Do you know of a cryptocurrency exchange in Turkey where I can buy Bitcoin with low commission rates?

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What happens if I buy BTC from an ATM, but the transaction never confirms?

In this case, you would need to contact the ATM operator / service provider, and provide them with some proof of your purchase and the failed transaction. When completing your interaction with the ATM, you should receive some sort of receipt that details this information, though the exact specifics will likely vary from one ATM to another.

If you are running a full node, perhaps you could find the transaction which was supposed to pay you in your node’s mempool, and then save it to be rebroadcast in case of an extended period of non-confirmation.

But I think that in most cases, you will just need to contact the customer service department of the ATM operator, and request that they complete the transaction.

firmware – I want to buy a used docking station for my laptop. Has there ever been a case of a docking station being a security concern?

I found a used docking station for my Dell laptop. The price is very interesting and the docking station seems to be in perfect shape. But I’m somehow worried about potential security risks. After all, you could install some kind of keylogger in the station’s firmware. Am I being paranoid here or is it possible in any way?

When to buy this weekend

Already bought some at 8k want to buy more now but too high, what is a good price to set limit buy?

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Any Good E-shops In Europe To Buy A Drone With Camera?

I wanna buy a drone with camera in Europe.
Any good e-shops where I can buy them?
Found – they offer nice drones. What can you say about them?
What other e-shops in Europe do you know and can recommend me to visit?

Want to buy traffic for one of my sites.

NO bot traffic!
The traffic must be Adsense safe.
I should have proof that it is Adsense safe.
Also, I want to know the source of the traffic and how I can track it.
If you say track by Google Analytics, then I need to know how I can track it, by differentiating it from other sources of traffic which I already get.

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