Samsung S9 Plus showing the phone number of the text message in the call log for calls in progress

I use Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. When I send a text message, the S9 Plus records the cell number in the call log for phone calls. He never had the habit of doing this before all this mess when Samsung screwed up the S9 with the patches. If I send 200 SMS, it puts these numbers 200 times. How can I stop it.

5th dnd – My players want to use calls called on Strahd

I would like to draw attention to the example of the cleric trying to hit a prone enemy, because you define him as the cleric's player "trying to shoot a shot", but the rules of the 5th edition offer a direct mechanism to hit subject creatures: the Push Action.

Using the Attack action, you can launch a special melee attack to push a creature, either to knock it down or to move it away from you. If you can perform multiple attacks with the Attack action, this attack replaces one of them.

The target of your thrust should not be greater than a size larger than you and it must be within your reach. You perform a force control (athletics) challenged by the target's strength control (athletics) or dexterity (acrobatics) (the target chooses the ability to use). You succeed automatically if the target is neutralized. If you succeed, you will either hit the target subject or push it 5 feet from you.

Shoving a creature, Player's Manual, p. 195

To clarify things, this type of attack is significantly less efficient than the functionality offered to Battlemaster Fighters, which is better because

  • He treats [a lot of] pity; a Push does not do any damage
  • the [Strength] Saving the shot that the target has to make is harder to reach than the skill competition organized with a Push, which allows the target to use either force or dexterity, maximizing the chances that it has a statistic that will counter the thrust.

If a player tells you that he wants to do something ordinary, check the books first, because many "unusual" player actions in combat have perfectly ordered rules to handle them, as the player is sufficiently familiar with these rules to know what these rules are.

Strahd can not be killed directly by a stake in the heart. The vampires of the 5th edition borrow a lot from the tropes of the classic vampires, but for a fifth edition vampire to be killed, it's not enough to bet them, unless you've already reduced them to 0 points. life, rejuvenate in their place of rest. Players are encouraged to try to inflict as much damage as possible with all the tools that they feel will help them do their job, but no amount of stabbing to the heart, with or without wagering. is sufficient against a vampire who has not been reduced to 0 strokes. points again.

If you really [think that you] need rules on how to handle "called calls" in general, I recommend you consult other publications on the subject, such as this one, to better understand the dangers of this type of rules of the house. But when it comes to important enemies such as Strahd or other powerful creatures / NPCs, you must first make sure you understand the rules governing how these characters can be defeated. You will avoid this kind of situation with Calvinball if you have a better understanding of the scenario presented to the players.

audio recording – Is there a way to record WhatsApp calls?

Do you know a reliable (and preferably simple) way to record audio calls made using WhatsApp on Android phones?

The method should register the two correspondents, not just the voice of the local phone user. Permission to record the voice of the remote correspondent would of course be requested prior to registration. The goal is to record an interview, where the person who was interviewed proposed to use WhatsApp.

I've tried some apps up to now, but they seemed to only record the voice of the local phone user, or were working with normal phone calls, but not with WhatsApp calls . I do not know why.

President Trump insults the Mayor of London Khan and calls him a loser. Is it because he is Muslim?

Yes, of course that's it. Whether it is a woman or better yet a black woman. Trump is at least predictable. Everything rests on its white waste base. He must show them that he is hard. Its base is eating, reminds me of the audience of the Jerry Springer show, you know the type, simple WMA and pitbulls, or more than 80 or both. They are the real people authorized. These people are the ones who believe that America was great until we had a black president. They have the feeling of being whites and they ignore Trump's criminal conduct because they have tricked Trump into thinking that it is up to them to help them. Trump never, and I mean never helped anyone in his life, other than himself. His tax cuts on the rich should have alerted them to the fact that it 's been a fraud, or 10% tax reduction that' s about. he had said to get for the middle class after the last semester. We knew that he came back a lot but his followers believed him and yet, after all his lies, they still are. So they deserve what they have, but a pity that all Americans suffer the consequences of the criminal presidency. Thank God, the Democrats are opening criminal investigations into the President (that is, dismissal hearings, but they do not call them that way) … right here at the beginning of the year. next year, most Americans will hear or see the investigations and evidence presented in the Mueller report. The biggest fans of Trump in the Senate could change their music and vote to remove the criminal.


SIM cards – Keep my phone calls secret

I travel to Canada and I do not want to use my company's phone for private calls, but I want to have a second phone to minimize costs. I have therefore bought a SIM card and it works well. Will my employer still be able to see SMS and record my phone calls? I want to avoid that.

Interrupt management in the form of injected calls in real-time applications

I am reading the documentation on the TriCore architecture, developed by Infinion. Part describing the benefits of using it for real-time applications indicates that Interrupts are treated as injected calls and handled in the same way. What are the actual calls injected and how do they differ from interrupts?

Link to the Infineon documentation:

Jakeday Kernel calls the grub menu at startup

I am a beginner on Linux using SP3 with Ubuntu 18.04 and have tried to install the Jakeday kernel and it displays the boot menu at each boot. This also happened when I was not running on 19.04. I followed his instructions, command by command, but I did not know why this was happening.

enter the description of the image here

enter the description of the image here

google sheets – Why would I get the error message: too many simultaneous calls on a single trigger once a day?

I have searched and I still can not find anything that is directly related to the message of failure that I receive. The script did not change and it worked fine, but it fails more and more often last week. There are only 3 triggers on this onOpen file, onEdit (e) and the installed trigger that invokes the percentChange function once a day in the morning. It's very simple, it saves 2 named ranges, one is a percentages column and the other contains the length of that data, and then copies the percentages to another column so we can track the daily percentage difference.

Here is the code:

function percentChange () {
var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet (). getSheetByName ("General state");

var calcPercentRangeObject = ss.getRange (& # 39; calcPerc & # 39;);
var calcPercentRow = calcPercentRangeObject.getRow () + 2;
var calcPercentColumn = calcPercentRangeObject.getColumn ();

var dataRangeObject = ss.getRange (& # 39; numCabs & # 39;);
var dataRow = dataRangeObject.getRow () + 2;
var dataColumn = dataRangeObject.getColumn ();
var dataLength = dataRangeObject.getValue ();
var currentPercent = ss.getRange (calcPercentRow, calcPercentColumn, dataLength, 1) .getValues ​​();

ss.getRange (dataRow, dataColumn, dataLength, 1) .setValues ​​(currentPercent);


Do I have to add a delay? It looks like a "janky" workaround …

Last failure

Previous chess and finishes

Another question: why does this code take more than 10 seconds to execute from the trigger but usually take less than a second to run from the script editor?

algorithms – Number of function calls in recursive code

I am new to recursion. I'm asking some practical questions and wondering what is the technique for moving from a recursive code to identifying the number of function calls it makes.

win function (n)
if n ≤ 3, memo (n) = "yes"
if memo (n-2) = "no" or memo (n-3) = "no", leave memo (n) = "yes"
otherwise leave memo (n) = "no"
let win (n) = memo (n)

Basically, what is the number of steps this program uses to calculate $ mathit {win} (n) $? is $ mathrm {step} (n) $ linear in $ n $, polynomial in $ n $ or exponential in $ n $? Is it possible to use this code to compute $ mathit {winner} (1000) $ on a fast supercomputer? Justify your answer.

Retrieve the history of manually deleted calls

I was looking for an outdated third-party backup application that does not update instantly when deleting logs via the default phone application. Would it be necessary or is there another way to save the deleted history?
If so, could anyone suggest such applications? Thank you!