sharepoint online – Using date commands in calculated fields

I am following this article:
Examples of common formulas in lists

A simple sample is this:


However when I save the column I get following error:

Sorry, something went wrong The formula contains a syntax error or is not supported.

If I just do this it works:


However I need to calculate hours and days between two dates so I need some of the commands.

Any pointer what I am doing wrong?

plotting – How to plot and animate numerically calculated Poisson integral

I want to plot the expression formed from numerically calculated Poisson integrals (aka fundamental solutions of heat equation). I can only get numerical values. This question arises from my previous one.

ODE system. We extract the solutions.

s = NDSolve({u'(x) == -3 W(x) + x, W'(x) == u(x) - W(x)^3, u(0) == -1,
    W(0) == 1}, {u, W}, {x, 0, 200})
G = First(u /. s)
g = First(W /. s)

They will serve as initial conditions in Poisson integrals.
Now we choose parameter, some x and t and integration limits.

(Epsilon) = 1/10
T = -1/2
X = 10
p1 = -200
p2 = 200

Now we consctruct the expression.

Q1 = 1/( 2 Sqrt(Pi *((T) + 1)*((Epsilon))^(2))) NIntegrate(
   Exp(-(Abs(X - (Xi)))^2/(4*((T) + 
          1)*((Epsilon))^(2))) g((Xi)) G((Xi)) 
(-1/(2*((Epsilon))^2)), {(Xi), p1, p2})
Q2 = 1/( 2 Sqrt(Pi *((T) + 1)*((Epsilon))^(2))) NIntegrate(
   Exp(-(Abs(X - (Xi)))^2/(4*((T) + 
          1)*((Epsilon))^(2))) g((Xi)), {(Xi), p1, p2})
q = (-2 ((Epsilon))^2 )*(Q1/Q2)

I need to plot and animate q for any x and t intervals. By the code above I can only get numerical values.

Tried to get the tables of values and then animate it like this…

plots = Table(
   Plot((1/( 2 Sqrt(Pi *((t) + 1)*((Epsilon))^(2))) NIntegrate(
        Exp(-(Abs(x - (Xi)))^2/(4*((t) + 
               1)*((Epsilon))^(2))) g((Xi)) G((Xi)) (-1/(2*(
(Epsilon))^2)), {(Xi), p1, p2}))/(1/( 
         2 Sqrt(Pi *((t) + 1)*((Epsilon))^(2))) NIntegrate(
        Exp(-(Abs(x - (Xi)))^2/(4*((t) + 
               1)*((Epsilon))^(2))) g((Xi)), {(Xi), p1, p2})), {x, 
     0, 2}, PlotRange -> {-10, 10}), {t, -2, 0, .25});

But Mathematica is just running and I receive the error that one number “is too small to represent as a normalized machine number”.

I think it should be very simple but I am a newbie in Wolfram Mathematica so I’m sorry if the question is too trivial. Hope to get help.

Sharepoint 365 Document Library Calculated Column Searching for Text

I am trying to search in the files names for HC, so I can have a Yes / No output to be able to filter on it, since MS does not have a does not contain option in filter.

Names of the File:

SLS802 2021 Price Increase Stick Report by Cust Location – Prod Family – HC – Canada_03162021.xlsx
SLS802 2021 Price Increase Stick Report by Cust Location – Prod Family – HC – Canada_03162021.pdf

When I try to use the formula:
=ISNUMBER(FIND(“HC”,Name)) it gives me error messages of the column does not exist.

If I use the formula:

it gives me the output of No

I have also tried:

=IF(ISNUMBER(FIND(“HC”,(Title))), “OK”, “Not OK”)

it gives me the output of Not OK, so its saying that everything is false

I am not sure how to have it search and be true

Picture of the document library below

enter image description here

Also picture of the document library:

enter image description here

2013 – How to incorporate sorting in calculated column with background and text color formatting to use as a Grouping field

Here is the calculated code for the field:

