ical – How to find the CalDAV endpoint for calendars in the Apple calendar?

In the Thunderbird calendar system – Mozilla Lightning, I can right click on a calendar and see the CalDAV information for that calendar. Where is this information stored in the Apple calendar? How do I know where the calendar comes from? For reference, here is a screenshot of the Lightning configuration.

Lightning Setup Screen

view – Library items not listed in the calendar (SP2010)

I have created a library in SP2010 in which the main content type is a set of documents. I want to display the sets of documents in a calendar, but nothing is displayed when I do it.. These document sets are not the built-in Sharepoint event content types, but they have start and end date columns. So I think that they could be displayed as a calendar. Ideas?

SP2016 Popularity Trends for a Calendar

So, I have a schedule on which I want to see the use. The site collection reports at the site level, but Popularity Trends does not appear to be available on a calendar because there is no icon in the ribbon. Thoughts about why he misses ??enter the description of the image here

Specify specific calendar dates only for selection

I run a course every Thursday, as my visitors to book only the next Thursday. Is there a day to do it via the date field? So, that only allows them to choose a future Thursday

Calendar Notification of an application / computer that I no longer have in my possession

I receive a message for an appointment to the perpetual calendar, an application and a computer that I no longer have. Can I turn it off?

Google Calendar weekly recurring calendar, except the last week of the month?

I would like to hold an event every Monday except the last week of every month

How can I change the visibility of multiple events at once in Google Calendar?

How can I change the visibility of multiple events at once in Google Calendar?

enter the description of the image here

IPhone holiday calendar disabled from here one day

What happens if you unsubscribe from the holiday calendar, and then set your phone's time zone to exactly what you want?

Then restart it (to make sure all applications know and can read the correct zone).

When you subscribe to the calendar, pay attention to the advanced options on the time zone.

We may need to know the exact URL of the subscription you are using and the account that backs up that calendar. IOS calendars can be stores in Exchange, O365, Google, iCloud or other third-party and first-party solutions, or not be synchronized at all. Depending on your specific configuration, it is possible that the time zone settings are not on your phone if you are synchronizing from a cloud service.

Stacking Events – Google Calendar

I am a student who uses Google Calendar to plan my week (with ADHD, I essentially use my phone to fill the functional void of my brain).

I have my classes and my desk hours logged, each of a different color, in the same calendar. They often overlap (four classes with four different teachers), and I would like that when I look at the week, all my office hours are accumulated under the hours of classes. I just wonder if I'm missing something or there is no way to solve this problem. If there is an extension for that, I am looking for recommendations

sync – Xiaomy (Redmi 4x) does not synchronize the calendar

I have a Xiaomi phone and, from the beginning, the calendar had synchronization issues. Until now, their synchronization delay was up to 1 week, but the synchronization stopped permanently. I've tried resetting the phone, removing and resetting the Google Account, freeing up internal memory space, but nothing seems to work.
This problem occurs both on the native Xiaomi application and on the Google Calendar app, so I think the timing synchronization is the problem itself.
The settings synchronization menu indicates that it has been updated today, but that no events are displayed in the calendar …


Thank you very much!

After a new restart, the Google Calendar application has started working. So I'm sticking to this app, but if anyone can solve the problem of the Xiaomi calendar, please post an answer here.

Model: Xiaomi Redmi 4X
Android Version: 7.1.2 N2G47H