godot – How to know if an overriden method calls its super method or not?

I’m not an expert in gdscript/godot, but here is what I presume:

_ready being a “core” function acts similarly as a constructor. Typically (at least with a language like c++), when a new object is created, the most-parent constructor is called first, to make sure that the object is constructed when the child classes’ constructor is called. The child not yet being constructed, if the function foo is called in the parent’s constructor, it’s the parent class’s foo that will be called.

Although we have similarities here, it’s not exactly the same.

_ready being a utility function, it will be called in order of the most parent’s to the most child by the framework, making sure that what’s “initialized” in the parents is initialized for the children–just like a constructor. However, unlike it would be the case in a constructor, all the objects having already been created, the “most overridden” function foo will hide all those that have been defined its ancestors.

Taking a look at the source code, there are multiple occurrences where a “child” _Ready() will call it’s base._Ready() as the first thing it does, so it appears this is consistent with the theory.

How to know if an overriden method calls its super method or not?

It’s probably safe to say that the “top ancestor” will have it’s _ready function called first, down to the “most overridden” _ready function. This behaviour will likely be the same for _init, although I have not found anything relevant about it.

For the other cases, the normal “hiding” will be done, and you’ll call the the “most overridden” foo function.

java – Which design pattern to use to make a mix of in-sequence and parallel HTTP calls?

We have to make a bunch of HTTP calls from Java/Spring-Boot application which will be mix of in-sequence and parallel.

Level 1 : We make 3 parallel calls to Services 1 , 2 and 3

Level 2: After service 1 response is received (which is a list), we make parallel calls to service 4 and 5 for each item in list

Level 3 : After service 5 response is received, depending on its response, we make parallel calls to Service 6 for few of items received from service 1.

Which design pattern should be used? Will the Command design pattern would be a good use case here?

I was thinking, may be we create a DataProvider having 2 properties isParallel and httpService.
And then I ccreate objects of DataProvider and set these 2 attributes for each of the HTTP call we want to make. Does it make sense?

contacts app makes calls with a voip app instead of normal phone app

I installed a voip app, Talkatone, and now Contacts always use Talkatone instead of making normal phone call. Any workaround? Sometimes I would like to place normal call, because Talkatone is not making call to some numbers. Android Go Edition.

Accessing phone remotely and making phone calls

Is it possible to remote access an android phone with something like Anydesk, but also answer and make phone calls thru it? Without the phone being on the same city…Cheers

malware – Android System Update Spyware Can Steal Your Photos, Money, Record Calls and Track You Too. What to do if this happens?

I came across this website and suddenly I got worried.

What worries me is apart from the system update threat mentioned I have been visiting so many sites, clicked on pop-ups, downloaded apps from third-party stores etc. I don’t know if there is any spyware or virus in my phone but it worries me now.

What if my personal data, personal photos are already there somewhere on some remote server? If this happens, if i see my photos in the internet that i never uploaded never even backed up in cloud storage what should i do then? Has this kind of things ever happened? What kind of data can they steal or copy from my phone passwords, bank accounts, photos or even videos?

encryption – Can someone intercept my messenger calls

I want to know whether or not facebook messenger calls can be intercepted and listened to by hackers.

I would also like to know if my exact location can be found by hackers through them knowing my mobile phone number.

Long story, but I went on a date with a girl who I then blocked immediately afterwards due to me suspecting she was a bit of a psychopath (which the proceeding story will confirm), and then a couple of days later I was bombarded with phone calls from a private number in a robotic voice, from that girl, asking why I blocked her making threats, saying I’d get bashed and she would kill me – my exact house address was also found by her despite me never even telling her where I lived, and she actually got someone to pull up to my address to scare me at 2:00am when this was all happening. This was scary in and of itself, but what freaked me out even more was the fact that when I went onto my computer to make a call to my friend over messenger, telling him what was going on, we both heard the same robotic voice sending threats, and it was literally on the messenger call now that I was on on my computer, not on my mobile phone.

So I am going to be concerned if they can actually listen to what I was saying and potentially hack into my Facebook and other accounts.

But if it is easy to intercept a call and send messages into that call connection without actually hearing what the parties in the call are saying, then I won’t be shitting myself as much.

And by the way, my phone was on me the entire time we were out on a date. No way would she have been able to access it. I never told her my address. There is no way she could have installed software onto my phone. She only had my phone number, and I guess she could have found my LinkedIn page and Facebook account if she searched online, but none of which reveal my exact location. I blocked her on snapchat and I didn’t have my SnapMaps on so she couldn’t have figured out my location that way as well.

Please, any clarification on the severity of this matter in terms of my internet security would really be appreciated because this is quite distressing.

Node.js+Express project structure – conventional structure for outbound calls

There are common conventions for Node.js+Express project structure.

Here is an example from node-express-boilerplate:

 |--config         # Environment variables and configuration related things
 |--controllers    # Route controllers (controller layer)
 |--docs           # Swagger files
 |--middlewares    # Custom express middlewares
 |--models         # Mongoose models (data layer)
 |--routes         # Routes
 |--services       # Business logic (service layer)
 |--utils          # Utility classes and functions
 |--validations    # Request data validation schemas
 |--app.js          # Express app
 |--index.js        # App entry point

What’s missing in the above (as well as other similar example boilerplates) is a folder dedicated to outbound calls.

For example, a weather application could make api calls to a 3rd party weather service. Or, an RSS reader app could make a fetch call to get a feed by a URL.

Is there a conventional way to do it in an Express project?

SharePoint SPFx Graph API calls not working on Desktop Teams tab

SharePoint SPFx Graph API calls not working on the Desktop Teams tab, It displays nothing on the Teams Tab. The same Teams Tab is working fine on the web browser. In the Teams tab, I just want to make a call to the Graph API calls to get the Mail messages and/or just read the User Profile from SharePoint.

I know this is a repeated question but I didn’t get my solution on any of the existing blogs. I followed the different blocks, I followed this block but I didn’t get success. I tried to debug the application, in the Desktop Teams Tab, I got the Access Denied error. The following is the URL generated and I got the Access Denied error.

https://<tenant>.sharepoint.com/sites/<site>/_api/Microsoft.SharePoint.Internal.ClientSideComponent.Token.AcquireOBOToken?resource=%27https://graph.microsoft.com%27&clientId='<Client Id of default Sharepoint app>'

Please help to resolve this issue.

design – Best solution for video calls (react native + web)

I am thinking about launching a new product that will require video calls between 3 participants.
I will develop this app for mobile with react native and also a web app with reactjs.

I am wondering what is the best service/provider for this kind of things in terms of pricing and ease of implementation ?

So far I have found Twilio, Vonage, AWS Chime and AWS Kinesis

From what I have seen, Twilio and Vonage could potentially meet my requirements. The thing is I will need in the futur roadmap to do some image processing of the videos for ML and movement recognition. Therefore I was more thinking about going with AWS Chime + AWS Kinesis.
Problem is AWS Chime in their quotas say that we are limited to 250 meetings ?

Hi. How do I turn off audio for calls but not for notifications?

When I set call ringtone audio to zero, notification audio goes to zero, too.