can my boss send me back like this?

As everyone has said, he can fire you for any reason
You can also apply for unemployment and he should pay
but I also agree with what others have said you do not want to work for that person that you have already missed 5 days of unpaid work
And since your boss does not trust anyone to run the store, it does not seem like this job is worth it

you can apply many biblical principles to help you find solace even in the current economic situation so you do not feel overwhelmed by what evil men can do.
Men like your boss who use their position to intimidate others


Did I have health insurance?

No, you paid the Medicare tax. You have contributed to the Medicare program in our retiree class (that's why Medicare for All is a false premise since ALL workers only pay for those who benefit from Medicare).

Crazy idea, but have you ever got a health insurance card? If this is not the case, it is very likely that you do NOT have health insurance. You would know if you signed up for that.


Is it a myth that if someone joins the military, he can get a good job?

The military has a good work experience and can also give you an education that could help you get a good job. That being said, anyone able to be part of the military is also able to get a good job without the army.

There are many good jobs that do not require training or prior experience. If you spent the time and effort needed to join the army and succeed in the military, you 've turned to building a career. You will probably go much further in the life of your career.


If the electric company warns the owner, he must turn off the engine. Should the landlord give an opinion?

In most cases, the utility company will inform the resident of the units involved, whether or not these residents are owners or tenants, and regardless of the name of their account.

In cases where the account has a name other than the owner or account holder (other than the resident), the utility will inform DEUX and the resident.

Nevertheless, as a professional courtesy, the landlord should send the tenant a note informing them of the closure. It only takes a few minutes, does not cost anything and is an easy way to maintain good business relationships between the landlord and the tenant. I can not imagine a scenario where an owner would think it would be advantageous to refuse this information to his tenant.


Do I have to report the tax paid on my student loan even if it was less than $ 25?

If you have to pay more to upgrade the Turbo Tax to report costs, the tax itself is not worth upgrading.

An upgrade should only be improved if, on the one hand, you are going to upgrade the cost of the tax anyway, or both, than the upgrade.

In addition, should you pay the tax on a student loan, or is it simply that you can use the fact that you pay a student loan to deduct it from the tax due? If you have to pay a tax on the loan, you will need to upgrade. If it is simply a deduction because you have paid a student loan, it is not necessary to upgrade.


Can my mother cash my estate check without my knowledge?

Beneficiary of his life insurance … just to specify ??

She can probably pull this off to be completely honest. If you have a joint account, she can certainly remove it.

There is not much you can do, do you even know anything about life insurance? If you know the name of the company and the policy number, you can contact them and see alternative delivery terms. If you do not … well … you will have trouble seeing this money.

Last question, you live with your parents … it's ok ?? How much do you pay for rent? I'm not saying that what your parents are doing is good … just turn the room a bit to show you a little perspective.

She will not be able to cash it … but she will probably be able to deposit it. Is she planning to keep your money until you are a little older and responsible … if that's the case … trust your mother.


Is it possible to survive with a minimum wage job?

At 7.35 per hour, the annual salary is $ 16,700 less unavoidable taxes such as social security and payroll taxes ($ 1,700) or $ 15,000, health insurance ($ 6,000 or $ 9,000 car insurance ($ 1,200) or $ 7,800 less rent for a one-bedroom apartment ($ 6,000) which leaves $ 1,800 for utilities and clothing. I say not possible.


[ Other – Careers & Employment ] Open question: Can I use a resume template to do my resume or do I have to do it from scratch?

[ Other – Careers & Employment ] Open question: Can I use a resume template to do my resume or do I have to do it from scratch? .

Can we destroy a credit card without closing it?

I am a little confused by what you have written. You said that they sent you a "new credit card". If it has the same numbers as the old one (or different numbers, but that is for the same account as the old one, that has happened several times), even with an upper limit, this should not affect your credit score. .

If it's a brand new account, credit card companies usually do not, just open a new account for you, unexpectedly. And even if they did it and you did nothing, the account would never be active and you would not have to worry about it. Can you be more specific about exactly what happened?


[ Renting & Real Estate ] Open question: How can I cut the power of my roommates?

So she is ***** and refuses to pay me her utilities. I have changed the Internet password and she returns it ****. But she still leaves all the power on. So, how can I cut the power on her when we left? .