Is it true that Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse is calling for the removal of 30 contracts a week?

Ripple, the founding company of the third third of XRP's crypto-currencies is very popular among financial institutions and banks for serving blockchain multinational remittances. Previously, Ripple has collaborated with many famous banks and institutions around the world. In addition, General Manager Brad Garlinghouse recently said the company had signed more than 30 Ripple payment channel transfer agreements with banks and other financial institutions. Garlinghouse made this statement: "The annual summit subscribers Information, which was held Thursday at

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5th dnd – Does any one have a good way to allow a necromancer to summon more powerful undead to the detriment of calling less?

I have a necromancer who is starting to have an undead army of decent size. It works very well, it mainly uses its other spells to fulfill the role of support / buff / debuff and uses the undead as the main source of damage. The only drawback is that it starts to slow down the fighting.

Does any one have good homebrew / house rules that he uses to allow the necromancer to summon more powerful undead, but fewer to keep the fight flowing?

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Conflict calling an AddFilter twice:

Yoast has a filter to exclude sitemap publications: wpseo_exclude_from_sitemap_by_post_ids

Here is the recommended use (according to the official Yoast documentation):

add_filter( 'wpseo_exclude_from_sitemap_by_post_ids', function () {
  return array( 311, 322 );
} );

I'm trying exactly as suggested but this plugin overwrites my table with this line of code:

add_filter( 'wpseo_exclude_from_sitemap_by_post_ids', function () {
            return array( $this->settings()->get( 'page_id' ) );
          } );

I've tried to change the plugin as follows but nothing has changed, the other plugin replaces my table:

add_filter( 'wpseo_exclude_from_sitemap_by_post_ids', function ($alreadyExcluded) {
              $error_page_id = $this->settings()->get('page_id');
              return array_push($alreadyExcluded, $error_page_id);
          } );

tracing – how to solve nonlinear differential equations calling other functions using states and time as inputs when solving NDSolve?

I have nonlinear differential equations that require outputs of other functions and these functions require time and some states as inputs.

$ p = sqrt {1- left (1- frac {h} {25} right) ^ 2} $

$ q = p left ( text {x1} ^ 2 sin (t) + text {x2} ^ 2 cos (t) + sin (2t) right) $

$ r = p left ( text {x1} ^ 2 cos (t) + text {x2} ^ 2 sin (t) + cos (2t) right) $

$ alp = tan ^ {- 1} (q, r) $ if q not zero and r not zero

$ f1 = alp * p * q * sqrt {q ^ 2 + r ^ 2} $

$ f2 = alp * p * r * sqrt {q ^ 2 + r ^ 2} $

$ g1 = int_0 ^ { text {hmax}} text {f1} , dh $

$ g2 = int_0 ^ { text {hmax}} text {f2} , dh $

equation1 =$ frac { text {y1} (10 sin ( text {x1}) + cos ( text {x2}))} {1000000} + frac {1} {10} text {y2} ( 0,1 sin ( text {x1}) + 6 cos ( text {x2})) + frac {1} {100} text {y3} ( sin ( text {x1}) + 4 cos ( text {x2})) = int_0 ^ { text {hmax}} text {f1} , dh + text {x1} ^ 2 sin (t) + cos (t) +2.5 $

equation2 =$ frac { text {y1} (5 cos ( text {x1}) + sin ( text {x2}))} {1000} + frac {1} {100} text {y3} ( cos ( text {x1}) + 4 sin ( text {x2})) + frac { text {y2} (2 sin ( text {x2}) + 40 cos ( text {x2} }))}} {1000000} = text {x2} ^ 2 left ( int_0 ^ { text {hmax}} text {f2} , dh right) + sin (t) + 2 $

equation3 =$ frac {1} {10} text {y3} (20 cos ( text {x1} (t)) + sin ( text {x2} (t))) + frac { text {y1 } (4 sin ( text {x1}) + 0.5 sin ( text {x2}))}} {1000000} + frac { text {y2} (4 sin ( text {x1}) + 0.1 cos ( text {x2}))} {1000} = text {x1} sin (t) + cos (t) + text {x2} +1.5 $

$ text {x1} = text {x1} * text {y1} + text {x2} * text {y3} $

$ text {x2} = text {x2} * text {y3} – text {x2} * text {y1} $

$ text {x3} = text {x1} * text {x2} * cos (t) + sin (t) + text {x4} $

$ text {x4} = text {x3} ^ 2 * sin (t) + text {x4} $

$ x1 (0) = 0.01, x2 (0) = 0.1, x3 (0) = 0, x4 (0) = 0 $

$ x $ implies a derivative with time & # 39; t & # 39;

Here is the code I wrote in Mathematica.

