Why do I have to deposit BTC as a missing business number?

I accidentally transferred BTC into a non-excising portfolio. The wallet is being created and I need to activate it and check it. To activate and check, I need to deposit 4.9 BTC. Does it works? Why do I have to deposit so many BTCs? There is already 7.3 BTC on this portfolio when it was created

7 signs or facts that your e-commerce business is thriving

What are the 7 signs or facts (eg, sales, customers, etc.) that demonstrate that your e-commerce business is successful?

seo – Structured Data from Google on Business and Google My Business

For better SEO, the typical small business owner will probably want to use Google My Business and forget the structured data. In most cases, Google pays special attention to structured data of companies and organizations for major brands. Therefore, structured data integration work will have no real tangible benefit in terms of SEO.

That said, the implementation of structured data does not present any drawbacks. If your business is or becomes big enough / well-known, Google will start paying attention to rich snippets and even knowledge graph features.

But as a general rule, for a local company (not very significant in the national / international sense), I would use Google My Business without worrying about structured data.

How to classify google my business

I've tried to rank my google business listing for my Lowestoft Driving School. I put the same NAP on all sites. I post photos and articles regularly, but I do not get the results. I've also used some structured data recently, but I'm not sure it will take time?

Google apps script – Automatic reply outside business hours in Gmail

I try to add an automatic response to emails received outside of office hours. The holiday answering machine does not allow that. Office hours are Monday to Thursday from 8:30 to 16:00 and Friday from 8:30 to 12:00, MTN time. You will find below the script I use. Is there a way to add the MTN time zone to this script so that it sends it at the correct times for the correct time zone?

autoReply () {function
var interval = 5; // if the script runs every 5 minutes; change otherwise
var date = new Date ();
var day = date.getDay ();
var hour = date.getHours ();
if ((5,6,0) .indexOf (day)> -1 || (day == 1 && hour < 8) || (day == 4 && hour >= 17)) {
var timeFrom = Math.floor (date.valueOf () / 1000) – 60 * interval;
var threads = GmailApp.search (& is: inbox after: + timeFrom);
for (var i = 0; i <threads.length; i ++) {
discussions (i) .reply ("I'm not in the office, your email will not be seen until Monday morning.");

tsql – DateTime business object Function to calculate next visits

I'm trying to project all dates of visiting customers to come according to one's date_initial_client. I have the following fields from the database: Client_initail_date, and premier_date. I have to calculate all future dates to come (At one year intervals, from one year and more starting from client_inital_date) who are superior to first date and are also> = 6 months from the first date.

Example: Customer A, Date_initial_client= 01NOV2000, first date= 01Jan2010 then the function will retrieve all future dates (UPCOMMING_DATE) from 01Nov2010, 01Nov2011, … and so on. Since the first dates to come from 01NOV2001 to 01NOV2009 is less than first date these will not be drawn or will be abandoned. So for this customer ID, the prochain_date will start from 01nov2010 and will go until 70+ years old (01Nov2080).

date_initial_client= 01June2004 first_DATE= 01JAN2006 Upcomming_date= 01June2007 (the function is discontinued on 01June2005, 01June2006 because it is less than 6 months first date. In this way, the function will calculate 70 instances of the prochain_date from 01JUNE2007 on a separate line / line for this customer ID and for all other customer IDs.