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I will create Professional wordpress website.

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Simple database front-end for simple small business

I run a small language school and I have a database with language students’ details: names, contact details, ages, lesson times, dob, fees, fee due dates and the like.

I set up a MySQL online database years ago, wrote php/html pages (from a book) and uploaded them to the server. I use these to input/edit student details, move leavers to another table (I realise now that isn’t necessary), get various lists (next month’s birthdays, fees, lesson registers, etc.) and show reports such as fees due each month, students graduating their normal schools next April, etc. It also archives student numbers according to their school grades at the end of each month (which is the 3rd table in my set-up).

So basically the equivalent of spreadsheets with various reports available at the click of a button.

However, the latest PHP update has me giving up trying to learn how to update all those files and I’m resigned to letting it all go once my hosting company switch off the current PHP version. So I’m looking for a simple front-end that I can use to replace this. I looked at LibreOffice Base and it just seems overkill and a time sink for what I want. I was suicidal after getting through the first chapter of the manual. I’m busy running the school and don’t have the time, intelligence nor inclination to be a programmer, too…

So does anyone have any suggestions what my best plan of action would be? Two of us use the db, not always in the same place, so I want to continue with everything online. Oh, and we use Macs.


Need Business Advice

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    So I started a dairy farm and had to take a loan out for $250,000 to get started. I’ve been farming for 4 years now and am starting to pay off the debt. But my younger brother wants to farm for a living with me. I want him to be 50/50 owner will me but I can’t really just let him be partners with no contribution towards the start-up. He does work in his free-time full time in the summer and occasionally after school. I don’t pay him anything for working for me and he’s worth $15 an hour. Any ideas how I can let him be partners that’s fair to both of us? Keep in mind he is family.



    Josh Olson,
    Apr 17, 2021 at 5:37 AM

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magento2.4.1 – How to get google business reviews data using custom module and display in my custom phtml file

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if the hardware wallet company ledger goes out of business, what will happen to my crypto asset / private keys in ledger?

if the hardware wallet company ledger goes out of business, what will happen to my crypto asset / private keys in ledger? I heard that the hardware wallet ledger is not open-source, so will the company get access to my private key? Will I be able to transfer my crypto elsewhere?

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