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The game is a type of game which depends totally or partially on the luck factor of the player. If luck allowed, we could win a million dollars in a few seconds. But in case, if luck chooses your opponent's side, you must understand that you are in danger of losing your money or even going bankrupt!

So why do people always prefer to play? It all started because of the adrenaline rush that the game gives when the player rolls dice or chooses a card! Slowly, the game's monetization capacity began to attract more and more people. In addition, with the advancement of technology, online gaming has come into the picture.

Online gaming has resulted in a dramatic increase in the number of divers, as it gives players the privilege of playing almost anywhere and anytime! But this requires the use of advanced technology and hassle-free software in order to induce the maximum effect of a real casino. This required professional developers of online casino games.

Interesting facts you may not know!

According to Statista, the online gambling market is expected to make $ 60 billion by 2020.

In other words,

This represents an increase of $ 4 billion over 2019.
Turnover has almost tripled over the decade (2009 saw sales of around $ 21 billion).
Software is the backbone of development!

There are many phases involved in the process of developing online casino games, and software is the most important requirement for this.

In addition, it is necessary to design and execute a perfect action plan to stay ahead of the intense competition. To build successful online casino software, one has to follow a series of steps and have some influential aspects in mind.

➼ Generation of ideas

➼ Software prototyping

➼ Coding used for casino game software

➼ Software test

➼ The launch!

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Dear administrators, remove this from your filters | the scam business which is

Dear members,

Please read this and consider taking action if possible against this fraudulent business, here is what happened to me:

To consider: I have been in the hosting industry for a little over 9 years now, during which I have had problems with bad clients, where they get blacklisted IP addresses for a number of reasons, these reasons can be anything from hacking, phishing, spamming or anything else that you might consider outside the bounds of legitimate online behavior.

I have dealt with organizations such as Spamhaus, Sorbs, Barracuda and many others but today I had to do business with this new (for profit) business www.
Normally, if an IP address is blacklisted, the companies mentioned above (with the exception of have automated means, where you can delete an IP address if the old customer has disappeared from your network, or if you terminated the client, etc.

The first thing to understand is that we do not rent IP addresses to an ISP, we have our own IP addresses from RIRS (lacnic, blackberries, etc.)

So today I have a client who rents a very basic VPS server, with an IP previously abused by another user, the new client notices the problem and lets us know, so we want to take some immediate action. One of the most frustrating mornings so far to try to solve this problem.

I sent an email to the company (they are in Brazil, their English is not the best). No answer.
Their site has a WhatsApp number for contact, I thought it was cool so I contacted them.

The guy comes to chat, asks me what the problem is, I explain to him what I said before: the old customer has listed the IP, the new customer has got the IP, I have to write it off.
what happened then was a little crazy.

1. They MANDATE that in order for an IP to be deleted, there must be an MTA behind the IP. Then they WILL REFUSE to remove it if you are the ISP OWNER of the IP. Yes, you read that right, if you are the OWNER of the IP, they will do nothing to remove it. The only way to delete an IP address is to be able to contact the person who manages the MTA on this IP (my client) and the MTA must comply with RFC 5321 (…).

2. If there is no MTA behind the listed IP, they simply REFUSE to delete it, even if there are no clients on that IP. They claim that because you don't have a user on this IP address, it won't hurt your business. I then asked the guy, if I wanted to protect the reputation of my network, what could I do, all he said was this: if there isn’t of MTA on the IP, there is no way to remove the IP. End of story.

3. We asked for feedback loops: according to him, as ISP, we have to send an email with all our prefixes, to his personal email: so that the case can be "studied" "and then when they want, come back to you, to tell you if they can set up a feedback loop for you.

4 No classification system. When I asked this guy about a listed IP, but the client was already terminated, with no MTA used on that IP, and about the process involved in cleaning up the reputation of the IP, he replied : This IP was not listed by reputation status. Its reputation is neutral on the SPFBL P2P network. Its only reported as
However, this is ********, the IP address listed on their SBL, and of course will cause problems for customers everywhere.

Now this company, which hasn't even finished its website, has mixed Portuguese and English, a technical representative who has no idea what a mirror is, their reckless methods of listing IP addresses, their reluctance to admit that we are the owners of the IP address when the radiation request is made, among many others, will certainly take place, is a good reason to flush their unnecessary SBL from all the servers you manage.

Their management email address is, I suggest contacting them about this practice.
I understand, everyone wants to make money, but to keep your network / reputation held hostage by people who really don't know what they are doing, that is not the way to do it .

Best regards,


[GET] How To Start An Online Business Using Teespring

[GET] How to Start an Online Business Using Teespring

master data management – Stibo Step Search Business Rules

Is there a way to find text in all the business rules for the Stibo Step product?

I have inherited from a project and am trying to find all the places where an attribute is used. I have an attribute VA-1 but we have business rules that give it a default value in an array. Instead of using the actual attribute, it is "VA-1" it is therefore not displayed as a reference for the attribute.

Professional two-sided business cards for $ 10

I will design the business card of your imagination; perfect for your business or individual needs

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Looking for an experienced programmer who wants to do long term business


Make your AWS sourcing business invincible with Amazon EC2 for WHMCS 1.2.0! | NewProxyLists

1. Amazon EC2 for WHMCS 1.2.0

Want to give your AWS provisioning company a strong competitive advantage with little effort? Then you should definitely dive into all the peculiarities of retouching Amazon EC2 for WHMCS 1.2.0 has to offer!

The module will now do wonders when it comes to provisioning and managing Amazon EC2 instances, due to the set of new handy utilities built into today's update . Ready to sort out some of them immediately?

Enriched with at least several fresh components, Amazon EC2 for WHMCS is now perfectly suited to allow you to adapt a larger number of product specifications, i.e. to provide SSD or HDD volume types, set their size as good as set the number of supported input and output operations per second. Besides fully secure compatibility with WHMCS V7.9, we have also integrated the possibility for you to decide whether elements such as Windows password, DNS name and scheduled tasks should be available in the client area.

If this rich palette of brand new privileges for your customers has aroused your enthusiasm, we wonder what will happen when you roll out the entire changelog!

Learn more about Amazon EC2 for WHMCS 1.2.0!

2. WHMCS V7.9 modules support list

Did your eyes almost pop out of your head when you heard the news WHMCS V7.9 recently reached the long-awaited "general availability" status?

If that's the case, you better prepare for another dose of amazing news – up to this incredible rate, our official forums is already hosting registration of modules who have successfully passed all compatibility adjustments and are sure to work like a charm in this latest WHMCS edition.

Stay informed as there are already more updates in progress!

3. Finally, feel free to take a look at the list of our other recent module updates:

Need custom software development for your business?

Especially for you, we will adapt an application and its design to your own needs, create a new module or even a whole new system built from scratch!

business purchase

If you are buying part of a business from the person who currently owns 100% of the debt and who owes him money, the usual thing is to remove the loan from the books before buying back. This can be done by repaying the loan, cancellation or contribution to the business.

Sometimes there are reasons why the loan should stay on the books (usually for tax reasons but sometimes for other reasons). In this case, the debt reduces the value of the business like any other debt and should be reflected in your purchase price.

For example, let's say a business would be valued at $ 30,000 by considering only factors such as income, cash flow and assets. However, the business owes someone (whether it's the owner, a seller, or a bank) $ 10,000. Now the business is only worth $ 20,000 (or $ 30,000 minus $ 10,000). Your half should only cost $ 10,000 (half of $ 20,000) rather than $ 15,000 (half of $ 30,000).

In either case, you should exit the same way.