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system component entity – How can I build the dependency graph on ECS?

ECS is a great way of decoupling: you divide your game logic into several elements and each system is responsible for processing a specific item. However, I do not know if each system needs to know the rules of all my game or whether it has to worry only about its own small domain and not be aware of the general rules of the game.

For example, suppose I start creating a game in which the entities initially have a position and can move. So I create a Position component and whenever I want an entity to move, I assign it a Movement component and leave a MovementSystem do the work. The movement system will then traverse all the entities with position and movement, will perform a check, for example. if the movement is within the boundaries of the feature map, calculate the path to the destination. If all goes well, it will advance a little the position of an entity given a delta. And this process repeats every image.

Later, I decide to add a StatusEffects component that contains multiple status effects that an entity can have such as Freeze. Of course, since an entity is not supposed to be frozen forever, I also add a StatusEffectSystem who will be responsible for updating and deleting expired status effects. conceptually speaking, the movement system should know nothing of the effects of an entity status since all that concerns it is the movement. But how can I prevent an entity from moving when it is frozen?

The naive answer would simply be to delete the Movement component each time that a Freeze status effect is assigned to an entity. However, this would only halt the current move, and as long as the player pressed a mouse button to move the entity again, another Movement component would be created by the input system, thereby ignoring the status effects of the entity. Of course, we could have an intermediate system to eliminate Movement the components of the features having a given status effect, so that if another system creates motion, a status-effect suppression system occupies them, and the main update logic is similar at:

void update(dt) {
    StatusEffectRemoverSystem.update(dt); // removes Movements if needed

However, I think it's bad because if the number of systems is important – and it tends to be – it can quickly become unmanageable and the bugs difficult to detect.

Another approach would be to add a Movable component and assign it to entities capable of motion, and whenever we wanted to remove the mobility of an entity, we would delete such a component. The status effect system then deletes the mobile component of a frozen entity and, once the frozen status has expired, it adds it. The movement system would also be modified to iterate now through entities with a position, a movement, and mobile. All is well, no? Not enough.

What would happen if another part of my game logic, maybe a new system, also wanted to add and remove the mobility of an entity? Suppose, for example, that I add an inventory system allowing the player to store his items, but that he should not be able to move when he manages his inventory. Well, I could remove the Movable component of the player's entity when he opens his inventory and adds it when he closes it. And here is where things get messy. Because if the player has a frozen status (maybe he opens his inventory to use a potion?), Then just close his inventory to make it mobile again and remove his status. Or conversely, if their frozen status ends before their inventory closes, they will be able to move with their inventory open, which is incorrect behavior.

Given these considerations, it seems to me that the simplest approach for such a problem is to detect whether the player has a Freeze status in the movement system, in which case the movement would be ignored. Something like:

void MovementSystem.update(dt) {
    foreach (entity with Position and Movement) // forget about "Movable"
        if (entity has StatusEffects and has Freeze)
            continue; // or maybe remove Movement


I like it for two reasons. First, it clearly shows the precondition for each movement; no need for such a status suppression system or the like. Secondly, since everything related to the movement would be in the same place, it is easier to find out if something is not behaving as expected. However, this makes the movement system dependent on changes or additions of features / components made to my game, which would allow each system to know all the rules of my game, which comes back to the question: does this correspond to to the ECS model? Because I can see how that might be a problem, for example. a game engine designed to be expandable.

Web development – I build a web server library as a hobby … What would be the list of minimum requirements?

I am building a REST web server library just for fun – I am in the process of making a list of basic requirements for using something in production.

Most of the libraries used iv are of the MVC type, so I inspired them. Here is what I have until now:

  1. Processing the query method (JSON and form body)
  2. Request the analysis of the body
  3. HTML rendering
  4. JSON response processing
  5. External input escaped (protection against SQL injection)
  6. Some kind of authentication
  7. CSRF protection (CSRF tokens delivered on forms?)
  8. A kind of logic for the declaration of models (can stick to an existing ORM for that)

Anything else I should know?


This project is for fun. Please do not tell me to use an existing library.

authentication authorization – How to build an authenticated HTTP request in Postman that will work for Drupal 7?

j & # 39; I Drupal 7 installed locally on my computer with the domain set to: http: //drupal.local

I'm trying to prepare an external script in PHP or Python (or even in pure bash using curl if it does not require a lot of extra work), who will successfully execute a HTTP request default available only for the logged-on user.

To understand what such a HTTP request should look like, I first try to achieve such HTTP request using Postman, but all my attempts to date have failed …

Here is what I have done so far:

  1. In the browser, I logged in as admin to my local Drupal 7 instance.
  2. I opened the http: //drupal.local/en/node/add/article and I received the status 200 (The page is displayed correctly in my browser).
  3. In Postman I put:
    • request method on: GET
    • URL: http: //drupal.local/en/node/add/article
    • Headers: All headers are identical to those of the browser. (I copy them using the development tool) including current cookies containing the current session key with his value.
  4. I do not have access to this page and I have received the status of 403 forbidden.

