c++ – How does a blocking call work?

Effective Modern C++ recommends using void futures as a way to communicate one-off events from one thread to another. Below is a minimal reproduction of that practice.

std::promise<void> promise;
void detect()
  std::thread latent(()
    // react

  //...do some work

The book suggests this is preferable to busy waiting in latent, because the call to wait is a blocking call that causes the waiting thread to be suspended.

How does the blocking work internally (assuming a x86 architecture, and 64-bit Windows OS)? Is it coordinated by the hardware, the operating system, or both? In other words, doesn’t there have to be a busy wait somewhere in order to determine when the wait condition is fulfilled? If so, why is this better than busy waiting in the application?

I have read this, which seemed to provide circular answers (e.g. “it waits until its work is done” – but how does it wait?).

redirect – Can WordPress pass through a call to an external API and return the result directly to the client?

I have a wordpress site that will be replacing an old legacy site, however the old legacy site includes a SOAP API that I won’t be able to re-implement in wordpress.

Is it possible for the wordpress site to accept calls to these API route, call the API itself, and then return the result to the caller as if the original API had responded? (i.e. without getting a wordpress page or some other wordpress artefact in the response?)

For example:

A call to:


would want to trigger a call to:


and return the result so that when the DNS changes and the new wordpress site goes live on the domain (replacing the old legacy site on that domain) the API calls are unaffected.

I’m not very familiar with wordpress as a platform and so I’m not sure if this is something that can be handled within wordpress or something that would need to be handed in the hosting environment

spfx webparts – Call SharePoint API on button click then display SPListItem values

I have a material UI card, then there’s a button that calls an API and at the same time, it should also calls my useState

 const (isOpen, setIsOpen) = useState(false);
  const (caseStudy, setCaseStudy) = useState({}); //i'll put the data from SPList here

here’s the code for the button card

 <Button onClick={() => _getSPItem(1)} size="small">
        Case Study

Here’s the code for the _getSPItem

const _getSPItem = async (id) => {
let caseStudyItemArr = ();
    `${props.context.pageContext.web.absoluteUrl}/_api/lists/getByTitle('List A')/GetItemById(${id})?$select=Title,ProjectManager`,
  .then((response) => {
    if (response.ok) {
      response.json().then((data) => {
        caseStudyItemArr = data.value; //just checking but data.value doesn't return anything


Unfortunately, I cannot access caseStudy.ProjectManager anywhere in my page after clicking the button. caseStudy is also empty.

My question is, how can I put the Object data to my caseStudy using setCaseStudy and just access the values in my page like <p>{caseStudy.ProjectManager}</p>

import – Call a custom function in admin from my own module – requires file upload

I purchased a plugin that imports customer pricing using a csv.

I want to be able to run that import on schedule with a custom file. I know how to schedule things with cron, but I can’t figure out how to call the function or how to pass the csv to it.

I have to add the file over here (see image), and then choose save config to upload it
backend screenshot

What do I have to do to call the correct function in my own module? I created a custom module for this, and I found a function called getElementHtml in file
which represents the backend form, but I can’t figure out how to call it in my module.

admin – Magento 2 – How to run API Call if click save button

I am using Amasty Store Locator module, in this module, we can able to add custom attribute values, I am created two attributes custom input text fields, the first input field filled manually and another one filled automatically by the API process using hit SQL.

First input Field Value : ABC (Store Code)

I want to pass this value to https://mybusiness.googleapis.com/v4/accounts/568567888888887/locations?filter=storeCode=**ABC**

The API returns Location Id XYZ that i need to be updated second input field

After entering the first custom attribute field ABC input value then click the save button trigger API get another value from API and save it into the appropriate field using SQL.

java – Getting Comparison method violates its general contract exception while doing Rest call

I am working on a Spring boot application. Recently I have updated the dependency in pom.xml as follows:


Post this, I am getting Comparison method violates its general contract! exception while doing a rest call as follows:

return restTemplate
        .postForEntity(uri, email, String.class).getBody();

Associated API end point is as follows:

  public ResponseEntity<Student> getStudent(@PathVariable String email) {
    Optional<Student> student = studentService.findOne(email);
    return ResponseWrapper.wrap(student);

I don’t understand, how to fix this issue. Could anyone please help here? Thanks.

How to call data from rows in RStudio

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networking – Delay between DHCP Renew and ACK, should I call provider?

Recently my home network has been working badly. All I have is a router, Tenda AC10U. The provider is giving me a dynamic IP address. (JUMP BELOW FOR TL;DR)

Long story short, lately I would often get “No Internet Connection” popping up. I would still be connected to the router through wi fi, but it will say there is no internet available. After about 5 minutes it would either fix by itself, or I would go to restart the router.

It has gotten worse, so I decided that it’s time for another router. I had the old one for a little over a year. It was a cheap router so I said “that’s it, time for another one”. So I bought the same model.

Surprise, surprise, I still get randomly “No internet connection”.

I did some investigation and I noticed that on my router’s home, there is a System Log.
I noticed that when internet would drop, there would be a delay between DHCP Renew Request and the DHCP ACK received from provider’s dhcp server.

So the question is:

Is my internet down because of the delay between DHCP Renew and DHCP Ack? Should I contact my provider?

WARNING: my internet also drops sometime, without this delay taking place.

Here you can see the delay: https://imgur.com/a/a2xbAJP
Apparently every 15 minutes my router will send the DHCP Renew. Most of the time it will get the answer instantly, but when it does not, my internet drops as well.

Thanks for reading.

How to call javascript function in magento 2

<div class="block social-login-authentication-channel account-social-login">
            <div class="block-content"> 
                <div class="actions-toolbar social-btn social-btn-actions-toolbar facebook-login"> 
                    <a class="btn btn-block btn-social btn-facebook" data-mage-init='{"socialProvider": {"url": "http://island.importers/sociallogin/social/login/type/facebook/", "label": "Login By Facebook"}}'> <span class="fa fa-facebook"></span> Sign in with Facebook </a> 

data-mage-init desnt work in my Magento_Customer/web/template/authentication-popup.html

how should i use data-mage-init

this is my pub/static/frontent/vendor/theme/requirejs-config.js

var config = {
paths: {
    socialProvider: 'Mageplaza_SocialLogin/js/provider',
    socialPopupForm: 'Mageplaza_SocialLogin/js/popup'
map: {
    '*': {
        'Magento_Checkout/js/proceed-to-checkout': 'Mageplaza_SocialLogin/js/proceed-to-checkout'


socialProvider is mapped to provider.js

how to use this with data-mage-init

import – Need help automating a call to a function from a plugin

I have the Magedelight plugin that does pricing per customer. This is a list that I ideally want to update every 20 minutes, which means I need to automate the process.

I don’t have much Magento backend experience, and I could use help figuring out what function gets called when the import button is pressed.

The way it works is that there’s a button to choose the upload file, and the function gets called when you press “save config”

My end goal is to have this process happen automatically every 15 minutes, and I know I can automate that with Cron, but I don’t know which function to call or how to auto upload and set the file for import