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How to call the observer before the payment page in magento2

I am working with magento2 and I now want to open the open modal box when the user clicks on the payment link.
Instead of the open payment page, it should open my custom pop box with module in magento2.
Anyone know about this please give me a suggestion.

javascript – How to run an AJAX call to page load and access this information from a custom web part? [SharePoint Foundation 2013]

New SharePoint development without understanding how it works:

I have a custom website "Search in the directory" on my home page.
It currently only works on the second search. I guess the AJAX call does not work until the first search to retrieve data, which is why the search only works after the second try.

How can I run the data at page load to be able to access the data from the first search in the directory?

I've tried placing the js file on the page, but it's not reading the elements in the web part …


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Reviewed by MizspesE sure
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phone – Automatic call system: "Press the star" or "Press the asterisk"?

I do not speak English and I currently have the task of translating texts for an automatic call system. You know the trick: to confirm your request, press one, to cancel, press pound.

And the question is: Should I use "star" or "asterisk", at the bottom left of the keyboard, when your computer program is talking to someone over the phone?


The call system will target Anglophones and people whose English is the second or third language.

Asterisk is easier to understand with a poor telephone connection, but may confuse non-English speakers.

Star is more or less clear for everyone, but can be misunderstood because there is only one syllable (especially when the telephone connection is suboptimal).

Edit 2:

The system is supposed to call people around the world in an emergency with the system they are responsible for. It allows translation into any language, but the company running the system will not pay for translation for one or two people. Therefore, all persons for whom there is no translation will receive the call in English.

We use voice messages synthesized by software (not a recorded human voice). The messages should therefore be as clear and concise as possible.

Fatal error: Uncaught error: call to member function getProductOptions ()

Can someone help? I have this error in namespace / sales / order / view / order_id / 4 /:
enter the description of the image here

Thank you so much!

We would like to call an observed event from the administrator and the API, which domain to use?

I would like to call an event observed from the administrator and the API, in which domain should I place my events.xml file?

8 – Models do not call in the custom module?

I'm trying to add templates for the paragraph in the custom module. He only calls the paragraph.html.twig.

In theme suggestion
* paragraph – example-ch-hero-panel.html.twig

given. I use the same models. By default, the template will be taken for the paragraph here. But here it does not work. I do not use hook_theme in .module for this. because I do not transmit any value to the models.

even try this too

function example_ch_hero_panel_theme () {
return [
    'paragraph__example_ch_hero_panel_module' => [
      'render element' => 'element',
      'template' => 'paragraph--example-ch-hero-panel',
      'base hook' => 'paragraph',

adding the theme register too

function example_ch_hero_panel_theme_registry_alter (& $ theme_registry) {
$ theme_registry['page']['path']    = drupal_get_path ('module', & # 39; example_ch_hero_panel & # 39;). & # 39; / templates & # 39 ;;

Please try again later.Twig Error LoaderError: Template
"modules / custom / example_ch_hero_panel / templates / page.html.twig"
is not defined. in Twig Loader ChainLoader-> getCacheKey ()

Can any one solve this problem?

javascript – Call a link using Ajax


I have this code here:
insert the description of the image here

If I load the number is called the href but opens the link on the same page because it has the targer = "_ self".
What I wanted was to load the number, call the link but not reload the page and / or open the link in a new tab. The ideal would be to make an Ajax call, but I do not know how to do it. Someone can help me?

javascript – Call a URL correctly by clicking a button

I've therefore written a Java servlet to get a server zip file that works well when I use a web browser to test it.

My URL looks like this:


This successfully downloads the files.

I will dynamically pass the UUID part of the file name (which I will get from the database table (higher) record) and user variables, but for now and tests, I've hard-coded these variables.

I am wondering how to call the URL above when a user clicks a button. My current configuration (without any URLs) is as follows.

I have the button in my HTML code as shown below:

Does following a good way to do it?

Thus, even if the above approach is correct, it is very likely that the file will not be available for download as soon as the user clicks on the download button.

I should maybe continue to use the above URL again and again (this may not be possible in a scenario if I attach the URL with the click of the button), maybe using setInterval () javascript method that could only be possible in a function.