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Can I buy an iphone outside your country?

I've noticed that the price of iphones in the United States in the Apple Store is so MUCH cheaper than I'm tempted to buy online and deliver it here. Hell, even if I pay for taxes and shipping costs, it is cheaper in the United States.

Do you think it's worth it? Could the phone not work in my country or would the warranty be canceled?

Which digital camera should I buy to use a Nikon Zoom-Nikkor 35-105mm lens f /: 3.5-4.5?

In short:

All Nikon F-mount lenses, with the exception of a few special lenses, can be used on almost any Nikon digital camera body that accepts interchangeable lenses.

This includes all D-series DSLRs and, with a Nikon adapter, all types of Z-Series or Mirrorless / Compact 1 Series cameras.

Depending on the details, you may not be able to use the autofocus and automatic exposure functions of the lens and the camera body. You can still use the lens in manual focus and / or manual exposure mode.

In a little more detail:

Nikon Zoom-Nikkor 35-105MM 1: 3.5-4.5

There have been several different goals with this description.

Since you bought it at the same time as the F401x on the market, it certainly is a full-frame F-mount lens, but it's probably about the same. 39, an AF-D type objective.

Nikkor 35-105
An F-mount lens (of this type) is suitable for any Nikon F-mount digital camera body, including those with full-size sensors or APS (Nikon DX sensors for which F-mount DX lenses are designed).

To work on Nikon Z-mount camera bodies, such as the Z50, you need a special FTZ adapter.

On the missing Nikon-1 bodies, you would need an FT1 adapter.

Your lens may be of the type requiring a focusing drive motor in the camera body with a mechanical focus coupling for autofocus operation. This type of lens can often be used only in manual focus mode ("M" on the mode dial).

F_mount digital body
Nikon digital camera with mechanical focus coupling at the 7 o'clock position. Models D610, D750, D850, D7500, for example, have this coupling and should work well with the lens shown above.

See Nikon AF Lens Designation

which digital camera is compatible with this zoom?

I can not give you a complete list, but I hope that the above information will be helpful in finding a body.

If I were in your place and I was looking for an inexpensive option, I would sell your old lens on eBay and I would look at a Z50 or a D5600 with a kit-lens.

cell phones – Can you buy a SIM card at Bagan Nyaung-U (NYU) airport?

Can I buy a SIM card at the Bagan Nyaung-U (NYU) airport?

What I have found so far:

I have not found any official website on the Bagan Nyaung-U (NYU) airport.

I have not found any information on airport sim googling bagan nyaung-u map outside opens-at-bagan-airport.html (mirror) (published on 2016-10-16):

A mobile phone rental service for tourists has been extended to Bagan's Nyaung-U airport, a spokesman for the Yatanarpon Mobile Rental Service said.
Yatanarpon opened an ATM at the airport on October 10, next to the information desk, he said. (…) SIM cards cost $ 2 a day, ordinary handsets pay $ 2 a day, and smartphones charge $ 4 a day. Customers must also pay a deposit of $ 50 for a SIM card, $ 50 for a regular handset and $ 150 for a smartphone handset.

But this is the only place where I found this information and I do not know if 1) it is still available 2) I can use their SIM card without having to rent their phone.

buy bitcoins with debit cards that are not mine

I have some cards that are not mine, I have all the information about the card holders and the information on the cards. I want to buy bitcoins, then other assets with these bitcoins.

Can I personally be found?

which digital camera should I buy?

I have a Nikon Zoom-Nikkor lens 35-105MM 1: 3,5-4,5 f = 35 and I would like to know: which digital camera is compatible with this zoom?