Please help me or suggest me how to build an authenticated HTTP request in Postman it will work for Drupal 7?

windows 7 – Key Generator IDM 6.35 Build 7 Incl Registration Key [100%] Job

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Windows App – ACDSee Professional Photo Studio 2020 13.0 Build 1369 [German] | NulledTeam UnderGround

Windows x64 | Size of the file: 237 MB

Make the most of your images with an extensive set of RAW editing and digital asset management tools. Recognized for its organizational prowess and its power of parametric photo editing, ACDSee Photo Studio Professional 2020 makes it easy to push boundaries. Responsible for mixed cloning, non-destructive color grading, optimal face recognition and recognition, and many organizational improvements, Professional allows you to unleash your creative potential. Browse all the essential tasks of your photography feed with this ACDSee family member enriched with a GPU.
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Mix of clones

Use the Mixed Clone tool to copy pixels from a source area to a target area. ACDSee analyzes the pixels in the target area and merges them with the copied pixels for the most transparent repair. Eliminate imperfections, wires and telephone poles, flashes, lens scratches, water droplets and general distractions and imperfections.

A full range of filters
Mathematics has never been so colorful! Import and apply color LUTs – files that ask ACDSee to map specific RGB values ​​to other distinct color values ​​- in Development mode for nondestructive and flexible color calibration.

Improved facial detection and facial recognition
Organizing has never been so personal. The Professional 2020 face recognition and facial recognition tool will find humans on your photos so you can name them for a quick search. ACDSee will immediately know which names to assign to which faces and will even suggest possible matches. Control the image queue to be scanned for faces. Save hours of tedious manual work by searching for photos by unnamed, automatically named, and suggested names. Keep the photos distinguished by customer, family member or person of interest, then integrate face data into your photos to keep them safe.

What's up:

Improved face detection
Speed ​​up your designation with ACDSee's suggestions, which identify possible matches. Control the image queue to be scanned for faces. Save hours by searching for photos by unnamed, automatically named and suggested names. Then, integrate the face data into your photos to keep them safe.

PDF support
View, browse, and print PDFs. Browse and categorize PDFs according to their importance. Throw the useless or save them on the cloud.

Adaptability and security
Get team files via Dropbox ™ or OneDrive ™ or back up an existing task with direct access to Cloud Sync Root Drives in management mode.

Put your files in several baskets
Create up to five picture baskets to collect and store images and multimedia files from anywhere on your hard drive. Name individual picture baskets and use them to easily view, edit or share their contents.

Improved duplicate search
Look for duplicates in various folders and locations. Rename or delete detected duplicates to keep your collection of files under control.

Improved batch conversion
Convert masses of files into other formats from a convenient and accessible dialogue.

Improved keyword management
ACDSee now comes with a variety of examples of quick keywords that can be used. Export keyword lists and share them with other users. Save countless hours of manual entry by importing established keyword lists.

Full raw editor
Get the most out of your RAW images with built-in support for more than 500 Photo Studio Professional camera models. For ultimate freedom, start with the raw data captured by your camera's sensor and transform it nondestructively into whatever you want with the help of exposure, contrast, color, repair, sharpness and other tools based on the details.

Management of digital resources effortlessly
Find, sort, move, organize and share – everything you need to master your photographic workflow is right here at your fingertips. Add notes, hierarchical keywords, categories, and location data to your images. Quickly identify photos for further processing with customizable visual tags or color labels.


Required configuration:

– Microsoft® Windows® 7 (SP1), Windows® 8, Windows® 8.1 and Windows® 10 (64-bit editions only)
– Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 9+
– Microsoft® DirectX® 10 or higher
– Windows Media® Player 9.0
– Intel® or AMD processor with 64-bit support
– Intel i3 processor or higher recommended
– 2 GB of RAM (6 GB of RAM or more recommended)
– 512 MB of video RAM (VRAM)
– DirectX 10 compatible graphics adapter
– 1024 x 768 display resolution (1920 x 1080 recommended)
– 2 GB free disk space


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How to build my forum to compare to: | Promotion Forum

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[GET] How to build your starter product ideas from scratch (ZIZO) | (English) | NewProxyLists

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Mac OS X – Android Studio Build Speed

I have MacBook-Air 8GB, version 2017. More details in screen capture. I'm working on a big Android project that started 6 years ago. The problem is that it takes 12 to 15 minutes to create a debug version, even a slight change in a line takes 7 to 8 minutes. Please suggest how to speed up the build time.

I have the latest version of Android Studio – 3.5.1
Build.gradle project –
org.gradle.jvmargs=-Xmx4096m -XX:MaxPermSize=4096m -XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8
android.enableD8.desugaring = true

Mac book specifications