[ Politics ] Open Question: How long are we going to let the Liberals go wild and break the law?

Yesterday, anti-ICE protesters stormed the headquarters of ICE, pulled off the American flag and raised the flag of Mexico !!! .

How to break the surface on the surface of two cubes?

I have read the manual on capture here. Unfortunately, I did not find how to break the surface of cubes A and B below.

enter the description of the image here

I wish to align the end surface of the inner wall A on the outer wall B. How to do?

unit – Find the reason for the automatic break

Shortly after pressing the Play button, the Unity Pause button is automatically activated: Unity enters Pause mode:

enter the description of the image here

I've attached the Unity debugger to my C # code, but Visual Studio does not break.

How to find the reason why Unity goes into Break mode?

Thank you!

Edit: By query, here is the button before pressing Play:

enter the description of the image here

And here is what the console looks like after the error:

enter the description of the image here

dnd 5th – Can any one break into the ethereal plane in a tiny Leomund hut?

No, the little hut of Leomund is made of a magical force that blocks the passage on the ethereal plane

In the description of the Etherial Border in DMG p. 48:

A traveler on the ethereal plane is invisible and completely silent for a person lying on the superimposed plane, and the solid objects lying on the superimposed plane do not hinder the movement of a creature in the Etherial frontier. Exceptions are some magic effects (including everything that is magical force) and living beings.

Thus, objects made of magic force block the passage on the ethereal plane as they do on the material plane.

Tiny Hut's description of Leomund (PHB, 255) states:

A 10-foot radius still dome of force springs up around you and above you and stays still for the duration.

So, since Leomund's little hut is a dome of magical strength, it should also protect your party from intrusions on the ethereal plane.

Google Docs Section Break Layout

Can the layout be done on a section of Google Docs?

I create a document and a section break, then click File -> Page Setup, then "apply to this section", but all the options are grayed out, so I'm not sure what I'm doing of badness.

Break down different types of portfolios ERC20 – The Cryptocurrency Corner

Ethereum to Bitcoin is like Linux to Windows. While Bitcoin can be credited for making cryptocurrency popular among the masses, it is Ethereum that has made it flexible for anyone to create his own cryptocurrency and his own tokens. This feature of Ethereum has made it a prime choice for cryptography enthusiasts who want to create their own crypto currencies, program their own smart deals and launch their own ERC-20 tokens.

To stay away, ERC-20 is the standard or protocol to which all chips created on Ethereum must conform. Although there are other standards that are extensions of the ERC-20, it still remains the most used standard on the planet!

Learn more @ https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5152709.msg51414667#msg51414667

If you try to repel a creature you are fighting with, but you fail the thrust check, does that break the grappling hook?

If you are currently fighting a creature and you are trying to push it back (eg, off a bridge) but you are failing during your athletic check, is your grappling hook too? broken?

whatsapp – How to create a line break in the WhatApp web

The web interface does not respect the setting where "enter" sends a message (or not); press & # 39; input & # 39; actually sends the message.

I've composed letters in Word (including line breaks), and then pasted the text into the web interface, but that's excessive.

So, how do you create a line break in WhatApp Web?

design – How to compose load balancing and circuit break for an external data source

I therefore have this problem. My website uses data, extracted from another site, the sports results. These data can be updated at relatively random intervals, but it does not matter if my data is a little out of date – they do not have to be instantaneous, but they should be updated regularly.

At the same time, I can not just cache the responses from the external site -> I process them and import them into a database of graphs to be able to perform other analyzes on them.

I would like to have a system like this:

IDataSource interface {
public function getData (): array;

The ExternalDataSource class implements IDataSource {
// gets data from the external website - the ultimate source of truth

The InternalDataSource class implements IDataSource {
// get data from my own graphical database

The InternalImportDecorator class implements IDataSource {
private $ external;
public service __contruct (ExternalDataSource $ external) {
$ this-> external = $ external

public function getData (): array
$ data = $ this-external-> getData ();
// import the data into my internal database
returns $ data;

The CompositeDataSource class implements IDataSource
public function __construct (ExternalDataSource $ external, InternalDataSource $ internal)
$ this-> external = new InternalImportDecorator ($ external);
$ this-> internal = $ internal;

public function getData (): array // HERE I Need Need
if (rand (0, 100)> 95) {// in 95% of cases, opt for an internal database for data - much like the weighted load balancer
// here, I need something like "chain of responsibility" in case the internal DB is not yet filled
} else {// go to the external data source, so that I can update my internal data
// what happens if the external data source is not available? I need a circuit breaker with internal foldback
// and if I fall back internally and the internal database has not been completed yet


I have a general idea of ​​the code and the composition, I just need help to implement a method. Or maybe just a nomenclature, how is this situation properly called, so I can search for it myself on Google.

how to set the page break in the SSRS report

I realized the page break for 8 lines, but the SSRS report contains 33 lines. If 33 lines are divisible by 8, I get 5 pages and I see that there is only one line in the 5th page. page, I just want to add this line in the 4th page. Is there a way to achieve this scenario?

        = ceiling (number (nothing) / 8)

This is my expression for your reference