks, it's no longer invisible, it's pretty simple.

However, if the sorcerer casts a concentration spell to end his invisibility, will they lose or lose their concentration on the spell and then provoke it at the same time?

One side of the table argues that this would not stop for the Fighter, because if the invisibility effect ended for the Wizard, it is incoherent that the spell ceases globally to immediately produce the benefit. if nothing logical justified the concentration. would be broken, and the first line of the spell,

"A creature you touch becomes invisible until the end of the spell."

Means that they simply lose invisibility, and nothing otherwise, it means that if it really worked, the wizard would focus on a spell that currently does not bring any real benefit, but technically the spell is not over.

On the other side, the other party claims that the text of the spell, especially the last sentence,

"The spell ends for a target that attacks or casts a spell."

This would mean that as soon as the wizard casts a spell, invisibility as a spell, regardless of the number of creatures affected, literally ends and the concentration is broken, which reveals the fighter, because the wizard was the target of the spell and the text indicates that spell would end when they were cast.

In short, the debate seems to be the definition of what exactly means "The spell ends" in this scenario; that simply the mechanical effect of the spell ends, or that the literal capacity consuming the slot ends as if the concentration was broken.

Thank you very much for the time! <3

debug – xdebug connects but does not break in WordPress with vvv

I use vvv for local WordPress development and I can not get xdebug to pause on the shutdown points.

  • I've ssh ed and set the xdebug_on command.
  • phpinfo () shows xdebug installed and active
  • phpinfo () displays the commands remote_autostart and remote_enable
  • My xdebug client (VS Code) is configured to listen on the same port that xdebug is configured to broadcast.

When I add a stopping point (for example, on the first line of the stuff in the WordPress index.php file) and ask my client to listen, then load the page in my browser, xdebug interrupts on this line. This expectation is based on the previous use of xdebug.

That does not happen, but xdebug and my client seem to connect. That's the part I do not understand.

Here is the xdebug log:

[3918]    Journal open at 2019-03-09 20:08:19
[3918] I: Connection to the configured address / port:
[3918] I: connected to the client. :-)
[3918] -> 
[3918] <- breakpoint_list -i 1
[3918] -> 
[3918] <- breakpoint_set -i 2 -t line -f file:///e:/work/vvv/VVV/wordpress-one/public_html/index.php -n 14
[3918] -> 
[3918] <- breakpoint_list -i 3
[3918] -> 
[3918] <- breakpoint_list -i 4
[3918] -> 
[3918] <- run -i 5
[3918] -> 
[3918] <- stop -i 6
[3918] -> 
[3918]    Log closed on 2019-03-09 20:08:19

This shows that xdebug understands my stopping point, connects to the client and records the load of my browser's page.

(True, this may be more of an xdebug thing, but everything is based on the vvv configuration which is entirely based on WordPress.)

[ Politics ] Open question: What will be Trump's last job on Earth, to make license plates or break stones?

[ Politics ] Open question: What will be Trump's last job on Earth, to make license plates or break stones? .

dnd 3.5e – a multi-race and multi-class character create a game or break a game

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