c++ – C++20 : N-dim matrix version 2, broadcasting binary operators

I’ve improved my previous N-dim Matrix class (C++20 : N-dimensional minimal Matrix class), adding some key feature from NumPy: Matrix broadcasting!

Broadcasting is a key required feature for taking inputs with possibly different shape in matrix binary operators.

Only binary addition has been implemented, other binary operators (sub, mul, div, …) are just similar boilerplates.

Since my code is getting bloated, I’ll post here the GitHub link of notable changes from the previous version:






Simple broadcasting test:

#include "Matrix.h"
#include <iostream>
#include <iterator>
#include <numeric>

int main() {

    auto m6 = frozenca::ones<double, 3>({2, 3, 3});
    // {{{1, 1, 1}, {1, 1, 1}, {1, 1, 1}}, {{1, 1, 1}, {1, 1, 1}, {1, 1, 1}}}
    std::cout << m6 << 'n';

    auto m7 = frozenca::zeros<int, 2>({1, 3});
    std::iota(std::begin(m7), std::end(m7), 1);
    // {{1, 2, 3}}
    std::cout << m7 << 'n';

    auto m8 = m6 + m7; // type: Matrix<double, 3> with size (2, 3, 3)
    // {{{2, 3, 4}, {2, 3, 4}, {2, 3, 4}}, {{2, 3, 4}, {2, 3, 4}, {2, 3, 4}}}
    std::cout << m8 << 'n';

Feel free to comment anything!

Yet to come: Linear algebra stuffs (.dot(), .matmul(), SVD, inverse/pseudoinverse, etc)

electrum – Issue with broadcasting the transaction

Hi I got an issue as I can’t get my refund back on coinb.in . I don’t really understand the whole thing as I have never used that before. It’s a multisg 2 of 3 (if that means anything to you).
I did verify it then I signed it and copied the text fron the green box, but when I try to broadcast it it says “there was an error subbmiting your request. Try again”

Also tried to get this done through electrum wallet but when I go to broadcasting it says “opeation not valid with current stack size”
Can anybody help please, whoever helo me willl recieve a reward

Live TV Channel Broadcasting Script PHP | NulledTeam UnderGround

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How to create a transaction with the bitcoin node without broadcasting (and optional manual broadcast)

I would like the create a fully signed and funded transaction without broadcasting it to the network. I would like to perform some checks on the final transaction-hash and if the checks pass I would like to broadcast the tx.

How could I achieve this?

In other words:
Basically I want to read the result of the sendrawtransaction and only broadcast the tx after afinal check.

Thanks for your help!

Broadcasting a transaction as a 3rd party

In a scenario I have a signed transaction from A to B and ready to broadcast. As C, I want to broadcast it but the part I am having hard time to understand is as the transaction is already signed and everything is settled how can I change the transaction fee I would like to pay? Can I pay extra from my wallet for example? Thanks.

transaction selection – Broadcasting deprecated block version

First of all, let me clarify that this website just collects the sentiment of miners—it is in no way binding for the actual activation for which code isn’t even proposed.

Assuming that Taproot will use BIP8 as its activation mechanism, there is only one state in which miners are required to signal. Mining is mandatory in the last difficulty epoch of the signaling period, but only if the activation proposal is using lockinontimeout: true.
In any other circumstances, all miners can freely choose whether to signal readiness. Also, it is not expected that the block version will get updated with Taproot, blocks would only be different in that they include transactions using taproot.

Once the proposal is active, miners are free to include transactions that spend v1 segwit outputs, but they are not required to do so. As always, miners may freely select which valid transactions to include in their blocks. A miner may decide not to include Taproot transactions without any repercussions. Presumably, the next miner that supports Taproot would include such transactions if they are among the transactions with the highest feerates.

For example, a miner that didn’t update their fullnode since the Taproot code got added would consider Taproot transactions non-standard. Since nodes don’t include non-standard transactions in block templates, the miner would still be able to build blocks that are valid to the network, simply by not including Taproot transactions.

blockchain – in bitcoin core, how to use Tor for broadcasting new transactions only?

