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6 ways to promote your business online for free [2019]

  1. theceo




    New member

    June 9, 2018
    I like receipts:

    1. Ensure the presence of your business in the maps of major search engines.
    The vast majority of search engines offer services to record the location of your premises. Registration is free and offers you the opportunity to appear in local search results.
    In our country, the search engine par excellence is Google. It is therefore essential to be included in your results. Google Places allows you to register your business, place it on Google Maps, and even link to a Google Plus page. The benefits are many, because the presence and interactions on the Google Network are positioned as one of the main forms of search engine optimization in the immediate future.
    Other search engines, such as Bing, also offer a service with similar features.
    2. Publish a blog.
    Having a business blog offers two great benefits:
    – is a way to directly contact your audience or your customers, and
    – Help your business gain value in front of the public.
    In addition, if you have the opportunity to publish articles in other blogs specific to your sector, you will contribute to marketing your business.
    3. Promote your business in social networks
    Social networks allow us to communicate with friends and entertain us, but they have also become free promotional tools today.
    Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Linkedin are free distribution channels, although they also have payment options to advertise to a specific audience. We must not forget that they allow us to be where people spend a lot of their time.
    4. Send newsletters to your customers
    Whenever your company participates in an event or you receive a new product, it is essential to inform your customers. E-mail marketing is a very interesting advertising tool because it allows you to send to a list of e-mails the information you find interesting. spread. Applications such as MailChimp offer a free subscription service and tools for email marketing.
    5. Publish a photo catalog
    Flickr or Instagram allows you to collect free photos of your business, services or products and even embed these galleries on your website. Any relevant update of your business is an excuse to take photos and download them.
    6. Upload videos to YouTube
    Each month, over a billion unique users visit YouTube, making it a showcase where you can distribute free promotional videos.
    As you can see, the possibilities are numerous and many have taken advantage of the attraction of social networks to promote themselves. Of course, it is very important that the content you offer on one of the mentioned networks is interesting and relevant for your customers or users, and that it is related to your activity.

Sale – DropShip Business for Sale

We had a great time with this area as it is almost 6 years old. Easy to categorize, in recent months we have been using this domain for the aliexpress direct delivery business. This brings enough revenue to know everything about setting up an ad campaign on the best cost-per-action sites such as Facebook, Google, Google, Bing, and so on.
it comes with a license with a chrome plugin to facilitate the list of aliexpress products. Configuration and woocommerce integrated with Facebook, along the Google merchant account.
Since sync products with your favorite platform and serve ads to generate sales.
Ads are billed at the cost of conversion if you do not make any sales, you pay nothing to these companies.

Why are we selling this?
We have 49 sites to eliminate because we do not have time to work anymore. After a great success with the drop shipping, we are now in the manufacturing. These sites require enthusiastic young entrepreneurs.
Do not miss the opportunity, OLD domains, easy to categorize and earn money online.
Why are you selling this site?
Direct delivery Best online sales product

How is it monetized?
Sell ​​online

Is this site provided with social media accounts?

How long does this site take to run?
Depends on your advertising budget

What are the challenges of managing this site?
Need to know facebook and google ads

Alaska – WHMCS SEO Hosting, Shop, Business Theme | NulledTeam UnderGround

is an extremely elegant Premium WordPress theme that is fully compatible with the newest and most advanced WHMCS-Bridge plugin, which allows a smooth connection between WordPress and WHMCS. …

Please note: WHMCS Pro is a separate addon to the WHMCS Bridge plug-in. So you have to install the WHMCS Bridge plug-in on your website, with the Pro plug-in installed to unlock the …

Good sides to finance your business? | NewProxyLists

I am a little in difficulty in this department. I have too many things to do. And very less money coming from my concerts. I am currently posting on the forum, mylot and other sites. And I'm trying to save that money and all the interest I get from such an investment. I can also reinvest. It works to a certain extent. I think every day that you try something new can work for you. Freelance also works but takes up most of your time.

How to start an online business in a reduced budget?

Do you plan to start an online business but do not know where to start? Starting an online business is the biggest challenge for business owners looking to enter the online world.

Discover the step that helps business owners to build online business and develop their online presence:

Best Web Design Services

In today's world, the website is the main substance of your organization. Customers are discovering this website, which is all the more appealing and easy to use than the outdated and boring one. If customers or customers are not integrated into your website, they do not respect it. To make your website attractive and engaging to customers, you must obtain the services of a professional and reliable computer design company.

There are many design organizations and computer development companies in the industry offering quality web design services. The professional direction of a supposed design organization can bring positive results. Web development and design may seem simple for customers, but they incorporate a ton of arrangements and effort to achieve the desired results. Before choosing an organization, examine its portfolio. In this way, you can easily perform an audit of subtleties, professional specialties, etc. from the company in the past. You can get information about their skills in designing realistic programs such as Java, Flash, Adobe, and more.


Buy QuickBooks Enterprise Manage your business from anywhere

Buying Quickbooks accounting software is the best decision if you work in multiple locations on a project, you can access your data remotely from a smartphone or computer that connects to the Internet. If you need remote capabilities, Buy QuickBooks Online is a better option compared to other accounting software. In addition to this, he accepts business payments, manages and pays bills and also accepts payroll functions by recording each transaction.