How do you do accounting for your business or freelancing? | NewProxyLists

The more I earn money online, the more I have to watch out for the book keeping. For example, job based accounting is done at the work place by HR. They seem to have me automate the tax implications through employee model. But the thing is more and more online earning happens, the more I have to manually add the entries before paying the taxes. And it can be more troublesome when there is foreign currency remittance involved.

So how do you do your taxes and how do you go for the accounting in your business at the financial year end?

❓ASK – Should you open you business in an area with or without competition? | NewProxyLists

Creating a bussiness with competition or without competion, both has advantages and disadvantages. But personally I think that you should start bussiness where there is no competition. Suppose you live in a place where there is no paper mill bussiness, so you created a paper mill. As there is no company making paper without you, all the people will buy yours as of it is good or not. That’s why I think you should start a bussiness without competition


Why is the Service Area in a Google My Business profile displayed in the Ukrainian language?

I have an issue with a GMB profile. Although English is chosen in language settings, the Service Area is displayed in the Ukrainian language.

Have you happened to have this problem when some information is displayed in another language? Is there any possible solution? Thank you.

How do I transfer a LINKEDIN business page I created for a firm, to a new administrator?

When I created the business page for my client, it was linked to my personal LinkedIn profile. I need to transfer the business page to a new employee who will be hosting/managing/administrating the firm business page. How do I do this transfer and ensure that the new admin does not see my personal profile.

Hetzner VS myLoc’s Colocation for a hosting business


I need your advice for the provided colocation service from Hetzner VS Webtropai ?

I want to rent ~1/8 or 1/3 rack with them for a new hosting business (Dedicated Servers, VPS and Webhosting). But I’m worried a bit about:

  1. Support speed and commitment (especially in critical situations)
  2. Onsite services
  3. Connection/Bandwidth quality & speed to NA, Asia and Africa regions?
  4. Overall features

Are they preferable locations for the business purpose ? or do you have other recommendations ?

Note: The hardware will be shipped from outside Germany, Any concerns for this ?


❕NEWS – China shuts down another crypto business | NewProxyLists

you overestimate the influence of crypto to the Remimbi. In Crypto we tend to make a currency big using a metric for measuring private corporations but not currencies…. market cap. So lets take a look there if use the Top Cryptos, BTC and ETH, they have a market cap of round about $900bn while the money supply M1 in China is $33,000bn. this means that the worldwide crypto supply for the most important (by market cap) crypto currencies are around 2.6% the amount of M1. And the cryptos are distributed and holded around the world – if we assuming that no cryptos are lost…. there are numbers saying around 20% of BTC is lost.

I doubt that all cryptos together have the chance to compete against the Chinese financial system. The reason why they fighting against Crypto are different ones