Amazon Web Services – AWS S3 Bucket to Route 53

I receive an "IP address not found" error.

I had a S3 compartment pointing to my domain and it worked.

I've removed the S3 bucket and rebuilt it. Since then, I can not make it work anymore.

In fact, I have redone all the steps.

  1. Create the S3 bucket ( and
  2. Done these two public.
  3. Assign one to the host and the other to the redirection
  4. Addition of compartment strategies for both

In the road 53

  1. Creating a hosted zone
  2. Adding an Alias ​​Record A & # 39; pointing to my S3 bucket (one for each) assigned to those in the S3 bucket from the drop-down list

In the Cloudfront

  1. Creation of a distribution pointing to the original S3 with additional names and a wildcard.

I have also verified the certificate needed to perform this step in the certificate manager.

The problem seems to be that when I removed the bucket, (I did it to change region).
In one way or another, he refuses to connect to the new IP set.

I have already done it before (and not the deletion) and I have had success.

If someone knows what the problem might be, or if you think it's an AWS business that just takes a very long time to update globally, please let me know. I do not know how to check the status of this kind of thing. And I do not want to interrupt anything that can work behind the scenes.

Thank you in advance.

amazon s3 – Website updates S3 Bucket Difficulties

I'm wondering why my static website hosted on Amazon S3 Bucket is having such difficulty showing updates when I download pages with changes again.

Explanations and possible solutions for this problem?

EDIT: the endpoint is updated but not the road directories 53

aws – How to automatically mount an S3 bucket on reboot

I'm using s3fs to mount an s3 bucket on my Ubuntu server:

sudo apt-get install s3fs

sudo vim /etc/passwd-s3fs // <--put user access ket and secret key here

sudo chmod 640 /etc/passwd-s3fs // <-- change permission to password file

sudo vim /etc/fuse.conf // uncomment user_allow_other

Now mount the bucket s3:

sudo s3fs -o allow_other s3-bucket-name /home/myuser/s3

I want to make sure the compartment is mounted automatically after reboot, how can I proceed?

google cloud platform – GCS bucket migration between different organizations

We are currently planning to migrate some GCS buckets between different organizations.

After reviewing the documentation, it seems to be something that can be done between projects and compartments, but not between different organizations.

Does anyone know if this is the case or is there another way to migrate with the GCP tool set?

Hosting a static page aboutus on an S3 bucket and creating a link to GoDaddy

I have a domain via GoDaddy ( and it is hosted on another server. I also have a static page aboutus that I have in a S3 compartment. How to link my top page to the main website so that it has a URL of What changes should I make to my DNS settings?

Force Lightroom Classic to write the entire image at once during export? (Export to a networked GCS bucket)

I run out of space on my local computer. So I mounted a Google Cloud Storage bucket on my local computer using gcsfuse. I'm now exporting my Lightroom Classic library as JPEG files in the mounted GCS bay, but

twitter bootstrap – 4 bucket elements do not respond

enter the description of the image hereI have 4 bucket elements coded with bootstrap and a php loop in wordpress. I want the 4 bucket elements to appear in a row for the desktop and be reduced to columns on mobile. This is the only way for me to make them appear in a row on the desk. However, I can not reduce them using multimedia queries, such as flex-direction: column.


'posts_per_page' => '4',


$blogposts = new WP_Query($args);