bugs – Why does Mathematica play with time units in this simple equation?

Suppose you work 40 hours a week and your workdays total 251/7 weeks for a particular year. So why is Mathematica spoiling this calculation and producing an incorrect result?


The total number of hours worked during this year should not be:


Incorrect and dimensionless scale!

bugs – Trying to create a personal data resource in Wolfram Cloud Notebook

I am trying to create a personal data resource from a Wolfram Cloud notebook. I follow the instructions on:


I don't have a desktop version of Mathematica, so I'm using the Wolfram Cloud notebook and running the command: CreateNotebook["DataResource"]

I have tried using Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. The notebook starts to open a dialog box but the fields scroll at the top of the page, leaving all the fields inaccessible:

What am i doing wrong?

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bugs – Formatting error in Mathematica 12

Recently, my copy of Mathematica v.12 started to report an error

"A poorly formatted directive with the Times head was encountered."

at startup (pop-up window). This error also appears in Message windows when working with random notebooks. Does anyone know what is the cause of such a message? I tried to reinstall Mathematica but that did not help. I work with a version for MacOS v. 10.15.1.

Someone else is fighting bed bugs? | Promotion Forum

In recent weeks, I was fighting the "Stink Bug". They make their way through the house crawling on the ceiling, on the walls, and so on.

Let me tell you a funny story about one …
Last year, I was playing on the computer in my room … it was late and it was dark without light. I guess I was playing far on a shooter I guess and I was surely thirsty! I usually keep a cup near me when I play … which does not bother you, it was … ah …. not covered.

I took a good big sip and of course; I am just an ice enthusiast! What a perfect combination, right? I started chewing the … soft ice cream I should say, and then I immediately regretted it. I spit a bug that was still moving! I ran to the kitchen and began to gag and wash my mouth. Incredible not to be thirsty the rest of the night playing.

gitlab – How to report bugs on Gnome – especially gnome-disks?

I found a bug in the latest utility gnome-discs and I just lost more than an hour of my life trying to figure out how to report it.

There is a site "git-lab" for Gnome, here:


They want you to connect before you can do anything, and that's where the problem lies. I've tried everything I can think of and nothing works. They do not provide an "inscription" procedure that I could find. … Is there another portal to report bugs?

(BTW, I even created an account with gitlab – this is a royal pain because of their stupid bot that asks you to do what amounts to a human verification of Capcha, consuming .I do not know how many minutes – it was 33 steps, I think ?! – but this account only lets me talk about gitlab, and no gnome, so that does not work either.)

bugs – Google Play Store continues to crash after updating to Android 10

My Pixel 2 XL has been updated for Android 10 a moment ago. Now, I just realized that Google Play Store hangs every few seconds for no reason. I can not install new applications or upgrade existing applications. At most, the UI displays the message "Download Pending" before it hangs shortly thereafter.

I also tried to clear the cache of the Play Store but it did not help.

I have not been able to find similar situations online. Is it possible for me to solve the problem or simply downgrade my Android 9 system?

development process – How to prevent bugs in enterprise-level configurations with a discipline similar to that of source code?

We have a system that allows our customers to coordinate their customers (buyers) so they can deliver their shopping within 45 minutes of order creation.

Each customer has a set of stores where orders are processed by buyers
and each customer has a schedule that specifies in which store and what time he / she will work.

However, we also have a feature that allows them to create orders only if the store is already set up in our systems and there are enough buyers at the time we plan to deliver the ordered.

As you can see, checking the acceptance of an order given in our system depends on the current time, store configuration and the program of the buyer.

We have managed our source code quite well: we perform code review, unit testing, and integration testing. However, we did not find a satisfactory way to manage store configurations, calendars and are as sensitive as the source code if there was a misconfiguration, for the client, it would be almost the same as if we had a bug in our source code because we would not let him create orders and their sales would decrease.

We would therefore like to find a way to manage the store configuration and schedules with a discipline similar to that used with our source code. we would like to have a way to test if the configuration is correct. Currently, we do this configuration via SQL scripts that are testable but the contributions may not be correct and we have no way to handle them or test them if they are correct.

Did you have a similar problem? Do you know of any tools, languages, or processes that would prevent us from making errors in the client configuration and having a centralized way to know what the actual configuration is in addition to examining the database tables?

By the way, we receive these configurations as spreadsheets from professionals who are talking to the customer.

bugs – GeoListPlot – Workaround for separate coloring categories – improvement?

GeoListPlot supports multiple placement lists but once the number of lists exceeds 3, the category coloring function starts to recycle colors. For example, adding a list to the example of the documentation produced the map below.

data= {{Entity("Country", "Bulgaria"), Entity("Country", "Greece")}, {Entity("Country", "Albania"), Entity("Country", "Romania")},{Entity("Country", "Turkey"), Entity("Country", "Lebanon")}, {Entity("Country", "Israel"), Entity("Country", "Syria")}}; 


GeoListPlot with 4 categories

This was reported some time ago in Wolfram (CASE: 41535576), but the problem persists in version 12.

My current job is to define a color list and use the directive function. An example:

colors = Table(
   ColorData("SunsetColors")(i), {i, 0, 1, 1/((Length@data - 1))}); 
plotStylesDef = Directive(#, Opacity(0.6)) & /@ colors; 
GeoListPlot(data, GeoLabels -> None, PlotLegends -> Automatic, 
 PlotStyle -> plotStylesDef)

enter the description of the image here

My question is: how to improve this workaround? (More robust, overload the original function, better selection of ColorData ..)