Play with images 1.1.12 Build 17091 – NulledTeam UnderGround

Size of the file: 37.46 MB

Play With Pictures is an extremely entertaining image creator. No photo editing skills required, Play With Pictures ™ does all the work for you. Amazingly simple and intuitive interface – pick it up in minutes! Simple to use – 3 easy steps. No limit to the number of images that you can use. Cut out people and objects in seconds. Add effects, bubbles, and text. Combine images and effects to create amazing images! Share with your friends and family. With Play With Pictures ™, you can: create holiday memories and special occasions; cards and invitations; school work enlivens; fun pictures to share with your friends and family. Share via e-mail, Facebook, MySpace, Photobucket and Flickr or print.
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S & # 39; fun. Mix photos. Add effects. Create amazing pictures.

• Easily add parts of other photos
• Simple to use – 3 quick steps
• Share with friends and family
• Drag and drop images
With Play With Pictures ™, you can create:
• Holiday memories and special occasions
• Cards and invitations
• Fun images to share with friends and family on sites like Flickr and Facebook
• School assignments that animate

1. Amazingly simple and intuitive interface – take it in minutes!
2. Drag images from anywhere on Play With Pictures ™
3. Instantly cut people and other objects in different images and add them to your composition
4. No photo editing skills required, Play With Pictures ™ does all the hard work for you
5. No limit to the number of photos you can use
6. Add effects, bubbles and text
7. Share via e-mail, Facebook, MySpace, Photobucket and Flickr or print
8. Watch our videos and see how easy and fast it is to play with Pictures ™

• The official website does not provide any information about the changes in this version.


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Tracing – How to build a specific binary tree from a particular set of information?

I run an algorithm to solve a problem that returns a set of information related to a binary tree associated with these problems. To illustrate the results obtained, I try to draw the binary tree. I make the right plot in the picture below. But I like to draw the tree on the left.

The question is: how to draw the right binary tree in the figure below?

enter the description of the image here

The input data for this are two lists. The first contains the "path" of the solution (for the tree in the left / right below: paths = {{0, 0, 0, 0, 0}, {0, 1, 1, 1}}) the second list contains the number of nodes in each level (for the right tree below: nodes_leves = {1, 2, 4, 4}).

I have tried searching for functions associated with charts, trees, etc., but I have not found a solution to draw this specific tree.

Thanks in advance

Can we build an authorized blockchain model without ordering service?

Suppose a blockchain architecture with only two entities, clients and validators. Customers send their transactions directly to validators without going through any ordering service.

I wanted to know what kind of problems the system could be exposed to?

web development – How can I build a backend that can make ml and can work with bigdata, know that this backend will be used in a floating application as well as on a website?

I want to create a backend that works for both a floating application and a website.
I want to make some recommendations using ml on the backend data. The data may become bulky in the future. So I was advised to use hadoop, but I do not understand how they will be related to the web framework ex: Express, to the database ex: MongoDB, to the Spark analysis and to the deployment on Heroku.

pathfinder 1e – How to build a terrain control


So I'm trying to create a structure designed to prevent enemies from moving freely on the battlefield, creating difficult terrain, creating walls, denying line of sight, and so on. Do you have any suggestions.

Some additional notes:

  • no mental control
  • our gm does not allow immunities
  • therefore, alignment restrictions do not apply to classes that require diabolical alignments
  • no class races
  • our team is currently at level 7 so consider if it would make a difference
  • I am specifically looking to control the battlefield by denial of movement, so no debuff-centric construction

Uninstall Tool 3.5.9 Build 5654 Multilingual Portable – NulledTeam UnderGround

Uninstall Tool 3.5.9 Build 5654 Multilingual Portable | 4 MB

Uninstaller – Uninstaller unique and powerful. Get your computer working faster now by using the uninstall tool! This is a fast, secure and convenient way of removing unnecessary applications and system components. Excellent powerful and reliable alternative to the standard Windows Add / Remove program.

