internal storage – How do I get rid of broken, invisible files that take up lots of space?

I tried downloading a pretty big mp4 file, but that failed because i didn’t have enough space.

However, it filled up all my leftover storage. I tried getting rid of it but it doesn’t show up in the file explorer. I checked hidden files.

Checking device care -> storage, it seems like it’s in the “other” category.

I’m kinda desperate because i need the storage space to work. How do i clear it up?

Samsung galaxy Tab S4, Amdroid 10

film – How can I tell if I’ve broken the rewind button on my AE-1?

I recently bought a canon AE-1. After finishing my first roll of film I went unload it and forgot to press the rewind button on the bottom before winding the rewind crank. I know… I should’ve reread an article before doing so, I really was not thinking. I ruined the film, not shockingly. But now I’m worried that by forcing it that I’ve ruined the gears in the camera. If anyone could help either ease my worries or confirm my beliefs, it would be greatly appreciated.

Plugin pages on admin page are broken. Problem with permalinks. Getting “Invalid post type” error and “You are not allowed to access this page.”

Okay let me try to explain what is happening.

Lets say Im trying to open orders page in woocommerce plugin by pressing “orders” in the menu. The link its opening is

The link will open just fine but if you look at the permalink youll see the problem. The part %3Fpost_type%3Dshop_order shouldnt be there and this causes the next problem. If I try to view the second page of orders it will try to open this link This will give me the “invalid post type” error. If I change the percentage signs to ampersand signs the page will open just fine. This will work for every post type but wont work for pages.

As to my permalink settings I have it set to custom with If I change it to anything else the problem persists.

.htaccess file is just the vanilla wordpress one with no changes.

Im not sure what to do anymore. I tried all the simple fixes as deactivating the plugins, theme, resetting the permalinks in settings. Nothing is fixing it. Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this?

adb – PIN locked Pixel with broken screen and USB debugging OFF, OTG keyboard doesn’t unlock it

I got a Google Pixel 1 with a smashed dead black screen locked by a known PIN that I would like to recover some photos from. Nothing vital but now it has become a personal crusade to do it!

The good news are:

  • it shows as MTP device on win/linux
  • vibrates if I try to unlock it via fingerprint (as it requires PIN, so no can do)
  • if I connect a keyboard/mouse via OTG they do light up
  • in recovery mode it shows in ADB and I’m even able to put it into sideload mode

The bad news:

  • can’t see sh1t (BTW Pixel 1 doesn’t support USB-C -> HDMI)
  • USB debugging is OFF
  • if I enter my PIN via OTG+keyboard then plug it back to the PC, it stills shows as MTP and no files can be browsed (I would assumes it remains locked)

I’m pretty close to burn another 20 bucks and get a second spare screen but before I do that, any ideas?
From what I read, my greatest achievement so far which was to get it in sideload blindly is useless and every 3rd party tool seems to require USB debugging ON.


internal storage – Data Recovery on Android 11 with broken screen

internal storage – Data Recovery on Android 11 with broken screen – Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange

dnd 5e – Is it possible to gain the benefits of lying prone without incurring disadvantage on attacks? If so, is this broken?

PHB p. 190 says:

You can drop prone without using any of your speed. Standing up takes more effort; doing so costs an amount of movement equal to half your speed… You can’s stand up if you don’t have enough movement left or if your speed is 0.

The description of the Prone condition (PHB p. 292) says:

An attack roll against the creature has advantage if the attacker is within 5 feet of the creature, Otherwise the attack roll has disadvantage.

Imagine I’m a rogue positioned on a rooftop overlooking the street where a combat will take place. According to these rules, it seems that I can begin the combat prone, and then on each subsequent turn:

  • Use half my movement to stand up
  • Fire a ranged weapon at one of my enemies below, plus sneak attack if I have any allies in melee with them
  • Drop prone again for free, giving disadvantage to any ranged attacks made against me until my next turn, at which point I do this all again.

As long as I’m protected from melee attacks, say by a secure position or an effective tank, it seems like I can permanently give my enemies disadvantage on their attempts to hit me, with no downside. This seems like cheese to me, but I can’t find any rule that contradicts it. So my question is twofold:

  1. Is there some reason this sequence of moves isn’t possible?
  2. If it is possible, why is it not as broken as I think it is?

html – Fixing broken alt attributes and about SEO

One of my client asked freelancers to add alt attributes for SEO for his EC website.

(His web site is like in 3rd page in google even I searched “TA-6632” with product ID 🙂 , although it is fairly big web site, around 10k products)

He finally ends up with his html were broken and came to me to fix and migrate to new site.

There is two problems with his HTMLs as far as I figured.

  • Double quote is not double quote but is unicode quotation marks.
  • Some does not even have alt attribute.

What’s my concern is that the images are common like “Buy now” or “Get Quotation” which appears on every page.

If I fixed those, search engines will pick up and end up unexpected results? because it is not product specific images?

I will happy to hear you opinions, Thanks.

enter image description here

8 – Advagg with S3fs relative url() references inside of CSS files – broken image URL

Background Images Paths are Changed when CSS Aggregation is On

s3fs module with AdvAgg to store CSS/JS aggregates on the S3 stream wrapper

Without Aggregation (Works well). fetch from domain base url.

background-image: url(/themes/THEME/images/test.jpg);

Src of the image in CSS, which is pointing to the CNAME for S3

With Aggregation isn’t working. Because, my CNAME is different from my DOMAIN name.

background-image: url(https://CNAME_DOMAIN/themes/THEME/images/test.jpg);

I disabled it all OBSCURE options(admin/config/development/performance/advagg). But No luck.

Everytime, the CSS file content url() fetching from the CNAME url.

rooting – DTH-A1300L Cintiq Hybrid root won’t charge, broken buttons

Device: DTH-A1300L (or …H) – Wacom Cintiq Companion Hybrid

A while back I rooted my Wacom Cintiq Companion Hybrid. This worked, BUT, then the physical buttons (undo/redo, quick access buttons) stopped working, and it wouldn’t charge. It doesn’t seem to be able to communicate with the battery. The battery having run out, it now only turns on while plugged in.

I think I used KingoRoot or King Root or One Click Root or something, to root it. It’s been over a year; I’ve put off fixing it for rather a while. I’ve tried removing root, but that didn’t fix the problem, I’m afraid.

Now, I understand that rooting voids the warrantee and stuff, and this was more or less the risk I took when rooting it. However, it would be nice if I could regain the lost functionality. Anybody know what went wrong, and/or how to fix it?

Samsung phone has a broken power button, no physical home button and no bixby button. How can I power it up?

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