calendar – I’m needing to figure out how to create a page that user could create a “task” and it be selectable on a form

Essentially what I am looking to do is to have a page designed that is only accessible through a client login, but the one page would have the ability to create a “calendar task” if you will. So they would be able to name it, put the text body and assign a start date and end date, and of course save it.

Then after it’s saved they can go to the schedule tab which would have a day of each week and the available time slots, basically like a form, and each time slot would have a drop down that they would then be able to select which task they previously created and saved goes into that time slot.

For example:

Monday, 6am has 5 options, 6:05, 6:20, 6:35, and 6:35. Each of those times would have a drop down available and the user has the option of selecting General, or from a list of one of the task that was created.

Then the same for the 7am, hour, and so on for all 24 hours.

I don’t know if this can be accomplished in some form of calendar plugin, or a form, or what. I’m looking for suggestions.

Can we change the view of a Sharepoint list to calendar view?

I have created a SharePoint list that I am using in my Microsoft flow for leave approval system.
The list looks great with all the requests being tracked there.
However, would it be possible to change the view of this list to a calendar view, i.e. same list but in a calendar?

I do have some calculated columns, so not sure how that would work in a calendar. But if somehow I can incorporate my list into a calendar, that would be great to have a calendar view.

SharePoint Calendar sync between different sites

Is there any possibility about syncing calendars between 2 different sites. sharepoint 2013 Online SharePoint

Let me know if you need any further information.


Import/Export between Excel and Calendar list SharePoint 2019

I need to Import/Export between Excel and Calendar list in SharePoint 2019 on Premise.

I have an Excel file that is updated as a calendar file, and I need to be able to have that information update a SharePoint Calendar file,
as well as update the excel file from the SP Calendar file if any changes are made there.

Thank you

How to make an event repeat on the Wednesday following the 3rd Monday of every month in Google Calendar or ical file format?

Is this possible to do in Google Calendar or .ical format?

I’ve explored RRULE options at this site;WKST=MO;BYDAY=MO,TU,WE,TH,FR;BYSETPOS=-3

sharepoint online – How to pull data from another list, without duplicates without custom code on a “Standard Calendar” List?

I have a “Standard Calander” list, which I have 3 fields where I want to pull their data from an existing SPO list. The problem is, that in our instance of SPO won’t allow me to use any scripting to filter out the duplicates that would be part of the 3 fields.

How can I pull data from a custom list, but not pull duplicates without special scripting? It seems like SPO Calendar doesn’t allow editing the NewForm.aspx in PowerTools so I’m at a loss as to how to do this.

The requirements I’m under:

The users must be able to sync their calendars to the list.
The users must be able to download a meeting from the calendar and upload the meeting to their Outlook Calendar for individual meetings also.
The users must be able to be notified (they WANT to have their calendars updated when the SPO Calendar is updated with no intervention from them) when changes are made to the calendar or meeting.
The users (want) the drop downs to be “filtered” based on the choice of the dropdown before it.

Value Stream


1-When I choose “VS A” from the VS, only ARTS which report to the VS appear as an option

2-When I choose the “ART” from the “ART List”, only teams that report to that ART appear as an option.



Will Google Group members get calendar notifications even if they’re not subscribed to the group’s e-mail messages?

If the following conditions are met:

  1. A Google Group member has a “No email” setting (see screenshot below).
  2. Someone adds the group’s e-mail address into a Google Calendar event.

Will that member get an e-mail message with the invite?

Likewise later on if changes are made to the invite.

Google Group subscription

php – Show Form On Event Calendar Plugin’s Single Event Page Only

I’m attempting to show a Contact Form 7 form using a shortcode with Modern Tribe’s Event Calendar on their single event page only. I’ve tried using the following, but none are working.

   if (is_page('specific-page')) { //this page is where the calendar sits
        echo do_shortcode('(contact-form-7 id="21307" title="Contact Form")');
           } else {
           //do nothing else    

And then I tried this. Custom Post Type. Although Event Calendar is a CPT I’m not sure their parent page is and or the children beneath the parent.

   $page = get_post();
      if ( is_singular('What_Goes_Here?') && $page->post_parent > 0 ) {
          // This is a custom post type subpage
           echo do_shortcode('(contact-form-7 id="21307" title="Contact Form")');
             } else {
          // This is not a custom post type subpage

Neither works. And I’m not 100% sure on the Custom_Post_Type one. I did change the default page name from Events to Custom Events for calendar page and Custom-Event for single event page. So the url is

I need the form to only show on any sub page of custom-event. Not sure how to go about this. Thanks.

Disable daily notifications from Google Calendar App in Slack?

How do I prevent the Google Calendar App from sending me a daily notification about my events for the day? There is no setting provided to do this. My choices seem to be either not to have any Google Calendar integration at all, or for everyone who has it to receive an irritating daily notification.

(In fact, how do I prevent notifications from apps generally. It seems many — all? — apps cannot be silenced.)

How do I disable daily notifications from Google Calendar App in Slack?

How to stop sunrise from auto populating events in Google Calendar

There’s a new Sunrise entry every day in my Google Calendar. How do I stop it?