The program has many features and options that do not fit in the Microsoft applet. Uninstall Tool works with LIGHTNING SPEED and COMPLETELY deletes any program from your computer.
– Revised and improved user interface (including new icons)
– Secondary toolbar with additional functions (can be hidden)
– Adjustable positions of the toolbars (up / down / side)
– Simplified and convenient use of the task pane (left of the uninstall and start handlers), added keyboard navigation for task panel commands
– Automatic check of updates (optional) and dialogue of the new version with the "what's new" list
– Improved preferences dialog
– New HTML report (for both the uninstaller and the boot manager)
– Running various Windows tools (Tools menu)
– Program preferences are always saved in the "preferences.xml" file (located in CSIDL_APPDATA CrystalIdea Software Uninstall Tool).
– 90% of the program code is rewritten / revised / optimized
– Improved stability of the program
– Uninstall Wizard: faster analysis
– Uninstall Wizard: detection of ongoing processes among the traces found; termination upon request
– Better program list, better icon detection
– Ability to force stop uninstallation process (when the third party uninstall program is frozen)
– View recent items in the secondary toolbar (not in the status bar) with the grouping items (Applications / System / Hidden) in a context menu
– Enhanced cache algorithms
– Improved use of the search filter
– List view with small icons looks better now
– Google for the name of the program (Ctrl + G) and its editor (see "Action" menu)
– The cache of the uninstaller is now saved in the file CachedData.dat & # 39; (located in CSIDL_APPDATA CrystalIdea Software Uninstall Tool). You can manually update the cache by simply pressing the Refresh button on the toolbar (F5)
– Selection of multiple objects
– Company column to display the publisher / author of the item
– Google for the name of the program (Ctrl + G), the name .exe and the editor (see menu 'Action & # 39;)
– Best way to handle the situation when there are no items in the list
Windows 7, 8 / 8.1, 10


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dnd 5th – Sorcerer build Help 5th for a 2nd edition player who returns

Hi everyone, I recently returned to D & D where I had played the last edition. I am currently a level 7 wizard who is getting ready to move to 8. I am a direct wizard, but I am trying to see if there is anything else I can do with my character like multiclassing, perhaps.

My current party is a blade singer, an Eldritch knight, a bruid shepherd (aaracoka) and a paladin / warlock

Currently my character is

Dragonborn Sorcerer Dragon Race of Dragon Origin
STR 10 DEX 14 CON 14 INT 10 WISDOM 10 CHAR 18

Metamagic: Quicken and Empowered

My first ASI was +2 charisma. At level 8, I was looking for a stroke of luck or I put my charisma at 20, then I became a twin spell as the next metamagic option. my character plays the DPS roll that was an explosion.

Aside from the selection of exploits, is there anything cool with the multi-ranking I could do now, maybe wait for the multiclass later or at this point is my best option to stay 100% Sorcerer and grab the ASI and feats like Elemental Adept and Lucky. Or was there something else that missed me?
When I created the character, I only used the player's manual without knowing my other options (divine souls, etc.), so I want to make sure that I do not hurt myself. Currently, my character follows my party in all areas. I just want it to stay that way and I'm not falling behind.

Oh, and we're running through the crazy mage dungeon and if my character gets to the end, I should be level 18-20 at the end.
Thank you

Uninstall Tool 3.5.9 Build 5650 Multilingual

Uninstall Tool 3.5.9 Build 5650 Multilingual | Size of the file: 4.3 MBA flawless stay

Uninstaller – Uninstaller unique and powerful. Get your computer working faster now by using the uninstall tool! This is a fast, secure and convenient way of removing unnecessary applications and system components. Excellent powerful and reliable alternative to the standard Windows Add / Remove program. The program has a lot of features and unfortunate options in …

Uninstall Tool 3.5.9 Build 5650 Multilingual

Application Windows – Acronis True Image 2020 Build 20770 Multilingual | NulledTeam UnderGround

Languages: Multilingual | Size of the file: 580.13 MB

Never lose another file! Complete cybernetic protection! Combining reliable backup with proven anti-malware technology, our unique cyber-protection solution effectively protects all of your data, applications and systems.
A flawless stay

Backup and recovery

Mirror imaging. Disk cloning. All-in-one recovery discs. It's easy to make sure your data is available for recovery no matter what happens.

