mistletoe design – Button bar: criteria and position

Is it a good idea (separate the action of the navigation buttons)?

It would be clear to end users the criteria?
If they are well executed, they will not notice but act as if.

Your improvement breaks a basic rule, however:

The navigation buttons go before what they affect.
Confirmation buttons go after what you confirm

However, in this particular case, I would say that it is not a problem to violate that, given the layout signals (for example, the line of separation) that you suggest.

It would still be ok if you had them in a row, left confirmation, "Select Company" on the right.

If it's not a pop-up / subform form, you may want to consider removing the explicit "Close" because it's usually the window frame.

move the Subscribe button down

I am a beginner and I have on my site an HTML code for YouTube subscriptions, see here: https://howtoplaystation.blogspot.com/p/blog-page.html
I would like to lower it a bit, how can I do that? Thank you in advance.

nikon – Auto focus rear button

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How to get the mp3 or the URL (file) of the current article to attach to the custom button

Please, how can I get the URL of the mp3 file so that I can attach it to a custom button that I have done. I was able to get the title of the message, but I can not do it for the URL of the file.
I want that when I click on the download button the download starts immediately not taking me to the post office.
See my current code and check the screen capture also or the url of the site tophits.ng

enter the description of the image here

I forgot to add my current codes. Please forgive me if I can not ask the question. see my current code below