LibreOffice Calc arbitrarily crops the first and last two data points

I am currently using LibreOffice provided with Tails 4.5. When creating a graph from a simple XY dataset, the program arbitrarily cuts the first and last data points. I don't know what the programmer was thinking for this bit (maybe "Yeah, let me just cut your data left and right, why not ?!"), But I would like to restore the borders of the graph and I can't find an option for this. Anyone know what to do?

ms office – CSV import works in Numbers, but fails in Mac Excel and Mac OpenOffice Calc

As Apple does well, I have no problem with that, but I'm curious as to why Apple is doing it well when its competitors are falling. What makes MacOS better at doing this than its competitors?

If I open a CSV file in Numbers, a particularly long series of cells containing only text works like a charm.

If I open the same CSV file in Microsoft Excel for Mac or OpenOffice Calc for Mac, the long cells break, but at different points.

At a glance shows me that the CSV file is correct and complete.

The problem seems to occur when a line reaches 2 ^ 16-1 characters – roughly the length of a TEXT block.

Here are some images, cropped for privacy:

A view of the source CSV:

A view of the source CSV

The Job Numbers app:

The Job Numbers app

Calc application faulty: (note that the selected cell is empty, although it contains the text "NULL" in the source CSV)

Faulty Calc application

I ask this question partly out of curiosity, but more out of concern for improving the efficiency of my office in the near future. I believe that a better understanding of the MacOS system can help this project.

Thanks in advance!

calculation – Calc 2: find the integral of a fraction with natural loge and square roots

I do not know how to approach the following problem.

enter description of image here

I guess I can do 24/2 = 12 and remove this multiple of 12 from the integral. But I don't know what to do from here. Do I have u equal something in the integral? If yes what?

Is Sqrt (3x) also the same as sqrt (3) sqrt (x)?

A step forward would be appreciated.

SQL server – In Excel (or LibreOffice Calc, in fact), how to convert a sheet containing the answers to a survey into a two-dimensional grid?

For example, if I have these data:

Name    Question                            Answer
Alice   What is your favorite color?        blue
Alice   What is your favorite video game?   Minecraft
Alice   What is your favorite number?       42
Bob     What is your favorite color?        red
Bob     What is your favorite video game?   Team Fortress 2
Bob     What is your favorite number?       7
Charlie What is your favorite color?        green
Charlie What is your favorite video game?   Candy Crush
Charlie What is your favorite number?       -1

I want it to be formatted as follows:

Name    What is your favorite color?    What is your favorite video game?   What is your favorite number?
Alice   blue                            Minecraft                           42
Bob     red                             Team Fortress 2                     7
Charlie green                           Candy Crush                         -1

Is it possible to do it in Excel or LibreOffice Calc? (Or in SQL Server, that's where the data comes from.)

freeoffice calc & # 39; c & # 39; add-in – Ask Ubuntu

I want to open a Calc worksheet that contains data, gather some values, perform calculations on these values ​​using "c" programming, and enter the results in the spreadsheet.
I downloaded and extracted the SDK 6.3. When I search the Internet for instructions on how to use the SDK to accomplish my simple and conceptual task, I find myself deep in the pool above my head.
I would appreciate a prod that would point me in a direction that could solve my problem
Thank you for all the thoughts you may have

Can we connect the postgres server to LibreOffice Calc on Ubuntu?

I want to connect the Postgres database to LibreOffice Calc under Ubuntu. Can any one say what option is used and the steps to connect it.

responsive webdesign – Css Calc () Function CPU or GPU?

I wonder if the Css Calc ()
The function is calculated or executed on the CPU or GPU
Messing around with certain styles, I've noticed that creating certain elements
using vh, vw, vmin and vmax are more nervous on a window resizing than if I'm using
Calc (12vmax + 50px). GPU animations work faster apparently,
so I wonder which one handles the calculations?
Does anyone know or refer to articles
as I do not find any?

fonts – How to disable the import option in LibreOffice Calc when pasting text into a cell?

I create a table in which I have to copy a few lines of pdf in a table. I use LibreOffice calc for making tables. The problem is that even if I copy a simple text from the PDF file, when I paste it into LibreOffice, the import option continues to display (randomly; sometimes it sometimes, and because of the font size of this pasted text, it is also very small.The desired result is that when I paste the text into the cell, it just got stuck in the cell, without loss of time, which also disrupts the size of the font.
The same question is asked here but no solution.

Freezing rows in Calc

Recently, rows and columns Show / Freeze Cells / Freeze do not work in Calc. Sometimes I can freeze the first line for a while, then it stops working. I would like the first and second lines to be frozen.

Application Development Cost Calculators

The mobile application development company is very competitive, with several million mobile applications on the market. It's very difficult to know how to reach your target users and how to reach your ROI goals. Companies want to find a way to calculate the average cost of developing applications right from the start. To meet this demand, different online calculators have been developed and we will highlight only the most popular ones.

Otreva calculator

This calculator was developed by Scranton, a Pennsylvania-based Otreva mobile application development company. The calculation offers statistics that cover multiple platforms, features of the application and the administrator, how much is needed to build them on average, as well as the average cost. It can also estimate the cost of development and application iOS, An, Windows Phone or even Web. It introduces users to two steps to follow when users must select a platform, then the specific features that they would like to incorporate into mobile applications, and then provides a quote in USD.

imason calculator

. Just like Otreva calc, this one is built on a structure in three stages. In the first step, users can choose between the type of application for iPhone, iPad, Phone, Phone, Tablet, Windows Phone or Windows and for the second step, choose the specific features they need to get a quote from development. for, like the connection, the social connection, the support of the second language and more.

Kinvey calculator

Unlike the previous two calculators, this one from Kinvey has more steps to follow for users and allows for a more detailed estimate of application development costs. The steps are: platform selection, internal / external team selection, use of any cloud technology, size, user management, type of data to store, choice of data sources, usage / no location data, use of third-party cloud APIs, choice of user engagement channels, and more. Once all this information is provided, users can provide their email address to also get an estimate.

Calculator of mobile applications of the company

It provides business users with many steps to provide an estimate. The steps are as follows: the B2C / B2B / B2E platform requires a type of authentic application or not (access to data from the company / reconfigure a business process / mobilize one or more new business processes), complexity AU, set of features, with the help of Push Notifications or not, number of corporate networks to connect to and more.