Access Anywhere
Retrieve any file from your cloud backup, wherever you are, on any device. Manage remote backups. Enjoy synchronization and secure file sharing.

Innovative protections
The only personal backup solution that uses AI to stop ransomware and cryptojacking in real time. Offers a blockchain data notarization.

Vision 2020 improved
Our way of accessing and using data is constantly changing, as are the threats to that data. Your protection must also evolve. With over 100 enhancements and new features, Acronis True Image 2020 keeps you informed.

Double automated protection
Back up locally while simultaneously replicating it in the cloud so you always have a secure copy offsite for recovery.

Bins Notification Center
Messages placed in the system tray allow you to monitor the status of backups so you can quickly respond to any problem.

Customized food management
Avoid discharging your battery by efficiently managing backups of laptops. Set a minimum power level or block backups on the battery.

Backup on Select Wi-Fi
Where you save is your choice. Now you can easily avoid measured connections and public networks that put data at risk.

Enhanced Cloud Restore
Enjoy faster performance and a more intuitive experience. Improved for even easier navigation.

Effective protection all in one
Do you use multiple solutions to protect your data? Then you pay more for a patchwork that creates gaps in your defense. Acronis True Image 2020 delivers the power of integration, with data protection, cybersecurity and management features that you control from a single, intuitive dashboard.

Back up what you want, with tools such as mirror image creation, file / folder level backups, active disk cloning, Office 365 cloud-based backups, event-based scheduling, non-stop backups and automatic replication of local files. backups in the cloud.

Control the storage location of your data, whether locally on an external hard drive, network folder or NAS device, off-site in the cloud or a combination of both to provide full protection. Approve specific Wi-Fi networks to avoid potential problems.

All about your backup at a glance. Monitor the status of backups with push notifications on the system tray. View file sizes, backup speeds, and color-coded displays of the type of data stored with our visual dashboard.

Protect your data wherever it is, with a solution that supports the latest versions of Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices, as well as virtual machines. Our built-in anti-malware defense is 100% compatible with other anti-virus software.

Secure the latest threats
Our built-in AI-based defense system detects and stops ransomware in real time and automatically restores affected files. Last year, he managed to defeat more than 400,000 attacks. It also prevents encrypted malware from stealing system resources, slowing performance, and injecting other malware.

Double protection
Acronis simplifies and optimizes the protection process by automatically replicating local backups in the cloud, so that an offsite copy is always available for recovery. Once you have successfully completed the first backup, backup and replication take place simultaneously.

Improved backup technology
Our new backup format provides better overall performance, enabling faster backup of cloud backups, faster backup and recovery speeds, and data deduplication.

Bins Notification Center
You can get push messages on your desktop tray. This allows you to easily monitor the status of your backups, receive timely advice on how to improve your protection and react quickly to any problem.

Enriched Anti-Ransomware
As cybersecurity evolves, we are constantly improving Acronis Active Protection to stay ahead. Our new machine learning models increase the efficiency of our software and the latest version now prevents attacks by cessation of illegal services. You will be informed of the reason why a particular process is being monitored or blocked as a malicious program.

Backup over Wi-Fi selected
You can easily avoid measured connections and unsecured public networks that are putting your data at risk by selecting the Wi-Fi networks you use to back up your data. This secures your shipments.

Customized food management
Manage your backups so that you do not empty the battery. This ensures that your laptop will work when you need it. You can set a minimum power level for backups or completely block battery backups.


Required configuration:
– Windows 10 (all editions, including the May 2019 update)
– Windows 8.1 (all editions)
– Windows 8 (all editions)
– Windows 7 SP1 (all editions)
– Windows Home Server 2011


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