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Nowadays, no business can survive without going online. It has become very important for companies to have a considerable presence online. You may not have a physical store, but you must be in an online market. And to facilitate this type of business scene, many types of markets need to be developed. And these markets are developed on different types of market software. For your company to reach global highs and create more efficient and effective markets, you will need a software dedicated to the market. If you are eager to build a new market in the rental business, you should look for the best rental market software.

More and more people are renting goods instead of buying them. This helps people save on resources and is also better for the environment as it reduces our carbon footprint. Building a B2B rental market can be a very economically viable and rewarding proposition. The only requirement you have for this is a perfect software that can offer you all the services you want.

If you are looking for potential loan market software you have the choice of the following options:

1. Customizable

2. multilingual

3. Mobile responsive

4. simple

5. secure

6. user-friendly

7. The back office administration should be powerful

If the software can offer you all these features in one place, you should do it. These are all basic features you will need for the proper functioning of your platform and to ensure that your customers are satisfied. These features will also ensure easy management. IdyaFlow is one of the best platforms that can offer you all these services. It is a well known platform that helps you to establish yourself in the world of online markets. Thanks to their very easy-to-use software, you will not have to code and you will still have a very fast configuration. Not only that, they also have all the above features. Fully loaded and easily customizable, it's your ideal choice when you want to give your ideas a flair and let it flow.

About IdyaFlow:

IdyaFlow is your unique solution when you are looking for reliable solutions service market software or even retail, loan or rental software.

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Is my name on the passport sufficient to prove the relationship and bring it to Saudi Arabia with a family visit visa?

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Quick Reports – Bring Delphi RichEdit formatting into FastReport Rich Text

I need to take the font size, color and style of formatting from TRichEdit to Rich Text for the Fast Report. I've put some of my text in bold and red, but in the report preview, everything displays without the formatting that I put. . Can someone help me?

worksheet function – Excel 2016 – How to bring up a conditional list

I'm trying to create a list of dependents in Excel 2016, but I do not really know where to start. I tried to follow some guides to create a list of dependents, but it did not work as I wanted.

I therefore have the sheet below:


In cell B2, I have a drop-down list, the values ​​are cells G2 to I2.

Here is the list of actions:

The drop-down list

I created this list by transforming cells G2 to I2 into a table, and then using data validation from cell B2 in a list that calls the table.

Here are the details of the table I put in:

Details of the table

What I would like is that when I select in the drop-down list of B2, the cell of A7 then displays the list of correlations. For example, if I select the red team in B2, I'd like to display a drop-down list containing Fred, John, and Marge. If I select the green team, I'd like James, Emma and Elizabeth to show up.

What is the best way to do it?

Thanks in advance

physical access – How can a malicious USB device bring you to a server?

If the device is plugged in while the user is already logged in, it can of course pretend to be a keyboard, open a terminal, and execute a compromise command. (Shortcuts for terminals may vary, but are generally quite consistent). This can happen very quickly, so sometimes users may not notice it.

But on the servers, the story is slightly different. There is usually no GUI, and even the console session is rarely connected because most administrative tasks are done through SSH. In the normal case, no interactive user is connected, only certain services running under its own users. In such a case, which vectors could be exploited by a malicious USB device?

Can I bring a soft suitcase on Qatar Airways?

Are you allowed to take a flexible suitcase on Qatar Airways? I've heard that some airports are beginning to ban soft suitcases, but I'm not sure whether it's true or not.

Choose and buy Luvyle's cute dresses and sweaters for women

Choose and buy Luvyle's cute dresses and sweaters for women

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Young women of design who have just started have started looking for fashion shirts at the same time. In the 1980s, however, they managed to bounce back by participating in parades and prom parades during the past two seasons. In the same way as other vintage clothes, women's skater dresses come under the spotlight with famous big names. Therefore, you have to buy this simple and easy dress both casual and formal.

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Choose and buy Luvyle's cute dresses and sweaters for women
Choose and buy Luvyle's cute dresses and sweaters for women

Aside from the basic motivation to cover your body, clothes now have a different meaning. They have the ability to really change the way you look, so your character is substantially more. Whether it's to highlight parts of your body or to make your body feel good, the ideal women's skater dresses can look like your Cinderella look. A long skirt that reaches the hips and thighs with a slim fit
Evaluation: 5


Does this bring joy | Promotion Forum

I have not watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo from Netflix, but I have heard enough about it and everything that brings joy makes me think that I have seen it. This has really highlighted a trend for people to unclutter their homes. Did you see the show? Do you declutter?

calculation and analysis – Subcontracting the KroneckerDelta should bring him back

I would like to define a function
$$ V ( phi) = sum_ {1 leq i, j, k, l leq dim} lambda_ {ijkl} phi_i phi_j phi_k phi_l, $$
with $ lambda_ {ijkl} $ defined by contractions of the type $ delta_ {ij} delta_ {kl} $. Then taking several derivatives of $ V $ compared to $ phi_i $, introducing a varD function that would do the job as follows (with Sstanding for $ phi $):

varD(f1_ f2_, x_) := varD(f1, x) f2 + f1 varD(f2, x);
varD(f1_ + f2_, x_) := varD(f1, x) + varD(f2, x);
varD(c_?NumericQ, x_) := 0;
varD(ddelta(a_, b_), x_) := 0;
varD(S(a_), S(c_)) := ddelta(a, c);
ddelta(a_, b_) := ddelta(b, a);
Sum(ddelta(a_, c_) f_(c_) , {c, 1, dim}) -> f(a)

   $IterationLimit::itlim: Iteration limit of 4096 exceeded.

where the last two command lines attempt to reproduce the properties of a KroneckerDelta function and the last line indicates the error at which it ends. (A clever way of using the replacement rule would probably solve the problem, but I do not know it (yet).)

Another attempt wrote the last line as such, getting a different error message:

Sum(ddelta(a_, c_) ddelta(c_, b_) , {c, 1, dim}) := ddelta(a, b)

   SetDelayed::write: Tag Sum in !(*UnderoverscriptBox(((Sum)), (c = 1), (dim))(ddelta(a_, c_) ddelta(c_, b_))) is Protected. >>```

The problem is therefore to allow formal derivatives of objects bringing Kronecker deltas and $ delta $is one with the other in the other $ delta $is in order to simplify the result.

I've also tried using Carl Woll's package (see here: why does not Mathematica make an obvious simplification?), But the link was dead.

If anyone is an interesting way to rephrase the problem, I'm open!

How to bring all the records of a particular child to mongodb?

Entrance: db.collection.find({""})

 "_id" : ObjectId("11111111111111111111111111"), 
 "people" : {
    "name" : "Jose"

 "_id" : ObjectId("222222222222222222222222222"), 
 "people" : {
    "name" : "Willian"

 "_id" : ObjectId("333333333333333333333333333"), 
 "people" : {
    "name" : "Ana"


  "name" : "Jose" 
  "name" : "Willian" 
  "name" : "Ana"