=IF((AU-R CIR)=”7. ERROR”,”<div style=”””&”text-align:center; color: red; background: #ffffff”&”””>7. ERROR”,IF((AU-R CIR)=”6. Incomplete”,”<div style=”””&”text-align:center; color: blue; background: #ffffff”&”””>6. Incomplete”,IF((AU-R CIR)=”5. High”,”<div style=”””&”text-align:center; color: white; background: #c00000″&”””>5. High”,IF((AU-R CIR)=”4. Moderate-High”,”<div style=”””&”text-align:center; color: white; background: #ed7d31″&”””>4. Moderate-High”,IF((AU-R CIR)=”3. Moderate”,”<div style=”””&”text-align:center; color: white; background: #ffc000″&”””>3. Moderate”,IF((AU-R CIR)=”2. Low-Moderate”,”<div style=”””&”text-align:center; color: white; background: #92d050″&”””>2. Low-Moderate”,IF((AU-R CIR)=”1. Low”,”<div style=”””&”text-align:center; color: white; background: #00b050″&”””>1. Low”)))))))

I want to use as a grouping field but the built in ordering for grouping fields does not order based on the (AU-R CIR) field values. Can can the calculation code be adjusted to accommodate the ordering?

color management – Why is the contrast calculated in i1Profiler so low?

I just received a Dell S3221QS, which is a 32″ with a VA panel.

I used i1 Display Pro and i1Profiler 3.x to calibrate the monitor. At the end the calculated contrast ratio is just 256:1, which is very poor.

enter image description here

I tried different settings, like D65 vs native, 120 cd vs native, table vs matrix, small vs large patch set, always the same result.

I tried to use the test on Lagom to use my camera to measure the contrast ratio, and I got about 2000:1, which makes more sense for a Va panel.

Why is the value provided by i1Profiler so low? I remember that my previous monitor (Dell UP2414Q, IPS gb-r display) used to achieve 850-950:1 with i1Profiler 1.x, which was a more reasonable value.

Why the change in the values?

How is "cumulative PoW" calculated to decide between competing chains?

Chain 1 has blocks with targets diff1, diff2, diff3, diff4

Chain 2 has blocks with targets DIFF1 DIFF2 DIFF3

What’s the formula to derive the (relative) cumulative proof of works from these chains to find out which one is stronger?

Calculated column for differences between two column dates with blank check if blank use another column for difference – Sharepoint list

I am trying to create a calculated column which shows the number of days’ difference between two columns which have dates in them. I understand that I can get this with the following formula:

=DATEDIF((Date 1),(Date 2),”D”)
which indeed works, as long as there is a date in both columns.

I am looking for formula – if one of the date is blank, then it should use another column date to find difference

My Calculated column would be names as (daysvacant)
Days between (PositionFilleddate) – (resigneddate)

if (Positionfilleddate) is blank, then i want (Today)-(resigneddate)

Thanks in Advance

Convert Excel Formula to Sharepoint Calculated formula

I’m having difficulty converting this Excel Formula to Sharepoint calculated formula. Hoping someone can help.


F13 = Requisition Open Date
G13 = Requisition Closed Date
Reference!$E$2:$E$31 = Holiday Dates

I’ve created this in SharePoint for DAYS OPEN which works but doesn’t take into account if Requisition Open Date is Blank. It will still calculate the column and show a number like 31,636:

=IF(ISBLANK((Candidate Start Date)),DATEDIF((Requisition Open Date),TodayDate,”D”)-IF(WEEKDAY(TodayDate)=7,FLOOR((DATEDIF((Requisition Open Date),TodayDate,”D”)+WEEKDAY((Requisition Open Date)))/7,1)*2,FLOOR((DATEDIF((Requisition Open Date),TodayDate,”D”)+WEEKDAY((Requisition Open Date)))/7,1)*2)+IF(WEEKDAY((Requisition Open Date))=7,2,1),(Candidate Start Date)-(Requisition Open Date)+1)


sharepoint online – Calculated field for date columns, if date1 has a date use it, else if date2 has a date use it, else use date3

I am working on building a calculated field using 3 date columns on a list and I am having difficulties due to being 3 dates and If/Else. Basically it should calculate a date based on if date1 is not null add 90 days, else (if date 1 is null) use date 2 plus 90 days, else (if date 2 is null) use date3 plus 90 days.

This is what I have so far. I may be completely wrong. Any help is appreciated.


sharepoint online – JSON formatted list view does not display a calculated column value

I am using JSON view formatting to display list items in tiles. I use a calculated column to display a date in the “23 March 2021” format and output it as a single line of text.

However, even though the preview shows this text properly, when I added list web part to the homepage it is missing from there.

What could be causing this?