p(h_) := Sqrt(1 - (1 - 2*(h/50))^2) 

q(t_, x2_, x1_, h_) :=(x2^2*Cos(t) + x1^2*Sin(t) + Sin(2*t))*p(h)

r(t_, x2_, x1_, h_) :=(x1^2*Cos(t) + x2^2*Sin(t) + Cos(2*t))*p(h)

alp(t_, x2_, x1_, h_) :=If(q(t, h, x1, x2) == 0 &&r(t, h, x1, x2) == 0,0,ArcTan(q(t, h, x1, x2),r(t, h, x1, x2)))

g(t1_, x11_, x21_) := 
      Module({t = t1, x1 = x11,x2 = x21}, 
       h = Range(0, 10, 0.1); 
        cc = ConstantArray(0,Length(h) - 1);  
        f1 = cc; 
        f2 = cc;
        For(i = 1,i < Length(h), i++,
             h1 = (h((i)) + h((i + 1)))*0.5; 
             p = Sqrt(1 - (1 - 2*(h1/50))^2);  
             f = p*Sin(alp(t, x1, x2, h1))*
         Sqrt(q(t, x1, x2, h1)^2 + r(t, x1, x2, h1)^2)*
            {q(t, x1, x2, h1),r(t, x1, x2, h1), 0}*(-h((i)) + h((i + 1))); 
          f1((i)) = f((1));  
      f2((i)) = f((2)); 
       g1 = Total(f1,{1});
       g2 = Total(f2, {1});
       {g1, g2}

l1(t_, x1_, x2_) :=(y1*(10*Sin(x1) + Cos(x2)))/
     10^6 + (y2*(Sin(x1)*0.1 +6*Cos(x2)))/10 +
     (y3*(Sin(x1) + 4*Cos(x2)))/10^2; 

l2(t_, x1_, x2_) := 
   (y1*(Sin(x2) + 5*Cos(x1)))/10^3 + 
    (y2*(40*Cos(x2) + 2*Sin(x2)))/
     10^6 + (y3*(4*Sin(x2) + 

l3(t_, x1_, x2_) := 
   (y1*(0.5*Sin(x2) + 4*Sin(x1)))/
     10^6 + (y2*(0.1*Cos(x2) + 
       4*Sin(x1)))/10^3 + 
    (y3*(Sin(x2) + 20*Cos(x1)))/10;

eq(t_, x1_, x2_) := {l1(t_, x1_, x2_) == l4(t_, x1_, x2_), 
    l2(t_, x1_, x2_) == l5(t_, x1_, x2_), l3(t_, x1_, x2_) == l6(t_, x1_, x2_)};

 y11(t_, x1_, x2_) = NSolve(eq(t, x1, x2), {y1, y2, 
       y3})((1)) /. {Rule -> Set};

    ynew1(t_, x1_, x2_) := y11(t, x1, x2)((1));

    ynew3(t_, x1_, x2_) := y11(t, x1, x2)((3));

    diffeq = {
   Derivative(1)(x1)(t) ==x1(t)*ynew1(t, x1(t), x2(t)) -
               Cross({ynew1(t, x1(t), x2(t)), 0, ynew3(t, x1(t), x2(t))},
                    {x1(t), x2(t), 0})((1)),

        Derivative(1)(x2)(t) == 
         x2(t)*ynew3(t, x1(t), x2(t)) -
         Cross({ynew1(t, x1(t), x2(t)), 0, ynew3(t, x1(t), x2(t))}, 
            {x1(t), x2(t), 0})((2)),

        Derivative(1)(x3)(t) == 
         Sin(t) + x1(t)*x2(t)*Cos(t),

        Derivative(1)(x4)(t) == x3(t)^2*Sin(t),
        x1(0) == 0.01,
        x2(0) == 0.01,
        x3(0) == 0,
        x4(0) == 0

 xsol = NDSolve(diffeq, {x1, x2}, 
    {t, 0, 10}); 
Plot(xsol(t), {t, 0, 10}, 
  PlotRange -> All)

I have tried a lot but this code does not work. Please help me with this code.

javascript – Calling data from a Java script object with a variable and point format

I have a const object, player, and inside of it, I have several things of which one is playerResources.

const player ={
    // other things
                unlocked: true,
                level: 0,
                type: "Magic Tree",
                hp: 100,
                id: "#playerTree1Prog",
                yeild: 110,
                respawnRate: 1,
                resourceText: "Hits Remaining"
       // more resources

I'm now trying to find a way to call these different resource values ​​using a variable. Like that.

var LVL = player.playerResources.VAR.level;

I tried it with the above, I looked at Object.keys and several other things that seemed like a solution, but I'm at 3 o'clock and a few hundred pages from Google. I therefore thought it was time to call in experts.

Here is my question: is it even possible, and if it is so it's calling and if you have the time, how to implement it.

python – Error while calling two methods of the same class in "if-else" (Too many position arguments for the class method callpylint (too-many-function-args))

I have the following code:

def escolherProximaAcao(self):
    from acoes_agentes import AcaoJogador
    acao = input("Digite a proxima ação(Mover('direita', 'esquerda') | Atirar('atirar')): ")
    if acao != 'atirar':  
        return AcaoJogador.mover(acao.lower())
        return AcaoJogador.atirar(acao.lower()) **ERRO NESTA LINHA**

I have the following error:

Too many positional arguments for classmethod callpylint(too-many-function-args)

enter the description of the image here

javascript – Use the promise of calling Ajax without duplicating the code

Is it possible? I want to write an ajax function, which I do not want to duplicate. Pass the different setting which are the locations of different files. Then use the promise to turn them into a single object. I could use the propagation operator. Is it possible.

var myFuncCalls = 0;

let promiseAjax = new Promise (function ( resolve,reject) {

//possibly use a for look to grab the number of times the loadDoc was called then call the same function and send it to may be an array?
    function loadDoc(location) {
        console.log("loadDoc was called :" + myFuncCalls);

        var xyz = new XMLHttpRequest();
        xyz.onreadystatechange = function () {
            if (this.readyState == 4 && this.status == 200) {
        };"GET", location, true);


// then grab all that stuff and make one single object using spread operators
promiseAjax.then(function (fromResolve){

    // JSON.parse(fromResolve);
    var newObj = JSON.parse(fromResolve);


magento2 – Calling MAGENTO API 1.9 with the help of HTML and JAVASCRIPT (question of experts – problem) HELP

I need someone who knows MAGENTO well and everything about API and REST APIS

I have a website and I want to validate (check if you wish) if the email of a certain customer exists or not in MAGENTO (version 1.9)

In fact, only MAGENTO version 2 has a standard API endpoint called clients / isEmailAvailable to check if e-mail is available BUT I'm using MAGENTO version1.9, so I can not use it. You understand me?

This is my HTML code:


Email validator

AND it would be possible to call the MAGENTO 2 API using this code:

        url: "page",
        type: 'POST',
        data: JSON.stringify({"customerEmail": ""}),
        contentType: "application/json",
        dataType: "json",
        showLoader: true,
        success: function (response) {

BUT I can not use that in MAGENTO 1.9, so I'm a bit desperate 🙁

How can I validate if an email exists or not to use something
similar but for MAGENTO 1.9 instead?

This is my MAGENTO API, take a look at this:


Here is an example of the JSON code I received from MAGENTO when I clicked "SEND" on POSTMAN:

        "magento_id": "54678",
        "firstname": "Richard",
        "lastname": "Herther",
        "email": "",
        "password": null,
        "website_id": "8",
        "group_id": "7",
        "disable_auto_group_change": "0",
        "prefix": null,
        "middlename": null,
        "suffix": null,
        "taxvat": null,
        "account_id": (
        "document": "66958746845",
        "document_type": "15",
        "gender": null,
        "telephone": null

Please note that I have a user name and a TOKEN to access MAGENTO APIs

Please, I do not know what to do, I'm lost!

Thank you

Problem of calling a dynamic image in JavaScript / Jquery

in a div, I have a preloading of dynamic images extracted from my database. About 10 images are displayed. What I have to do is that when selecting an image, it takes me to another div and shows me the same image with your other data (which already comes dynamically from the previous img preload)

1) I load my images into a function that I use ajax, this function goes through my back-end method and brings me the data that is: -Manufacturer (i) -Article (i) -Description ( i) -Color (i) – Path of the image (i).

2) With these data, I build the structure with an append, in the form of:

function ObtengoDatosYRutaFoto(NombreSeccion, NombreCategoria, NombreEstilo, NombreMarca, NumTalle) {
    var dir = "ObtengoDatosConFoto";
        type: 'get',
        url: api + dir + "?NombreSeccion=" + NombreSeccion + "&NombreCategoria=" + NombreCategoria + "&NombreEstilo=" + NombreEstilo + "&NombreMarca=" + NombreMarca + "&NumTalle=" + NumTalle,
        success: function(datos) {
            var d = datos;
            for (var i = 0; i < d.length; i++) {
                var img = d(i).Ruta;
                var fabricante = d(i).Fabricante;
                var articulo = d(i).Articulo;
                var descripcion = d(i).Descripcion;
                var color = d(i).Color;
                var numero = d(i).Numero;
                var interno = d(i).Interno;
'); } }, error: function(xhr, textStatus, errorThrown) { console.log(xhr); console.log(textStatus); console.log(errorThrown); } }); }

In this appendix, I created a href in which he leads me to the div where I want to get the results, which would be, when I press an image, I take the div #suggestion_articles, so in the href is the img .. Inside img, I've created the properties -data-Fab -data-Art -data-Desc and -data-color, which I have in this case in order to retrieve them later in my OnClick function called Image Function (). Well, it works well for now, I build the HTML structure in which it shows me the amount of images paid!

My problem is that in my case onclick, I'm trying to take the value of the selected image, for this I use this:

function FuncionImagen() {
    var articulo = $('img').attr('data-Art');

I want to clarify that in this method, I test only with one of the data, so that it does not become so long, so once you go out with that, you go out with the others, c & rsquo; That's why I only use that "article"

Obviously, this is where my problem lies, I do not know how to do it to be able to use the data of the selected image … I have a console.log file in which I would like to show the value of the Article, taken when I clicked .. The result that it gives me It's the article, from the image that appears in first position! I mean that 10 images are displayed to me and I click on the fourth image. The result is the article of the first image to appear.. NO which I click!

What would I miss in this OnClick event to be able to take the selected image? Please, I've been busy with this for 2 days 🙁