Is there a button to show Desktop on Windows 10?

Starting in Windows 7, Microsoft made “Show Desktop” less discoverable but faster to use (once you know about it). Just throw your mouse to the bottom-right of your screen and click. The tiny rectangle to the right of the Clock is the Show Desktop button now.

enter image description here

Why is this faster? Fitts’ Law.

(You can also use Win + D on the keyboard.)

Should submit button colors match color scheme or be consistent across products?

The consistency of the design is not done by the choice of colors or its quantity, but by the design itself. The color is just one more component within the design guidelines.

If you define color variability in the design guidelines as a design component, the color change in the buttons can be an element of manifestation of this variable, provided that the shape of the buttons is sufficiently personal and recognizable.

A clear and extreme example of the use of different colors in design is the Carrefour supermarket logo. Although one of the basic canons in corporate image is the consistency of unique and representative colors, when Carrefour presented its new design in 2009, it did so with a considerable number of gradients to be used in its different communication needs.

enter image description here

Page from the Carrefour Brand Book

I think the problem is not the color of the buttons in relation to the theme of each product but the color of the buttons in relation to the design guidelines of your website.

This design guidelines can define that all the buttons must keep the same color or vary according to the theme, both options are valid.

Add a Flow button in a SharePoint library

I have recently added a Flow button in a SharePoint Library. I found the code on internet (I have no experience in JSON).

I would like the button to be visible if:

  1. Document status (choice column) is different than Approved
  2. Approvers (person column) is not empty
  3. Ready for Approval (boolean column) is True

I could implement only one condition: Document status (choice column) is different than Approved

But I wonder how can I add the other 2 conditions?

Any help would more than appreciated.

The code looks like this:

  "$schema": "",
  "elmType": "span",
  "style": {
    "color": "#001f00"
  "children": (
      "elmType": "button",
      "style": {
        "border": "light",
        "background-color": "Orange",
        "color": "#001f00",
        "cursor": "pointer",
        "visibility": {
          "operator": "?",
          "operands": (
              "operator": "!=",
              "operands": (
      "txtContent": "Send to Approval",
      "customRowAction": {
        "action": "executeFlow",
        "actionParams": "{"id": "53c665d0-ce12-4148-aa5a-c7202557ea78"}"

unity – Some UI button script not working in apk build!

There are a lot of posts regarding this problem in various website and even in this one but no one has given a feasible solution to this problem. I have a button that has a custom sprite. I also have a custom script attached to that button which when pressed down (IPOINTER DOWN) changes the color of particular sprite renderer. All this works in pc but not on apk build. Why?
I have two canvas, so I thought there might be raycasting issues, so I disabled one but still no luck.
The buttons are in world space in canvas. So, I thought I might not use a canvas but IPointer only works on clickable UI elements.

plugins – Add button gutenberg help

Hello I need to add a button to the toolbar gutenberg I found this but I do not get what is wrong for the button to appear


enter image description here


( function( wp ) {
var MyCustomButton = function( props ) {
    return wp.element.createElement(
        wp.editor.RichTextToolbarButton, {
            icon: 'editor-code',
            title: 'Sample output',
            onClick: function() {
                console.log( 'toggle format' );
    'my-custom-format/sample-output', {
        title: 'Sample output',
        tagName: 'samp',
        className: null,
        edit: MyCustomButton,

} )( window.wp );

how to create floating button bar in flutter?

I want to create a floating button bar in flutter similar to the floating bottom bar as shown in the image sharedenter image description here

the above image is from dependency , this is for the page navigation , but I don’t want navigation just want the action to be performed upon pressing the button, and the view should be the same.

Is there a way to disable the power button on Android 9?

I have an alarm clock app that disables the power button when alarming (to prevent from turning off the phone). This option works fine on my ancient android phone, but it doesn’t work somehow on Honor8a (Android 9).

If it could be working that would be perfect. But if it’s impossible with android 9, I look for an opportunity to disable the power button (the restarting and the turning off options) permanently. But I need to save the locking on option though.

Broken ipad power button? Or is this some sort of software problem?

Pressing the power button on my ipad mini 4 doesn’t turn the screen on and off…but a long press on the button will still bring up the “slide to power off” prompt (and if I power off the ipad, pressing the power button will turn it back on ).

If nothing worked at all I would figure it’s a hardware problem and look into getting it repaired, but the fact the the “power off” feature works even though the power button doesn’t seem to sleep/wake the screen has me puzzled.

What’s going on here?

reactjs – Crear con Hooks función para habilitar y desesabilitar button disable

import React from "react";
import React, { useState, useEffect } from 'react';

const CheckButton = () => {

    const (habilta, setHabilita) = useState('');
  return (
        <input id="check1" name="check1" type="checkbox" />
        <input id="check2" name="check2" type="checkbox" />

        <button disabled>Continuar</button>

export default CheckButton;
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

image – How to make a button look disabled

Hopefully this isn’t too specific for here. I have the following button image that I use on my site

enter image description here

Here’s an example with text:

enter image description here

This is rendered using the following CSS:

input.borderlessButton {
    background: url("../Images/button.png") no-repeat scroll 0 0

In the HTML it’s getting disabled

<input type="submit" disabled/>

This, obviously doesn’t change the look as the image doesn’t change. I can add a CSS :disabled pseudo class.

But how’s the best way to make the button above look disabled?

All suggestions welcome.