I have set up a full node with bitcoin core running on the internet. I have also set up a wallet running on a private machine that communicates to the full node to broadcast new transactions.

To enhance privacy, I plan to enable Tor on the full node. However, it is not clear to me how to use Tor only for broadcasting new transactions from my wallet.

Many tutorials tell you how to use Tor exclusively for everything. That is not very good, because it wastes bandwidth, is slow and does not help bitcoin community.

Some other tutorials talk about using both Tor and IPv4/IPv6 at the same time. However, with this setting it is not clear whether new transactions from my wallet are sent out via IPv4/IPv6 or not. If they do, then you don’t have much privacy after all.

Appreciate any pointers on this.

python – broadcasting error in numpy arrays while implementing gradient descent algorithm

I am trying to implement Multivariate Linear Regression (without using sklearn). While working with numpy arrays, I oftenly get one or more broadcasting error, as in the following code :

import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

data = pd.read_excel("PsychologyExamMarks.xls")
X = data.iloc(:, 0:3).values
y = data.iloc(:, 3).values

plt.rcParams('figure.figsize') = (10.0, 7.0)
plt.scatter(X1,y, color = "blue")
plt.scatter(X2,y, color = "red")
plt.scatter(X3,y, color = "orange")
plt.xlabel("Marks in all three exams")
plt.ylabel("Final marks")

theta = np.zeros((26,1))

x0 = np.ones((1,3))
X = np.concatenate((x0, X))

m = len(X)
alpha = 0.01
iterations = 100
cost = ()
def costFunction(X, y, theta):
    temp = np.power(((np.transpose(theta) @ X) - y), 2)
    res = (1/(2*m)) * np.sum(temp)
    return cost

def gradientDescent(X,y,theta,alpha,iterations):
    for i in range(iterations):
        **theta = theta - (alpha/m) * np.sum(np.transpose(X) * (np.dot(np.transpose(theta), X) - y), axis=0)**
        finalCost = costFunction(X, y, theta)
    return theta, finalcost

params, cost = gradientDescent(X, y, theta, alpha, iterations)

I am getting error while updating the value of the vector containing the parameters theta present within the gradientDescent function.
The error is as follows :

ValueError: operands could not be broadcast together with shapes (1,3) (25,) 

Thank You!

Bitcoin core – creating a transaction from the user interface without broadcasting it

I would like to use the Bitcoin core wallet user interface to create a transaction, but instead of broadcasting it, I would like to get the underlying raw transaction.

Is there a way to do this?

I guess network detection tools can be useful, but I'm wondering if there is a direct way. I think it would be really useful to have such functionality – see the raw transaction and confirm before the broadcast.

The motivation for this specific scenario is as follows – I would like to create a raw transaction on an offline machine running the Bitcoin kernel (with synchronized blockhain) and broadcast the transaction from another machine.

I am aware that what I am requesting is easily achievable with the CLI, but I would like to use the convenience of a graphical interface (and expense calculations) and also avoid creating unplanned transactions.

Broadcasting of announcements for certain partners

My business has a number of sponsors and we would like to spread their native banners and ads on our business app (react native).

Right now, and probably next year, we only want to run announcements for these sponsors – so no announcements from networks / exchanges / …

There is a diverse set of audiences to which appropriate advertising should be served (for example, no advertising aimed at minors)

Currently, no ad technology is in place and the budget is very limited.

Our sponsors are larger companies with sophisticated adtech batteries.

I wonder if an adtech genius can help me define the right configuration

The configuration that I have in mind at the moment is – keep in mind that I have practically no adtech experience:

  • use google ad manager (DFP) to set up campaigns and "bond" with sponsors (assuming they also use google ad exchange to buy other ad space)

  • use programmatic contracts guaranteed via dfp with sponsors to share impressions as indicated in our sponsorship agreements

  • use our backend apps to generate ad tags with the right keywords to drive campaigns

At the same time, I think it's really cumbersome and that there could be a simpler solution which is also time-tested (in case we want to run ads outside of sponsors in the future)

Looking forward to your comments!