Contest – $20 – Simple Back Button

Hi guys,

I’m creating a website for an Online Bookmaking site, and I am trying to work out what the best option is for a “Back” button, to help you navigate back to the home page.


So I am looking for the perfect solution.

The issues I have with the current one below, is that the <Back looks a little too basic, and it pushes the page heading too far down the page, creating more white space than what there needs to be.

So I am wondering what the best solution is. It could be a simple Home Icon, or it could be an Arrow Button, or it could be Page Link Text: Home > Privacy Policy

Back Button.png


consistency – Button position depending on situation or always in the same position?

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forms – How to add “clone” button to WebformMultiple field

I created a custom composite field with a dozen or so fields, in a custom module extending DrupalwebformElementWebformCompositeBase. I need to add a “clone” button to the webform multiple table operations, which when clicked will create a new instance of the webform widget as the “add” button does, except that it is populated with the values existing in the element that is being cloned.

I asked this question in the webform issue queue and @jrockowitz responded

That is very tricky.

First, you would add the new operation via DrupalwebformElementWebformMultiple::buildElementRow and then your would have to examine the $form_state to parse the values of the previous rows.

One trick to adding new functionality like this is to first disable #ajax and get the functionality working without ajax and then enable #ajax.

I’m relatively new to D8 development, so I don’t understand how to override or otherwise commandeer DrupalwebformElementWebformMultiple::buildElementRow. I know how to make a child class of it and start to add my customizations to it, but I don’t know how to get my class to be the one that is executed in place of WebformMultiple::buildElementRow.

reactjs – Why does my react button fire on render but not after?

I have inherited some code:

interface DispatchProps {
  startIt: () => void;
   render() {
      return (                                                 
const mapDispatchToProps = (dispatch: Dispatch): DispatchProps => ({
      startIt: () => dispatch(startIt()),

and startIt fires on render but not on click.

I have tried:

onClick={() => {this.props.startIt()}}

but this is the same. I am a react/redux beginner so any pointers are welcome.

c# – How do I set the opacity of a Button to 0? (Unity)

You can set the alpha-value of the renderer of the button to zero. When your button has a text or any other child-nodes, then those also need to be made transparent:

foreach(var renderer in GetComponentsInChildren<CanvasRenderer>()) {

Another way to make a button disappear without also disabling any of the scripts on it is by setting its scale to 0:0:0. This will also make all its children disappear:

GetComponent<RectTransform>().scale =;

However, when your problem is that you need a script which is on the button to run after the button was removed, then I would recommend you to better separate your UI logic from your game logic. The components of an UI element should only govern the UI element itself.

I assume you are building some kind of main menu? In that case I would create one component MainMenu and assign it to an invisible gameObject in the scene. I would then give it a method public void StartGame() which starts the game (as well as methods for everything else the player can do on the main menu). I would then create a “Start Game” button and then use its OnClick assignment in its inspector to make it call the MainMenu.StartGame method of the invisible gameObject. The advantage of this pattern is that you can easily add more ways to call that StartGame method. Like have a keyboard key to call it or call it automatically based on a timer when the player does nothing.

marketing – How do I add a Linkedin post with a Learn More CTA button?

marketing – How do I add a Linkedin post with a Learn More CTA button? – User Experience Stack Exchange

checkout – Magento2 / Add check for disable submit button on custom payment method

I have developed a payment method for Magento 2. I would like the “send order” button (“invia ordine”) to be disabled in checkout (or send an error message) if the customer does not select an item in the options menu of my method (“seleziona”).

enter image description here


<div class="payment-method" data-bind="css: {'_active': (getCode() == isChecked())}">
<div class="payment-method-title field choice">
    <input type="radio"
           data-bind="attr: {'id': getCode()}, value: getCode(), checked: isChecked, click: selectPaymentMethod, visible: isRadioButtonVisible()"/>
   <label data-bind="attr: {'for': getCode()}" class="label"><span data-bind="text: getTitle()"></span></label>
<div class="payment-method-content">
    <select name="payment(condizionipagamento)" class="select input-text required-entry" 
                                attr: {id: getCode()+'_condizionipagamento'},
                                options: getCardList(),
                                optionsValue: 'value',
                                optionsText: 'type',
                                optionsCaption: $t('--Please Select--'),
     <!-- ko foreach: getRegion('messages') -->
    <!-- ko template: getTemplate() --><!-- /ko -->
    <div class="payment-method-billing-address">
        <!-- ko foreach: $parent.getRegion(getBillingAddressFormName()) -->
        <!-- ko template: getTemplate() --><!-- /ko -->
    <div class="checkout-agreements-block">
        <!-- ko foreach: $parent.getRegion('before-place-order') -->
        <!-- ko template: getTemplate() --><!-- /ko -->
    <div class="actions-toolbar">
        <div class="primary">
            <button class="action primary checkout"
                    click: placeOrder,
                    attr: {title: $t('Place Order')},
                    css: {disabled: !isPlaceOrderActionAllowed()},
                    enable: (getCode() == isChecked())
                <span data-bind="i18n: 'Place Order'"></span>

python 3.x – Valores de Radio Button Django salvo com 1 e 0

Recentemente usei o Radio Button no django
Ficou da seguinte forma o código:

Mas ao salvar no banco de dados fica dessa forma
masculino fica : 1
feminino fica : 0

Por que o numero e não gênero ?
Como poderia salvar o gênero?

Estava pensando em verificar se o formulário é válido e fazer uma consulta no banco na coluna do gênero e renomear caso for 1 para masculino e 0 para feminino

Alguma ideia melhor ou uma explicação boa para evitar de ter que renomear e evitar esse 0 e 1 ??


class Cadastro(models.Model):

    first_name = models.CharField('first_name',max_length=100)
    last_name= models.CharField('last_name', max_length=100)
    birthday = models.DateTimeField("data")
    sexo = models.BooleanField(choices=((True,'maculino'),(False,'feminino')))


from .models import Cadastro

class FormularioF(forms.ModelForm):
    class Meta:
        model = Cadastro
        widgets = {
            'sexo': forms.RadioSelect()
        fields = "__all__"


from django.views.generic import CreateView
from django.urls import reverse_lazy
from .forms import   FormularioF
class Formulario(CreateView):

    form_class =  FormularioF
    template_name = 'contato.html'
    success_url = reverse_lazy('index')


<form method="post">
    {% csrf_token %}
<button type="submit">save</button>

Incoming call answer button – Square or round, Android 11, LG V60 ThinQ

Android 11 – LG ThinQ V60 phone

Using Voice to redirect phone calls.

When an incoming call comes in, the answer button is sometimes square, and a simple touch answer/ignores.

Sometimes it is round, and you need to swipe to the ‘outside of the circle’. But I have trouble doing that.

Why the different incoming call views?

In both cases, I am pretty confident they are calling my GVoice number, not the native number of the phone.

I do not know what this is even called to try to search for it. Alas.

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