thank you very much

Buy gold pawnshops? – Newbies Lounge



METERS, GOLD OF 60.60 G / T OVER 1.0 METER AND GOLD OF 102.43 G / T OVER 0.7


TORONTO, ON – September 4, 2019 – Anaconda Mining Inc. ("Anaconda" or "the Company") (TSX: ANX)
(OTCQX: ANXGF) is pleased to announce the results of 18 diamond drill holes (BR-19-72 to BR-19-76 and BR-19-86
BR-19-97 and BR-19-99) drilled in the Gold Gold Gold System ("EG Gold System") at the Goldboro Gold site
Project in Nova Scotia ("Goldboro"). 4,391 meters of diamond drilling was part of a recently completed 5,734 project
1 meter diamond drilling program announced on February 28, 2019 and designed to fill portions of
System (6 drill holes) to improve resource categorization (the "infill drill program") and expand the EG Gold system
(12 drill holes) east of the 2018 resource model boundaries, section 9550E (the "Expansion Drilling Program") (Exhibits A, B
and C).
Highlights from the recent infill program include:
• 50.60 g / t gram per tonne ("g / t") of gold over 1.0 meter (246.0 to 247.0 meters) in hole BR-19-89;
• 12.23 g / t gold over 2.0 meters (214.3 to 216.3 meters) in hole BR-19-89;
• 6.03 g / t gold over 2.9 meters (200.7 to 203.6 meters) in hole BR-18-90;
• 72.40 g / t gold over 0.6 meters (21.0 to 21.6 meters) in hole BR-18-87; and
• 32.62 g / t gold over 0.9 meters (290.7 to 291.6 meters) in hole BR-18-87.
Highlights of the recent compound extension program include:
• 27.12 g / t gold over 2.5 meters (51.3 to 53.8 meters) in hole BR-19-97, of which 133.11 g / t gold over 0 5
• 102.43 g / t gold over 0.7 meters (142.0 to 142.7 meters) in hole BR-19-86;
• 16.65 g / t gold over 2.0 meters (167.5 to 169.5 meters) in hole BR-18-88, of which 65.49 g / t gold over 0 5
• 5.36 g / t gold over 2.2 meters (321.1 to 323.3 meters) in hole BR-18-75; and
• 17.79 g / t gold over 0.5 meters (192.8 to 193.3 meters) in hole BR-18-74.
"The infill drilling program has successfully inserted specific portions of the EG Gold system that have been identified
development in the 2018 Preliminary Economic Assessment and intersection of gold mineralization with grade and width
compatible with those encountered during previous drilling programs. It is expected that drilling density will increase
these areas from the resource to the indicated category and may be included in the next mineral resource
update. In addition to these results, the drill program has successfully demonstrated that the Goldboro deposit
continues east at least 375 meters past the previous geological modeling. These drilling results will also be
used to model the deposit to the east and will be included in a resource update. Anaconda completed 15,837 meters
diamond drilling since July 2018 that will be included in the new resource update and published in a feasibility report
The study is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2019. "
~ Kevin Bullock, CEO, Anaconda Mining Inc.
The infill program has intersected high grade mineralized gold zones as predicted by the geological model, and
improve the classification of resources in this area of ​​the EG Gold system (Exhibits A and B), which was part of the
mining scenario described in the Company's 2018 Preliminary Economic Assessment. The infill drilling program also
demonstrated the continuity of mineralization in the EG Gold system where it intersected 10 occurrences of visible gold.

The extension drilling program extended the direction of the Goldboro deposit from 375 meters to the east, from the 2018 resource
model boundary (parts A and C), encountering typical high grade mineralization. In addition to extending the strike deposits,
The extension drilling program identified 15 new mineralized zones in total and encountered 14 occurrences of visible gold.
The EG Gold system now contains 26 distinct mineralized zones (15 more than the 2018 resource model), was
tested to a known depth of 400 meters and remains open for expansion.
Anaconda also intersected high concentrations of high grade mineralization (eg 27.12 g / t gold over 2.5 meters long).
hole BR-19-97) contiguous to other high-grade gold intersections previously reported on February 28, 2019, which
included 25.07 g / t gold over 1.5 meters (piece C). These intercepts are located about 150 meters high
from another high grade result of 215.74 g / t gold over 3.65 meters, as previously reported by historical drilling. These
The results indicate that there may be high grade falls along the folded south branch of the fold structure.
EG Gold System (Exhibit C), which are common in other areas of the Goldboro deposit. Many of these intercepted conversations are
less than 75 meters from the surface and will be evaluated for open pit potential as part of the ongoing feasibility study.
Some highlights made up of previous drill results and previously reported in the immediate infill area and
Extension drilling programs include:
• 215.74 g / t gold over 3.65 meters (193.85 to 197.50 meters) in hole OSK-11-04, of which 1570.00 g / t gold
more than 0.5 meter
• 137.77 g / t gold over 1.50 meters (117.00 to 118.50 meters) in hole OSK-11-02, of which 412.00 on 0.50
• 252.76 g / t gold over 0.4 meters (76.6 to 77.0 meters) in hole BR-18-15;
• 23.24 g / t gold over 2.5 meters (21.5 to 24.0 meters) in hole BR-18-28;
• 7.12 g / t gold over 4.5 meters (193.5 to 198.0 meters) in hole BR18-29;
• 25.31 g / t gold over 1.0 meter (62.0 to 63.0 meters) in hole BR-18-18; and
• 12.87 g / t gold over 2.0 meters (130.6 to 132.6 meters) in hole BR-18-18.

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litecoin – Buy a small amount of bitcoin with a virtual card

I want to buy mass ads on The total amount is accumulated at $ 1 (excluding transaction fees), but they do not accept cards as direct payment. Now, I know that I obviously can not use Bitcoin to make micro-payments, but I can use Litcoin, but even then, how can I buy such a small amount with a card as if I wanted to spend $ 5? but the minimum is $ 50 on most sites, The only way I think is to buy a very unpopular altcoin, then exchange it for a change of shape, but even to buy Dogecoin, I need $ 50. How are micro-payments by cryptocurrency possible?

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