Normalize the brightness of a scanned photo in Photoshop

So we have digitized some wood textures in JPG files. But as the scanning was not perfect, some variations in brightness appear as lines. Because I need to use these woods in 3D renderings and catalogs, I need to have uniform brightness on them. I have tried to use some methods in internet tutorials, but they either did not work or completely changed the appearance of the image. I will link one of the textures as an example below to illustrate the lines I am talking about.
Any advice on a tool to remove these lines and have a uniform brightness on the photo? Please note that I can't just use the clone stamp because the lines are across the width of the image, using the clone stamp will make big seams across the picture.

enter description of image here

ios – Ignore the automatic adjustment of the brightness of the iPhone?

Apple seems to have completely removed the automatic brightness switch in recent iOS versions – the only "automatic" settings now include Light / Dark and Night Shift.

It does not bother me that Night Shift changes the white point of my screen as the night falls, but in the light of the normal day, I object with all my heart to the constant decision of the brightness backlighting.

I read my book, the ambient light seems a little weak, so I quickly change the brightness …. as I read, I can see that the system has just replaced me and lowered it again.
So I increase it … the system lowers it. Rinse and repeat ad nauseum.

I really think it's something that I should be responsible for.

Does anyone know the magic dance necessary to prevent it from doing this?

enter the description of the image here

Image of the settings just in case I miss something really obvious.

Display Screen – The iPhone 11 (128GB) is dimmed by the sunlight – Auto Brightness is turned off

I've tried all the solutions and ideas available on the internet, and then I ended up here.


  • iPhone 11 (128 GB)
  • iOS 13.2


  • The screen of the camera darkens in the sun. At some point, I can barely see the contents of the screen.

What have I tried:

  • Auto Brightness Off
  • Your true – off
  • Night post – off
  • Reduce white point – off

The strange thing is that automatic brightness does not work.

Root Access – Reduce the minimum ROM brightness

On my rooted ROM ROM LG G2 D802 KK 4.4.2, the minimum brightness is 50 (and not 0) on a scale from 0 to 255.

here is my dumpsys power

POWER MANAGER (dumpsys power)

Settings and Configuration:

Display Controller Configuration:

I have tried editing build.prop, add ro.lcd_min_brightness=20 but no luck, if I edit /sys/class/backlight/brightness at a value less than 50, the brightness remains at the default minimum even if the brightness slider is above the minimum.

Where should I look for this hard coded minimal value? Framework.apk, kernel, SystemUI.apk …?

brightness – "Black Point" in the low / mid-range monitors

I bought a Iiyama ProLite XUB2792UHSU for my girlfriend, amateur photographer. The monitor had a good review as a complete device, but not necessarily as a graphics monitor. However we were both disappointed with the color, especially blacks. The computer is a Lenovo laptop, and in direct comparison, the picture is much better and the black parts really black. The Iiyama is grayer because of the backlit background (see picture, it represents the problem, brightness and contrast parameters set in the factory, both at 50%). Changing the brightness and contrast levels does not improve it much, certainly not at the point of the laptop screen.

Is this exactly what is happening in the screen lineup of under $ 400, or are there much better options at around this price level?

Sample image

8.1 oreo – Invalid brightness slider mapping

I use the ROM 8.1 custom MIUI 10 rooted on my Xiaomi Mi A1 and whenever I try to change the brightness, the slider of the notification bar does not work properly. The slider only works roughly between 1 and 40%, after which every 100 percent sets the maximum brightness. I've tried using third-party applications with root, but they have not changed anything. I've also tried changing the minimum and maximum brightness values ​​with PrivSet (framework-res.apk editor), but the slider still does not work properly. What should I do if I do not flash a new ROM?

Exposure – How to adjust the brightness of the screen in manual mode according to the exposure with Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II?

I have a problem for which I can not find an answer. My camera does not adjust the screen when changing the ISO, shutter, or aperture.
I would like the effect that Tony Northrup has in this video

By changing the values, its screen becomes darker or lighter. I do not find it in any option.

The brightness of the screen is not displayed in keyboard shortcuts. Help me pls!

enter the description of the image here


I can not see the display in the image. I am boring, if you have the ideal, please help me.

Ideal brightness level in some units and an application to change brightness

What is the optimum brightness for a phone in a measurable unit (such as nits), is there also an application by which we can simply change the brightness by simply setting the brightness in units and not in percentage (50%, for example)

The backlight of the iPhone changes the degree of brightness

By reading things on iPhone, the backlight will turn on and I do not really recognize it, but I guess it's a negative brightness