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virtual machines – Where can I buy a sustainable VM hosting with global coverage?

I am looking for a service that offers:

  1. Reasonably modern VM services

  2. Operate with best sustainability practices

  3. Supports global coverage with decent latency

  4. From a non-oligopoly, non-cloud company

I know that I probably can not have everything, but I ask for a service as close as possible to the brand.

Let me develop these four requirements …

I hope for the basics you expect from a modern VM host, namely:

  • Different sizes and types of VM configuration
  • Reasonable pricing with billing per second or minute
  • WebGUI interface + RestAPI + decent CLI to handle them
  • Supports a selection of standard images and custom images
  • Bonus: Support for Terraform

I want these virtual machines to be optimized for minimal environmental impact; it means:

  • Data centers running at 100% renewable energy
  • Data centers follow energy efficiency practices and have a low PUE score
  • Bonus: servers running on used and / or refurbished equipment
  • Bonus: all other sustainable practices

I want to offer my web applications on a global scale, so:

  • Data centers at least in Asia, Europe and North America
  • Optimized locations to minimize overall latency
  • Bonus: servers in other continents

I really prefer not to buy on Google, Amazon and Microsoft.

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Please tell me the forums where there is section buy sell

Please tell me the forums where there is section buy sell

uk – If I buy a super hollow ticket, can I travel on a train at off-peak times and pay the difference?

So I always try to buy the cheapest ticket, the rush hour, which is the rush hour.

Sitting here at my office a long Thursday, I really want to take this train earlier that is "normal" outside rush hours – but, alas, I bought a super off-peak, which means I have to stay set back for an hour.

The difference between tickets is only £ 7 – a price I'm willing to pay to get into my beautiful bed on the other side of the county and start my weekend. The question is:

Can I get this train a little earlier and pay the difference?

Or should I buy a new ticket (obviously, I know I could pay back the old one, but that would amount to an upgrade of £ 17 more after taking over the administration fee).


  • Padding – Spa Cheltenham
  • Super simple off-peak – valid only through Stroud or through the latter (but I often get the version back)
  • Mobile ticket – purchased via TheTrainLine
  • Usually a GWR train

What should I buy to start?

Obviously, the Starter Set. But when I see the catalog of my game store, I saw that there was Dragonfire, Dungeon Masters Guide and Monster Manual. But do I need all this for an interesting DnD experience?

Where to buy good CBD?

Where to buy good CBD? What products do you like?

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Specific models: models designed according to plans, for example hourly payments, day plans, etc. They are usually cheaper and delivered quickly. You must seek a high quality service to ensure that no failure occurs in your investors. Buy a renowned model even if it's a bit more expensive. It will be good for you in the long run. Please search EV SSL or Green Bar SSL. Nowadays, almost all HYIPs use EV SSL or Green Bar SSL. So, if you want to compete with the major HYIP websites, then you should look for the SSL power unit.

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Hijab – This is not a simple accessory, but an asset that every Muslim woman is proud to have. It is not only a blanket that represents her religious faith, it is for her a sort of crown that perfectly complements her outfit. In all the predominant Islamic countries, the importance of the hijab is enormous and the women there are extremely concerned about this problem. They are always looking for the type of hijab that suits the shape of their face and harmonizes with their everyday outfit. Hijabs are very important for these women, but today they also want it to be aesthetic. Thus, they prefer hijabs of unique design to classic models for their ceremonies or feasts. Fortunately, there are many online platforms that we can visit buy the hijab contemporary drawings. If you want to buy a dynamic and stylish hijab for you or your loved one, it is highly recommended to choose the best online platform that offers the best of them.

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