sharepoint online – Unable to display the "All items" view in the SPO page for a list of calendar events

I created the event list (event list) and created a page to host the "All items" view … only to find that the "List" display application don't see my calendar event list, but see "regular" lists. I tried to embed the URL of the "All items" view in the built-in application, but it shows the whole page (see image) and not the data from sight. I need this to display the "lines" in the SPO page … and keep the "Synchronize with Outlook" functionality so that I can't just create a "standard" custom list.

Anyone have any ideas on how to work around this in SPO?
PS: I would like to keep it as OOTB as possible because of the risk of breaking it with upgrades along the way.
And I am proficient in HTML but not JavaScript or harder languages ​​and the administrators of our site collection have blocked the use of SP Designer.

enter description of image here

Calendar zoom buttons – Should they zoom from the current position or the current date?

I have a calendar and there are 3 buttons to zoom in and display either a week, a month or a year. When you click on one of them, the zoom center should it be the current date or the center of the window.

Google Calendar: invited to a recurring event, how to mark as free?

If I'm invited to a recurring event on Google Calendar, how can I mark myself as "free" for the entire series and not just for individual events? If I click on an event in the series and change my status to "free", does that only apply to that event? Using GApps for Enterpries on Google's Webclient in case it matters.

seo – Prevent search bots from indexing the calendar module k2

I have a site based on joomla and K2. I am using K2 tags and calendar, but i have problems with page indexing

When starts indexing it, I discover that it indexes my tags and the SEO test sites complain about the duplicate pages. And also, just index many empty calendar URLs.

So i add

Disallow: /tag/

in robots.txt

But that didn't help much, because of the way K2 creates URLs.

For example here the last indexed pages of yandex:

/ программирование / date / 2020/3/2 & format = feed & Itemid = 136 & type = atom / программирование / qt5 / date / 2020/2 / программирование / qt5 / date / 2020/3 / qt5 / / 7 & format = feed & Itemid = 137 & type = rss / программирование / qt5 / tag / Меню / программирование / qt5 / tag / eltex / программирор / 2020 =/ & & = = & & = = &

So it starts the index and calendar tags again.

How generic URLs like this */tag/* or /date/ to prevent these modules from being indexed?

SharePoint workflow on updating the calendar item category change

I have 2 SharePoint Designer workflows, one works when an item is created, it creates a calendar event. A Change result field is left empty.

In the second workflow when the item has been updated and the Edit result field is set to approve, a new calendar event is created, which category is defined as approved and the category uses the color green so you can easily see in the calendar which items are approved.

But I want the same event to change category and I tried on my side but I couldn't get through.

I am attaching the screenshots to the publication.
enter description of image here

enter description of image here

Why doesn't my iOS shortcut create a calendar event with the result of the menu?

I created the shortcut below to speed up adding events to my calendar, but when I run it I get the message

No title was provided

I used a list with if questions but the menu seems to be the best way to do it. Why doesn't my shortcut work?

ICloud link

Contextual menu with calendar

How to change the default date column in the SharePoint 2013 calendar

I would like to know how to change the default date column in the sharepoint calendar. Am using 2 date and time columns (start date and end time) by default and (online availability and start and end time). I would like to use the second to appear in the calendar. Is it possible?

Thank you:)

Calendar on Windows 10 – delete a specific instance of a recurring event?

I use the built-in calendar provided with Windows 10 and accessible from the taskbar.

I have a recurring event every Wednesday. How can I delete a specific instance of this event without deleting the whole event? The Delete button offers no useful options like "delete this event only" or something similar.

macbook pro – Unable to sync Apple Calendar events with Google Calendar on Android phone

I have a Macbook in which Google Calendar has my Google account. The same account is associated with my Redmi Note 5 Pro, Android device. Previously, when I added an event to Apple Calendar, that same event also appeared on my Android device. But now I cannot have such freedom.

How do I sync my Apple Calendar events with an Android device?

The same Google account is used on Macbook and Android Phone.

PSL 2020 calendar

If you're a PSL fan, I'm sure you need this bookmarked PSL 5 calendar on your browser to stay up to date with T20 PSL matches.

The T20 league will have 34 games, including the final, which will be played between Karachi Kings, Peshawar Zalmi, Islamabad United, Quetta Gladiators, Lahore Qalandars and Multan Sultans.

You can find out more here